FMC Chapter 2973

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the 2973 chapter of the monk (God Tomb, start!), floating astronomy

A cloud-shaped arrow pierced the silence of the mountain forest and shocked countless birds.

The arrow is on fire, tearing away the blurred night, illuminating the rugged mountain road, and the mountain road rushing and jumping, panicking the figure, it is a fat monk.

Said to be a monk, but with a short inch of head, his hair is still full of scorpions, looking disgusting, greasy and greasy on the body is not clear or a hundred coats, while running, while having peanuts, pig’s trotters, dogs Legs, beef, wine sacs and the like fell off. He even had a leisurely sigh, and picked up a dogleg and stuffed it into his mouth.

It seems that even if it is a monk, it is also a monk who does not obey the rules and regulations and eats meat.

It’s not a good thing to drink and eat meat. What’s more stunned is that behind this monk’s monk, there’s a pretty young woman with a charming dress, wearing a red wedding dress and running anxiously. The women’s embroidered shoes are halfway down. Exposed to the jade-like toes, even in the dark night, it is white and scary.

– In the middle of the night, in the wilderness of the mountains and forests, a monk who is not subject to the rules and regulations, carrying a woman wearing a wedding dress, is really a system!

“Monster Monk is there!”

“Catch that crazy!”

“Kill, kill me for the epilepsy, smash the corpse, and smash his corpse, wow, yeah!”

On the mountainside, thousands of tigers and bears are bearded, and Kong Wu is powerful. The people in the rivers and lakes with high temples are upright, catching up, catching up with the arrows, and getting closer and closer to the Monster Monk carrying the woman.

These heroes of the Three Mountains and Five Mountains are all murderers of blood and blood. They are the best players on the rivers and lakes. They are not their opponents. Even the “Flying Feather Guards” of Imperial Court are not their opponents. If they are not worried about hurting young women, I don’t want Monster Monk to die so much. I have already made this Monster Monk a bunch of candied haws.

However, the entire “Blue Wolf Mountain” was surrounded by Seven Great Factions, and even the grasshoppers did not want to jump out, even though this Monster Monk is exactly what his nickname is, “Spirit Vulture”, but also wants to fly Go out!

Sure enough, Monster Monk was getting tighter and tighter by all the heroes. There was no way to go, only to climb constantly. In a short time, he came to the steepest “Wolf Fang Peak” of Blue Wolf Mountain.

Wolf Fang Peak, Gao Wanzhang, the year-round Bewildering Mist shrouded, the hurricane hovering in the bottom of the valley, is the sinister one on the rivers and lakes, even the “Flowered Butterfly Faction” known as Lightweight Art, no one dared to go down from Wolf Fang Peak.

The front is the cliff, there is no way.

Behind him is a little bit of a torch, like a group of wolves who have gnashed their teeth.

Monster Monk retired and finally put the woman in the red wedding dress down from the back, looking at the front, Bewildering Mist deep, no way.

This is the scene of the “Kunpeng Dynasty” west, the Seven Great Factions siege Monster Monk “Reverend Spirit Vulture”.

This Reverend Spirit Vulture is the new expert of Kunpeng Dynasty in the last ten years. It is a monk, but I don’t know which temple it came from. It’s mysterious, it’s very ruthless, it’s a world of madness, it’s just crazy, it’s just a matter of self-esteem. It’s just evil, the lawless guy.

When he was in a good mood, he could rob the “Spirit Fire Faction” grain truck for a group of insignificant victims, snatch a large amount of white flowers and give it to the starving ghosts.

You can also steal the “Myriad Treasures House” collection, even the rare treasures that are not found in the palace, but they are all broken down, thrown into the dark slums, and become the toys of the wandering children.

When he is in a bad mood, he can even cry for a brothel woman. In just one month, he crossed the county and went through half of the Kunpeng Dynasty. He killed 447 rivers and lakes, just to smash what – According to his Buddhist family, “the mega-trafficking of women and children gangs”, the entire brothel alliance “the fascination” killing scores fell apart, badly hurt.

Even if the rivers and lakes are famous, in the deep-rooted Seven Great Factions in Kunpeng Dynasty, this Monster Monk does not care, from time to time without any provocation.

The Seven Great Factions are strong and strong, and they are naturally not afraid of a Monster Monk.

However, Monster Monk barefoot, they wear shoes, the road to the sky, each side, can not break the river water, it is best.

This is not known to the Monster Monk, the means is indeed very ruthless strange, Seven Great Factions has been secretly tempted several times, have been beaten by him huā lā, therefore, in the face of his various provocations, actually hard to endure.

But Monster Monk turned their patience into weakness, licking their noses and riding them on their necks!

Three days ago, it was the Azure Dragon Gang Gang Lord, the head of Seven Great Factions.

And the daughter of Azure Dragon Gang is the youngest son of the “South River Thunderbolt Hall” Hall Master, the oldest and most powerful of the Seven Great Factions.

This is not only a natural match for Beginner. This marriage represents the alliance between Azure Dragon Gang and South River Thunderbolt Hall. The unprecedented rise of an unprecedented monster on the rivers and lakes is really raging and eye-catching.

Needless to say, the great day of the big day, not only the people in the rivers and lakes flocked, but even the Imperial Court sent people a joy, the entire South River was commotion, which was originally the most beautiful day of Azure Dragon Gang and South River Thunderbolt Hall. As a result, Beginner did not worship the world, the bride was in full view and was robbed by the Monster Monk of Reverend Spirit Vulture.

