FMC Chapter 2948

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the other extreme of 2948 (Happy New Year!), Astronomy
The black venom is diffused, and even Lu Qingchen’s flames are eroded and tarnished, just like the flames in the Bewildering Mist.

“You are… Li Yao’s heart’s demon!”

Lu Qingchen’s face changed.

In the battle of Black Wind Fleet’s attack on Star Glory Federation, he once smashed Black Wind Fleet’s flagship “Black Vortex Ship”, where he and Li Yao and blood heart’s demon battled into the dark, the sun and the moon.

After that, he was smashed, and a large number of divine soul fragments were swallowed up by blood heart’s demon, becoming the “nutrition” of blood heart’s demon evolution.

Therefore, he is no stranger to the breath heart’s demon, and even called “unforgettable”!

Originally, Lu Qingchen thought that the blood heart’s demon and Li Yao were both dying in the battle against Fuxi and had long since vanished.

I didn’t expect blood heart’s demon to grow so wicked, so powerful, so terrible!

“Oh, ‘Li Yao’s heart’s demon’, that’s just the name of the past. In the past, the light in his body overwhelmed the darkness. I can only sit in the position of ‘second personality’, which is considered heart’s demon.”

Blood heart’s demon From the ring-shaped teeth of the big mouth, spit out hundreds of snakes and thorn-like tongues, smashing through the gap between each tooth, smirking, “But now, thanks to you, you are thoroughly I provoked the darkest corner of Li Yao’s heart, and I completely suppressed the timid, woman’s benevolence, the hot child of Hot Blooded high school.

“From this moment on, I am the real Li Yao, and that guy has become a little heart’s demon, subject to my total suppression, no turning over, haha, hahahahaha, hahahahahahahahahahaha!”

Blood heart’s demon laughs wildly, more arrogant than Lu Qingchen, overbearing and evil.

“Light dust, light dust…”

From the blood heart’s demon, the tongue of the fluffy, hairy Zhaza, there was an extremely painful and weak voice, Lu Qingchen fixed his eyes, not Li Yao, who is it?

I saw that Li Yao was entangled in dozens of long tongues covered with thorns and barbs. It seemed to be incapable of being smothered by poisonous snakes. It was only a scream of death. “Light dust, now you should believe it, I am Didn’t lie to you, I, I and you are the same kind of people, I have encountered everything you have encountered, your most subtle psychological distortion, I have really experienced it, tangled, tormented!

“I have been in the face of the invasion of the dark universe, I can’t contain a lot of bloody, tyrannical, cruel and negative emotions; I have more than one strong desire to kill, want to kill, kill, kill, kill, kill All the enemies’ means to achieve their goals; I have also had ambitions to become the true universe Supreme, Star Ocean Great Emperor, the greatest hero of the past and present; carry my will on every gravel of every planet Let everyone listen to me and rely on my own wisdom and strength to create a so-called ‘perfect world’.

“In short, all the plans you have calculated, all the plots you want to implement, I have thought about it for eight hundred years, and I have seriously thought about it, even every detail has been considered many times.

β€œI have been trying to implement these arrogant and evil plans for countless times, but in the end I have suppressed all evil thoughts, highly compressed and packaged into so-called ‘dark personality’, which is called ‘blood heart’s demon ‘ The monsters, in order to maintain the purity of the master, amiable, bright and open, approachable, tall and stalwart, handsome and romantic.

“But, but I can’t completely eliminate my dark personality. It still erodes and pollutes me all the time, and as my realm gets higher and higher, my identity becomes more and more special, and the external stimuli and temptations come. The more it gets, the more it gets stronger and stronger, and it’s getting more and more out of control!

“I have tried many ways to control the monsters in my heart, not to change from ‘Dragon Slayer’ to ‘Dragon’, and become the same as Xiao Xuance, Lu Zui, Wuying Ji.

“The most extreme method, I even deliberately guided thousands of high-temperature flames, shocked and burned my own Brain, lowered my wisdom, and lowered my hard life to high school students, junior high school students and even primary school students. It is for ‘total destruction, both loses and hurts’, and at the same time kills the ability of oneself and heart’s demon, and does not let this monster rush out of the body to be a disaster.

“But now, but now… I can’t help it.

β€œSince I defeated ‘Wuying Ji 3.0’ and became the ‘Gold Crystal Tower Master’, and after having the ability to use the stars to broadcast to the whole universe, I really felt that I couldn’t keep going. Every second, I’m going to The completely collapsed Abyss advances, watching the monster swallow me bit by bit, but I just can’t get rid of it, can’t get rid of these seemingly simple and tempting ‘final solutions’!

“I can’t bear it, I endured hard work. Until now, Fuxi caused a heavy blow to me. Then you have to say these words to me, deliberately stimulating the darkest desires in my heart. Now, now I can’t control it anymore. Live it.

“Run, light dust, you are definitely not its opponent. Your darkness is purely a small witch. There is only one way to run, run fast, fast, ah, ah!”

