FMC Chapter 2941

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the 2941 chapter is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Floating astronomy
“Fortunately, finally, this kid has a little conscience!”

Lu Qingchen’s words are so relieved that Li Yao will breathe a sigh of relief and automatically filter out words such as “蟑螂, 耗子,蚯蚓”. Anyway, it means that he and Lu Qingchen won’t matter. The key is not to let Fuxi succeed. !

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Fuxi, under the deeper and deeper claws of Lu Qingchen, sent out more and more faint mourning, completely defeated by Lu Qingchen’s logic.

“As I said and the embarrassment, I did make unforgivable mistakes in the past, full of limitations and fatal loopholes, so that I reached the limit of cultivation and was completely trapped by myself.”

Lu Qingchen said with emotion, “So, at the time of the drifting of the Star Ocean, I did reflect a lot, I can’t wait for the time to go back and start all over again.

“Time can’t be reversed naturally, but life may not be able to never go once, so that I can completely get rid of the burdens and shackles of the past, and embark on a new journey with a new attitude.

“So, this is not just a trap or a scam, it is not just a gamble that I have done with my life, but also a cultivation that I have no hesitation!

“I put myself into the dead Abyss, in my reincarnation, I looked at my ugly and deformed mind, and repeatedly smashed the riddled Dao Heart with the raging waves of red dust. I let myself be hypnotized and digested by you. But with your digestion and absorption, to get rid of the dirt and impurities attached to the deepest part of my divine soul, make the divine soul more clear and Spirit Communication, until finally, I really heard the embarrassing call, seize hundreds of millions One chance to return to the light.

“Even if my plan didn’t have success, I was ruined at the time, without any annoyance and remorse—I have contributed all my strength to the motherland and Human Race Civilization, and at the last moment of my life, I’ve really seen it clearly. What else can you regret?


“Since I am not dead, and reborn with a new look, the high-dimensional space beyond the six directions, Ten Thousand World, and even Multiverse and Multiverse, there is no power to stop me from carrying out my will. …unparalleled freedom!”


With Lu Qingchen’s highest roar, the “head” representing Fuxi’s core database was actually crushed by his hard-won, fragmented into countless chaotic little spots, like burning moths, fleeing.

“What are you escaping? You don’t really like to merge with me, go to the wider world outside Expeditions, then come on, give me everything, hahahaha!”

Lu Qingchen laughed, and the ugly face suddenly split into two halves. The chin was almost pulled to the navel, and it turned out to be a black hole-like bloody mouth, releasing infinite gravitation. In just one bit, Fuxi split all the data fragments. , all swallowed in!

“Do not–“

Fuxi made the last scream, and the voice was so fierce that even if Li Yao listened, she felt terrified.

“kā chā kā chā ,kā chā kā chā !”

Lu Qingchen was unmoved, indulged in chewing, and in a moment, he chewed the last bit of Fuxi’s data and incorporated it into his divine soul.

Fuxi, this birth of Prehistoric Era hundreds of thousands of years ago, after the end of the battle between Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan, did not die, but became stronger and stronger, almost reached the peak of the evolution of “weak artificial intelligence”, and finally, completely annihilated.

In other words, the old Fuxi is annihilated, and the new generation of Fuxi is like a shining sun, shining the entire ocean of data.

Of course, it also reflects how weak Li Yao is in the data ocean.

Li Yao and Lu Qingchen, the seemingly destined competitors, are in the data ocean, quietly confronting each other.

On the image, divine soul strength and computational ability, the gap between the two is enormous at the moment.

Lu Qingchen inherits most of Fuxi’s computational ability and algorithm. The divine soul structure has just completed a “perfect upgrade” of Nirvana rebirth. Although it is still in a relatively weak stage, every second is growing wildly and even swallowing up. Part of the data from the depths of the Li Yao divine soul, the Earth.

Li Yao, in the tough confrontation with Fuxi, exhausted the last drop of strength in the depths of the divine soul. Even though he had undergone earth-shaking changes, he did not have a gasp of ten days and a half, and he wanted to recover.

Just 趁 Lu Qingchen and Fuxi nonsense for a long time, he also madly swallowed the surrounding data and information, the only result is … how long a flagella.

“This is a ghost!”

Li Yao swing down with flagella and wants to shed a tear of remorse.

Lu Qingchen looked at him, eyes deep, thoughtful.

“Now, there are only you and me, oh, there are these two cute little guys.”

Lu Qingchen is simple, the expression is too high and deep to be measured, I don’t know what the heart is thinking.

“Yes, yeah, the ultimate demon king who was mad at heart was finally killed by you and me. The sea of ​​stars once again restored calm. It is really gratifying and gratifying.”

Li Yao scratched his head with his flagella, and he felt awkward. He really didn’t know what to say. Seeing Lu Qingchen is not like Releasing Madness at once, try to be careful, “Virtuous Nephew Lu, we don’t have to say no words, we are wary. See you?”


