FMC Chapter 2966

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the second end of the 2966 chapter, floating astronomy
Wenwen’s radiant light, like a thousand invisible fireflies, spread through her soft eyes to Tang Ka’s body, making Tang Ka’s body full of warmth, somehow, born from the bottom of my heart. The new power of the stock.

“Of course, if you have a different understanding of the future of Saint League, you are very welcome to question or even oppose me. After all, once again, I am not a god.”

Wenwen burst into the most beautiful smile, whispered. “But all of us are combined, but it is possible to create a new god!”

Tang Ka takes a deep breath and focuses on the head.

He returned to his friends.

“What happened? What did you say to the goddess?”

“Demon Child” crowded up and whispered to him.

“It’s nothing.”

Tang Ka looked at the light on the front of the screen, the more blue the planet, and looked at the squad leader Chu Zhiyun, and like Wenwen, it burst into a very sly smile.

He took the courage and took the squad leader’s hand. “Wenwen let us prepare, we are going home!”


Just as Wenwen, Tang Ka, Chu Zhiyun, and all the Green Sea Sector in front of “Demon Child”, and the entire Saint League, are welcoming the new student, the Empire side of the billions of Lightyears, Martial Hero Sector, Evil Earth Paradise It seems to be welcoming its demise.


A deafening explosion, the sky was shaken, the gravel and debris were splashed, the walls of the entire wreckage were collapsed, and countless people were burned fiercely in the wreckage before the flames burned their brains. Just a life call.

A large number of grotesque, seemingly mad, and like walking dead like gangsters, coming in from the crack of the cracked wall, Ao Ao screaming at one of the last few civilian towns on the Taiping Stronghold Evil Earth, it seems that Within half a day, it was completely shredded by shackles and thugs.


Taiping Stronghold’s Village Chief Gu Zhengyang, eyes red, hoarse, seemingly small and dry, just like the surrounding village, has been evaporated by the Great Lakes, the whole person must be scorched by fierce flames.


“hōng hōng hōng hōng !”

Arrow Exploding Cannon and Crystal Railgun deployed on both sides of the village fired at the same time. Today’s Taiping Stronghold is ten times stronger than Li Yao, Liu Lí and Han Te before they left, but even the fierce firepower of the whirlwind, Nor did they stop the gangsters of Releasing Madness. Even if the front gangsters were cut off by the Spiritual Energy bombs or even flesh and blood, the gangsters behind would not squint their eyes, so “Ao Ao” rushed up.

In their turbid eyes, they can’t see the One Star’s half-named “humanity”, even the “beast” light is bleak, they are simply driven by the instinct of hunger, rushing to death, or rushing toward The last carnival before death.

“Village Chief, the number of crickets and thugs is too many, it is a dense locust, and our perimeter defense will soon be unable to stand up!”

“This, so many gangsters, is it that all the gangs on the entire Blood Origin are assembled?”

“Crap, the whole batch of Blood Origin is around, there are not many valuable villages to attack, we Taiping Stronghold is the only remaining, the biggest, the most affluent one, do not gather to fight us, who can fight?”

“Is the rescue signal sent out?”

“What is the use of sending out, no one will come to save us, this is the end of Evil Earth, there is no normal person on Evil Earth, our food is about to be eaten, even if the gang does not come to attack us, then a few more God, we have to become a new gang!”

“Village Chief , Village Chief !”

The desperate mourning of the villagers, like the Spiritual Energy bomb that was thrown high by the gang, mixed with the harsh screams, blew up around Gu Zhengyang, blowing a bloody red in front of his eyes, and “wēng wēng” in his ears, The chest is “squeaky” and it is like something to be drilled.

“Boom! hōng hōng hōng hōng bang!”

The house leaks in the rain, and under the madness of countless gangsters, the perimeter defense was originally in jeopardy. However, there were dozens of squats tied with a large number of Crystal Bombs, jumping from the glider and trying to fall into the most intensive defenders. In the area, dozens of people were blown up in a single breath, and one of them fell to the side of the ammunition box, and even burst into a chain of explosions, all of which had blown up half of the line of defense.

On the outskirts of Taiping Stronghold, there was originally a vast lake with a lot of smoke.

Even if the “second doomsday” caused the weather to change, the drought in the year drove the Great Lakes, and the mud at the bottom of the lake was still an excellent obstacle.

But now, the entire bottom of the lake has been covered with corpses and wrecks, and it has been repeatedly crushed by the caterpillar track, which has pushed out a bloody road that leads directly to Taiping Stronghold.

“killing, killing, killing, killing, killing!”

