FMC Chapter 2985

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2985 Universe! Floating astronomy
“This demon girl…”

Feeling that the silent volcano is getting more and more violent, Li Yao’s face has changed and stuttered. “Old, wife, such a low-level provocation, nothing to do, you should not believe it?”

“What do you say?”

Ding Lingdang silent for a moment, coldly snorted, “Do you think your wife is stupid to this extent, so I have no confidence in me?”

“That’s good!”

Li Yao relieved, lost smile, “I know, my wife is the most wise and wise, and the meaning is right. The demon girl’s acting is so exaggerated, the lines are so empty, how many fakes are more fake, how can my wife be fooled?”

“Of course not fooled, I certainly know that the only woman you love is me.”

Ding Lingdang suddenly came over and almost bite into Li Yao’s ear and gently said, “So, tonight, Great Dao Dispute, ten times, no problem?”

Li Yao: “Hey?”

Ding Lingdang: “What do you think is ten times too little, or do you find that you don’t love me so much, even the Great Dao Dispute has become boring?”

Li Yao: “No, it’s not like this. Wife, you listen to me. I think we are still entering the illusion space. It is more exciting and harmonious in the spiritual world. It is more exciting. Really, I will change you tonight, no. it is good?”

Ding Lingdang: “Okay!”

Li Yao: “That’s good, then good, wife, you are really understanding, gentle and considerate!”

Ding Lingdang: “The spiritual blend of illusion space can’t be less, of course, but the Great Dao Dispute is really a gun. I don’t want to miss you so much. You must be fine.”

Li Yao: “…”

Ding Lingdang said that here, suddenly he did not lightly push Li Yao: “Okay, go to the topic, go to the dragon demon girl!”


Li Yao complained, “I have listened to it, let it be slaughtered, and your wife is still angry? I really have nothing to do with the demon girl, you believe me!”

“Crap, when did I say I didn’t believe you, but you shouldn’t stand by me when you are in a meeting.”

Ding Lingdang said, “You are going, I am not angry.”

“Since you are not angry, do you want me to do it?”

Li Yao said, “Don’t I take the “Federation Speaker” and Star Glory Federation ‘First Mr.’ to attend this top secret meeting, I am not standing by you, where should I stand?”

“The spiritual exchanges in the illusion space in the past few days have been too intense. I have forgotten to say that the Federation, Empire and Saint League are also very important in how to deal with the problem of ‘Vulture Li Yao’ when negotiating intricate interests. An issue, for which a special agreement called “Vulture Terms” was introduced.”

Ding Lingdang looks at the full head of the misty Li Yao and explains, “Do you think you are just a spouse of the Federation Speaker? Don’t be stupid, let go of your past 100 years of continuous killing of the resurrected Pangu Clan. , ‘Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji’ and ‘Hong Shan artificial intelligence Fuxi’, etc. ‘Feng Gong Wei Ji’ does not mention, just by force, you are the biggest shareholder of Star Glory Federation’s most powerful Sect and military complex, It is one of the two intelligence agencies of the Federation. The master of the Dark Moon Foundation behind the scenes is the spiritual leader known as the ‘Federation Founding Father’, and has many inextricable relationships with many of the Federation’s experts.

“Then, it’s Empire.

“You are the Empire Black Wind King of the genuine. The grandeur of the title is unparalleled in the entire Empire. It is the real ‘one person, 10,000 people’, even the Sovereign Emperor on the table is yours. Hold up, your influence on him is very big.

“Then, you also control the ‘Gold Crystal Tower’ embed in the heart of Empire’s Star Grade Magical Artifact, ready to launch a storm of Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth, can’t say that you hold up Empire’s half, but It’s a breeze to ruin the half of Empire’s.

“As for the Saint League, which is undergoing a drastic change, not to mention, not only the two new leaders of Saint League are your Enlighten but the birth, you are their father, and your own divine soul is a lot of sources. From Fuxi’s data, it can drive hundreds of millions of experts from Saint League to say that you are the Founding Father of Saint League, no problem!

“Have you heard, Federation Speaker called your husband, Empire Sovereign Emperor called your eldest brother, Saint League leader called your father, you are the biggest behind-the-scenes of Pangu Universe, it is called the ‘cosmic giant’, the old Xiao Xuance, Lu Zui, and even Wuying Ji, I don’t know where the difference is. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, you’ll experience it. I really don’t believe it, and there’s such a ridiculous thing in the universe!”

“It’s like you said it, it seems, too.”

Li Yao scratched his head, and some embarrassedly said, “But, wife, don’t worry, really, don’t need to think so great, don’t admire me or even fear me, I am easygoing, never will be these If you look at Dao Heart, you will treat me as you did before.”

“Of course I know, but in the context of the three games of Federation, Empire and Saint League, how can I wait for it?”