Blood heart’s demon smashes hundreds of snake-like tongues, but it smashes Li Yao’s flesh and blood, and does not want to live, giving a pig-like roar.

Rao is Lu Qingchen who has undergone two reincarnations and two divine soul self-destructs, and finally merged with Fuxi, the niche of the Nirvana rebirth, all stunned and could not speak for a long time.

Xiaoming and Wenwen were even more shocked and almost didn’t cry.

“Don’t pay attention to this noisy guy, let me get close to Virtuous Nephew Lu. I think we have a common language. I can’t wait to tear your chest away and listen to your voice, hehehehe.”

Blood heart’s demon 笑 笑 笑 , , β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ β€œ The life of my life is not by the heart.

β€œYes, I agree very much. No matter whether Imperial Capital or the world around the Capital Circle or all the Greater Thousand Worlds in the entire Star Ocean Central, there is no ‘innocent civilian’, only ‘enemy civilians’, not to mention the Saint League people. They are not a human being at all, just a group of Brain’s empty flesh and blood.

“Whether the enemy’s civilians are still flesh and blood, as long as it helps us to unify the sea of ​​stars and carry out our will, it doesn’t matter how much we die!”

“And as long as we control Fuxi Fleet, then control the Federation Expedition Army through Ding Lingdang, control the Empire Imperial Troops and the rebel army through Li Jialing, hehehe, all the Starships with tens of thousands of the most powerful Crystal Computers Putting it all together, and using the most loyal Saint League people as commanders at all levels, they immediately have a super fleet of invincible worlds. It can be said that the six directions are only respected by me. Looking at the stars, who dares to compete with us?

“At that time, no matter what we are doing, we will spread the cultivation Great Dao to the whole Star Ocean. It is the power of the whole Human Race to study the Sealing God Heavenly Book and the Emperor ancient tomb, and then rush out of the dark and enter the Multiverse. Even the ultimate mystery ‘Earth’ in the depths of Expeditions Hong Chao will not encounter any obstacles, and can exert the potential of Human Race Civilization 100%. As long as we cough, there will be hundreds of millions of people. I am willing to contribute everything for our will, liver and brain, right? Ah?”

Lu Qingchen really thinks so.

But somehow, listening to blood heart’s demon filled with murderous aura and maliciously speaking, he suddenly felt very wrong, very wrong.

Sure enough, I listened to the heart of the blood heart’s demon, and made a sardonic “squeaky” sound, like a swamp is eroding the body: “However, the plan is very good, but I still have a small question why is it? ‘We’, not ‘I’? Why do I have to work with you to achieve this, instead of swallowing you, like you swallowing Fuxi, completely swallowing you, digesting and absorbing the remains of Fuxi Have several, then by myself, to do everything alone?

“After all, whether it is the universe Supreme, the Galaxy hegemony, or what is called ‘Fuxi’s Civilization Guardian’, there is no need to appear two?

“I will be Human Race Civilization and the unique Supreme master of this universe. As for you… give me a reason, what do you want?”

The logic of blood heart’s demon made Lu Qingchen stunned for a long time.

Yes, he really wants to persuade Li Yao to change the bad habits of the soft-hearted and the woman’s benevolence, change it a bit, and learn to kill.

But this change is too big, too much to kill and decide, it is a 180-degree turn, from an extreme madness to the other extreme!

At the moment, Lu Qingchen has no tyrannical comprehension ability like Fuxi.

But even if there is, it is estimated that Li Yao is what kind of guy!

“Why, Virtuous Nephew Lu, you seem to be very surprised, but I am not exactly what you want to see in front of you? Cold, selfish, bloodthirsty, dark, iron and stone, and killing decisions.”

Blood heart’s demon licking his teeth and yawning, slouching, “Since you want a dark Version of Li Yao, you must accept everything from this dark Li Yao. There is no reason for me to see it.” Human life is like a mustard, and the stars are flying dust, so that hundreds of planets are caught in the burning fiercely’s doomsday flames, but they are indifferent to you, right?

“So, give you another chance, thirty seconds, give me an irrefutable reason, why can’t I swallow you directly, have to be so troublesome, and join hands with you?”

On New Year’s Eve, time flies so fast!

It is the third New Year’s Eve that the old cow and the “Study Four” accompanied everyone to spend, and of course the third New Year’s Eve that everyone spent with the old cow.

For three years, more than a thousand days and nights, at least two every day, rain or shine, never without the encouragement and support of everyone, the old cow really did not dare to create such a “miracle”, also I hope that in the new year, everyone will be well-off, smooth sailing, academic and career and love will be harvested, and the old bulls can continue to write down at this rhythm, finishing the finals and playing the most powerful note of “Shu Si”.

Thank you all, thank you brothers and sisters, there are still many opportunities for us to meet in the future. At this moment, enjoy being with your family and having fun with the New Year!

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