FMC Chapter 2949

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2949 Faces and shameless…, Astronomy
The sharp question asked Lu Qingchen to be speechless for a moment. The two light-blade swaying like a viper, but they could not make up their minds, how to face the dark beast that was released by him.

“How, dear Virtuous Nephew Lu, can’t you answer?”

Blood heart’s demon is getting more and more crazy, haha ​​laughed. “You can control Fuxi Fleet. What’s so great, after I have swallowed up all your data, I can naturally get the corresponding permissions. By the way, I can get your refining Brain. The full power of the virus, including the legacy of Fuxi’s remnants of hundreds of thousands of years, hehe, it seems that you and Fuxi swallowed, both lose, and ultimately it is cheaper, I really thank you for your kindness, Virtuous Nephew Lu !”


Lu Qingchen’s face was white and his teeth were cut.

“Forget it, don’t play cat and mouse games with you. Even if you can really throw out irrefutable reasons, I don’t have to leave you.”

Blood heart’s demon, while grinding his teeth, he shouted, “You are too dangerous, you will always backlash, ‘Human Race will never be a slave,’ but this is what you just said with Fuxi, I know if I will leave you, will it be? Fall to the same end as Fuxi?

“You don’t need to swear by the sky. I am not the woman’s benevolence. I can’t see the bloody Li Yao. I am deep in the darkness of the universe, the truth of the human nature, and therefore more powerful, Li Yao without weakness! Now, I know very clearly that there is a deadly chain of suspicion between you and me. It’s not that you die or I die. Otherwise, it’s absolutely constant!”

Blood heart’s demon said, shaking the tentacles around the body, each sucker swelled and opened, revealing a number of cold ring-shaped tooth edges, swimming towards Lu Qingchen.

“wait wait wait!”

Lu Qingchen was cold and finally retired from Half-Step.


The heart of blood heart’s demon is getting more and more embarrassed, but the laughter is more and more ridiculous. “How, fear, regret, late! You don’t want to struggle, there is no need to struggle. You just said Li Yao is bluffing, I Seeing that you are the real bluff of a Fuxi condensed hundreds of thousands of years of data, information and thinking logic, what a huge treasure, is it that you can all absorb and absorb in a moment?

“You have been through two divine soul self-destructs in a short period of about a dozen days, and have just experienced the reincarnation of mysterious and mysterious, although the “cap” of his own has been raised many times, but at this moment Fighting power, definitely not reaching the peak state?

“Oh, now you are like a patient who has been seriously injured, just recovered, and his limbs are still very weak. He is greedy for his appetite and eats food that is 100 times heavier than his own weight. Of course, as long as you can thoroughly Digesting these foods, using their nutrients to nourish their nerves, blood vessels, bones and muscles, can become a giant, move mountains and drain seas giants, but you think, I will be stupid enough to be deliberately created by these bells Stunning the sound and light effect, give you the time to ‘digest Fuxi’?

“and so

“Don’t resist, Virtuous Nephew Lu, come on, obediently eaten by Uncle Li, hahahaha!”

The heart of the blood heart’s demon provokes a storm.

Just after Lu Qingchen’s data, the ocean was frozen, and the entire virtual space shivered in the roaring and stirring of the blood heart’s demon.

Blood heart’s demon is not intimidating or threatening, the voice is not falling, the huge body of the body is curled up into a ball, then burst out like lightning, electric light fire, rushed to Lu Qingchen.

The bloody mouth is wide open, and it is open to the limit. It seems that the first half of the whole body is split like a crab claw. It is really necessary to swallow half of the virtual space, and even the bones are not left.

Lu Qingchen sees blood heart’s demon coming to the forefront, the heart is more and more suspicious, and for a time seems to forget the reaction, stupid stay on the spot.

Seeing the heart of the blood heart’s demon, the dozens of rows of ring-shaped teeth that overlap in the mouth are spinning like a crusher. Every bit of Lu Qingchen’s life information and every divine soul fragment are torn into powder. Suddenly, From the depths of the blood heart’s demon, an earth-shattering bang, a golden fireball blasted, and the blood heart’s demon was blown off the direction, and the danger was rubbed from Lu Qingchen.

When you are closest, there is only one hair between the two sides, no, it is a character distance.


Blood heart’s demon screams of pain, anger, and anger, spurting a golden smog between the criss-crossing teeth.