Ding Lingdang said, “You are too big for this Buddha. The temples of Federation, Empire and Saint League are too small to accommodate you. For example, at today’s meeting, the interests of the three families have conflicted. Who do you help? If you stand in the direction of the Federation and try your best to fight for the benefits of the Federation, with your influence in Empire and Saint League, you can certainly help the Federation to get a lot of benefits, but the other two say, how are you? Can you squint and be safe with your Black Wind King and ‘Saint League Founding Father’?

“In your position, seek your own government. If you want to enjoy the glory of Black Wind King and Saint League Founding Father, to satisfy the vanity of Xiaoming and Wenwen calling you ‘Dad’, then you have to pay a price to stand. In the position of others, they will help others to fight for their interests, but this will in turn damage the interests of the Federation. Can you do it?”

Li Yao is squinting, which is a big problem.

In the past, he did not think about it, but the official is difficult to break the chores. As a matter of saying, the leaders of the three are all their own, and he can still behave, only to look forward to being able to confuse the past.

“It’s very tricky, right, we all feel very tricky. So, in the tone of ‘peace and development’, we negotiated the Vulture Terms and Conditions with the principle of ‘shelving disputes and developing together’, agreeing to Federation, Empire and Saint League, no one can use Vulture Li Yao first, and without Villeture Li Yao without the power of Vulture Li Yao without consultation.”

Ding Lingdang further explained, “Empire people are very tough, meaning that if you have to stand on the Federation side, they certainly can’t be reluctant, but they retain the honor of Black Wind King at most, and you are not welcome to interfere with Empire’s internal affairs, including The ownership of Gold Crystal Tower, there is no reason to always control the practice in the hands of a Federation, will definitely arouse the dissatisfaction of most Immortal Cultivator, but intensify the future contradictions and bury hidden dangers.

“Although the attitude is a bit aggressive, we can’t say that the Empire’s demands are unreasonable. Now the Federation is not always able to insert a knife in the heart of Empire. It is a threat to the opponent who is too strong and threatens to add too much resentment. It hinders us from the long-term strategy of ‘submally changing Empire’.

“Therefore, there are many people inside the Federation, including me, who think that you can be a genius of Black Wind King and ‘Saint League Founding Father’, exerting the influence of cultivator in the two forces, so that the national interests of the Federation are even more Good.

“Of course, the final choice is still in your own hands. If you are only willing to fight for the interests of the Federation, we certainly hold up with both hands and warmly welcome you back home!”

Li Yao pondered for a long time, and saw the Empire Immortal Cultivator staring at his hot eyes not far away, and some understood the mentality of all parties.

“What do you mean, it won’t be said, I am not a Federation now?”

Li Yao asked with a frown.

“Of course not, where did you go, you are a ‘Federation Founding Father’, how can you expel the Founding Father, are you kidding me!”

Ding Lingdang said, “I mean, no matter where you go, everyone will treat you as a local person. For example, if you go back to Federation, it is naturally ‘Federation Founding Father’, then you are in Empire, then It’s Black Wind King plus Gold Crystal Tower Master, and you can enjoy the glory of nothing. There is nothing to say.

“However, in some special circumstances, such as the current tripartite meeting, everyone hopes that you can maintain a neutral on the surface because your influence is too great, no matter where you stand, the other two sides are too Lost.

“Nature, everyone knows that you are a real cultivator. Even if you devour all the stars of the Pangu Universe, you can’t burn your Dao Heart. You just want to make the surface work drip, and you can block the domestic slogan. ,have you understood?”


Li Yao thought about it. If he is the Empire Black Wind King and the Gold Crystal Tower Master, standing next to the Federation Speaker when the three sides fight for the benefit, it is really difficult for the entire Empire’s Immortal Cultivator. There is no benefit to promoting cultivation Great Dao.

On the surface, neutrality is more conducive to expanding his influence in the entire Pangu Universe, so that thousands of boys and girls can put aside the psychological burden, worship him wholeheartedly, admire him and learn from him.

“Where should I stand?”

Li Yao asked.

“The demon girl.”

Ding Lingdang said with no expression, “At the time of the tripartite meeting, you should be considered a neutral player, no problem?”

“In principle…it’s okay, but your wife is really not angry?”

“I am not angry, go ahead, the meeting is about to begin.”

“Well, I am going to pass, but this is a job need. You told me to go. Are you sure you are not angry?”

“I’m pretty sure, go ahead.”

“Well, since you said so, then I went, I really went, I went to my wife… I am back, my wife, I thought about it, I still don’t go, I have to stand anyway. At your side, accompany you to the sea and the stone, the earth is old!”

“You are enough! Where come so much nonsense! Let you go! You will not go, I really doubt that you are a guilty conscience, you have to worry about it!”

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