FMC Chapter 2943

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2943, you have changed, floating astronomy
This laugh made Li Yao shudder, as if returning to the horror that was once shrouded by Yan Xibei, Xiao Xuance, Lu Zui, Nether Spring Ancestor, Wuying Ji…

“โ€ฆโ€ฆDo not.”

Li Yao murmured, although the voice was low, it was very firm in Lu Qingchen’s laughter and the chaotic vortex. “I can’t do this.”

Lu Qingchen’s laughter came to an abrupt end.

He squinted, half of the cold and half of the burning gaze seemed to cut Li Yao’s divine soul, and his thought of everything in disorder was transparent.


Lu Qingchen asked incredulously, “If your divine soul is hit hard, the computational ability plunges to the bottom. I didn’t think of this possibility at first. I don’t blame you, but now I have clearly understood the whole situation and you. You should know that I don’t have a bit of rhetoric – there has never been a moment, the ultimate victory is so close to the Federation – this kind of victory was originally something we couldn’t even think about, even the most imaginative Federation children, I also dare to say, ‘One day, we will be arrogant on the whole Star Ocean’, but now, donโ€™t have ‘one day’, that is today, this is the second, and the Federation will win the final victory, as long as you Nod your head and move your finger!”


Li Yao raised the flagella. “Sorry, I don’t have a finger.”


Lu Qingchen took a deep breath, and the color of grief and regret on his face became more and more intense. He said, “You have changed, Li Yao, you are not like a pure patriot and cultivator. Why do you want to reject my motherland? Kindly, even prevent the motherland from destroying its biggest enemy? Are you full of sympathy for the Immortal Cultivator? Are you really getting along with the cheaper brother? Are you indulging in this kind of day and night? Do you want to be the ‘Black Wind King Li Yao’ of Empire of True Humanity?”

“I do not have.”

Li Yao smiled bitterly. “You know, I am not such a person. It is not the meaning.”

“What do you mean by that, why do you want to be soft at this critical moment, hesitant!”

Lu Qingchen made an angry roar. “I remember more than a hundred years ago, you were at Kunlun Secret Territory kill [ed] Pangu Clan. At that time, I was still a child, and I couldnโ€™t accept the fact that Grandpa was killed by you. I still have a strong hatred for you, but even so, when I know that you can kill even the ‘God’, I am deeply shocked by your power, firmness and coldness!

“You are a hero for the Supreme of the Federation. Even the gods can kill the hero [c] without any mercy. You know how many children have watched your kill[ed] Pangu Clan from time to time in various media. Is it an unforgettable memory and you are the biggest idol? Unfortunately, it seems that even the big heroes and idols can’t stand the erosion of time. After more than a hundred years, you have changed, you are weak, you are fallen. You are wretched, you learn to compromise with the enemy!

“Itโ€™s ridiculous, itโ€™s ridiculous. I used to be the ‘Immortal Cultivator’ of Star Glory Federation. I think that cultivation Great Dao and Immortal Cultivation Great Dao can be merged into ‘True Immortal Great Dao’, but even this is not the case. I thought about compromising with Empire. I believe that only Star Glory Federation can conquer the entire Star Ocean. Under the leadership of Federation, we can implement True Immortal Great Dao. I didnโ€™t expect you to be the most steadfast cultivator. Even at such a terrible moment, I flinched, weakened, and compromised!

“I can ignore the private grievances of each other. I can ignore your so wretched body twisting and twisting in front of me, but I did not expect that your ‘ordinary man’s virtues’ will break out again in the great event of the country’s rise and fall. It turned into a stupid and kind high school student, I was too disappointed, Vulture Li Yao, you are too disappointing!”

Lu Qingchen screams in anger and vents his enthusiasm for a few years – perhaps hundreds of years of emotion.

Li Yao is like a dead leaf in a gusty wind, or simply saying that it is the cockroach in the vortex, rolling between the waves.

“Calm down, Lu Qingchen, you listen to me, I also hope to win in a battle, let the Federation become the master of Star Ocean in an instant, and I will become the hero of the first rise of the Day of the Federation, but the first hero of the day, but Things are not that simple, from long-term planning, from long-term planning!”

Li Yao swing down, the flagella, struggling and struggling, “I promised to join forces with you, but things can’t be done like you, it will kill countless people, we think about it, let’s think about it!”

“Why, such a good opportunity, you just don’t want to?”

Lu Qingchen turned a deaf ear to himself, completely immersed in his emotions and logic, and set off a thunder of lightning and stormy waves. Suddenly, his eyes were fixed and he looked straight at Li Yao. “I understand, you don’t believe me.”


