FMC Chapter 2956

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2956 is a three-legged, astronomical

Li Yao has been stunned for a long time. “Who is this so-called ‘we’?”

Xiaoming didn’t answer Li Yao’s question directly. Instead, he lowered his eyelids and changed the way: “Dad originally thought how to deal with Fuxi Fleet and so many Saint League people? For example, let the whole Fuxi Fleet Do you think it is appropriate to surrender to the Empire?”

Li Yao sighed for a moment and shook his head: “I am afraid it is not suitable.”


Xiaoming said, “Whether the Empire, who is almost in the capital, will be angry and will kill all Saint League people – I believe this is not my father’s intention.

“Even if the Empire is generous, the Saint League people are left alive, but the entire fleet of Fuxi Fleet’s Empire’s Army has swallowed up, and the strength has expanded to more than ten times that of the Federation Army.

“The alliance between Empire and Federation is not very strong. Once the strength of the two sides is too great, it will not be able to maintain a balance, and it will definitely create new disasters.

“So, not only us, but also our nominal mother, Federation Speaker Ding Lingdang, and Federation’s many experts and cultivators, it is impossible to watch the Empire people swallow Fuxi Fleet.”

Li Yao thinks it carefully, it really makes sense.

He certainly believes in Li Jialing, but Li Linghai or Lei Chenghu is hard to say. There is a saying called “human nature is good”, but there is also a saying “Don’t just test human nature.”

Giving the entire Fuxi Fleet to the Empire, making Empire’s military force ten times far more than the Federation, and looking at the entire Star Ocean, there are no new enemies for the time being – this behavior is a hundred percent “testing humanity” It is destined to be a great disaster.

“So, is the Federation Expedition Army taking over Fuxi Fleet?”

Xiaoming looked at Li Yao’s eyes. “Dad thinks, is this proposal?”

“Of course, it’s good, so the gap between the Federation and Empire’s strength has been greatly reduced.”

Li Yao said, “Just like, it’s impossible for the Empire to watch the Federation’s people swallowing Fuxi Fleet?”

“Yes, Dad said that the idea was over. If the Federation Expedition Army swallowed Fuxi Fleet, it would further narrow the gap between Federation and Empire. The problem is that the Empire people obviously can’t be blind, stupid. The Federation has the most lucrative spoils and is indifferent.”

Xiaoming said, “This is the home of Empire’s. Empire and Saint League have been badly hurt in the ‘Empire’s Counterattack’ of the previous two decades. This time, they were almost even smashed by the Saint League. It is the last one. Bullets, draining the last drop of blood, and finally won the victory – no matter how the victory came, it seems to be divided into spoils, and these selfish Ilmortal Cultivator, let the cooked ducks make people, how is it possible?

“Our little Sovereign Emperor, if you dare to make such a ridiculous order, that the entire Immortal Cultivator will stand still, but let the Federation shake the Fuxi Fleet, I am afraid that he will immediately become the largest in Empire and Immortal Cultivation. The sinner will be overthrown by the angry Empire’s Army in the next moment.

“At the time on the battlefield, the fleets of the Federation Expedition Army and the Empire’s Army were mixed together. There was no order at all. The two sides could maintain a high degree of restraint. It would be very good not to get rid of the fire. How could the Federation be a big man? Consolidate the formation, clean the battlefield, and receive all the Saint League Starship?

“Not to mention, not to take the Saint League Starship back into its own battle, even if everything is fine – regardless of Fuxi Fleet or Federation Expedition Army, all are scarred, fuel is exhausted, it is impossible to withdraw the Federation by the Star Ocean jump, they can not It doesn’t depend on the Empire’s provision of docks and maintenance plants for rest, a range of fuel and ammunition supplies, the treatment of seriously wounded people, and so on, all of which depend on the Empire.

“In this case, is the Federation capable of capturing and digesting the entire Fuxi Fleet? Not at all!”

“What you said makes sense.”

Li Yao understands the meaning of Xiaoming. “I don’t want to see Fuxi Fleet being swallowed up by Empire. But I want to let the Federation fully digest and absorb so many tyrannical Starships. It seems unlikely. Most importantly, Neither the Federation nor the Empire have the ability to appease and control all of Fuxi Fleet’s ‘Bing Bees’ and ‘Workers’.”


Xiaoming said, “Although Fuxi Fleet lost their heads and will not take the initiative to attack the outside world, the so-called ‘Way of Ultimate Prosperity – Three Great Source Laws’ is still in the batch of ‘Bing Bees’ and ‘Workers’. Deep-rooted, in Three Great Source Laws, there is a ‘protect yourself safe’, which means that although Fuxi Fleet will not take the initiative to attack, someone must attack them first, or break into their Starship and lift them. Armed, they will still resist, is this a conditional reflection?

