FMC Chapter 2942

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the winner of the 2942 chapter, Astronomy
Li Yao’s smile is like immersing in absolute zero, first solidifying, and then the piece is cracked.

“You, what are you talking about?”

Li Yao muttered, like an ear that didn’t believe he didn’t exist. “You want to… destroy Empire?”

“Your sluggishness is really amazing. Isn’t the age really cruel to you, or the trauma of your cultivation on the divine soul is so serious, has your computational ability plummeted to the point where even the ordinary people are not as good? ?”

Lu Qingchen looked at Li Yao sadly. “Tell me, if you really didn’t think about this possibility, or if you didn’t want to face this possibility, you deceive yourself and cut off your own divine soul. For this possibility. Expeditions don’t have to be a millennium, and there aren’t countless fierce battles. Now, relying on us, with only one battle, a beautiful annihilation war, you can completely defeat Empire, making Star Glory Federation the last of this tripartite battle. The winner, the ruler of Star Ocean, the only leader of Human Race Civilization!”

“This, this is impossible!”

Li Yao subconsciously, every flagella is shaking.

“Oh, maybe, you and I know it, the possibility is very big.”

Lu Qingchen waved his hands, the data ocean behind him constantly stirred vortex, vortex turned into hundreds of Great Thousand Worlds’ Star Field maps, and a series of dazzling, stormy information flow, he presented a cluster of information flow to In front of Li Yao, he talked awkwardly. “From the data collected by Fuxi invading the enemy Crystal Computer, the current Empire of True Humanity is really the most chaotic and weakest moment.

“In the peripheral world of Empire, countless warlords and local snakes are still uncertain. Looking at the wind, the details of Imperial Capital and Four Great Families have not yet been passed on to them. Even if they pass by, they will react and fully integrate all the forces. For a year and a half or even three years and five years, before that, they were like a sheet of loose sand.

β€œIn the traditional sphere of influence of Four Great Families, although the Yellow Dragon Sector of another Sovereign Emperor ‘Cheng Wu Emperor’ has been surrounded, even Cheng Wu Imperial Capital is captured, but the Revolution Faction is lacking in strength, time is tight, not really If it was compromised, even if the Yellow Dragon Sector was compromised, all the world surrendered by the Four Great Families would still be a long way off.

“You know, it’s one thing to defeat the enemy’s main fleet in a Star Ocean battle, but the enemy has been painstakingly running hundreds of hundreds of armed arms to the planet, all occupied, completely integrated into their own control, and restored. The local order can draw a lot of resources from the local area, which is another matter.

“A Star Ocean battle, ten days and a half months, up to three or five months will be able to win the game, but the real occupation, digestion and absorption, no 30-50 years or even hundreds of years of water mill, absolutely impossible .

“In other words, the current Four Great Families territory is also in the midst of extreme chaos, loss of order, lawlessness, and inability to force the outside world. Every world is like an island lost in the dark Bewildering Mist, even half a ship. Don’t want to come out of Starship!

“Whether your cheap younger brother, New Empire, or the old Empire, has lost its effective rule over the entire Star Ocean, you can understand that the ‘Empire’ behemoth has been smashed, not as we imagined. powerful.

β€œNot to mention, on the New Empire side, they want to regain their effective rule over the Star Ocean, and to revitalize the behemoths, all relying on the developed business network, the Transport Ship team of the Ten Thousand Sectors Merchant Alliance. Acting as a ‘blood’, and now, in order to deal with the Saint League people, the Ten Thousand Sectors Merchant Alliance has also been on the last Transport Ship. For a long time, it was impossible to carry out the regular transportation mission. You can understand this. The blood of the beast has also drained, dried up, and dried up!

“Oh, hehehe, now Revolution Faction Immortal Cultivator, why they claim to be the ruler of the entire Empire and even the entire Star Ocean? Nothing more than two points, the first is that they have just defeated the old Empire and the invincible prestige of the Saint League main fleet, The second is that they still have a large fleet of established systems. In theory, the Imperial Troops plus the Deep Sea Fleet is the most powerful violent group in the entire Star Ocean.

“And these two points are highly compressed in Imperial Capital, within a few million kilometers around us.

β€œSo, a series of good times and opportunities, and the chance to make the Revolution Faction Immortal Cultivator come to a dead end, compressing and simplifying the impossible mission of ‘Destroy Empire’ into ‘Destroy Imperial Capital’, or even just ‘Destroy all Empire Capital’s Empire fleet, killing all Imperial Capital’s Immortal Cultivator’!

“Look, I analyzed this, did you find out that our mission has become much simpler?

