FMC Chapter 2926

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the 2926 chapter has been decided! Floating astronomy

Li Jialing’s dark golden light flashed away. “Where?”

β€œThere are a few Greater Thousand Worlds near Imperial Capital, all under our control. Just pick one and be better than sleepy here, or we can go to the Seven Seas Star Field controlled by the Ten Thousand Sectors Merchant Alliance. Most of the resources have been delivered to Imperial Capital, but there are still a lot of Starship parked. We are avoiding the edge, not necessarily without a day of returning.”

Li Linghai sighed and smiled. “Looking at the Saint League people will block all the jump points around the Paramount Heaven Sector. If you don’t leave, you can’t go.”

β€œNear Greater Thousand Worlds, or Seven Seas Star Field?”

Li Jialing smiled. “And then, relying on the small seesaws of the Ten Thousand Sectors Merchant Alliance, continue to flee Star Ocean and form the ‘Government’ in exile? If you forget, you won’t go.”

“Don’t go, now is not a child’s temper, the combat power of the Saint League main fleet is far beyond our estimation, the fully automatic defense system has been beaten, the Imperial Troops is also the end of the powerful, seeing all the lines of defense in all directions It was torn apart, and the battlefield in the Eastern Front could never be decided in just a few days. As for the Federation, the news from the past few days was so good, and it was impossible to count on it. Even if they really send troops, how many people can they be, what is the use?”

Li Linghai was in a hurry, grabbed Li Jialing’s wrist and said it in a cannon. “The more critical moment, the less impulsive, the more hopeful if you escape. The evil people of Saint League are well known, even Imperial. Capital is falling, and they may not be able to quickly digest the resources of Imperial Capital. The entire Empire is still in our hands, we can still –“


Li Linghai was continually following her own thoughts, and there was a lion-like whisper from her son’s mouth. Then her hand was opened with Li Jialing.


Li Linghai was shocked, and one hand was half-empty in the air, as if he didn’t know his son.

“Empress Dowager, figure out one thing, this is the Sovereign Emperor of Empire of True Humanity, Paramount Heaven Sector, Empyrean Terminus…and even the whole Star Ocean!”

Li Jialing’s fundus, dark golden flame burning fiercely, almost overflowing the eyelids, and his steep eyebrows blend into one, the young man’s facial features have not fully opened, but the eyebrows have been lingering over the Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji The infinite domineering above, even Li Linghai, who was a biological mother and also accepted a part of Wuying Ji’s heritage, was deeply shocked by the golden flame that was shot from his eyes. He subconsciously reversed Half-Step, and some breathless.

“On the day of the throne, I swear by hundreds of millions of people and the stars, not only to revolutionize the New Empire, but to recreate the glory, but also to revitalize the humanity, so that the glory of Human Race Civilization far exceeds the peak of the old Star Ocean Empire, casting ten For thousands of years, the unprecedented hegemony!

“The words are still in the ear. In just a few months, you have to escape like a dog of a family, with your tail escaping? How do you face the entire Empire’s Immortal Cultivator and the people, how to face the billions of stars on our heads!ζœ•How can we be worthy of the tens of thousands of martyrs who have sacrificed for the great cause of innovation?

“Hey, do you really think that the dozens of Greater Thousand Worlds near Paramount Heaven Sector are really in the hands of us? The garrisons and bureaucrats in these places are all ruined, the guys who see the wind and the rudder, all There is no hesitation in the battle, let alone the defense there is far weaker than Imperial Capital. Even Imperial Capital can’t keep it. Can you survive for a few days? Can the next world fall, and you have to clip your tail again? Escape to the next world?

β€œAs for Seven Seas Star Field, not to mention, there is no resource at all. It is simply a transit point for Star Ocean trade. Now, the entire transfer station is empty, and all the profitable merchants have their resources and even Transport Ship. Delivered to Imperial Capital, I fully support you, I hope to win this battle! How can I escape to Seven Seas Star Field and go to the businessmen who are looking forward to the embarrassment, and they have lost all their belongings? Second, only the shackles, the red strips escaped? You said!”

Li Linghai swallowed hard and couldn’t say a word.

“In short, the ambition has been decided, the emperor defends the country, the king dies, and swears to the Imperial Capital to die! Who dares to say more than half a word, the sinister army, is the end!”

Li Jialing was very vocal. When it was said that the anger was rushing to the crown, he suddenly pulled out the sword of the waist and lifted it up. He slammed down to a Battle Puppet next to him.

“kā chā”, Battle Puppet’s metal head with half a shoulder, was knocked down by him, suddenly sparked, “pΔ« pā” screamed, twisted and fell to the ground.


Li Jialing’s sharp-edged scabbard, dark gold eyes like being burned to thousands of degrees of high temperature, spurred two fire tongues, starting from Li Linghai, sweeping the entire face of the entire command center.

All the Revolution Factions and squadrons that were intimidated by his eyes were all chilling and shivering.

The entire command center, suddenly silent.

