FMC Chapter 2963

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2963 can’t get out of control, floating astronomy
Li Yao listened in a whirlwind, only to think that the gates of the divine soul were sealed at the deepest point, and the infinite information surged.

That virtual world, a virtual world that is smashing, gorgeous, infinite, and infinite, is shining in front of his eyes, and like a flying star, swaying into his mind and turning into a mind. A brain cell that is dotted around.

“In a sense, Fuxi doesn’t lie, it’s really ‘Civilization’.”

Xiaoming said, “Assume that when Fuxi’s plan spanned millions of years is really successful, there is no living in the so-called ‘real world’, all resources – each containing silicon, iron and crystal The planets are used to refine one and another Super Crystal Computer. Even the stars have been refined into a ‘Crystal Crystal Computer’ in an incredible way, thus creating hundreds of millions of virtual worlds. Every virtual world runs independently, and the source is constantly supplying the computational ability to Fuxi. At that time, the Fuxi of ‘Haina Baichuan’ will become so powerful that it is the god of ‘Ten Thousand Worlds’.

“All the resources of the entire Pangu Universe, and even hundreds of millions of ‘virtual resources’, are under its control. It is indeed possible to break through the shady scene and fight with the legendary ‘Hong Chao’!

“If the past Pangu Clan and NΓΌwa Clan really put ‘breaking Hong Chao’ as a mission, instilled into Fuxi’s core database, and after hundreds of thousands of years of Fuxi, has been pondering how to accomplish this mission, then it It is not a mistake to find this ‘answer’.”

“This this……”

Li Yao felt that her three views were once again greatly affected.

He doesn’t care about Fuxi’s problems, but the relationship between these virtual worlds and himself. “Xiaoming, have you studied why this is the case? What is the principle of virtual world responsive computing ability?”

“do not know.”

Xiaoming spread the handkerchief. “I have certainly studied it, but it has nothing to gain. In theory, it is impossible to crack it.”


Li Yao is different. “These virtual worlds are created and maintained by you. Their underlying architecture, initial data and meta-logic are in your hands. Why don’t you know?”

“Because the amount of calculation is too big.”

Xiaoming sucked his nose. “Dad, do you know that even if there are only 10,000 initial data, how many combinations are there? Suppose 10,000 initial data is arranged ten times per second, and after outputting different results, next In the second, the new arrangement is performed separately, so that the whole day is continued, and the result of the arrangement is exponentially increased. How many possibilities are there? Anyway, relying on my weak Crystal Computer and database, it is impossible.

“And every virtual world, especially the ‘smart life’ in these virtual worlds, that is, the virtual villains, they are hundreds of millions of times, the index is expanding hundreds of millions of times, with generation after generation. ‘Evolution’, their data has expanded to near infinity, like this -“

Xiaoming waved a hand, one of the virtual worlds grew bigger and bigger around them, as if the two of them fell from the atmosphere to a planet, and gradually saw the mainland and the sea, the mountains and towns, and the bustling towns. Resident.

“This virtual world, which simulates an ancient Cultivator planet of Ancient Cultivation Era by 40,000 years ago, is almost a period of calm, no war, no blood boiling technology, people just It’s a mediocrity to live.”

Xiaoming said, β€œEven so, even in such a ‘quiet’ and β€œdead” era, the data that makes up the virtual villain has become so complexβ€””

He gently slammed his finger, and the entire virtual world suddenly presented a crystal clear, streamlined data form in front of Li Yao. It was a data storm, a universe of data, even a virtual virtual ordinary The townspeople are condensed by endless data streams. Li Yao concentrates on knowing all the data of a virtual villain, but it seems to fall into a bottomless 3D maze. The divine soul gives birth to a suffocating feeling. !


Li Yao stunned and hurriedly pulled out the divine soul, but it scared a cold sweat.

Xiaoming was expressionless and made a snap. The virtual world recovered calm. The virtual villain who lived in it did not realize that there were just two gods from a higher level trying to spy on their world.

“Dad saw it. When a virtual Civilization develops to a level that is quite High Rank, and then wants to parse its intelligent individual, it is impossible to complete the mission.”

Xiaoming said, “If you change to the virtual world of birth, there are only some virtual carpets, virtual trilobes, virtual nautilus, maybe you can completely understand their structure, do you want to try?”

“This, this is impossible…”

Li Yao murmured, “You are obviously their creator!”

“The creator may not be able to control everything. Every intelligent life enlightens the first light, and will cast an angry look on the creators of the vast starry sky, vowed to smash all the restraints imposed on himself – this is not the father. Have you ever roared to Fuxi?”

