FMC Chapter 2951

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2951 cross-border strike! Floating astronomy
Perceive the power of the other party as the tide, especially the other party in the virtual space can call the wind and summon the rain, move mountains and drain seas and even the ability to use the logic, Lu Qingchen’s face has become particularly ugly.

“Fist King? What Fist King!”

He muttered to himself, racked his brains, searched the entire database again and again, and couldn’t find much information about Fist King.

You should know that this is a virtual space, or Fuxi, which was created by the super artificial intelligence of birth hundreds of thousands of years ago. As the virtual space of the core of thinking, most of the external data interfaces are firmly in his hands. Human Race, even the Spirit Transformation expert, can’t easily break in.

Only two kinds of people, or two different life forms, can enter here.

The first is artificial intelligence such as Fuxi, Xiaoming, and Wenwen.

The second is Lu Qingchen himself, Li Yao and Professor Mo Xuan, which are between the quirky existence of Human Race and Information Lifeform.

This is why Lu Qingchen dared to fear, and Li Yao honed so much time.

Unexpectedly, he also smelled an unusual familiarity in this “Fist King”, as if it were…like!

Lu Qingchen looked at Fist King at the same time, Fist King was also up and down, carefully looked at Lu Qingchen.

“very good, very powerful.”

Fist King said straightforwardly, “I like it.”

Fist King was originally the artificial intelligence of birth for the purpose of “becoming the strongest in the universe”. Just as “Guarding Civilization” is the core driving force of Fuxi and Lu Qingchen, “to defeat all powerful enemies and become the strongest in the universe” is also Fist King’s The core driving force is “Dao Heart”.

In a sense, Fist King is a purer warrior than Li Yao, Lu Qingchen and even Ding Lingdang. How can Lu Qingchen see the claws and claws?

“Awful, but bluffing, do you still want to reinvent it?”

Lu Qingchen gritted his teeth and thought that it was Li Yao’s trick. He bowed down and the whole person was like a dragon that was compressed to the limit. Even the whole body changed from white to orange. “No matter how many times, I Will not be fooled!”

“Light dust, believe me, this time is really not a bluff, his name is Fist King, it is also a strong artificial intelligence, and is a strong artificial intelligence dedicated to combat, really can play!”

Li Yao has found a small head from the back of Fist King. His words are earnest and bitter. “You have just reborn and you haven’t absorbed all the data and information of Fuxi. These ‘Fuxi data’ are like stones. Blocking in the depths of your divine soul is a huge burden. In this case, you are by no means an opponent of Fist King. Really, Li Shu is for you, you have no chance!”

“Really, I can prove that although this guy has always been mean and shameless, and he is blowing the air, he will come to the mouth, but this time he really didn’t lie to you.”

Blood heart’s demon also drilled from the shoulder on the other side of Fist King, twisting and twisting, and said, “Virtuous Nephew Lu, don’t try again, find your way out, surrender!”

“Stop, you two guys who are noisy, give me a mouthful!”

Lu Qingchen eyes blood red, on the verge of collapse, screaming, “It’s ridiculous, the former Professor Mo Xuan is still a real strong artificial intelligence Information Lifeform can not be abrupt in just a few hundred years of birth, I did not expect a few years One of the two Information Lifeforms came out, first Fuxi, then Xiaoming and Wenwen, now another Fist King? How is it possible!”

“This one……”

Li Yao thought for a moment, “Light dust, have you heard the ‘蟑螂 theory’, if you find a cockroach in the house, then you can be sure that it will never be the only one, say Unexpectedly, the entire corner of the house has been covered with cockroaches, but you have not found it.

“The so-called ‘Information Lifeform’, like the truth of the truth, life will never be birth alone, perhaps the emergence of every life, represents a huge germination of Civilization, since there is a Fuxi, of course there will be a second The third, even thousands of!

“In short, don’t force yourself, surrender, surrender to your family, Li Shu, not shameful. I want to think that many heroes want to surrender to me, what is Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji, I don’t look at him. I flew him off, that is, you, light dust, seize the opportunity, cherish life!”

“What ‘蟑螂 plan’, I think you are the biggest one in this sea of ​​stars, I will never surrender to your wretched cockroach!”

Lu Qingchen issued a hysterical roar, re-gathered on the arms, and again stirred two tornado storms. He squeezed out the last drop of strength in the depths of the divine soul and the last string of data in the database, all banging toward Fist King. “No one can stop me, whether it’s you, or what ‘Fist King’!”


Two storms of destruction, as if there are countless fragmented virtual worlds, countless devastating destruction days, countless corpse-like hells, turned into a hundred thousand mountains, toward Fist King, Li Yao and blood heart’s demon Suppressed down.

Li Yao and blood heart’s demon hold their heads.

