FMC Chapter 2968

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2968 chapter divine armament
This is naturally Han Te.

Speaking of it, he is the Li Yao team, the biggest difference.

It’s not that he’s doing anything wrong with Star Ocean’s journey. In fact, in just a few years, he has mastered the essence of Boss Bai’s fire control and became Arsonist United Fleet’s premier fire controller, and he has won countless thousands of fans. The favor of the big sister, Han Te’s experience can write a thrilling and sultry.

It’s a pity that people are more mad than people.

Even if it is not the same as the “Old Yao” of the monster, compared with his biggest competitor Li Jialing, hey, the gap between the two sides is really too big.

When I first met, Han Te was an Evil Earth boy, and Li Jialing was an experimental body on “Sky City, Red Spider Lily.” The gap between them was still visible to the naked eye. It seems that biting teeth, one or two small opportunities can be ” Overtaking in a corner.”

In the case of rare opportunities, Han Te is still confident in himself, joking, even the legendary “Old Yao” has been dug by him. Isn’t he supposed to get countless rare opportunities, and easily Reverend Become the biggest winner of the Pangu Universe?

Who can think that it is not him who really owns the rare opportunities, but Li Jialing, or, in the moment of encountering Li Jialing, his gas transportation was stolen by this kid, and the slain Li Jialing turned into a change. What “Wu Ying Ling” is the Sovereign Emperor of Empire of True Humanity!

This, this, this, this, the gap between Han Te and the other side, is far greater than the gap between the flagella and the python, this is called the Evil Earth boy full of pride and ambition!

Even the top fire control officer in the entire Pangu Universe is far from the “Sovereign Emperor”.

In the Star Ocean campaign, I was sulking, and when I got back to my hometown, I could have a good time. I played the role of the savior in front of my hometown, and it was…

Han Te is thinking about it.

I found the atmosphere a bit strange.

Yes, no matter whether the hometown father or the Blood Origin gangsters are silent, they are as if they are in a state of great shock and fear.

But this shock and fear, not like being triggered by myself, everyone’s eyes crossed his head and shot straight into the sky.

In the sky, there was a deafening roar again, like a mountain of steel cast iron, which was crushed by black pressure.

“No, Fist King is not saying that I will be able to prevail for five minutes. Can you drop from the sky? How can this be!”

Han Te was first stunned, then sorrowful and swaying his fists against the sky.

In the sky, under the arches of many synchronous orbital assault ships, a steel giant in the square, wrapped in the red mans, whistling.

At first glance, it is like an upgraded version of the “Grand Iron City” that used to suppress the entire Blood Origin. It is nearly 100 meters high, surrounded by countless caterpillar tracks, embed countless rivets, and numerous doors. Black scorpion, red dragonfly, aggressive giant cannon, air surge surges, arc entanglement, “Crackling”, ball lightning madness.

Still at the height of the kilometer, its pressure makes the air in the radius of a hundred miles almost stagnate. Everyone’s hair is rooted, his eyes are dry, his fingers are numb, and his nails are “pā pā”.


The upgraded version of the Grand Iron City hits the ground and sets off a wave of hundreds of meters high. The dust directly floods Han Te and countless gangsters, which is a hundred times stronger than when Han Te just landed.

“kā chā kā chā ,kā chā kā chā !”

With a harsh mechanical sound, the upgraded version of the Grand Iron City really stood up like a huge steel behemoth, and every cannon swelled with hot light, like countless scarlet eyes, staring at it. We are surrounded by us.

This is the new battlefield that Fist King has specially developed to suppress the action of the Martial Hero Sector, Grand Iron City 2.0Version.

It was repaired to his realm, and with the power of Empire, Federation and Saint League, providing cutting-edge smelting equipment and Magical Artifact design studios, there was no need to refine such a rough and bulky body.

However, considering the old Evil Earth, the fierce name of “Fist King Lei Zonglie” is extremely beneficial to suppressing the mob and restoring order. Therefore, he is still in such a face, and he is on the Evil Earth. .

“There are people, remember who I am?”

In the depths of the Great Iron Factory, there was a thunderous sound, like a flood break, gathering into turbid waves, crushing all the eardrums and heart.


Even if all the gangsters are stunned by hunger and fierceness, they will not forget the formidable and fierce of “Fist King Lei Zonglie”.

In particular, Fist King is driving the scene of Grand Iron City rushing to “Sky City, Red Spider Lily”, more like a thousand-degree high temperature soldering iron, deeply imprinted on the Blaine skin of many gangsters, becoming indelible. memory.

“Yes, it’s Fist King!”

“It turned out to be Fist King, he, he is still dead, he is back!”

“Fist King is back. Fist King is back with a lot of Starship. He and he, where did he come back?”

“How could it be, when he wanted to be the enemy of ‘Celestial’, he also smashed Sky City and angered Celestial, which led to the ‘second doomsday’, how could he come back? He could come back! Is it not? Are all Celestial killed by him?”

