FMC Chapter 2953

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2953, leave me alone, you are going! Floating astronomy
But at this time, he hesitated, and the steel-cast iron cast on the mask clearly revealed the intricate emotions that belonged only to Human Race.

A range of information and data, including the fuel and ammunition reserves of the Giant Divine Weapon, and the battlefields of the surrounding battlefield, including the deployment of the Federation Army and the Empire’s Army, the Starship distribution range, and so on. Flashed in Lu Qingchen’s divine soul.

“I, I should be desperate, go down and kill this cockroach completely, then the whole universe is quiet!”

“But, I am not the natural owner of the Adventist. This Giant Divine Weapon has not accepted 100%. It is so violent to attack such a strong attack, which will cause great loss to the fuel and ammunition reserves. I am afraid it will not be conducive to the future. retreat.

“And, the closest to ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship’ is the main force of our Federation, Warship ‘Prairie Flame Ship’ and ‘Kunlun Ship’. It is expected that when the five Supreme War Fortes are withdrawn from the battlefield, they will quickly fill the gap. One rushed to the ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship’ and boarded the Starship to capture all Super Crystal Computer.

“These Prehistoric Era passed down, the precious Super Crystal Computer, which could have been the trophy of Star Glory Federation, and increased the negotiation cost of Federation in the game with Empire. How can I destroy them casually?

“Oh, then, then…”

Lu Qingchen hesitated for a long time, the muzzle flashed and trembled.

After a long period of entanglement, he still bite his teeth, extinguished the flame of the muzzle, and turned the super Crystal Railgun into an icy cold arm.

“Forget it, let me put you a horse for a while, and let you be happy for two days.

“Perhaps such a ‘glorious victory’ is more conducive to paralyzing your nerves and concealing my true purpose.

“When I find ‘the place’, I devour another Fuxi, and everything it guards, hey, come back to find you, make a real break!”

Thinking of this, Lu Qingchen got up, and the Giant Divine Weapon “The Adventer” ignited the glory and burned a transparent hole directly in the middle of the “Ultimate Salvation Ship”. He shouted and rushed to the depths of the Star Ocean. !


“The enemy has to run!”

In the depths of the Star Ocean, Ding Lingdang, who harnessed the fragmented Giant Divine Weapon “Great Flame Dragon Bird”, was the first to sense the movement of Fuxi Fleet with a beastly battlefield intuition.

As a shadowless invisible ripple spread from the “Ultimate Salvation Ship” to the five Supreme War Fort and then spread from the five Supreme War Fort to the entire fleet, Fuxi Fleet finally got rid of the staleness and regained some vitality.

But their formation has been cut by the two scalpels of the Federation and Empire’s Army. Almost all Starships are surrounded by twice as many enemy ships, and they are caught in a lonely battle. The Great Principle Golden Immortal acts as a commander. It is impossible to condense an effective counterattack.

The Saint League people are aware of this and no longer try to capture Imperial Capital. Instead, they fill all the crystal fuels into the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield and the power unit. A large number of Starships are rushing to act as “human shields” to attract the Federation Army. With the firepower of Empire’s Army, cover the five Supreme War Fort and gradually withdraw from the battlefield.

Yes, Starship is difficult to enter the four-dimensional jump state as long as it is entangled by the enemy’s firepower and makes a crack in the outer shell.

But the five Supreme War Fortes are comparable to the asteroid’s super giant type fortress, not only the composite armor is incredibly thick, but even the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield is as thick as a real wall, in a state of exhaustion and exhaustion. The Army and the Empire’s Army, for a moment and a half, are really hard to break the enemy’s solid defense.

Seeing the five Supreme War Fort spurting thousands of glaring flames, the speed is reduced to the limit of conventional navigation, as if five rampant asteroids fled to the outer Star Field of Paramount Heaven Sector.

More and more Saint League Starship launched suicide attacks on the Federation Army and Empire’s Army, not even to destroy the enemy, but to completely explode and form a gravel belt that would block the enemy.

Ding Lingdang was in a hurry, biting his teeth and breaking through a piece of wreckage, running through a ship and another Starship, but looking at his constant consumption of fuel and ammunition, he still had a sense of sigh.

No way, the strength gap between the two sides is not big enough to allow the Federation and Empire coalition forces to completely eliminate Fuxi Fleet.

Or, at the beginning of the war, their goal was to spare no effort to hold the Paramount Heaven Sector, and even prepared for the street fight on Empyrean Terminus. No one expected that the war would reverse one-sided and become a big gain. Victory, but no one is prepared to pursue the victory.

Fuxi Fleet is only the main brain destroyed, but now there is a small head that is small, very ruthless and decisive but not inferior. Lu Qingchen’s small head dominates the five Supreme War Fort and runs away. No one can stop them.

Ding Lingdang knows this, always unwilling, and wants to chase hundreds of thousands of kilometers in the direction of the five Supreme War Fort, cold and not a golden stream rising from the sky, straight to her.

boom! Hōng hōng hōng hōng Boom!

The two sides intertwined in a hundred rounds in an instant, and all the wreckage within a radius of three to five miles was affected by the flames and turned into a powder of finely burning.

“So strong !”

Ding Lingdang’s pupil suddenly shrank, but the pores of the whole body were opened, and a red red True Qi spewed out into the fighting intent explosion.

