FMC Chapter 2965

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Chapter 2965 The future of Saint League, Astronomy
Indeed, since the Star Ocean Empire Era 10,000 years ago, the newly unified Human Race Civilization has been in disintegration and backlash under the betrayal and backlash of Mad Armageddon Blood God Son, and has been in the split, chaos, blood and darkness, sinking for too long. Long.

During this period, despite the short-lived light of Star Ocean Republic’s cultivators, the faint light quickly dissipated under the turbulent black tide, and Human Race Civilization just stopped after struggling. Taking a breath, I was once again involved in another bigger, more violent vortex.

Until today, under the unremitting efforts of countless people, the new dawn appeared on the horizon, and the burning universe gradually returned to calm.

Li Yao is like a little skeleton. It is constantly arched and drilled in the chain of suspicion that binds Human Race Civilization. Finally, a small gap is drilled, but the power of one alone is not enough. Victory, and the unsuccessful, still need to make unremitting efforts to win a bigger victory, belongs to everyone, including experts such as Li Jialing, Boss Bai, Jin Xinyue, Xiaoming and Wenwen, as well as the underlying Federation, Empire and Saint League. , billions of ordinary ordinary soldiers and people.

At the moment, there are countless ordinary people around Star Ocean, and they are constantly fighting for the future of them and the entire Human Race Civilization.

In the heart of the Saint League, a giant Thousand Worlds called “Blue Sea”, a ragged Transport Ship team is slowly flying to the main star.

Tang Ka put his nose on the porthole and looked at the cyan planet that grew bigger and bigger outside the window. Until now, his mind was still squeaking like a jingle, like a headful of paste, he didn’t understand what happened. thing.

Including his friends – the squad leader Chu Zhiyun and a large number of “Demon Child”, all with him, the second monk is not confused, and is excited and stunned by the unknown road ahead.

However, one thing is certain.

They now have excitement, tension, curiosity, etc., and release the power of all emotions, no one asks them to be a dead wood.

Recalling the experience of more than a month, Tang Ka still feels incredible, as if he had a big dream.

Since Li Yao’s separation, they have followed Li Yao’s arrangement and obediently hid in the refuge of Deep Earth Sector and Black Castle Star.

At that time, all “Demon Child” were very pessimistic, thinking that they had to hide at least about twenty years in the underground refuge, or even better, after three or five days, they were their mentor, and the ruthless Ultimate. Prosperity Clan finds it, grabs it and sends it to the temple, washes away all the memories, and just awakens, with precious emotions and will.

Fortunately, the food in the shelter is very abundant, the facilities for synthesizing purified water and circulating air are also intact, enough to maintain the daily life of these “Demon Child”, and they have spent the longest in the restless and fearful. One month, until one day, the refuge was forcibly opened from the outside. All “Demon Child” was on the verge of enemies, and thought that they could not escape the fate of being deeply brainwashed. What they did not expect to appear in front of them was…

Tang Ka once again turned his curious eyes to the center of the bridge.

The flagship bridge of the Transport Ship team has been specially modified to be highly automated, with almost no crew to manually maneuver. Instead, hundreds of Spiritual Energy Puppets and a variety of Spiritual Energy Puppet can be used with the console of the bridge. Perfectly fit together, Crystal Computer makes the sound of “sand rustling” as if it were playing a beautiful piece of music together.

The “conductor” who controls all of this is a female doll that is less than ten years old at first glance, and it is much more tender than Tang Ka.

No, it is not entirely true.

Beside the female doll of the pink-carved jade, there are always seven or eight humanoid Spiritual Energy Puppets. Sometimes, these Spiritual Energy Puppets activate special three-dimensional 3D light curtains, wrapped in a soft layer outside the steel bars. The light, it looks like a holy and innocent, sad and sorrowful, like a girl in the empty valley.

Including the avatar that she presented when she was telecommunicating with Tang Ka, etc., it was like… the girl who lingered Saint Light, or the goddess.

Tang Ka looked at the goddess and remembered what the goddess said when she met each other for the first time.

“No, although it feels like your ‘Great God Fuxi’, but I am not a god, there is no real god in the world.

“All Divine Capital was created by people, including me.

“And as long as you are willing, you can also build your own Civilization into an advanced and developed god.

“Although the treatment of the Saint League people should be gradual, and you can say so much at once, you may not accept it, but you are ‘Demon Child’, the most emotional of all Saint League people, the weakest seal of the Brain. A group of people, I need your help, the entire Saint League needs your help, Human Race Civilization needs your help, you need to indulge your emotions, open your wisdom, and wake up more people.

