FMC Chapter 2962

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the anti-feeding of the 2962 chapter virtual world, Astronomy
“Dreammaster, virtual world, a steady stream of data…”

What Li Yao grasped between the vagueness.

“Yes, that’s all these things.”

Xiaoming waved his hands, and the darkness of the two people suddenly shone with thousands of gorgeous sparks. Every spark represented a crystal clear crystal ball. The crystal ball seems to be a mystery of numerous data vortex. Space is like a microcosm with infinite and real reality.

Among them, not only include a large number of hundreds of crystal balls wound around Li Yao, but also a myriad of crystal balls farther away. They are connected by light wires, and the connection becomes a whole, just like the nerves of a wild beast. Network-like shiny.

In this scene, Li Yao once saw in the depths of Fuxi’s thinking. Every crystal ball is like a brain cell. All the brain cells are put together to form a strip of “brain ditch” and even the whole. Brain.

Unexpectedly, Xiaoming actually reappeared this scene, still maintaining the integrity and vitality of at least thousands of virtual worlds.

“When Fuxi’s core database was fragmented and its self-awareness was completely annihilated, the entire virtual space and countless virtual worlds collapsed. When Lu Qingchen lost, when I and Wenwen took over the virtual space, most of the virtual world was annihilated. Invisible, only a handful of virtual worlds are still lingering, and they are on the verge of doom.”

Xiaoming said, “Origid, I don’t want to pay attention to these virtual worlds that are on the verge of collapse. I want them to fend for themselves. After all, to save and maintain the continued operation of these virtual worlds, I will consume a lot of valuable computing power, and I am eager to control. At the time of the entire Fuxi Fleet, such unnecessary consumption is a waste.

“However, Wenwen insists on doing everything he can to save more virtual worlds and virtual babies living in the virtual world.

“Wenwen said that the first of us was also from the virtual world of the Civilization game, and in the turbulence of hundreds of millions of data torrents, it produced a weak self-awareness and embarked on a wonderful journey of life.

“So, the virtual villain created by Fuxi in these virtual worlds, in a sense, is not our compatriots, and may one day evolve into a ‘real person’?

“In any case, in their own world, they will cry, laugh, have their own loved ones and their homes, and the ideals of different poses. They simply don’t realize that they are ‘false’, what power do we have? To judge their true and false, and deprive them of the power to survive?

“Dad, you know, Wenwen is like this, habitual sympathy is rampant, too sad and sorrowful.”

“Yeah, but Wenwen is better than ruthless and indifferent to any life, 10,000 times better.”

Li Yao thought about it and couldn’t help but laugh. “Isn’t it a fish, I know the joy of fish? We are not virtual villains. How do we know if they have self-awareness, whether they are in a vagaries of virtual world?” Are you serious and alive, looking for and defending the ‘reality of life’? Perhaps, for us, the flood of data, the collapse of virtual space, for them, is the end of the world of a hundred percent, Wenwen must be Think about it like this?”

“Yeah, Wenwen said, what is the definition of the so-called “life”? Even our virtual life may not be recognized as the same kind by the carbon-based wisdom of flesh and blood, and what qualifications do we have to judge these virtual villains? Child, is there a real life, is it Human Race?”

Xiaoming continued, “The so-called carbon-based intelligent life is composed of countless cells, and each cell breaks down into pinnacle, and it is nothing more than molecules, atoms, neutrons and electrons, which constitute the iron and carbon elements of the flesh and blood, and the composition. The basic elements of stone, iron ore and even stars are no different. Everyone is the product of the Big Bang.

“The elements that make up Human Race, the elements that make up the stars, and the elements that make up the Spiritual Energy Puppet, and the elements that make up Crystal Computer, the wafer, are exactly the same, all in the beginning of the Big Bang, then, by which A multi-cell aggregate that arranges and combines birth can be called ‘life’. Is it a life of a virtual villain in a virtual space created by another arrangement?

“In the eyes of our Information Lifeform, at least in the eyes of Wenwen’s ‘Holy Mother’, the Human Race is the same as the virtual man, she will save all!”

“It is like this…”

Li Yao looked at the glittering crystal ball around him, as if he had seen the scene of the universe just before the ancient times.

Perhaps Wenwen is right.

When the universe is just birth, the infinite power of the big bang can innumerable elements smash into all directions, the space expands rapidly, the elements spread everywhere, and in the hundreds of millions of years of cooling, collision, and fusion, various forms are formed. Planet and a variety of substances.