Lu Qingchen smiled. “Next, do you want to say that I am also under your ‘Enlighten’ to be born again, so from a physiological point of view, you are my father?”

“No, no, no, you must not misunderstand!”

Li Yao shook his head like a rattle and said very sincerely, “I am a very self-aware person, a new generation of tyrants like you, even the super artificial intelligence of Prehistoric Era is punched by you. There is also a noble sentiment, not forgetting the motherland before dying – you are so outstanding, nothing in the world, can be called Pangu Universe first expert, I can be your uncle, call you a big scorpion, I am already satisfied, really, I really can’t expect more!”

Lu Qingchen stared at Li Yao.

Li Yao’s flagella gradually became stiff and stuttered: “Don’t, don’t stare at me like this, Virtuous Nephew Lu, Fellow Daoist Lu, Lu Hero, I am weak now, can’t stand your punch, let alone we are all Star Glory Federation and Human Race Civilization, even Fuxi are killed by us. I really can’t think of you and what is necessary for me. Don’t kill you and die. Big deal, what dissatisfaction you have with me, I change, can’t I change it? ”

Lu Qingchen stared at Li Yao for a long time, and took a sigh of relief and spit out countless streams of resentment against Li Yao.

“I don’t like you, I don’t like it all the time.”

Lu Qingchen said bluntly, “It is not a matter of character. Although you are indeed insidious, insane and shameless, and occasionally very wretched, these are all minor sections and have nothing to do with me.

“The reason why I don’t like you, just because of your childishness and stupidity, you are the kind of ‘sufficient things, more than a bad thing’, ‘stupid good people’.

“Hot Blooded is wrong? Is it good to be wrong? When is a good person wrong?

“In most cases, of course, that’s right, but these are just the virtues of the ‘ordinary people.’

“And instead of being an ordinary person, you are the top three expert of Pangu Universe. It is an expert enough to lead the entire Human Race Civilization. It is a Superhuman that can affect several Great Thousand Worlds by just raising your hand and even coughing!

“Whether you are willing, but you have ascended to this level, and then hold on to the ‘ordinary man’s virtues’, you will only miss the opportunity in the shackles and indecision, dragging and even killing more people, and these The people who are killed by you, even the Civilization that you destroyed, can’t blame you, because you are really kind and really stupid!”

“Yes Yes Yes.”

Li Yao nods like a chicken glutinous rice. “Virtuous Nephew Lu has learned that I am wrong, I am changing!”

“…Forget it, the dog can’t change it, you and my Dao Heart have been cast, how can it be so easy to change.”

Lu Qingchen said, “What I want to say is that although I don’t like you, I am not a private person. I will never be disturbed by my own personal feelings and I will break down big things.

“You don’t want to look down on me. I think I will be worried about the failure of the ‘Virtual Spirit Plan’ and find revenge for that boring thing.

“Today, we are all born again. In the past, Lu Qingchen and Li Yao’s grievances complained, and they stayed in the bleak yesterday. The new Lu Qingchen and Li Yao should put down all the burdens, mustards and hatreds, and have a brand new Start, right?”

“Right right, oh my big sister, I really didn’t expect it!”

Li Yao listened at a glance and was ecstatic. “I didn’t expect that your consciousness is very high. It seems that you are really refreshing, Nirvana is born again, hahahaha, I really don’t want to pay for Li Shushu’s life.” It’s great to save you, great!”

“and so……”

Lu Qingchen said deeply, “You don’t object to us’ seeking common ground while reserving differences, and starting a new cooperation with common interests.”

“That must be.”

Li Yao nodded in a hurry. “In your opinion, what is our greatest common interest?”

“Of course it’s Star Glory Federation, no matter what your identity, what you are pursuing, how big is the difference between Dao Heart, but at least we are all true patriots, we all hope that Star Glory Federation will thrive, rise in the center of Star Ocean, and even lead the whole Human Race Civilization.”

Lu Qingchen stares at Li Yao. “So, we should join hands for the rise of the Federation, unite and unite, and be right, right?”

“This… must be right!”

Li Yao scratched her for a long time with her whiplash. “However, how do I feel that there is something in your words, Fuxi has been wiped out, Fuxi Fleet is also in the process of collapse, the dust is settled, we won, this is ‘sincere unity, unanimously’ ‘External’, who is it?”

“Are you once again blinded by the stupid kindness, or do you know why?”

Lu Qingchen frowned deeply, his voice was deeper and deeper, full of irresistible domineering and embarrassing charm. “You should not forget, we have two strong enemies in Star Glory Federation – Saint League and Empire?

“Now, the main brain of Saint League is destroyed, and even the most elite fleet is likely to fall into your control.

“And the Empire’s broken heart is completely exposed to us without any precautions.

“Even if you only have a small computing capacity, you should be able to think of it. This is our joint effort to destroy Saint League and Empire in one fell swoop. Let the Federation rise to the center of Star Ocean and dominate the entire Pangu Universe. The best opportunity. !”

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