“He and he, his momentum is ten times more powerful than in the past, it is a magical power, I am afraid that even the Crystal Armor can punch one? No one can resist him, Fist King, Fist King!”

For a time, all the cockroaches were exhausted by Fist King’s arrogance, and all the strength between the blood vessels and the bone marrow was drained. I don’t know who took the lead, but one or two, all fell to the ground and slammed against Fist King. Pay homage.

There is no effort to destroy their power, but also bring enough food for them to survive. Such Fist King, who else dares to resist?

For a moment, within a few tens of miles around Taiping Stronghold, the same name was everywhere:

“Fist King !”

“Fist King !”

“Fist King !”

Among them, there is only a little bit of discordant noise:

“I…haven’t made a mistake…the plan is not like this…I haven’t appeared yet, I have painstakingly prepared a big speech for a gorgeous return…I am the protagonist of this action, okay, How did it become Fist King inexplicably? Hey, I heard someone talking, dear hometown father, I am Han Te, I am Star Ocean Cannon King, I… I…”

Han Te stared at Fist King with tears.

Above the Grand Iron City, it looks like the position of Fist King’s shoulders, the cover is open, and a beautiful girl, a young girl, is born.


Liu Lí held Fist King’s shoulder, tears had already spilled, and she waved her hand toward Taiping Stronghold. “Dad, we are back, we are coming back with hope!”


Half a day later, under the pressure of Fist King and the attraction of food, Taiping Stronghold recovered its general order within a hundred miles.

Numerous tents lined up, and a large number of Battle Puppets, under the control of Fist King, shuttled back and forth between the tents, looking after the gangsters who had just quieted down.

This camp has the dual nature of “the refugee camp” and the “prisoner of war camp”, just like the identity of these gangsters.

On the issue of how to clean up the Martial Hero Sector and Evil Earth Paradise, everyone including Evil Earth, Han Te, Liu Lí and Fist King, have different opinions.

The easiest way to kill all the gangsters is, of course, it is easy to keep the chickens and dogs without the blood on their hands.

But most of the gangsters are not born murderers. Perhaps yesterday, the innocent ordinary villagers were engulfed in the vortex of destruction and death. They were lost and lost their minds.

If you are going to kill if you have blood, the survivors who are qualified to survive on the entire Evil Earth will not exceed one tenth.

Even Fist King himself, struggling to survive in the Evil Earth of the past, is also full of blood in his hand, how should this account be counted?

Therefore, after repeated deliberations, everyone agreed that what they want to bring to Evil Earth is hope, not killing. It is to restore Evil Earth to the peace and prosperity of the former Martial Hero Sector, instead of killing an empty hair. place.

For all the gangsters, first treat them according to the standards of “prisoners of war”, while forcing labor, while conducting careful interrogation and screening, in which the first evil of sinfulness and extermination of human nature must of course be severely punished, and the rest, etc., still give them a chance. .

Only such a relatively tolerant policy can attract the vast majority of gangsters on Evil Earth, and they are obediently surrendering without any need to consume too much valuable force. After all, Empire of True Humanity is in a state of “one hundred wastes to be revived”, hundreds of The order of the Greater Thousand Worlds has yet to be restored, and there is really no more force to manage the chaos of Evil Earth.

On the last wall of Taiping Stronghold, Gu Zhengyang looked at the world of color in front of him, from dense tents and honest crowds, as well as Crystal Warship, which was moored in midair and constantly dropping all kinds of supplies, including In the hundreds of miles, the automated Battle Shuttle and Battle Puppet are flying, and then watching her daughter cleverly lean on their side, telling the story of their adventure between Star Ocean, it is full of tears and emotions.

“…When Old Yao was at a loss, he could only watch the two bad guys called ‘Fuxi’ and ‘Lu Qingchen’, and Fist King finally arrived!”

Liu Lí rounded his eyes and danced down the powder punch without exaggeration. “Old Yao saw Fist King, cried and cried, ‘Fist King, quick help,’ Fist King is welcome, ‘pēng pēng’ Two punches, a punch of ‘Fuxi’, and a punch of ‘Lu Qingchen’, just like this, to turn the tide, saved Imperial Capital and saved us all.

“Now, the entire Empire has gradually calmed down, one after another, Greater Thousand Worlds has returned to normal order, returning to the rule of Sovereign Emperor, and Sovereign Emperor is grateful to Fist King for his outstanding contribution to the Battle of Imperial Capital. It is a pardon of all the sins of the Martial Hero, and a resource for Fist King’s astronomical figures to eliminate radiation pollution on Evil Earth and rebuild our home.

“So, Dad, as long as Fist King is there, you must be fine. Don’t worry that he is the Evil Earth of the past. I think he will be tyrannical, nothing, he even said, very Admire Dad’s ability to adhere to the humanity in Evil Earth. He doesn’t have the same temperament with the gangsters. He wants to see you, learn from you, and rebuild Evil Earth with you. Really, privately, Fist King is a very gentle person. Patience is good, anyway, no matter what others say, I feel that he is a real hero!”

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