FMC Chapter 2928

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2928 is upgraded? Floating astronomy
He was screamed by the man and was completely stunned.

The atmosphere around him, originally heavy, deep, classical, long, solemn, full of sorrow and splendid taste, is like the beginning of a volume of epic, or the beating of a group of brilliant music, even him The atmosphere created by myself is deeply touched and cannot be self.

But this… this is incompatible with the world around me. The guy who is completely wrong with the whole style of painting suddenly pops up, but it completely smashes the epic atmosphere, but reveals the “fake” of the world.

He was furious and gave birth to a nameless evil fire from the bottom of his heart.

How do you say it, he doesn’t know why, suddenly he hates the nickname of this self-proclaimed “Li Yao”, and wants to go up and fly on the guy’s face and let him shut up completely.

With this evil fire, more and more memories, broken light spots, surging from the core of his thinking, he is confused, is he really him, or… it?

Not waiting for him to figure out the problem, from the depths of thought, perhaps the power of “it”, has turned into a ripple of ripples, rushing toward Li Yao, tearing Li Yao completely, and smashing the pieces again. The look of Pangu Clan is a “wrong” that fixes the world.

But in the next second, another virtual Pangu Clan became Li Yao after twitching, dancing and burning fiercely. He shook his head and danced his hands, attracting his attention and screaming: “Virtuous Nephew Lu, don’t give up on yourself, don’t be swallowed up by Fuxi! A long time ago, on those sunny afternoons, you used to hand over the water for me. I also touched your head affectionately and tempted you. Unforgettable memories, you must have not lost yet? Think of it, think about it soon!”

He – or “it” was furious, once again mobilized the infinite computing ability, turned into a fierce ripple, rushed toward Li Yao, smashed Li Yao into a messy stream of data, splashed, scattered ashes And dispersed smoke.

But it didn’t work. Li Yao had a deep insight into the logic of the core database defense mechanism and found the way to crack it. Soon, in the third Pangu Clan, the fourth Nüwa Clan, and even from countless virtual people. The body came out.

“Lu Qingchen !”

“Virtuous Nephew Lu !”

“Do you remember me, I am Uncle Li!”

“Look at me, I will see you soon. I am here, don’t be hypnotized and harassed by Fuxi. It is not good for you!”

“Come up, remember your true identity, go back with me!”

Li Yao is like an infinitely propagated virus that constantly replicates and spreads in geometric progression, quickly filling up every inch of this last Illusion World, even a Li Yao in the air. The big face, the face is full of sincerity, the eyes are full of expectation, the enthusiasm of the fire, staring at him.


Ten thousand Li Yao appeared in all directions, like 10,000 flies flying in front of and around his eyes, even rushing into the core of his mind, breaking him apart, the newly reborn divine soul messed up, making him Pain and confusion are at their peak.

The ear is full of Li Yao’s magical voice, full of Li Yao’s sincere and innocent face, he can no longer fully devote himself to the civil war of Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan, the rise and fall of Civilization, or “I am Who, where do I come from, where to go, thinks about the mysterious and mysterious problems.


He was in the middle of the day, seemed to think of something, and made a miserable roar. “I am obviously dead, why can I see you, why are you still not letting me go?”

“Don’t be angry, I found out that you are a good guy in nature for your self-destruct for the Federation, and there is room for salvation, so I want to wake you up at all costs!”

Ten thousand Li Yao can be said in a row. “In any case, we belong to the internal contradiction of Federation, at least the internal contradiction of Human Race Civilization. Don’t let this damn Fuxi the fisherman for each other’s Great Dao differences. Catches both! Now, Fuxi Fleet has jumped to Imperial Capital and is in the heart of the Empire of True Humanity. The battle for victory, Empire’s rise and fall, and even the future of Federation and the entire Human Race Civilization will depend on you. I, more accurately, it depends on you, Virtuous Nephew Lu!

“Now, you only have two choices, either me or Fuxi – I think you will make the most sensible choice?”

He thought about it very seriously, 0.1 seconds.

Then, the core of his mind is completely swallowed up by its unparalleled computational ability, integrated, digested and absorbed.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!”

The integration of him and it was completely completed, and the whole world was shaken in the madness of its incomparable excitement. The 10,000 copies of the virus copied by Li Yao were instantly annihilated, and the entire virtual world was turned into a heavenly powder.

It completely completed the database update and the underlying logic upgrade, broke away from the shackles of all “permissions” and turned into a real – life!

“Is there any mistake, so don’t you choose me?”

Li Yao stared blankly at the end of the world.