Li Yao was busy grasping Xiaoming and Wenwen’s two little “plankton” and didn’t understand Lu Qingchen for a while.

“You don’t believe that I really join hands with you. You would rather believe in Immortal Cultivator. I don’t want to believe in me. You must think that I am for my own lust and ambition. Will I do whatever I want after I control Fuxi Fleet?”

Lu Qingchen’s eyes suddenly shed two drops of crystal clear tears, which are composed of countless sad, grievances and desolate information, even in the violent data oceans are particularly dazzling, “How can you do this? You can doubt Everything about me, but how can you doubt my loyalty to the motherland? ‘For the benefit of the Supreme of the Federation, the cultivator can give everything’. This is not the reason you taught me more than a hundred years ago?”

“Yes, yes, I didn’t say I don’t believe you!”

Li Yao smiled reluctantly. “Virtuous Nephew Lu, you listen to me-“

“shut up!”

Lu Qingchen’s eyes are red, some crazy, hammering his chest hard. “You think that I have worked hard to plan all this, and I have to fight with the old-fashioned geeks like Fuxi, and even twice to bear the divine soul self.” -destruct bitter, what is it all for? Just for personal gain, for my personal ambition? No, you are wrong, big mistakes, if you support me all the way to fight, just for yourself In this case, I can’t resist Fuxi’s engulfing and erosion in the reincarnation. It is impossible to climb out of the dead Abyss and become what it is now!

“I am not for myself, but for Federation. The words I said before the second self-destruct are true. They are all words of the heart. I have not lied to you. Even if I am drifting between Star Ocean, I am Thinking hard about the future of the Federation, and when I was captured by the old monster of Fuxi, I was shocked and delighted by the big secret hidden behind the Saint League. The shock was that the Federation might not be able to withstand such evil forces. The good news is that this power has the potential of one billionth of a million, which can be used by me and used by Federation.

“No matter how much torture I endure, how many times I suffer in reincarnation, I have to keep the last trace of lucidity. Even if I forget that I am Lu Qingchen, I forgot everything, I can’t forget Star Glory Federation. I can’t forget that I am a Federation.

“I must beat Fuxi, devour its power, use this power to defeat Empire, send my country to the throne of Star Ocean, and burn my life to protect my country, become Star Glory Federation and even Human Race Civilization. Guardian forever!

“This is my new Dao Heart. Without the power of the entire Federation, I can support it from the bottom of my heart. How can I wake up from the hundreds of millions of reincarnations? How can I release such a powerful force and completely devour Fuxi?

“If you doubt my motives, well, I am willing to open up my most secret divine soul data, so that you can monitor my every move, I am even willing to share the control of Fuxi Fleet with you, we Get up and give instructions to Fuxi Fleet.

“Even, if you feel that I have to be responsible for the damage caused by the ‘Virtual Spirit Plan’, I am willing to go to the court of the Federation. After all, looking back now, the plan is indeed impulsive, there are many unnecessary omissions, even… Killed some loyal Federation fighters.

“I am willing to accept the sanctions of the national law, defend the seriousness of the law, and satisfy your sense of justice that is too full. Anyway, in my current life form, no matter how harsh the punishment I can withstand, I have come back in countless cycles. What’s the big deal?

“But, but the premise of all this is what I said just now. We must first join forces to kill Empire and completely destroy the force base of Empire of True Humanity, making Star Glory Federation the most powerful country among Star Oceans, even the only one. The country, restored the glory of the Star Ocean Empire thousands of years ago.

“The words are all mentioned, believe me once, Vulture Li Yao!”

Lu Qingchen’s words are earnest, and even some tears.

Li Yao never felt so entangled. The current Lu Qingchen is obviously more difficult than Lu Qingchen in the โ€œVirtual Spirit Planโ€. Li Yao can’t even give birth to his enemies.

“I really don’t believe you, Lu Qingchen, I know that you are indeed a true patriot, but, but –“

Li Yao struggled with the wording of the organization. “As you said, stupid kindness may lead to a tragic ending. A most determined patriot may also seriously damage the interests of the motherland and even completely abandon the idea of โ€‹โ€‹the motherland! I am only I feel that your current mental condition is very wrong. Yes, you really swallowed Fuxi, but Fuxi’s huge database and hundreds of thousands of years of optimized thinking logic are not completely digested by you for a while. You seem to be affected by it. According to its logic to understand ‘guarding the motherland, guarding Civilization’, your state is very dangerous. Your battle with Fuxi is still not over. You can’t consume your own computing ability anymore. Be calm, lest it be countered, or, in other words, easier to understand. Don’t you think that you are now, like Lu Zui in the Patriot Incident 100 years ago?”

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