FMC Chapter 2958

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Chapter 2958 Post-war situation, Astronomy
“Wait, wait, etc., I am a little confused now, things may not develop so not good, anyway, I still choose to believe in the wisdom and kindness of Human Race.”

Li Yao thought very seriously, “But I can understand you, Wenwen and Fist King. Indeed, from your point of view, there is no way to fully believe in the Human Race in the narrow concept, especially Empire of True Humanity for these Immortal Cultivator.

“Just, what reaction between the Federation and the Empire people is, are you watching you take Fuxi Fleet? Where are we now? I mean, Ultimate Salvation Ship and the whole Fuxi Fleet, where are they? ”

“Federation and Empire people are of course shocked by our sudden appearance. Although some people, the participants of the ‘Unusual Human Race High-end Forum’, know our existence, most people are not very clear, wait until we After capturing Fuxi Fleet, this thing can no longer be concealed.”

Xiaoming said, “I can’t guess the mentality of most of the Human Race. It is estimated that we won’t have a good impression on us. But what if they are angry? The Federation and Empire coalitions are exhausted and fight again. It will only speed up the collapse of the self, and it will not be able to stop us, let alone Wenwen and I control the entire Battle Capital network, and Fist King has very high control over ‘Arsonist United Fleet’. We certainly cannot defeat all of them. The opponents, fighting a fish to die, but more than enough.

“The triangle is the most stable structure. The power of Star Glory Federation alone is not enough to compete with the entire Empire of True Humanity. We sent the message to the Federation in the first place, and we are willing to represent the Covenant Alliance and Star Glory Federation. The strongest covenant, together with Federation to oversee Empire’s innovation, also welcomes the supervision and even participation in the treatment of Saint League people.

“In the situation at the time, the Federation could not find a reason for rejection.

“And once the Federation Expedition Army and Fuxi Fleet form a coalition, the Empire is not likely to be able to destroy us for a while.

“On the contrary, if the Revolution Faction Immortal Cultivator is to take full control of the entire Star Ocean Center, destroy the residual power of the Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis camp as soon as possible, restore Star Ocean’s order, and avoid repeating the old mistakes, then the entire society’s Crystal Computer The level of informatization and informatization has to be further enhanced. In this case, it is absolutely impossible to completely remove the factors of our Information Lifeform.

“Our little Sovereign Emperor is a smart and big-minded person. On a certain level, he is even smarter than his father. It is more suitable to be a good ruler. Moreover, we have been getting along with each other. He has it for us. Deep understanding, there is no worries and prejudice against the Information Lifeform. Therefore, he did not do the stupid things of the mouse, and chose to accept us and provide us with the most basic materials and facilities.

“We are now on the farthest and desolate abandoned asteroid base in Paramount Heaven Sector.

“Although there is a lack of resources and even no stars, the facilities built hundreds of years ago are well sealed and can be used after simple maintenance. With the supplies provided by Uncle Sovereign Emperor and the reserves of Fuxi Fleet, we are temporarily I can also catch my breath.”

Xiaoming said, behind the scenes dozens of three-dimensional 3D light curtains, showing the abandoned base to regain the new student, the hot maintenance and construction scene.

It can be clearly seen that although many of the Starships of Fuxi Fleet are riddled with holes and pits, the reaction armor has been beaten, like the rags of the Hana, but the basic structure remains intact. The final score of the Covenant Alliance and the first hope of Information Lifeform.

“The entire Imperial Capital took about a week to completely end the turmoil and restore the basic order.”

Xiaoming said, “After that, our Fuxi Fleet and Federation Expedition Army, plus the Emperor Emperor Emperor’s Empire executive, held the most High-Level secret meeting on Empyrean Terminus, all of them pinched their noses. The fact that there is no help, officially established the situation of ‘three legs.’

“Although this is not the most ideal state, ‘the justice will eventually defeat the evil, and any problem will never exist again.’ There are still very serious differences and suspicions between each other. Maybe when, it will start again, but temporarily Peace is at least coming, peace, even if it is only one second, it is better than a second, isn’t it?”

This is, Li Yao agrees.

He just didn’t think: “So fast? You guys are still hū hū when you sleep, sneak up and see you?”

“Yes, hey, everyone, whether it’s Saint League, Empire or Federation, thinks it’s better to meet when Dad is not there.”

Xiaoming said, “In this case, the atmosphere of the meeting can be more serious, and everyone can conduct a heated discussion on the issue of interest without any hindrance.”

“What do you mean?”