The Saint League people are not known for their individual combat effectiveness. Even though Ding Lingdang has just encountered several Giant League Divine Weapons in Saint League, it is not too challenging.

But the Golden Divine Weapon gave her a different feeling, and it was a real opponent worthy of a fight.

The fly in the ointment is that her fuel and ammunition stock index has issued a red-and-white flashing alarm. The overall structural strength of the Great Flame Dragon Bird has reached the limit of collapse, and it is not necessary for the other party to be heavy, even if she broke out her strongest. The spirit of the flame, it is possible to directly shock the Giant Divine Weapon on the spot.

Moreover, although the other side is surrounded by the creaking arc, it does not have a strong killing intent, and seems to be unwilling to be an enemy of her.

“Don’t chase it, it’s useless, it’s a waste of fuel. You can’t stop me from retreating.”

From this golden divine Weapon, there was a strange ripple that turned into a low and indifferent voice in the Great Flame Dragon Bird’s Mainframe Crystal Processor, which deliberately glared at the dice, not willing to let Ding Lingdang now Just recognize your true identity. “You are a Federation Speaker. I don’t want to kill you. Don’t push too much. Remember, your real enemy is not me, but the Empire people behind you!

“The five Supreme War Fort can’t be left to you, but Fuxi Fleet’s flagship ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship’ is there, there are trophies that are precious to the entire Federation, and… you want to find someone, don’t It’s a waste of time for me to do what the Federation Speaker really should do!”

The golden divine Weapon, the Divine Weapon, broke out and the speed of the sparkling fire broke out, gradually disappearing into Ding Lingdang’s horizon.

“this is……”

Ding Lingdang looked at the precise coordinates sent by the other party, and burst into a burst.

She vaguely felt that she had heard the voice of the other party, and she was even very familiar. She didn’t even analyze it. The intuition believed the other person’s words, and the coordinates would not be a problem.

But how is it possible, who is he?

Ding Lingdang, along with everyone from the Federation Army and the Empire’s Army, looked at the empty, star-shaped universe at the edge of Paramount Heaven Sector.

There, the five Supreme War Fort tearing three dimensional space provoked the turbulent waves, gradually spreading in the form of aurora-like soft and splendid, and smashing a gauze for the fierce battlefield, proclaiming this unpredictable ” Imperial Capital defends the battle, in an unexpected way, gradually coming to an end.

As the five Supreme War Forts entered the Star Ocean jump one by one, they broke into the four dimensional space and disappeared into the depths of the Star Ocean. Fuxi Fleet, who returned to the light, lost their main brain again and entered a complete awkwardness.

The Federation and Empire coalition forces almost missed the last magazine, exploding the last barrel and running out the last drop of fuel.

Even a number of officers and men who continued to fought for ten days and ten nights, after breaking the last nerve, were black in front of them and fell to the ground with a deafening hū lū.

“This is… is it over?”

The bridge injury of Prairie Flame Ship, Bai Kaixin looked at the aftermath of the five Supreme War Fort jumps in the distance, and made a sigh of relief.

“At least, is it over?”

Boss Bai has been sighed with a long sigh of relief from the Prairie Flame Ship on the same tactical command system. Boss Bai sits on the command chair, releasing a relieved smile on his lips, but his head is involuntarily to the side. Go.

Jade Cauldron Sector, Yellow Dragon Sector, Paramount Heaven Sector, and even the fierce battles, the dangers are ringing, the squadrons are repeated, the reversal of several times, the incomparable thrilling battles, even the Spirit Transformation Old Monster is hard to support, can’t support it!

“No, it’s not over yet.”

Inside the Great Flame Dragon Bird, Ding Lingdang narrowed his eyes and stared at the direction of the Ultimate Salvation Ship. “At least there, it’s not over yet.”


“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

In the virtual space that is about to collapse completely, the data ocean has become a big vortex of Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth. Lu Qingchen’s 50% Fuxi data is like a beast in vortex, with the instinct to erode everything. Li Yao, blood heart’s demon, Fist King, Xiaoming, and Wenwen are all in pursuit, and everyone except Fist King is screaming.

“Going here, that’s the data channel that I opened up when I forced it in!”

Fist King waved his arm and the fist was actually above the virtual space, smashing a golden Da Dao.

“Well, we are entangled in the turbulent flow of data that is completely out of control, it is difficult to get rid of them!”

Xiaoming and Wenwen are crying and stunned.

“You go first, I will deal with them!”

Li Yao gritted her teeth and slammed the two little guys up, but turned around and faced the data.


Xiaoming exclaimed.


Wenwen screamed.

“Li Yao !”

Fist King is a bit moving.

“Don’t worry about me, go, you are going!”

Li Yao roared.

“I really want to go, you just let me loose, don’t pester me!”

Blood heart’s demon Looks at the tail that Li Yao is entangled in, and wants to cry without tears. “You mean, death will pull me to accompany the funeral? Is it true that I have offended you, can you let me go?” ”

“No problem, you are going, everything is here, I am coming to resist this damn ‘Fuxi data turbulence’.”

Li Yao looked at the blood heart’s demon very sincerely, but the tail was tightening the other side. “You go, don’t worry about me, go escape with Xiaoming and Wenwen, go quickly, really leave me alone!”

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