FMC Chapter 2938

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the last hit of Chapter 2938! Floating astronomy
“this is–”

“this is–“

“this is–“

Li Yao, Xiaoming and Wenwen were shocked at the same time, or the latter two were shocked and angry. “Dad, what are you doing? The advantage is really great, but why do you have to say it? Can’t you feel in your heart?”


Li Yao is speechless, sensing the deeper and deeper breath in the depths of the Primal Chaos. Look at the short “flagella” of his body. It is really a half-rooted attack. Touch can’t condense, can only smile, “This is really not good!”

In an instant, the bursting sound of “Bobbobo” slammed into the depths of the sea of ​​Primal Chaos, as deep as the universe, covered with a little bit of light, and a group of lights suddenly rose to the front of the three. It is a crystal clear crystal bubble, just like the crystal bubble that was used to seal Xiaoming and Wenwen.

However, this time the crystal bubble quickly burst after the “wave”, forming a small vortex, sucking all the data and information from all sides – not only Fuxi’s fragmented data, but also “the earth” “The data has been decompressed!

Engulfed enough data, vortex presents a strange and beautiful color, like under the traction of some unknown power, has its own “breathing” and “heartbeat”, from a simple data set, into It turned into a real cell!

This is the first “data cell.”

Then there is the second, the third, the fourth five six seven eight and the hundred, one thousand, ten thousand and hundreds of millions.

Hundreds of millions of data cells spurt out of the sea of ​​Primal Chaos, erupting like a volcanic eruption, gathering into a gleaming river and dancing.

They first formed a primitive multicellular life resembling a carpet, and then evolved a more sophisticated structure into nautilus and trilobites in the data ocean, followed by a variety of fish and amphibians. , dinosaurs and other reptiles, tigers and leopards like mammals, and in the end, they are primates like apes.

Hundreds of millions of data cells, in a short period of time, the evolutionary path of carbon-based smart life that took billions of years to go through and re-enacted in the virtual world.

In the end, they became a new embryo, a child born in the sea of ​​Primal Chaos, crystal clear, pure and full of infinite possibilities, like the fetus of Xiaoming and Wenwen.

And this “fetal” grows ten times faster than Xiaoming and Wenwen.

He – it is almost at the speed visible to the naked eye, constantly extending from the core of the light to the filament, the filament condenses into a shiny bone, and the bones are wrapped around nerves, blood vessels and tendons, and then A bunch of lifelike muscles, the fetus becomes a child, the child becomes a youth, and the youth blooms with endless brilliance, becoming exactly the same as Li Yao’s most brilliant moment before a moment. The giant of light!

Although this giant of light has not yet completed evolution or “upgrade”, it has already demonstrated Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth, controlling all the pressures, and all the data torrents in the whole sea of ​​Primal Chaos have been strong with it. Resonance, set off a stormy wave and hundreds of millions of vortex.

And Li Yao is still just a small flaw, and nothing can be done except for a few flagellas that swing down.

Xiaoming is also the same as Wenwen. After all, it is not their “home”. The unfamiliar data environment makes them feel extremely incompatible, and naturally it is impossible to be as good as the other.

The Giant of Light made a big yawn, like waking up from a big dream that lasted for billions of years, ignoring the hot and bright eyes of the stars, curiously looking at the surrounding environment while carefully observing his own incompleteness. Incomplete, still in the palm of the fast growing, and revealed a familiar smile to Li Yao.

Li Yao’s heart sank completely and tightened the two little guys.

It is Fuxi!

How can this guy die and die, and he will plagiarize his image?

“Just a little.”

Fuxi stretched out the white palm of his hand and stroked it with two fingers. He smiled. “Li Yao, your strength is really unparalleled. Even if you boast that you are the ‘Pangu Universe first expert’, it is not a slap in the air, indeed. There is the strength to completely eliminate me.

“Unfortunately, but unfortunately, do you think that I will be so stupid? Even the common people know that ‘Don’t put all the eggs in one basket’, I will be stupid, stack all the Super Crystal Computers of Prehistoric Era. Together, form a super-computed Great Array, but leave no room for it?

“This is just a very simple design. I connected 9999 nine-year-old Crystal Computers into one, and transformed them into my ‘main brain’ with superb algorithms, but I still left a wasteland. Crystal Computer, to maintain absolute isolation from the outside world, to store a small backup, or a life-saving seed file, and set a series of open conditions, as it is now, when this backup Crystal Computer Induction of the outside of the main brain overload for too long, my core database completely collapsed, it will actively connect to the main brain, release this backup or seed file as the core, expand my … rebirth !”

Li Yao’s heart sinks into endless Abyss.

Not only because of Fuxi’s arrangement, but also because Fuxi just said four words – “Pangu Universe”.