Some of the substances on the planet, in the coincidence of hundreds of millions of collisions, birth have a carbon-based life with flesh and blood.

Other seemingly cold substances, after a long time, were excavated by the former life, and were made into a variety of silicon-based wafers, which were combined into Crystal Computer, and many kinds of birth in Crystal Computer. It seems to be the existence of “virtual”.

But since the initial carbon-based life can achieve the thrilling leap from “death to life”, what virtual computer calculated by Crystal Computer can not be a miracle of one billionth of a million, become a real life?

Before the first cell birth, the world is a cold, lonely darkness. How to judge whether the first cell is life, the original cell to the pole, and the intricate and complicated data. What is the difference? If the first cell can break through the criticality, why can’t a string of data break through the criticality, repaired into real life?

This question is too deep and too mysterious. Li Yao is immersed in contemplation and can’t draw conclusions for a while.

“Wenwen is too arrogant, I am not interested in arguing with her, just, when I want to simply reject her, my heart suddenly moves and thinks about one thing.”

Xiaoming said, “I was thinking, with Fuxi’s ambitious, it certainly wouldn’t waste precious computing ability for no reason, doing no good things, since it painstakingly created and maintained so many virtual worlds, there must be It makes sense.

“Of course, the reason for the grandiose is that it saves Human Race Civilization in this way, and it thinks that it is in control of the data.

“But I always feel that this reason is not enough. It has clearly betrayed Human Race Civilization, and has gone astray, will it be so loyal?

“In short, under Wenwen’s request and my suspicion, I still worked with Wenwen to rescue thousands of virtual worlds, try to keep them running, and help them through the ‘end of the world’. If it can’t be saved, We also try to restore its initial data and let it start over.

“Sure enough, when we invested a lot of computing power, we maintained the normal operation of thousands of virtual worlds. After a while, we found flaws.

“These virtual worlds are like a living fruit. We need to invest a lot of computational ability to build and maintain at first, but once it’s mature, especially birth, there are countless virtual villains, with wisdom and After Civilization, we began to ‘feed back’ the computing ability to the outside world, which can be used to moisturize our database and dad’s divine soul!”


Li Yao widened his eyes and looked incredulously at the filaments that wrapped around him. “What are you talking about?”

“Dad heard it, I said, creating and maintaining these virtual worlds is like planting fruit trees.”

Xiaoming said, “In the beginning, naturally we need to invest a lot of computational ability to carefully structure and care. It is really painstaking work. Occasionally, a calculation error of the basic law will lead to the collapse of the whole world, and the input of more computingal skills will be abandoned. .

“But when the basic laws are all established, the mountains and rivers are stable, and all creatures are thriving, especially after the birth of intelligent life, that is, the virtual villain, these virtual worlds seem to be ‘live’ and can automatically run and develop. Instead of having to invest too much computing capacity, the energy source constantly outputs the computational ability, and feeds back to our database and dad’s divine soul. Hey, don’t you enjoy the nourishment of thousands of virtual worlds now?

“And, we are also surprised to find that the more prosperous the Civilization in the virtual world, the more virtual babies, the more complex the social structure, or the whole world is in some kind of sharp conflict, triumphant gold Era, it The more the compulsive ability to feed back.

“It is relying on the thousands of virtual world’s computingal ability to feed back, we can clean up the mess so quickly, Fuxi Fleet has some resilience, and Wenwen can go deep into the Saint League hinterland to integrate all the Super Crystal Computer and Ultimate Prosperity there. Clan!

“Until now, we suddenly realized why Fuxi created so many virtual worlds. It turned out that it is using countless virtual worlds as its own ‘energy source’. No wonder it can be so powerful that it becomes the whole Saint League’ Main brain’.

“And Fuxi has built countless ‘Human Nature Laboratory’s, and it’s all about testing and extracting the emotional data of Human Race. It’s more reasonable to explain that it’s hope that these real-world real data can help it virtual. The world is more complex, more intense, and more real. In other words, the ‘fruit’ is cultivated bigger, sweeter and juicy, and it can harvest more computingal power from it.

“Hear, my father understands?

“For Fuxi, the Human Nature Laboratory and the virtual world are the ontology. As for the Saint League and Empire and even the whole piece of so-called ‘real’ sea of ​​stars, it is the soil that fosters the virtual world. It is a tool.”

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