“Empress Dowager, working hard in the past few years, has made great contributions to the great cause of innovation. You must be exhausted. If you really can’t stand the flames of war, if you have to go, then let’s go.”

Li Jialing, with his hands on his back, stared at the uncertain data on the light curtain, lightly said, “Whether you go to Greater Thousand Worlds or Seven Seas Star Field, you can take a rest and wait for the good news.”

“In any case, I firmly believe that…

“I firmly believe that the warriors who are fighting alongside the various fronts and outers of Empyrean Terminus at this moment will definitely break the last knife and drain the last drop of blood!”

“I believe that Lei Chenghu and Bai Xingjian on the battlefield of the Eastern Front and their elites will surely be able to smash and sweep the army, and in the shortest possible time, settle the Four Great Families!

“I firmly believe that the Star Glory Federation of Black Wind King Li Yao will be able to make the most sensible judgment. It can be seen that although they have different positions, they share common interests!

“I am more convinced that Black Wind King Li Yao himself must not die, but is crouching somewhere, planning a earth-shattering, a sword seals the throat!

“The embarrassment of having all of this has already seen the dawn of victory through the war, and how could it be possible to let this hard-won victory run away from the fingers of the cockroach!

“Is there anyone else, do you want to go with Empress Dowager?”

Li Jialing walked in the command center, and walked one by one from the front of the Revolution Faction.

Everyone has a sweat of the size of the soybeans, but no one has to go.

Even Li Linghai went back to the soul after a dumbfounded day, looking at his son with incredible eyes, whispering, “If you don’t leave, the mourner will not go.”


Li Jialing nodded in a blank expression, saying, “After the mother, the long-term intrusion into the atmosphere of Empyrean Terminus by the enemy as the bottom line, how long can our various defenses support?”

“About thirty-six hours, up to forty-eight hours.”

Li Linghai resumed calm, mentally calculated, and fast.

Unconsciously, the spotlight of the command center has been transferred from her to Li Jialing.

“Up to two days, there are too few. We must do everything we can to get the time for the reinforcements.

Li Jialing said, β€œIn order to maximize morale, after twenty-four hours, I announced to all the Imperial Troops and Immortal Cultivator that Lei Chenghu had already made a brilliant victory in the Eastern Front and captured the Four Great Families. The last batch of Starship and a large amount of strategic materials will be back to Imperial Capital.

“Sneakly contact Seven Seas Star Field, forty-eight to seventy-two hours later, to Imperial Capital emergency jump a batch of Transport Ship or armed merchant ship, pretending to be the army of Lei Chenghu.

“If this is the case, if the soldiers can persist for five days, they will board Starship and visit the front line. I hope to fight for another two to three days.

“Before and after, if you can stick to it for three or five days, you may have a turnaround, and you may be able to wait… hope.”

“Your Majesty, are you going to the first line?”

Li Linghai was shocked, “Millions!”

“While the leader of the Immortal Cultivator, who is the most important to the weak are prey to the strong, when did the first-line killing become a ‘million’ thing?”

Li Jialing smiled slightly. “Moreover, you are not killed in the blood of the corpse.”

“This time, he is a moment.”

Li Linghai hurriedly said, “The present is the lord of the Nine-Five, the ruler of the stars, and the entire Empire’s hope, how can it be easily covered?”

“Because you are the master of the Nine-Five, Star Ocean’s dominance, so you will not have something to do.”

Li Jialing The whole person is surrounded by a golden flame. There is an unfathomable black hole in his eyes. The corner of his mouth evokes a charming and overbearing smile. He seems to be in a state of paralysis, muttering. “If it is, ζœ•It is the son of the air, the owner of the stars, the man who is destined to dominate the cultivation and Immortal Cultivation Great Dao, and the person who makes the Human Race Civilization shine, it is impossible to fall at the brilliant starting point.

“On the other hand, if you succumb to the death of Huang Quan in this battle, it means that you are not a billionaire star, and that person who is destined to lead Human Race Civilization, is really true. Daowei, but it is the monkey and the crown, the death is not enough!

“This is the dazzling Dao Heart. Even if the opposite of the Saint League fleet is ten times stronger, I would like to wipe it out. After the mother and the Ai Qing, there is no need to say anything, just do it!”

Sovereign Emperor said, waved his hand, too lazy to see the horrifying reaction of the people, Gu left the command center, facing the sky above the imperial city, bloody sunset.

“Brother Yao, you must haven’t thought of it a year ago. Your unintentional move has changed your life to such an extent, and even indirectly changed the entire Star Ocean.”

Sovereign Emperor narrows his eyes and prevents the most real emotions in his heart from leaking out of One Star. Under the seemingly indestructible body, there is a trembling heart hidden inside. “Even so, even now the cockroaches are stronger than in the past.” Ten times, a hundred times, the situation in front of me, is also willing to push to the limit, quickly breathless.

“You can’t die so easily. You must be alive, still in a dark corner, what tricks are you doing?”

“If this is the case, don’t hide it again. Come on, you need it, Empire needs you, Federation needs you, the whole Star Ocean needs you, come on, come and help us!”

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