FMC Chapter 2972

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2972 Sacred War (Saint League, End), Astronomy
At five o’clock in the morning, when the day was just dawning, the entire Floating Spear City was crowded, and the experts and tourists from Heaven Origin Sector and the surrounding Greater Thousand Worlds gathered here to look forward to it.

By seven or eight o’clock, the sun is shining, the red sun is blowing, and the clouds are steaming between the clouds. It is already full of shining ball of light – this is the crystallization of the Federation’s own Magical Artifact technology, a new generation of Spirit Gathering Tower, equipped with dozens of Ten thousand ultra-microchips, very powerful information and data transmission nodes, each ball of light corresponds to thousands of Internet users of Greater World, allowing millions of Lightyears outside netizens to pass through neural interaction helmets and holographic games. Equipment such as cabins immersed in the sky above the Floating Spear City to participate in the event.

In the sky and underground, there are laughter and laughter everywhere, tears everywhere, everywhere is crying out and sea howling.

At nine o’clock in the morning, the majestic national anthem sounded and the triumphal ceremony officially kicked off.

When hundreds of Starship tearing clouds that had been baptized in the center of Star Ocean, mixed with rolling thunder and falling from the sky, the sky was shaking, the earth was roaring, and all the people’s emotions were instantly detonated.

Although these Starships were simply repaired and reinforced at the Empire dock, the strong tearing force that traversed the four dimensional spaces still left new damage on them, criss-cross cracks, and the lingering flames that made them Like a man who has experienced many battles and weathered men, he is full of prestige and tempting charm.

Scars are the medal of a man.

For Starship, the same is true.

Even if the scars are scarred, even if they are streaked and even incomplete, they will come back with victory.

Federation has hope again, and Civilization has hope again.

This is the best ending.

“Long live! Long live the Federation! Long live cultivator! Long live Human Race Civilization!”

Numerous virtual white pigeons symbolizing peace were released, turned into a soft white entwined with the triumphant Starship, diluting the suffocating temper of Starship, wrapping them with a soft white light, in the increasingly bright sunshine Under the light, it reflects the golden scales, which are adorned by the cheers of people’s pride, flying to the entire Floating Spear City, the entire Federation, the whole world!

Meng Lichuan and Meng Jiang, the natives of Floating Spear City, are also members of the boiling crowd.

In addition to welcoming the triumph of the seventh division of the Federation Expedition Army, they also had a private purpose – the grandson of Meng Jiang, the younger brother of Meng Lichuan, “Meng Xiaolang”, who also followed the triumphant team and went home.

Meng Xiaolang just graduated from the military academy, and even did not participate in a deep-space exercise. He was dragged into the “desperate” fire chariot and went to the center of Star Ocean to die.

At the time, this was a frustration of Star Glory Federation Nation’s Fortune. In order to win, we must unite all the forces that can be condensed.

But now, the situation in the center of Star Ocean has calmed down. For example, Meng Xiaolang, a reserve officer with outstanding achievements in military academies and experience with great warfare, is naturally a valuable seed for making the future Federation Army stronger. It is not necessary to participate in protracted, low intensity but extremely incomparable. Cruel battles and security wars must of course be withdrawn to the rear and further cultivated.

In the bustling crowd, Meng Lichuan tried to lift his toes, and Meng Jiang tried to straighten his waist, but he couldn’t distinguish his loved ones among the young and violent young officers and men.

In other words, the piece of Zhang is not childish, but his eyes have become extremely firm and look like their grandson and brother.

The entire Federation Expedition Army has long been forced by the strong pressure of the central Star Ocean to forge an inseparable whole. Where can I find Meng Xiaolang?

After watching it for a long time, tears couldn’t help but flow down. The two gave up their plans to find Meng Xiaolang. Meng Lichuan helped Meng Jiang, crowded the fanatic crowd, and came to a slightly sparsely populated corner.

Meng Lichuan fanned Meng Jiang, Meng Jiang hurriedly gasped, heard the cheers around, and saw the Nine Stars Rising Dragon War Flag, the wrinkled face burst into the glory of a boy.

“I didn’t expect that we actually won, it seems like a dream.”

Looking at the battle flags, fireworks and virtual ribbons in the heavens and the earth, Meng Lichuanโ€™s face was stunned with an incredible expression. โ€œThis is really the result of our debut on the virtual platform. Grandpa, do you believe it?โ€

“What is unbelief?”

Meng Jiang said cheerfully, “You are still too young. If you are also like Grandpa, you have experienced Star Glory Federation struggling for a hundred years ago on a small planet. It has been attacked by the beasts all day, even by Fiend Clan. Strangled to the capital, but the Jedi counterattacks, the miracle reversal, and built into the grandeur of today’s nine Greater World, you will not have doubts about the new miracle, we will certainly win, because we Star Glory Federation, originally a miracle A country born with victory!