“My name is Wenwen. I don’t have time to explain too much. Regarding my origins and your mission, let’s talk slowly on the road. Now, let’s go!”

In this way, Tang Ka and squad Chu Zhiyun and all the Demon Child, followed Wenwen on a Transport Ship, and parked in a port for a long time, waiting for other Transport Ship to be filled with the most crude synthetic food. And the replacement components of the Net Water Element system, which formed a mighty fleet, returned to the old home of Saint League.

And along the way, they were stunned to hear Wenwen talk about the ins and outs, knowing so many thrilling, incredible truths.

It turned out that the original face of “Great God Fuxi” turned out to be like this.

Even though I have known the “Demon Child Project”, I know my own sad and cruel fate, including the darkness behind the Ultimate Prosperity High Master and even the gods. But the harsh brainwashing education I received at an early age still makes Tang Ka and other “Demon” Child has an instinctive awe and dependence on the gods. It seems that there can be no existence of God in life.

Since Fuxi is proved to be a false god, a god of evil, is Wenwen replaced by Genuine’s “True God”?

This is Wenwen’s abhorrence. She has corrected the name of Tang Ka and others many times, and she has resolutely rejected all ridiculous rituals and titles, and only told them to simply call her “Wenwen.”

Therefore, before Tang Ka walked up, he had to brew it several times in his heart, so that he would not be wrong, and he would be brave enough to call the name of the cloned goddess.

When Tang Ka came to the middle of the bridge, the Transport Ship team was very close to the main star of the Green Sea Sector.

Prior to this, Wenwen launched the Spirit Gathering Tower in advance, built a Spiritual Nexus that hid the sky and covering the earth, invaded and controlled the entire star network and Super Crystal Computer, extracted a lot of data, basically mastered The status of the main star.

Through the waterfall-like data flow, and the monitoring images of countless Crystal Eyes, you can see that this is a dead planet, and there is some kind of uneasy atmosphere, brewing in silence.

In most of the towns of this planet, buildings are hexagonal like a hive, making use of the space to pinnacle, completely ignoring the comfort of the occupants.

Thousands of “worker bees” have been living here because they have no choice but to get further orders.

When Fuxi Fleet assembled, it took away most of the resources on this planet. Many towns were already in a famine. Some people died in silence. Others slowly brewed animalism in silence, waiting for the final eruption. Explode.

“Fortunately, we arrived in time, and the Green Sea Sector’s main animal and plant resources are still quite rich.”

Wenwen smiled at Tang Ka. “The order here has not been destroyed. If we calculate it with the minimum living demand, the relief supplies we carry can last for a year and a half. During this period, the whole planet is agriculture and fishery. And the livestock industry can resume production, so that everyone can survive without problems.

“After that, we can transform the brainwashing temples all over the planet into schools, and let the Saint League people get in touch with the Empire and Federation items and even the teachers, including those of the ‘Purifier’, who know more about what kind of ‘ Dangerous goods’ can activate people’s emotions to the maximum extent.

“I hope that we can find some effective means in the Green Sea Sector’s main star. We can spread it across the entire Saint League. In short, our mission is very difficult, and the problems are many, Tang Ka, please. Work hard together!”

Wenwen picked up a small fist and made a punch on Tang Ka’s shoulder.

Tang Ka spent a long time and couldn’t help but ask: “Wenwen, what is the Saint League after the transformation? Can you tell us?”

“This… I don’t know!”

Wenwen wrinkled her nose and smiled softly. “I am not a god. How can I see the future long after?” However, my ideal Saint League, it is not necessary to be like Federation and Empire, it should retain more. Features of the more Saint League.

“For example, to restrain one’s own desires to a certain extent, but not to indulge in material pleasure, collectivism and dedication.

“For example, Brain resonates, telepathy, and transmits information directly through brain waves.

“Many times, things are not right or wrong. As long as they are not too extreme and extreme, we certainly want to awaken the emotions and will of all Saint League people, but why not properly preserve the characteristics of telepathy and collectivism and ensure that Saint League can More equal, more harmonious, and more tolerant than Federation and Empire? Even on this basis, the combination of Saint League people with Crystal Computer, Spiritual Nexus, virtual space and Information Lifeform can be closer, Saint League becomes the first A Human Race that fully embraces virtual people? Perhaps this Saint League represents the future of Human Race Civilization, and the first to rush out of the black wall? I really look forward to this future!”

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