The name “Pangu Universe” was thought out by Li Yao and Boss Bai. Others could never know, but now they have taken the understatement from Fuxi’s mouth, indicating that he has swallowed Fuxi’s memories and data. At the same time, Fuxi also madly swallowed up a lot of data bursting from his divine soul.

The means are exhausted, the card is exposed, this battle, how to fight!

“However, I still want to thank you.”

Fuxi said, he turned to Li Yao deeply, and the smile on his face was more intense and more real. “Thank you for letting me see how great the potential of Human Race is, how wonderful life might be. And how ridiculous I was in the past, pale and ridiculous.

“Oh… until this moment, until you are destroyed, and you are born again under your ‘Enlighten’, I realize the true meaning of life and know the mission of the so-called Civilization.

“You are right, the computing ability is not everything. Now, although the computational ability is a hundred times lower than in the past, but how wonderful it is, how interesting, how incredible, hahahaha, thank you, ha Hahahahahaha, thank you very much for your ‘Enlighten’ and ‘Enlightenment’. It turned out that this is the evolution of Paramount that I have been looking forward to for hundreds of thousands of years. Now I am called the engulfing universe, representing the perfection of Civilization. Life, hahahahahahahahaha!”

Fuxi smiled unscrupulously, and the laughter was full of endless vitality. It was like a Human Race that just experienced the wonderful life, not just “Crystal Computer.”

boom! Hōng hōng hōng hōng !

Outside the data ocean, there is a faint sound of mountain shaking.

“The outside attack is getting more and more fierce. It seems that my fleet is in total collapse. This battle is completely defeated.”

Fuxi’s smile is unchanged, with a very narcissistic expression, rubbing his almost perfect body of light, lightly said, “However, compared with the ‘Paramount evolution’ I got, the loss of a fleet in the district is counted. What? When I swallowed you and completely upgraded, even if your Starship is ten times more, it will become an extension of my will and a part of the body in an instant!”

Fuxi said, step by step, to Li Yao steady.

“You, don’t come over!”

Li Yao is crazy swinging down the flagella, while talking nonsense, while thinking about the countermeasures, but when I think about it, it seems that there is only one dead road!

“Oh, isn’t it?”

Fuxi couldn’t help but laugh. “How do you want to smoke me with flagella?”

“What, of course not, you misunderstood.”

Li Yao took back the flagella. Since she couldn’t fight hard, it seemed to be wise. “I just want to let go of the simple and violent force solution. Talk to you. You see, you got it under my Enlighten. Real life is exactly the same as these two little ones, so from a physiological point of view, I am your father, you should call me ‘Dad’, so I mean, between our two fathers and sons, If you can’t sit down and talk slowly, why do you have to make a match?”


Xiaoming and Wenwen are desperate. “When do you still say this boring words to irritate it!”


Li Yao said to Fuxi, “They really call me ‘Dad’, I didn’t lie to you, so we are really father and son relationship, I am you!”

“…dead to the end, but also tough.”

Fuxi’s smile gradually faded. “I have to completely tear your last divine soul to see what everything in disorder is there!”

Fuxi is moving forward, taking a step forward and setting off a rush of arrogance.

“Don’t, don’t come over!”

Li Yao stretched out three flagellas. “Remember the ‘Earth Shockwave’ just now, the same trick, I can also play three times.”

Fuxi is not moving, but takes another step.

“How come you both don’t listen to it, and finally warn you again -“

Every wave of Li Yao’s flagella is full of honesty. “From the experience of my Star River for hundreds of years, thousands of battles, although you have a great advantage now, although I am exhausted, I am exhausted. No, I don’t even know what else to play, but as long as you take another step, there will be a mysterious force coming out from the depths of my divine soul. It will blow you up at once, really, don’t believe you Take a look at my Memory Fragments and see the end from Yan Xibei and Xiao Xuance to the nearest Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji!”

Fuxi coldly snorted, squinting, took the third step and came to Li Yao.

“How are you so dead?”

Li Yao said desperately, “You will regret it, really, you will regret it!”

Fuxi sneered, the corner of his mouth almost torn to the root of the ear, from the finger to the arm, highlighting numerous burning fiercely and high-speed spinning spurs, exhausted all efforts, and grabbed Li Yao’s little cockroach.


In addition to exclaiming, Xiaoming and Wenwen can’t do anything, but they can only be tight with Li Yao.

“Bastard, do you have to play so much?”

Li Yao screams, even if his divine soul is weak like a small cockroach, but eyes closed and so on is still not his style, he curled up the divine soul into a ball, like a spring that is compressed to the limit, the strange to the Fuxi The claws slammed into the past.


The expected collision or destruction did not happen, and he suddenly emptied.

Because Fuxi’s strange claws turned in a strange way in midair, turned almost 180-degrees, maintaining the most fierce and fierce posture, and slammed into his face!

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