The smoke is getting longer and longer in midair, but it is turned into hundreds of golden streams, “咻咻咻咻咻咻”, intertwined into a golden sky, and the huge and ugly body of blood heart’s demon is dragged and dragged. The golden streamer is deeply embedded in the body of the blood heart’s demon, and a black mud is drawn.

“Light dust, I have the last bit of power to control it, run!”

The golden giant net is a fascinating illusion of Li Yao, and the high-intensity divine soul burns, and Li Yao falls into the edge of the fall. He reveals a small head in front of the golden giant net. Lu Qingchen screamed out loudly. “Run fast, our Great Dao will have a chance to fight again. Now, before I die, run, run, run!”

“Want to run? It’s so easy! Last time I swallowed up your divine soul fragment as ‘Spiritual Nexus Heavenly Demon’, which made my cultivation soaring and evolved into an incredible new realm, and this time, devour your remaining What wonderful changes will happen after all the life information? Really, I am looking forward to it, hahahaha, hey!”

Blood heart’s demon 桀桀 笑 , em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em em

“pā pā pā 啪”, in the screams of Li Yao, the golden giant net is broken, like a small dragon stretched to the limit, being smashed and turned into hundreds of paragraphs. The same, more than a “disastrous” word can be described!

“Light dust, I can only… help you… this… there…”

Countless pieces of Li Yao’s divine soul fragment, smirked incomparably weakly.

In the next second, they were swept away by the heart of the blood heart’s demon’s 滔Heavenly Demon.

Blood heart’s demon swallowed Li Yao, but he was not satisfied, but was provoked by the hungry fierceness, a hundred times faster than just a little, like a burning fiercely black magma, rushing to Lu Qingchen.

Lu Qingchen saw the power and horror of the blood heart’s demon. It is reasonable to say that as long as he still retains the last point of reason, he should flee and escape.

But he seems to be really scared, his face is faint, his eyes are flickering, his mouth and eyes are twitching together, and the billions of thoughts that make up the giant of light are flickering and changing, and they change tens of thousands of colors and patterns.

Just as the blood heart’s demon pushed the speed to the limit, such as the arrow of the string, and could no longer look back, Lu Qingchen finally made up his mind.

He, he not only did not run, but also all the streamers of the whole body are highly condensed, turned into a wave of waves, unbreakable light blade!


Among the light blades, Lu Qingchen’s eyes are red, showing a madness of desperation!


Blood heart’s demon In the black streamer, there is a shocking and inexplicable scream, which is quite different from the madness, tyranny, and overbearing voice.


The two groups of seemingly powerful information flows together to form a shock wave that envelopes the entire virtual space, which is then separated by the shock wave.

When the vortex is calm and the dust is settled, the blood heart’s demon is still in the middle of the data ocean, and Lu Qingchen has also turned from the light blade to the giant of light.

At first glance, the two “Peaceless Monarchs” did not change at all, but exchanged their positions.

Even Lu Qingchen’s divine soul was severely depleted, but the body was reduced by a round, and even the flames were bleak, and a pair suffered a big loss.

But Lu Qingchen’s mouth, but a faint smile, and the same blood heart’s demon, was shivering…


Blood heart’s demon strives to maintain the appearance of arrogance and arrogance, but it does not last for three seconds. All the suckers and wrinkles around the body are spurting out of useless garbage data, like a deflated ball. And shrinking, and even backflushed by the airflow, rolling in and out of the data ocean, with the tide, the wolf is extremely.

God knows that this guy is inside his own divine soul frame, how much garbage data is stuffed into the scene, it is a straw bag full of straw, when all the garbage data is spit clean, this guy also shrinks to and just Li Yao differs not much size, where is there a little bit of “饕餮”, “the wild beast”, “Ominous Nightmare Beast”, “Dark Lord” momentum?

No, it’s not “differs not much”. It’s a replica in the mirror. Now, Lu Qingchen’s eyes are arched and turned into two small dragonflies, one gold, one red, two dragonflies. They all swayed down the sparse flagella and looked at him innocently. Even though they didn’t even have a face, the smile of the whole body was still awkward and flattering.

Things are very clear.

Yes, Lu Qingchen has not completely recovered from the damage of two divine soul self-destruct. He is just a newborn baby, and he has swallowed a “food” far beyond his own digestion limit. Naturally, Can’t play all the fighting power, have to spur the dazzling sound and light effect to bluff

But he has a limit on how to bluff, and at most he boasts his own three-point power as a very good one. In other words, even if it completely falls to the dark side, Lu Qingchen still has a bottom line and points to his face.

The other two Li Yao and blood heart’s demon are completely shameless.

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