FMC Chapter 2969

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Chapter 2969 Great Wizard, Astronomy
Looking at the increasingly mature daughter chattering, the deep light in the eyes is more and more like her mother, her wife, Gu Zhengyang, in addition to nodding and giggling, what can I say?

“Dad, look at you”

Liu Lí pointed to tiptoe, pointing to the unloading area of ​​the Crystal Warship not far away, a box of sophisticated Magical Artifact components, “that is the component of the ‘climate balance system’, and special drugs for purifying radiation-contaminated soil, and The new fertilizer provided by the Biochemical Specialist in Federation, with these things, not only the climate above the Evil Earth will be restored to stability, the weather will be smooth every year, and the land contaminated by radiation can slowly become clean and fertile, not Say that the grain is abundant, at least, golden wheat should be able to grow and survive in large quantities.

“Mom tried for a lifetime, isn’t she trying to grow a large piece of golden wheat to restore peace and quiet to Evil Earth?

“Unfortunately, my mother’s ideals have not been realized in the end, even if she really planted a large piece of golden wheat, on the Evil Earth that people eat, the little golden wheat can not bring true peace.

“And now, with the help of Old Yao, Sovereign Emperor and Fist King, we really have the possibility to fill the whole piece of Evil Earth with the golden wheat, the whole Martial Hero Star!

“It won’t take long for these aggressive gangsters to become self-sufficient laborers. They used to swing down their swords and slay their hands, but now they can manipulate agriculture and engineering Magical Artifact, change the land, remove pollution, plant crops, Even if they can only harvest one golden wheat, it is better than harvesting others and their own lives, right? Dad?”


Gu Zhengyang is far-sighted and unloading and assembling scenes. The large number of Spiritual Energy Puppet reflects the sun’s rays, like a jet of sparks, igniting a new light.

He rubbed his eyes and still felt that the scene in front of him was not real. It was like him, or all the Evil Earth people, who had a nightmare that was too long and long, hundreds of years old.

Now, the dream woke up.

Hope is ahead.


Just as Gu Zhengyang and Liu Lí were looking forward on the wall, Han Te also secretly pulled Fist King aside on a small hill not far from Taiping Stronghold.

Since swallowing Fuxi’s data shards, Fist King’s realm has upgraded one level and manipulated hundreds of Spiritual Energy Puppets at the same time. It’s not a problem at all. He can use the “Grand Iron City 2.0” to suppress 悍匪 while dialing out A Spiritual Energy Puppet, which is more than two meters high, is a generalist of the Ordinary Pass, listening to Han Te.

“Really, how can Fist King be like this, we didn’t say good at first, let me jump first, and prevail in front of my hometown father?”

Han Te looked at Fist King very sadly. “In the Battle of Imperial Capital, Li Jialing has been out of the limelight. I was crushed by him and I didn’t have one Star left. I finally got back. The old home, originally wanted to play a gorgeous return, the drama of returning home, even with such a small request, you can not satisfy me? Good face!”

“It was originally possible to make you sway and sway.”

Fist King lightly said, “But when I was attacking the city, the situation was critical. If I had a delay of one second, it would be possible to die more than one person. Life is precious. I have to make a move in advance, I am sorry.”


Han Te scratched his head and left a little bit of fancy and shamelessness and excessive self-feeling. He was still the kind-hearted Evil Earth boy. Fist King moved out of the “living life” reason and solemnly Apologizing to him, he was too embarrassed to say anything, his eyes turned a few laps and waved. “Forget it, these are small things, don’t mention it, I just didn’t expect Fist King to come back to Evil Earth with us. It’s obvious that you are a big man with high weight and arrogance, and you can play a pivotal role in the tripartite talks of Federation, Empire and Saint League, as well as on the various fronts of setting up Empire and packing Saint League. Everything, and we are back, really loyal!”

“Evil Earth is your hometown and my homeland.”

Fist King said, “My first understanding of the world was from Evil Earth. Evil Earth is difficult. I will definitely come back to save.”

“Yeah, yeah, so I said, Fist King is the most loyal!”

Han Te slammed his hand and smiled slyly. “What, Fist King, the last thing I said, shouldn’t it be?”

Fist King was silent for a while.

Crystal Computer “噼pī pā 啪” is ringing.

“Which thing?”

He seemed to ask calmly.

“Hey, Fist King will not forget it? That is, that is, we have already said good!”

Han Te scratched his head and said, “Look, now the three-legged trend is beginning to take shape. Seeing that the entire Star Ocean is gradually calming down, even if it is going to fight, it should be a long time later, and I have obediently obeyed most of the past six months. Your teaching, self-cultivation, clean-up, not to mention hooking up those mad bees, even their own hands have not touched.