Li Yao stunned and was a little wronged. “That is to say, if I am present, the atmosphere of the meeting will not be serious. Who said, I am Ten Thousand Worlds Supreme, Federation Founding Father, Pangu Universe first expert , 弑神者, Black Wind King, high-dimensional Universe Virus, how can I not be serious, how can I ‘stagn’?”

“… don’t be excited, Dad, we really don’t dislike you. It’s really your identity is too special. Your contribution to Human Race Civilization is too great. Your great achievements, at least 10,000 years and the future. For 10,000 years, no one is comparable.”

Xiaoming explains, “Look, you are a Star Glory Federation, known as the Federation Founding Father, or the husband of the current Speaker of the Federation; at the same time, you are the Black Wind King of the Empire of True Humanity, the two most powerful One of the warlords, or the brother of Sovereign Emperor, even one of the behind-the-scenes pushers of the Sovereign Emperor to the Supreme throne, the second time in just six months to save Imperial Capital, the first Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji, the second Fuxi, can be said to have been blown up by you. From this point of view, it is not an exaggeration to call you ‘recreating the first person of Empire’; as for the Saint League side, Not to mention, your child is now replacing Fuxi’s position and managing the entire Saint League.

“So, think about it, if you are involved in such a High-Level meeting, and the interests of Federation, Empire, and Saint League conflict at the meeting, when you are red-faced, where do you help?”

“This one……”

Li Yao thought for a long time and couldn’t think of an answer. He could only mutter. “Well, it seems that I did inadvertently climb too high and too high. The status is too detached. It is not suitable for Star Ocean.” The pediatric tricks like these, the Federation, Empire, Saint League, what national events, or hand over to your children to deal with it, then, how are you doing?”

“As of now, it’s not bad.”

Xiaoming put his finger on Li Yao one by one. “First, Fuxi Fleet completely gave up the attack and curled up near the abandoned base on the edge of the Paramount Heaven Sector. The Empire’s Army and the Empyrean Terminus set up a dense cosmic mine. Make sure that Fuxi Fleet can no longer create new threats.

“Then, according to the agreed surrender condition, we disarmed about half of the armed forces, two-thirds of which were handed over to the Federation, one-third were handed over to Empire, and both sides were provided with some key operational parameters of the Saint League Starship. And structure diagram.

“In exchange, Empire and Federation accepted the surrender of Saint League, and from a fairly limited supply of materials, a portion of the teeth were provided to us, ensuring the survival of the vast majority of Saint League people.

“At the same time, Empire and Federation also agreed that in the absence of a complete out of control of the humanitarian disaster in Saint League, they would not actively attack the Saint League home, and still maintain the existence of Saint League as a political entity, but also reluctantly accept this politics. The fact that entities will be under artificial intelligence management for a long time to come.

“At the same time, the two countries will do their utmost to control domestic public opinion and guide the public’s views on Saint League people and artificial intelligence, step by step toward mutual integration, at least in the direction of mutual understanding.

“I don’t know how much binding this commitment is, but it is like this for the time being.

“After establishing a secret agreement on Empyrean Terminus and supervising Fuxi Fleet’s completion of the half-armed disarming and handover, the federation and the Empire’s coalition’s rest and replenishment were almost completed, so their soldiers once again pointed to the territory of Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis Families. A new round of offensive against the Yellow Dragon Sector in the heart of Old Empire.

“The smoothness of this offensive can’t even be described as ‘destroyed and ruined’, but rather ‘conceived’, including the Yellow Dragon Sector, the world under the control of Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis Families, has long been a heart-wrenching The group, in a state of self-defeating, their only hope is that New Empire and Saint League can make a double defeat, they can fish in the water, and then linger for a while, and now Imperial Capital is completely calm, Saint League also surrendered to Empire, also got A strong ally like Federation, their last hopes were shattered.

“From below the Yellow Dragon Sector, the aristocrats of the world rushed to surrender, and even in order to surrender each other’s knives, they wanted to get some weighty trophies to ‘wear sin.’ Many times, the Federation and Empire coalition did not even send a pawn. You can hear the sound of ‘Yongjia Great Emperor’ on the planet, one after another, the mountain crying out and sea howling.

“ Having said that, the territory of the Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis Families is too large, and there are too many important facilities and jump nodes to receive. Even if only one of the Great Thousand Worlds is stationed, the force is not enough. So, the high-levels of Federation and New Empire almost came out to supervise the surrender of the Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis camp and restore the local order as soon as possible – which is why I left alone alone.”

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