“Moreover, are we not Li Yao?

“Li Yao, this kid, no matter what kind of adversity you encounter, you will not be willing to take it with you. Even if it is really on the wall of the copper wall, it will be arched and arched, arching out a beam of hope. I knew this very well more than a hundred years ago.

“Right, Lichuan, you work at the branch of the Dark Moon Foundation. The Dark Moon Foundation and Li Yao’s disciple Jin Xinyue are inextricably linked. Do you know the truth about this battle? How do we win? There are a lot of gossip and roadside news outside. Itโ€™s called a smallpox, itโ€™s ridiculous, and thereโ€™s more exaggeration to exaggerate. Itโ€™s not like how you look at it. Do you know the truth?โ€

“This oneโ€ฆโ€ฆ”

Meng Lichuan indulged for a moment, said, “Because of the confidentiality regulations, I can’t tell Grandpa too much. I can only say that the process of this battle is indeed very, very sensational, incredible, full of too many unexpected factors and coincidences. It is completely Can not be copied.

“In fact, one of the work we are doing is to make the exaggerated facts not so exaggerated, let the father of the old Student Li Yao, does not look like a ‘monster’, otherwise, without omission And in detail Say it, the whole Federation will not believe it.

“In short, if Grandpa wants the truth, go to the roadside news and gossip. You will find the most irresponsible and favorite online media, and find the most exaggerated and absurd articles. Li Yao boasted that the demon came, multiplied by 120%, that is about the closest to the truth.”


Meng Jiang’s smile is a bit stiff.

On the top of the two heads, a three-dimensional 3D light curtain that hid the sky and covering the earth slowly opened. Over the entire Floating Spear City was the giant portrait of the Federation Speaker Ding Lingdang.

Red long hair rules and regulations, impeccable conservative Suit is very in line with the politician’s setting, and even some deliberate old-fashioned taste, but there is a bunch of hair refused to obey the arrangement, high upturned, plus Ding Lingdang’s unique and incomparably personal charm is what makes the upper eyelid cover up and can’t conceal it.

She is publishing her last public speech on the full Federation before she leaves office.

“…Star Glory Federation’s unprecedented first Star Ocean expedition has won a brilliant victory. I have fulfilled my responsibilities with all the Federation Army soldiers and all the Federation citizens. I can be long and relieved. Returning to the identity of a general citizenship, cultivator, and Human Race warrior.

“However, although the expedition won, but the war is far from over, then, and all the soldiers, the entire people, and all of you, there is still a hard and hard battle to fight.

“The next war, not for Empire or Saint League or all tangible enemies, but for the invisible enemy of erosion of Human Race Civilization for 100,000 years, is a war against poverty, ignorance, superstition, famine, oppression!

“We will declare war on the darkness of human nature and the dysentery of Human Race Civilization. We will crush the old world of people who eat people and oppress people. We will create a person who is born free and equal, born with unlimited hope, and has unlimited hope. Create a new world of infinite possibilities!

“This will be an arduous war. It will last for a thousand years to 10,000 years. It will go back and forth and even stride backwards. But I always believe that the cosmic trend is vast and smooth. No one can stop the progress of Human Race Civilization, no one can stop us from winning in this war, I am willing to fight for this kind of Federation, such Human Race Civilization, in this most sacred war, I I firmly believe that, like all of you, we believe that the ultimate victory must belong to us, belonging to – all Human Race!”

[Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, Saint League, end]

The Saint League is over, and the flowers are celebrated!

The Saint League article is not easy to write. In fact, the fourth is in the second half. Each one is not so good, because there are fewer and fewer “tangible enemies” and more and more “invisible enemies”, shaping a specific evil. The villains are easy, but it’s not easy to write the darkness of the Human Race and the darkness of the darkness after the refracting and increasing of the Star Ocean.

The Saint League article should be one of the most difficult articles to write, Saint League, Empire, Federation, the entanglement of the three forces, the depiction of several consecutive battles, and the secret plan of Fuxi, Lu Qingchen, etc. Li Yao, as always Turning the tide… The brain cells of the old cow are really a big death.

Still, there are difficulties to write, and there is no difficulty in creating difficulties. Write down. After all, with the support of so many dear brothers and sisters, the more you go to the back, the more you must stay ill and try to stay, try not to make the mistake of “the evening is not guaranteed”, and you are worthy of everyone. The wind and rain that have passed all the way for so many years!

Then, take a break and start a new chapter today, that is, before the “Decisive Battle of the Earth”, the end of Pangu Universe, “God Tomb”, the many mysteries of Pangu Universe will be obtained in “God Tomb” Answer, thank you, continue to support!

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