“I thought about it. I am really sincere about Liu Lí. I really like her. I don’t just treat her as a little sister. But my competitors are so strong, my murder, my rivals are actually It’s the Sovereign Emperor of Empire of True Humanity! This, is there any reason? Is there Wang Fa? This is God playing me!

“Fortunately, fortunately, I also accounted for the cheaper month of the near-water tower. I am taking advantage of Liu Lí’s two people to return home. The yellow-haired boy is far away, I will start with a strong, come to a super romantic and grand Confess, take Liu Lí in one fell swoop! Hey, even if the yellow-haired boy rampage is like a thunder, I haven’t taken it for granted?

“So, you have to help me, Fist King!

“Liu Lí stays with you every day, and keeps saying ‘Fist King’ is long, ‘Fist King is big’, she listens to you the most, and you can help me arrange this grand and romantic confession, absolutely no problem. of.

“This incident, when I was at Arsonist United Fleet, I told you many times. You always promised, and asked me not to rush to find Liu Lí confession. You said that you must help me. Paying attention to the movement of Liu Lí, help me find the most appropriate time. Of course, when the soldiers were in chaos, the timing was not very appropriate, but now it’s good, the people are all right, or else, today, today, look for it. Liu Lí Confession, do you think it is right, Fist King?”

Fist King was silent for a long time.

Crystal Computer made a “wēng wēng” sound, like a group of small bees in the steel skull.

“Not suitable.”

He is lightly said.


Han Te was disappointed. “I thought for a long time. This is the best chance. No Jin Maozi is harassing next to you. You and Master will help me, and then the hometown will bring up Liu Lí and me. Good memories, if this doesn’t work, I, I have no fun at all!”

“You don’t think it’s so mean?”

Fist King said, “You are afraid to compete with Li Jialing, and you dare to sneak a sneak peek at him. This kind of behavior is not for the husband. Even if Liu Lí promises now, one day she will find your thoughts and will definitely I am very disappointed with your embarrassment.”


Han Te was struck by lightning and his face was pale. “I, I am afraid of Li Jialing? I am? Liu Lí will be disappointed with me?”

In a word, Fist King said his heart.

In the face of the glory of the Empire of True Humanity Sovereign Emperor, he couldn’t be afraid, not depressed, not timid!

“Not to mention, you won’t succeed.”

Fist King is cold. “As the saying goes, ‘confession is not the charge of the battle, but the triumph after the victory.” Liu Lí is a very naive, very pure, very kind girl, she now single-mindedly treats you as a brother. Look at it, there is no other thought at all. You are so simple and rude in the past, is there a chance of success with 5%? It’s really a dead end, it’s impossible!”


Han Te stunned for a long time, his nose sucked and sucked, and his head sighed down and sighed. “I also know that I am too rash, but the enemy is too forformable. After this village, I don’t have this store. I will return to the stars. On the face of the golden maiden of the murder, in case he wants Liu Lí to be the Queen of Empire? I, I still have a chance!”

“If you think so, there really is no chance.”

Fist King lightly said, “If you really like Liu Lí, even if the enemy is Sovereign Emperor, you have to cultivate to be stronger than him, and the singular stars that surround him will have such a determination. Are you qualified to be the guardian of Liu Lí?”

“Word, that’s right, I have a very cultivation, but my profession is a fire control officer, even if the fire control officer is strong enough, even when the commander of the fleet is good, and Sovereign Emperor is also Is it a hundred thousand miles?”

Han Te wants to cry without tears, “Fist King, what should I do to surpass that golden hair boy? I, I can’t see a little hope, or else I broke the jar, now I am going to find Liu Lí to confess. Yes, it’s shameless to say that I am embarrassed, no matter what, the dead horse is a living horse doctor, and it’s a fight, in case?”

“Don’t, don’t worry, don’t be impulsive, don’t mess, I don’t promise, will you help?”

Fist King’s Crystal Eye is shouting. “Even if the enemy is the Sovereign Emperor of Empire of True Humanity, you don’t have to go beyond the other way. Everything depends on your courage, timidity, will, and most importantly patience.”

“Tell me, Han Te, do you want to… learn magic?”


Han Te is stunned.

“Learning magic, the first Great Wizard since the Pangu Universe was invented.”

Fist King is deep. “In the past, there have been countless Sovereign Emperor. Li Jialing is just one of them, but the Great Wizard, you are the first! As long as you can become the first Great Wizard of Cultivator World, you still Fear that you can’t compete with what Sovereign Emperor is? No, you will surpass all the kings and overlords of the world, you will control the mysteries of the universe, you will be above the stars!”

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