Monster Monk! Monster Monk! Really a Monster Monk!

It is tolerable, unbearable, if Monster Monk takes the bride to escape, not only Azure Dragon Gang and South River Thunderbolt Hall, but even Seven Great Factions and the entire rivers and lakes, can anyone lift the head?

“Kill, I must kill this Monster Monk today, peel him up and cramp, unload eight pieces, kill, kill!”

Azure Dragon Gang shot “Furious Dragon Flag”, Thunderbolt Hall released “Thunderbolt Command”, issued a heavy reward, calling the entire river and lake, encircling Monster Monk “Reverend Spirit Vulture”!

Reverend Spirit Vulture has been mad at these years, and he has offended most of the rivers and lakes. Seven Great Factions, the people in the rivers and lakes, even if they don’t want to bounty, they must be “a grand feast.” Who can kill Monster Monk and get the Qinglong and Thunder Appreciation of the two factions, Qingyun Pingyun, naturally everyone is brave, all contending, finally forced Monster Monk to escape the inevitable desperate.

In order to encircle Monster Monk, Seven Great Factions has dispatched thousands of elite players, and has also won several million heroes. The South River Thunderbolt Hall has even produced fifty “bonfires” that are not equipped in the army. “Oh,” even though Monster Monk has a superb approach, it’s hard to escape.

Halfway up the mountain, one by one, the heroes of the rivers and lakes, or gnashing their teeth, or glaring at the eyebrows, or screaming and laughing.

On Wolf Fang Peak, Reverend Spirit Vulture drank a half-sweet wine, and he tried to slap his mouth, reluctantly looking at the world, laughing: “Okay, little girl, I will send you here. Your lover is under Wolf Fang Peak, you are the last one to ask you, this is the last time you ask, think clearly, are you really willing to give up everything and the past, and look forward to him, flat life?”

“I am willing, one hundred willingness!”

The bride nodded again and again, tearing the wedding dress on her body, as if the wedding dress of South River Thunderbolt Hall could not stand it for a moment, just looking at the torch that was getting closer and closer from the mountainside, her face was a piece of her face. White, after all, still sighed, “Wolf Fang Peak, the wings are difficult to fly, hey, master, why do you want to help the little girl so arrogantly, but it is a small woman who is tired of a master!”

“It is not entirely for you. Now the Imperial Court is weak and the rivers and lakes are strong. You and Thunderbolt Hall have ambitions. The confluence of the two gangs has the meaning of the world. Once the swordsmen are up, I don’t know how much reign of terror. Loss of life.”

Reverend Spirit Vulture tears the dog meat, puts the grease into his mouth, eats the mouth full of oil, and is ambiguous. “Because the family is compassionate, although I know that the general trend cannot be changed, but how much can be changed, I have no worries, you ask for it. Dofu!”

“Yes, the master is a real high person. The whole Kunpeng Dynasty is well known. Unfortunately, you are not a god after all. We have escaped for three days and three nights, or they have to be caught by them, the alliance of Azure Dragon Gang and Thunderbolt Hall. No one can change.”

The bride bit her lip, made up her mind, and looked up. “The master is relieved. After going back, the little girl must be forced to die, never let the father break the master’s life!”

“Oh, there is a little girl, this is enough. Wolf Fang Peak is high, but it is not necessarily a true god. Although the consequences of tampering with the rules are serious, but… occasionally sneaking, sneaking, once again, Anyway?”

Reverend Spirit Vulture smiled and picked up a golden dead leaf, crushed it in the palm of his hand and threw it into the depths of the cliff.

The incredible thing happened!

The smashed dead leaves turned out to be between the Bewildering Mist and the hurricane, turning into a sturdy, warm and golden jade Great Dao!


The bride was stunned and couldn’t speak for a long time.

If this is not an illusion, it is the real means of immortality.

“This treasure is called ‘sliding slide’, go, little girl, take a ride on your slide and meet with your lover, don’t be ashamed to be happy!”

Reverend Spirit Vulture smiled. “The monk can only help you here.”

“Then, what about you?”

The bride has not accepted the fact that the monk is a god, and asked subconsciously.

“Everything has a fate.”

Reverend Spirit Vulture looked at the sky, the dark eyes reflected the dark night, as if through the night and the sky, and saw something higher, he muttered. “In recent years, monks have thought of more and more things, I remembered…who is who I am, it seems that my fate with the world is gone, it is time to go.”

During the speech, his greasy and heavy hand pushed, and the bride suddenly fell into the precious treasure “sliding slide” made by the dead leaves, along the golden slide, screaming and falling into the clouds. In the valley of the inaccessible.

There is only one fat and awkward monk who has turned around and never cares about thousands of rivers and lakes.

“Monster Monk is there!”

“Let’s get it!”

“Don’t run, obediently die!”

“Miss, let’s hand over the lady and leave you a whole body!”

“Seven Great Factions are here, even if you have all the power to run, you can’t run away, beg for mercy, stinking monks, our accounts should be well calculated!”

Many rivers and lakes heroes roared in a row, and a sharp arrow of burning fiercely fell around the monk.

The mountain winds hunting, blowing the monk’s wide robes, and the fire is shining, and he is like a giant Buddha.

Looking at the crowd and anger, Reverend Spirit Vulture grinned and suddenly made something that made everyone stunned.

He even pulled the robes open, pulled out the guy, and rushed to the crowd below, sighing and letting go of the urine!

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