“Hungry, hungry, hungry!”

The gangsters are no longer like human beings, not even beasts like lions and tigers, but like a group of hungry locusts, insignificant ants, ruthless cockroaches, ants gather to attack the city!


Gu Zhengyang stepped on the last wall of the hull casting and spit out a spit, with half a tooth in the spit.

His pulp was exposed to the air, pumping and pumping, and he felt uncomfortable.

Some wet things on his face fell, with a touch of his hand, full of red hands, turned out to be a splash of shrapnel, just embed on his eyebrows, he pulled out hard, did not pull out, shrapnel seems to have life, One arch and one arch are drilled into the eyebrows, and the deeper and deeper.

Gu Zhengyang gave up the plan to pull out the shrapnel, and wiped out the blood on his face and sent it to his mouth.

How long has he not tasted such a sweet taste, sweet to the eyes of the blind man to make a “squeaky” sound, like putting ice on a red iron plate.

“You can’t blame them. Look at these people’s poor tactics and equipment. They are not really embarrassed at all. Maybe not long ago, like us, are innocent villagers?”

The taste of blood and the burning of the flames caused him to have an illusion. Gu Zhengyang even grinned and thought, groggy, “Speaking back, innocent? Is there really half of innocent people on Evil Earth?” Yes, fortunately, the gangsters came to the siege first, or else, in a few days, after the food was finished, we also joined the ranks of the gangsters and became dead of humanity.

“The second last day, this damn second day!

“Alright, this is also good. We have no dignity on Evil Earth, no hope, no humanity has been struggling for so long, the meaning of existence has long since withered, but it has become the most cruel punishment, let This is all over, the second last day, the real end!”

Gu Zhengyang’s thoughts drifted to two years ago.

Two years ago, Li Yao and Fist King manipulated the “Grand Iron City” and battled “Sky City, Red Spider Lily”. After that, Li Yao drove the Giant Divine Weapon inside the so-called “Red Spider Lily”. The big killing of the Quartet will bring down the entire synchronous orbital battlefield.

Although, this action ended the tragic fate of Evil Earth as a plaything.

But since then, Revolution Faction and Four Great Families have had a civil war. Both sides have concentrated all resources and have to smother each other, but they have no time to take care of this cutting-edge Magical Artifact test base and test site.

For the Evil Earth people, the most immediate consequence of the collapse of “Sky City, Red Spider Lily” is that they can no longer get a box of food, or a water purification chip, from the synchronized track.

Evil Earth, which has been bombarded and polluted, was originally a barren land, and even crops that are resistant to cold and pollution, such as “golden wheat”, are difficult to grow on the ground where radiation and venom are spread. Almost all food depends on it. Supply on a synchronous track.

It was also the “sky man” above Red Spider Lily who was dying to survive the lifeblood, and the Evil Earth talent had to be reduced to a plaything without dignity and hope.

Want to get rid of the fate of plaything and become a real person with dignity and pride, this road is destined to look at the wind and the thorns.

In the beginning, the wreckage of “Sky City, Red Spider Lily” made the entire Evil Earth, at least on the Blood Origin facing the fall point. Everyone and the civilians made a fortune.

In theory, all the materials that have fallen from the sky are enough to make people spend three or five years in the context of saving food, and they no longer have to kill and plunder each other.

However, people’s appetite is limited, and human ambition and greed are infinite.

“Sky City has fallen. From now on, forever and ever, it is impossible to get half a grain from heaven.”

“Sky City’s fall brings a lot of the most advanced and cutting-edge weapons, not to mention the supersonic Battle Shuttle, even the big killer like the Crystal Armor, and these super weapons, not only we can get it, Other gangs and even civilian villages are possible!”

Under such two cruel premise, what happened to Evil Earth, which was originally infiltrated by blood, is self-evident.

All the gangs were like injections of excited drugs, and they ignited their ass with flames. They had Releasing Madness. They had not fully figured out how to use cutting-edge weapons, and they attacked other gangs in order to plunder the food and weapons they received. And try to reduce the number of each other.

“Sky City, Red Spider Lily” has collapsed, and no food will fall from the sky anymore, and Evil Earth itself does not produce too much food. In other words, the total food of the whole planet is constant, slowly decreasing. And this trend is irreversible.

Since people consume food when they are alive, the fewer survivors of the entire Evil Earth, the longer the total amount of food that each survivor can get, the longer it will last.

This is a very simple truth.

Children can be counted.

Killing others, taking food, the fewer people living, the less threat, the more food, the longer each living person will survive.

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