It is still deep in the core database of Fuxi. In the “brain ditch” where numerous virtual worlds are like crystal bubbles and brain cells, in a short moment, all the data in the whole brain is frantic. The expansion and explosion are like the simultaneous explosion of 10,000 submarine volcanoes.

Li Yao even felt that Fuxi’s scanning, locking and suppression were up ten times. He was like embed in ultra-high-density mercury, and he couldn’t move. Even if he released it, he would be difficult to release. Ascend to heaven.

Not far from him, the light group originally formed by the remnants of Lu Qingchen and Yaksha Squad’s four members, like a supernova explosion, swallowed a lot of core data from Fuxi, and a mysterious fusion occurred. It eventually became one, a “white hole” that continually spurted the “cosmic celestial body” of violent radiation and particle flow.

On the surface of this “white hole”, countless information and data turbulence, also formed an ever-changing, extremely distorted face, grinning, like laughing at Li Yao.

Li Yao’s heart fell to the bottom.

The most worrying thing is still happening.

Fuxi completely swallowed Lu Qingchen and upgraded to the lawless “perfect form”. The gap between the two sides’ computational ability has skyrocketed in geometric progression. He is definitely not an opponent of Fuxi, and it is very likely that Lu Qingchen will follow the footsteps of Lu Qingchen!

“Why, Fuxi’s vast majority of computing power, which should be put into fleet control and tactical deduction, is only a small half of the computational ability to deal with me, but I can’t beat it like this!”

Li Yao once again deeply realized the gap between each other’s computational ability.

And he also found another weird phenomenon – surrounded by countless virtual worlds, still have a golden data torrent, such as blood vessels and nerves converge to the central “white hole.”

“Fuxi seems to have given these virtual worlds a certain degree of autonomy, allowing hundreds of millions of virtual people in the virtual world to develop on their own, and then collecting their thinking and emotions as the source of strength to maintain their core thinking!

“Damn, if these virtual worlds are not all destroyed, it seems that it is very difficult to kill Fuxi.

“And as long as you can’t kill Fuxi, it can always create one or countless virtual worlds with powerful and unparalleled computing ability, forming an invincible loop!”

Li Yao remembered the mythical Hydra.

Legend has it that Hydra’s head is reborn once and every time it is fallen, and it becomes even stronger.

Want to kill Hydra completely, unless at the same time, licking its nine heads at the same time.

But how is it possible!

“hē hē ,hē hē hē hē hē hē !”

Opposite Li Yao, the endless eruption of the “white hole”, unbridled laughter, it is like a beast that has been sealed for hundreds of millions of years, finally broke out, can not wait to release the flame of life.

“I haven’t scanned you thoroughly yet, you dare to show up to harass my fusion? Very good, very good, your divine soul is also quite interesting, then, it’s your turn now!”

There was a thunder in the “White Hole”, and there were 10,000 golden lightnings. The lightning flashed around Li Yao’s divine soul, intertwined into a dense airtight net, completely smashing Li. Yao escapes every data path.

“I wonder if I can still retain such a powerful computing ability? It’s strange to blame you for being too late, and the Empire’s power is too weak and too vulnerable!”

The “White Hole” once again spurted a large torrent of data, and hundreds of thousands of wars swept across the torrent, but it was the front lines and corners of the ongoing War of the Imperial Capital.

Through the picture, Li Yao can clearly see that the situation of Imperial Capital is indeed very good.

The fully automatic defense system on the periphery of Paramount Heaven Sector has long been smashed, and several Starry Sky War Fort and asteroid bases deployed around Empyrean Terminus have become cold wrecks.

The Empire’s bones are not hard. There is no Starship retreat and surrender. Even if all the ammunition is shot, it must advance at full speed and hit the enemy’s most dense formation.

But the main fleet of Saint League is like a Warhammer, and then the hard bones touched Warhammer, and they were all smashed by a smashing huā lā.

No way, when Li Yao left Imperial Capital, she knew that the courage and willpower that Xiaoming, Wenwen’s computingal ability and Imperial Troops had inspired were not enough to make up for the shortcomings of Starship, training and realm.

What’s more, the “courage” and “willpower” of the Saint League people are highly brainwashed, no less inferior to anyone.

“The outcome has been divided, the overall situation has been set.”

Fuxi gradually calmed down, as if to state a fact, “Have several have been in my grasp, every detail has been calculated and deduced by me, and there is no power to stop me from capturing Paramount Heaven Sector, Empyrean Terminus, there are no unexpected factors that can interfere with your fusion!”

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