FMC Chapter 2923

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2923 War God lets you be? Floating astronomy
The whole workshop was in a mysterious silence. The air sounded like a cracked ice. The two invincible experts were still shocked and indulged. They were behind the disciples, but they all angered and rushed to the crown. .



“Family traitors!”

“Hello, you are not afraid of death?”

These young and childish members of the Song Family took out their swords and even pointed the gunshots of the dead light to Song Bugui and his eldest son.

The eldest son has no blood and is as soft as mud.

Song Bugui’s mouth smirked with a sneer sneer, sweeping the family’s juniors and half-eyes, constantly rubbing his neck and aorta, as if for two invincible experts, carefully selected a place that is most suitable for the knife.

Two Song Family elders look at each other in dismay, their faces are cloudy and uncertain, and they haven’t spoken for a long time.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The shocks coming from inside and outside Starship are a wave higher than a wave.

In a short while, Song Bugui’s portable Crystal Computer made a “dī dī” sound. He took a few surveillance videos and showed them to the other side. They were a messy power cabin and a conference room to prove themselves. It is true that it is true.

The two Song Family elders stretched their necks for a long time, and the forehead and neck also highlighted the thick blue veins.

“You really……”

The old Fei Feibao, who is slightly lower in realm, hesitated, “Is there a contact with Lei Chenghu?”

“of course.”

Song Bugui smirked, “Otherwise, what am I doing, joking on the head and joking with more than a thousand people? However, there is contact and contact, listening to the meaning of the other side, there is more than just contact us – or else So why did the Starship and Giant Divine Weapon return to the Sky Fleet, and they did not do effective resistance, they fell apart and fell into disarray? Two, Revolution Faction has limited position, the first battlefield uprising is valuable, the hundredth There is no smell in the battlefield uprising, isn’t it?”


Another elder, Song Chenglong said, “Our family members are in the Yellow Dragon Sector. The news came out, what do they do?”

“My family is also in the Yellow Dragon Sector, so I should take the opportunity to make a quick decision. I will solve the chaotic situation in a hurry. Then, with the thunder, I will smash the Yellow Dragon, kill the pseudo-emperor and the pseudo-hou, save our family, and become the way. New Empire’s number one hero!”

Song Bugui smiled. “The two are relieved. I and Liaoning Marquis Lei Chenghu have drawn up a plan that is foolproof. If everything goes well, for up to seven days, or even three or five days, we can be in the palace of Yellow Dragon. Drinking a celebration of wine.”

“This… you…”

The two Song Family elders sighed again and again, and looked at the seemingly accommodating Song Bugui on one knee. When they saw the end, they shook their heads, and they gestured to the disciples behind them to lay down their swords.

“No return, we always thought that you are an honest person.”

Two Song Family elders, smiled in unison.

“I am indeed honest.”

Song Bugui also smiled bitterly, deep in the eyes, the irony that couldn’t be said, “You can be honest, I am also Immortal Cultivator!”


Five minutes later, on the flagship of Lei Chenghu, Fist King, which was integrated with the Mainframe Crystal Processor, suddenly turned to the Crystal Eye.

“Strange, it turned out to be the Supreme Flagship of the Returning Fleet. In the name of coach Song Bugui, we sent a secret communication to us.”

Fist King paused, and in a metal-filled voice, with a touch of joy, “He wants to fight on the battlefield and vote for our army.”


Lei Chenghu stared at the colorful lines in the three-dimensional 3D light curtain. The eyes were full of war-torn vortex. When I heard the news that the other coach was going to vote, even the eyelashes didn’t tremble. “How do you say this?”

“Song Bugui said that he has obtained the support of two Song Family elders – Song Chenglong and Song Feibao, to seize the Supreme Flagship, and to control Song Lixing, more than 30 military great officers of the Four Great Families. In the name of the returning fleet commander and the highest joint operations conference, the entire fleet can be ordered to surrender to our army.”

Fist King said, “Although Song Bugui is only the nominal coach of the returning fleet, the control of each sub-fleet is not high, and now the messy situation, even the commander at the sub-fleet level is self-sufficient, but the coach plus The orders of the highest joint operations conferences have more or less a certain effect, at least they can seriously attack the morale of the enemy forces and greatly shorten the time for our army to clean up the mess.”

“Well, anything else?”

Lei Chenghu is not allowed.

“Also, he is willing to provide key interface data for the tactical chain of the returning fleet, so that our military’s magneto-optical forces can easily invade their command and communication networks, and even invade every Starship’s Mainframe Crystal Processor.”

Fist King “啧啧” has a voice. “That’s not bad. With the interface he provided, I can fully develop my abilities!”

“any left?”

Lei Chenghu smiled slightly.

“And, the most important one, Song Bugui said, so far, the entire Fleet’s external communications are still in his hands, and even Jade Cauldron Star, who is close at hand, doesn’t know what is going on on the battlefield. Yellow Dragon Sector is even less likely to know.”

Fist King said, “Using the advantage of information asymmetry, Song Bugui suggested that we bypass Jade Cauldron Star and attack the Yellow Dragon Sector – he can send a fake message to the Yellow Dragon Sector, saying that the return of the SkyFighter will be defeated. I was eager to escape to the Yellow Dragon Sector, and then used our Starship to disguise the crash. In any case, we have a large number of captured Diamond Fleet and Sovereign Token Fleet Starship. The model is the same as the enemy, as long as it is disguised, even if it is close at hand. It is not easy to reveal flaws.