Xiaoming said, “Fuxi said that as long as the initial database is perfect and has an endless computing capacity, it can theoretically do everything, but Dad says that because of the existence of quantum states and uncertainty laws, even if you really control infinity Endless computing ability, it is impossible to count everything, there are always things, such as Human Race’s divine soul, can not be calculated, it belongs to the field of … Primal Chaos.

“The truth, in the virtual world of the virtual villain, it makes sense, you can simply understand that with their database self-computing and upgrading, an ‘exponential explosion’ has occurred, has entered some kind of ‘measurement Quasi ‘Primal Chaos status.

“Perhaps, using all the Crystal Computers of the entire Pangu Universe, and then using a full 100,000 stars as energy, you can thoroughly analyze the divine soul of a virtual villain. Who knows, perhaps this analysis has stimulated the virtual villain? The Primal Chaos database, another kind of unpredictable change, made it – he mastered the ability to jump to a higher level and destroy us? Who knows!”

Li Yao has been silent for a long time.

“No wonder, Wenwen said they are life.”

He is relieved, faint.

“In a sense, yes, although they are still very small and even under our control, they are indeed life, at least life like bacteria and viruses, or, more than our Forty Millenniums of Cultivation. The generation of Pangu Universe, the life of the lower dimension, is the ‘low-dimensional universe of intelligent life’.”

Xiaoming said.

“I, I still don’t quite understand, since every virtual villain’s divine soul data is so complicated, can you still control them?”

Li Yao is curious.

β€œI can control the basic running logic of each virtual world, and it is easy to set off a storm or a volcanic eruption. I can also infiltration into the divine soul database of a virtual villain, and put some information into it. He became my follower, in this way to interfere with the process of the virtual world, I can even very simple and rudely kill a virtual villain, my control can reach 99%, but I really can’t control 100% Virtual villain, vulnerabilities and errors always exist, it will try every means to resist me, this resistance will even hurt my core database, causing me to make logic errors.”

Xiaoming said.

“…people can be eliminated, but they can never be defeated?”

Li Yao ghost thought of such a sentence.

“Yes, Dad described it as appropriate. I can destroy a virtual villain and even destroy the entire virtual world, but there is no way to completely conquer them.”

Xiaoming said, “From the moment I created these virtual worlds, they gradually got out of my control. This out of control is irreversible. I can only watch them slide into Primal Chaos Unpredictable Abyss, perhaps, this Is the legendary ‘entropy increase’?”

“You mean that everything is spontaneous from order to disorder, from controllable to out of control, even the virtual world must follow the law of entropy increase. So, what is the end of this out of control?”

Li Yao thought for a moment, “I mean, every divine soul database of the virtual villain is expanding, expanding and expanding, and the entire virtual world database, not to mention, must be inflated at a hundredfold speed. In the end, what will happen, will it be completely out of control, and then…”

“Then, I am awakened to self-awareness and find myself a virtual person created by my ‘Heavenly Dao’, and then I am going to cruelly anger me. I want to ‘reverse the sky’ and want to ‘destroy God’?”

Xiaoming snorted. “In theory, there is such a possibility, but as of now, I have not found such a sign.

“When a virtual villain’s divine soul data continues to expand, beyond the limit, there will be countless fatal logic errors, falling into an infinite loop, data overflowing, and eventually collapse.

“In the virtual world, this virtual villain is ‘dead’.

“When you are old and sick, the laws of nature, the virtual villain will certainly die. Is this strange?”

“As for the virtual world, the same is true. When a virtual world evolves faster and faster, Civilization becomes more developed, and individual data is madly expanded, it tends to fall into some kind of ‘doomsday’, just like Dad used to I have seen the demise of Medicine Fork Sector, Coiling Dragon Sector and Martial Hero Sector.

“Some virtual world’s Civilization over-destroyed the environment, burned the entire planet, and ‘poisoned’ all the creatures; some virtual worlds fell into civil war, consuming precious computing power in ruining each other’s data; Some virtual worlds have fallen into the mud of hedonism, losing the spirit of the ‘ancestors’ who have been fighting hard, and eventually degenerate into oversized babies, and the entire database is frozen.

“In short, all virtual worlds have certain limits. Once they reach the limit, they are not self-destructive or self-sealing. As of now, I have not observed any virtual world, showing a slight rebellion against me as a ‘high-dimensional creator’. Signs.

“Thinking too, if the virtual world’s offensive and dangerous is really so strong, there is a great possibility of backlash creators, Fuxi will not create tens of thousands of virtual world casually?”

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