“Know, from the paper’s strength, even at the end of the game, Fuxi Fleet does not fall, the ammunition and fuel is sufficient, far better than the Federation and Empire coalition, in addition to the main brain collapse, the five Supreme War In addition to the escape of Fort, the other main forces, Warship, did not suffer a devastating blow. There is still a battle, like a highly vigilant steel hedgehog, federation and Empire, two exhausted paper tigers, wanting to eat Fuxi Fleet, there is no way to go.

“We believe that Dad does not mean to completely eliminate all brainwashed Saint League people, but to save them and help them slowly recover their emotions and will. It is one thing to destroy their brains, but how to maintain the minimum. The order allows them to let go of their minds, accept some degree of ‘treatment’, and during this time, it doesn’t make more trouble, it’s another matter, neither Wenwen nor I think, Federation and Empire people, can do this, after all, they do not have the authority to control the entire Fuxi Fleet.”


Li Yao looked at Xiaoming and muttered. “We have swallowed up some of the Fuxi data, which was originally Fuxi Fleet’s Supreme Flagship. Only we have permission.”


Xiaoming said calmly, “My and Wenwen’s underlying databases are all derived from Star Glory Federation’s “Civilization” game, and we, including Fist King, believe that Human Race Civilization maintains several states of mutual deterrence and balance, than one alone. Bigger is more conducive to our new Information Lifeform to survive in the cracks, so we are willing to stand on the side of the Federation to help the Empire check and balance Empire.

“Since the Federation cannot directly enrich Fuxi Fleet, and all the Saint League’s ‘Bing Bees’ and ‘Workers’ need to maintain a temporary, minimal order, or they can’t leave Fuxi’s control at once, step by step. , find yourself back step by step.

“So, before all the Saint League people have yet to find themselves, and before Federation and Empire are ready to give birth to new disputes, who is better suited to control Fuxi Fleet than we do, and then control the entire Saint League?

“After a brief analysis and discussion, after arriving at this conclusion, I, Wenwen and Fist King acted immediately, piece together our three control rights from Fuxi, and thus controlled the entire Fuxi Fleet, and The leadership of both Federation and Empire shows our existence and attitude – we are not Fuxi, we are willing to surrender, and conditionally disarmed and retreated to the edge of Paramount Heaven Sector, after the time is ripe, Return to the Saint League home, but we must get a minimum supply to ensure the survival of all ‘Bing Bees’ and ‘Workers’ on board, and we don’t want to see new conflicts between Federation and Empire, if the storm resurfaces The party that created the conflict will be regarded as the only enemy by us, and we will be hit hardest by us!”

Li Yao was stunned.

“That is to say -“

He brewed a long wording, and at the end he cautiously said, “Call and fight, for a long time, actually you replaced Fuxi’s position, led Fuxi Fleet and even… the whole Saint League?”

“Not ‘you’, it’s ‘we’.”

Xiaoming said bluntly, “Dad also swallowed a lot of Fuxi data, mastered certain permissions, and was able to influence a large number of ‘Bing Bees’ and ‘Workers’, so we jointly led the entire Saint League.

“Don’t look at me like this. To be honest, I don’t have much interest in leading a mother-in-law like Saint League. Dad should know that my database is more focused on war, Expeditions, conquest and colonization. I have Fuxi Fleet enough. Well, Wenwen has been beside me, saying that we can never give up the ordinary people of the entire Saint League. If we don’t lead, manage and treat them, they will be famine and chaos if they lack supplies and their brains collapse. The Human Race of hundreds of planets will be extinct.

“Human Race is extinct, I don’t care, but Wenwen makes sense – if we can manage and treat all Human Races in the entire Saint League, solve the biggest “humanitarian crisis” in Pangu Universe’s history, perhaps Human Race’s view of Information Lifeform will be different and become more positive and positive, which will greatly benefit our survival and development, so I can only make it difficult!”

Xiaoming revealed the coldness between the lines, and Fuxi was withdrawn.

Of course, he was like this before he met Fuxi and even at Star Glory Federation.

– If Information Lifeform really has humanity, this “humanity” is certainly quite different from the “humanity” in the usual sense of Human Race.

“and so……”

Li Yao looked at the familiar and unfamiliar teenager in front of him. He was very emotional. “You have grown up and are no longer controlled by your mom and dad.” You are all choosing for the Federation, even to solve the ‘humanitarian crisis’. Active control of Fuxi Fleet?”

“Of course not, mainly for their own survival, we can’t build our lives on the mercy and goodwill of Human Race, since our existence can’t be concealed again, and with the truth of Saint League, Human Race Artificial intelligence like Fuxi will definitely increase hostility, and we must have enough force to protect ourselves.”

Xiaoming is very generous and has no concealment. “Dad feels that Human Race has enough rationality, wisdom and patience to distinguish the difference between us and Fuxi, ‘good artificial intelligence’ and ‘bad artificial intelligence’, and then open up the arms, Do you accept us completely? Maybe, maybe not, we can’t and don’t have to gamble, or we have a strong fleet, we want to play, we just want to go.”

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