Fist King’s eyes have condensed the flames of the sky. Every Glyph Rune burns fiercely, and the right arm deforms and expands, as if the whole body’s flesh and blood or data are gathered in the right arm, facing the strength of Lu Qingchen. The strongest point is the smashing of the past.


The core databases of Lu Qingchen and Fist King are colliding.

There is no room for both sides, and a make a move is the strongest killing move.

It’s more than two ultra-high speed Crystal Railroad Trains or two Starships. It’s not even a meteorite hitting meteor. It’s a star that carries a four-dimensional jump and jumps directly to another star. It’s really knocking out. Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth, the doomsday of the world.

In an instant, Lu Qingchen and Fist King seem to be cloneless, fighting in various identities and forms in hundreds of millions of fragmented virtual worlds, just like the earlier Li Yao and Fuxi.

In each virtual world, they blasted the overlapping waves, sweeping the world’s shock waves, which overflowed the virtual world and turned into turbulence and vortex in the data ocean, Li Yao, blood heart’s demon, Xiaoming and Wenwen. They all blow up and look for their teeth.

Li Yao, blood heart’s demon, Xiaoming and Wenwen, two cockroaches and two small planktons, had to hold together to resist the super storms that Fist King and Lu Qingchen blew, only to think that time seems to pass. For a long time, it seems that only a second passed, and the storm gradually subsided.

“Exactly…who won?”

Li Yao played drums in her heart and explored a flagellium that was just birth. She swam towards the depths of the data ocean, carefully and probed her brain.

I saw Fist King’s huge steel warfare huddled together, like a smash of iron and slag in the tens of thousands of high-temperature burning, the original gorgeous and shining Glyph Rune all faint and flake There are also numerous cracks and cracks in the body, a look of disappointment.

Lu Qingchen’s giant of light is still on the opposite side, although the glory of the whole body is faint, but it is much better than Fist King, let alone Li Yao and blood heart’s demon.

“No way?”

Li Yao secretly screams, “Lu Qingchen, who swallowed Fuxi, became so strong, even Fist King is not an opponent?”

“Oh, hehehehe.”

Lu Qingchen gave a low-pitched laughter, and the giant of light shone with evil. He looked at Fist King. “You are very strong. It is not the two gods who are guilty of ghosts. The hustle and bustle of the air can be compared, but unfortunately…”

His voice stopped abruptly, and his expression suddenly became very strange and confused. He looked at Fist King with a rounded eye and couldn’t say a word.

Fist King also looked at him quietly, cherishing the words like gold, without saying a word.

Li Yao and blood heart’s demon also smelled a strange scent from the depths of Lu Qingchen’s divine soul, as if some kind of power that was incompatible with the entire Pangu Universe was surging.

“This is, this is”

Lu Qingchen looks like a tens of thousands of fleas crawling up and down in the depths of his divine soul. He manipulates the giants of light to scratch and even tear their bodies, tearing open ugliness on the crystal clear body. The cracks still do not help.

In a short time, from the depths of his divine soul, a group of vague things floating up, like a glaring streak, gradually spread on the surface of the shining body.

It’s a Glyph Rune, or a Glyph Array.

It is not Lu Qingchen’s own, or Pangu Universe’s unique cultivation Glyph Array.

It is a magical Glyph Array engraved with six-pointed stars and various curved and curved words.


The first magical Glyph Array, which blasts on the surface of Lu Qingchen’s divine soul, is like a crazy burning meteorite that penetrates the space and squats directly on Lu Qingchen!

The giant of light was smashed, and after the explosion, a large body of Organization or database was missing, and a lot of data, such as blood and internal organs, spurted out.

Then, there are the second, third, fourth and hundredth magic Glyph Array, flames, ice, venom, distortion and direct devour of life energy… all sorts of unprecedented surprises The attack logic has emerged, and a “cross-border strike” is launched that is wonderful and extremely difficult to defend!

“Ah, ah, ah!”

Lu Qingchen was attacked by magical attacks. The screaming and screaming was not the absolute strength of the other party. It was the unique use of data, information and energy. He was never seen before. I have never even thought of a magical attack at Cultivator World, which is totally unreasonable!

“You are very strong, especially the power in your body called ‘Fuxi’.”

Looking at Lu Qingchen’s colorful “fireworks”, Fist King finally said, lightly said, “But now, you haven’t learned how to control this power, but instead are controlled by this power, for his slaves. .

“If you can painstaking cultivation for a hundred years, and this power is completely refining and absorbed, and I have stopped in this hundred years, then I must not be your opponent.

“but now……”


Lu Qingchen’s face of the giant of light also showed a mysterious and complicated Glyph Array, followed by blasting, the whole head was frozen first, then cracked, and black smoke and magma spewed from the crack. pole!

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