“As long as we can annihilate the fleet of Lei Chenghu and the Imperial Troops, we don’t even have to really capture Empyrean Terminus, just suppress the synchronous orbit of Empyrean Terminus, cut off the external communication of Empyrean Terminus, and then announce to the entire Star Ocean that Imperial Capital has Captured by our Star Glory Federation, we became the new owner of Paramount Heaven Sector and Empyrean Terminus. The seemingly powerful behemoth of Empire of True Humanity will collapse and collapse completely!

β€œThe whole Star Ocean, regardless of the world of the capital circle without heads, is still in the chaotic, fratricidal Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis territory, or like a sheet of loose sand, the world of the wind and the sky, never Any force can compete with us.

“This is an opportunity. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is enough to cast the opportunity of Star Glory Federation’s brilliant future! Li Yao, you will have the heart, look at such opportunities, from my fingers and your flagella Are you slipping away?”

Li Yao looks at his flagella and has nothing to say.

Divine soul is deep in pain but cracked, and countless possibilities are like venom.

Yes, Lu Qingchen thought of things, he had no reason to think of it, even he thought of it far before Lu Qingchen, just, just…

“Now, there is only one of the most critical issues. With our military power, can we destroy the Empire fleet and even suppress Empyrean Terminus?”

Lu Qingchen smiled, smiled more and more proudly, and became more and more embarrassed. “Federation to Empire, it seems like a moth, it is whimsical, but at such a golden time, the balance of victory miraculously fell. our side.

“Look, the Revolution Faction Immortal Cultivator has already come out of the nest. Not only the Imperial Troops and the squadrons have lost their battles in a series of fierce battles, and even their small Sovereign Emperor has rushed to the front line. .

“Haha, your cheaper brother is really interested. In the past half-month battle, he has made a splash in front of all the Imperial Capital people. It has replaced Li Linghai and became the soul of New Empire. If we can make a slap in a short assault. This ‘New Empire soul character’, the next one, still use it?

“Of course, of course, not only is the Empire exhausted, but our Federation Expedition Army is also alive and well.

“But don’t forget, there are us!

“Your two children, Xiaoming and Wenwen, do they seem to control the entire Empyeran Terminus war network, from the fire control system of the air defense base to the oxygen circulation system of the civilian facilities, they can all invade and destroy it. ?

“And you control the entire Gold Crystal Tower, the power of the Star Grade Magical Artifact, you can use the power of the sun to make your will wreak havoc in the entire galaxy, if I can send your divine soul back to Gold Crystal Tower You send the cultivator sound to the entire Paramount Heaven Sector through the sun, which will definitely cause great shock to the entire Immortal Cultivator and the public. In particular, you have just been in a magnificent performance, in the stars and billions. The face of the people, defeated the legendary Fuxi! Such a person, even if you cough out, can make countless Immortal Cultivator cracked?

“In the end, it is me.

“Now, Fuxi Fleet is just awkward. It hasn’t been destroyed by the Federation and the Empire. It still defends with instinct. How can it be so easily destroyed by the enemy?

“I can control Fuxi Fleet. As long as you help me get the time and let me thoroughly absorb the Hav’s residual data and permissions, I can replace it and become Fuxi Fleet’s ‘master brain’, controlling the huge strength of Saint League.

“I think about it, let me think about it. You can send a message to Ding Lingdang and the little Sovereign Emperor. You said that you have completely defeated the enemy’s main brain. You are trying to clean up the mess, so that they don’t have to rush to attack. You can take a break. , add some ammo supplies.

“You just released a powerful magnetic storm, and Fuxi Fleet has stopped attacking, completely smashed, they are also strong, there is no reason not to believe.

“At this moment, the Federation Expedition Army and the New Empire remnants are mixed together like a pot of porridge. For a moment and a half, they can’t afford an effective formation and combat power. They are barely supported by the last breath, as long as you tell them big. The news of the victory, they must be broken, and when they fall to the ground, they will never climb.

“And you are secretly sending a secret letter to Ding Lingdang, Boss Bai and many other Federation leaders to make clear our strategy and make them secretly alert.

“When we completely control Fuxi Fleet, Fuxi Fleet plus Federation Expedition Army plus Boss Bai’s team plus you and Xiaoming, Wenwen attacked the Empire’s war network on the ground, and the Empire is absolutely unable to withstand our deadly Attack, the entire Imperial Capital and Revolution Faction Immortal Cultivator’s huge military will be scattered ashes and dispersed smoke in an instant. In this cruel War Game, the last one is destined to be the laughter of the Federation, haha, hahahaha!”

Behind Lu Qingchen, the lightning condensed into a frantic dancing hair, and his head was scattered, his teeth and claws, and he laughed.

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