“I heard that the return of the fleet to the sky, the entire Yellow Dragon Sector must be panicked, no one can think of stopping the return of the collapsed army, and the temperament of ruining and eager to escape, no one dares to stop.

“Plus he is familiar with the entire Yellow Dragon Sector and Yellow Dragon star arming, waiting for the ‘sluggish crash’ all the way to the atmosphere near the Yellow Dragon star, and then revealing the face, gathering the strongest firepower, storming the imperial palace It is sure to completely destroy the Four Infinite Fiction of Four Great Families, so that all the Yellow Dragon Stars, the entire Yellow Dragon Sector, and even the Four Great Families will be changed after a battle!

“Of course, this kind of sorrowful surprise, the risk is high, and he feels that it is whimsical. At least it is impossible for him to command himself, but he does not know the ‘War God’, dare to gamble on a bet.”

“Haha, hahahaha!”

Lei Chenghu heard this, couldn’t help but laugh loudly, laughing while laughing at the thigh, laughing with hot tears.

“A good Song Bugui, I thought he was a general ordinary veteran, mediocre veteran, think about it, he has three times and three times, gave the family a lot of black pots, has been the education director of the Empire fleet twice. Until today, it is still alive and well, will it be easy to live with?

“He is the edge of the family in the family, and Song Chenglong, Song Feibao two invincible experts are the core of the family, and even close to the Family Lord, how can he be easily moved by him? Or, he is Nonsense, lie to us, or, he is using my name, pull the big price for big rewards in return, the two invincible experts are stunned.

“Plus this set of tactics that disguised as a big defeat, bypassed Jade Cauldron Star, and yelled at Yellow Dragon. It can be imagined, it is not unusual, but dare to take the hood of the head to gamble, is a man.

“Speaking of it, being a master, his family should be on the Yellow Dragon star. He is not afraid of indiscriminate bombing and killing his family. It is the real Immortal Cultivator.”

“Unfortunately, Four Great Families will not use people. There is such a sultry, old and strong coach, but they simply don’t worry that the fleet will be handed over to him. It is a nameless one. Otherwise, who is the one who died in this battle, especially what!”

“Four Great Families If you can use people, you should have handed over the military power to you before you have invested in Revolution Faction.”

Fist King said seriously, “In that case, Revolution Faction doesn’t even want to occupy Imperial Capital.”

Lei Chenghu was in a big mood, haha ​​smiled: “Well, Song Bugui gives us so many benefits, what conditions does he have?”

“First, he repeatedly stated that this is a battlefield uprising, and it is not a surrender.”

Fist King said, “He demands that all the treatments of his own and his cronies remain the same, and that they have never been guilty of past crimes against Revolution Faction.

“Second, he said that he is older, he is not energetic, and he is no longer motivated. He is willing to go back to his education director of the Empire Fleet, or the head of the Empire’s Army Elite University.

“Third, hey, he said, in order to maximize the power of all parties, he promised ten Giant Divine Weapons for you – hope that after the event, he can be transferred from the battlefield to him for maintenance. You and the face of Revolution Faction.”

“Ten Giant Divine Weapon, the appetite is not small, the bones under my body are removed, it is worth worthy of ten Giant Divine Weapon?”

Lei Chenghu still smiles, not like the look of anger, “Is there?”

“The conditions are gone, but there is still a sentence.”

Fist King said, “Song Bugui said, you are War God, Empire’s holding the heavens giant column, and he is willing to vote for you, but if you really don’t want to agree to these conditions, he can only go to the federal tyrannosaurus in Federation. Take a chance, in the event that the Federation has lost a small interest in his defeat,”

“Good, powerful, happy, not selling, you have to sell it and sell it!”

Lei Chenghu’s smile gradually faded. “Fist King, how is the ammunition and fuel of our army, can we still make a beautiful charge like that?”

“I’m afraid I can’t do it. You know it.”

Fist King said, “We almost shot all the ammunition. Even though there was a little residual fuel, the loss of the Starship structure and the power unit did not allow us to be as crazy as before. Before the Comprehensive Supply Ship arrived, our Fighting power is doubling down.

“Federation people are the same, even more not good – they come too rushed, this time, it’s a bit of a ‘cracking and killing the master’ taste, you see, their formation is completely chaotic, but fortunately it has the upper hand, fortunately!

“In short, the returning fleet is certainly not broken, and our three units are also strong, so, should we agree to the conditions of Song Bugui?”

“Promise… promise him! The trick of paying a small price for big rewards in return, all played on his ancestors? You tell Song Bugui –“

With a violent drink, Lei Chenghu’s sneer instantly turned into a vertical eyebrow, and the steel arm slammed on the console, and it sparked a spark. “This Commander now has an absolute advantage. Those who vote for this Commander can Here all the way to Jade Cauldron Star, this Commander does not need his fake “investment”, but also can destroy the broken copper and iron, and the defeated soldiers!

“He really wants to drop, only unconditionally surrender a road, what battlefield uprising, what education director is Elit University president, what ten Giant Divine Weapon, he is not qualified to talk now, I am not interested in talking with him, really want to talk, etc. He took down the Yellow Dragon star, and after catching the pseudo-Emperor, he went to talk to us!

“It is this, give him half a minute to consider, whether to surrender unconditionally to War God Lei Chenghu! Hey, he dares to surrender to the Federation? Haha, let him go down, anyway, half a minute later, I will launch a second I’m not charging others, I’m not playing Yun Family, Song Family, Li Family, Dongfang Family, and playing his Supreme Flagship! Don’t beat him away, there’s no bones, this ‘War God’, let He is!”

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