FMC Chapter 2986

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the 2986 chapter of Fuxi’s goal, floating astronomy
Li Yao was so good that she coughed and walked to Boss Bai and Long Yangjun stiffly. She first greeted Boss Bai and glared at Long Yangjun.

Long Yangjun’s eyes were full of surprise and admiration, and he said: “Hey, you’ve really come over!”

Li Yao, for a moment, forgot to anger her, and subconsciously said: “What do you mean?”

“I thought you wouldn’t come over when you kill.”

Long Yangjun lightly said, “In this case, shouldn’t you stay with your wife to be soothing? It seems that the first expert of the Pangu Universe is not the same, the waist is hard, and there is no fear!”

“What is this, Ding Lingdang let me come over!”

Li Yao said, “I have to be neutral when considering the influence of the three parties. You don’t know?”

“I know, but your wife let you come over, you come over, childish, really naive, too ignorant of the woman’s psychology, she is obviously trying to test you!”

Long Yangjun said, “Let you come over, you will come over, there is no one to see and no man, how to be a husband? Don’t look at your wife’s face now, my heart will definitely be angry, thunder! You should be killed at the time. Come, it’s better to say that the Federation, Empire and Saint League are not in a fierce conflict.

“No, no?”

Li Yao is stunned. “Let’s come here, I will never believe you again, you demon!”

“Well, if you don’t believe it, don’t believe it. It’s probably that I made a mistake. In fact, your wife is not angry.”

Long Yangjun smiled and said, “Don’t worry, really, she is really not angry, I will not lie to you.”

Li Yao: “…”

Long Yangjun: “But, then, do you know the three legends of the ‘three unsolved mysteries of the universe’? First, how many multiverses there are, one thousand or ten thousand and Pangu Universe The same mystery? Second, the so-called ‘high-dimensional world’ has several dimensions. Some Specialist scholars say that there are eleven dimensions, but some people think that the concept of dimension is endless. Third, More difficult to answer than these two questions is whether a woman is angry.

“In short, dear ordinary friend Li Yao, ask for more happiness, don’t blame me, this is what you are looking for, saying that I am poisonous like a snake, of course, no problem, but why should I say that I am as ugly as a pig? Hey!”

Long Yangjun squinted and leaned over to Li Yao.

Li Yao shouted a headache and hurriedly hid to Boss Bai. He pushed his hand and said: “You are enough. As the upgraded Version of Three Sectors Supreme, Pangu Universe’s super giant, I am going to discuss national events, peace in the universe, Human Race In the future, time is precious, let’s get to the point!”

With the arrival of Li Yao and Ding Lingdang, the entire Pangu Universe has a surnamed high-level and expert, almost all of them.

Everyone is a unique person, and the big men of the day are all related to the countless fleets, Sects, the direction of the planet and the forces, and the information about Lu Qingchen is very urgent. There is really not much need for chilling and courtesy.

In a very modest temporary meeting room, the top secret meeting hosted by Empire Empress Dowager Li Linghai officially began.

“You, today’s meeting is not only about the interests of Empire, Federation and Saint League, but also about the entire Human Race Civilization and the future of all the intelligent people of Pangu Universe. Time is tight, things are urgent, and I am not using Empire Empress. The identity of Dowager or Immortal Cultivator, but in the name of a popular Human Race fighter in the Ordinary Pass, asks you to be able to put together the next level of interest, close together and face together… perhaps an unprecedented catastrophe! ”

Li Linghai’s mouth, the expression of the amazing, serious expression, once again confirmed the inclusion of Li Yao, many experts inside the speculation.

“The concepts about Pangu Universe, Black Wall, Hong Chao, Hong Chao Regiment, etc., as well as the general process of the wild war, are all well-known in the exchanges of the previous period. I will not repeat them here, including everyone here. Identity and strength are very clear to each other. I believe that in the next stage of the battle, we can become mutual trust, fight side by side, the best comrades.

“Before introducing the truth of this crisis, there is a good news to tell you, that is, Fellow Daoist Li Yao, known as ‘Vulture’, has succeeded in understanding the mystery of Divided Spirit realm and has become Pangu Universe for hundreds of years. The very rare Divided Spirit expert, I believe that his arrogant combat power will greatly help our arrest and Expeditions action, which is a sign that we are victorious and a big auspicious!”

Li Yao’s breakthrough in Divided Spirit realm has long been circulated among the three parties through various intelligence channels. However, before Li Linghai was announced, many people still couldn’t believe it. This is a young adult who is only 100 years old. “In the middle, I have been hibernating for a whole hundred years, so I quickly cultivated to the legendary Divided Spirit realm.”

Until now, Li Linghai helped Li Yao to publicize, suddenly arousing the voice of “wēng wēng”, attracting hundreds of envy or horror or awkward or awe-inspiring eyes, all wrapped around Li Yao.

On the one hand, Li Yao is naturally fluttering, and vanity is greatly satisfied.

On the other hand, it is increasingly felt that Li Linghai’s next announcement is definitely not very good, otherwise it will not be necessary to break the news of Divided Spirit as a “cardiotonic agent” and “stimulant”. So many experts hit it.

Li Linghai pressed her hands and stopped everyone’s arguments, and gestured again. There was a huge three-dimensional 3D light curtain behind her, and countless streams of information flowed like a flood of dykes.

“This is the case. Recently, in addition to rebuilding Empire’s basic order, we have been re-launching ‘Imperial Capital Defend’, even though the battle ended with the victory of the Empire and Federation coalitions, but until the end, except In addition to the destruction of the main brain, Fuxi Fleet has always maintained a very strong combat power, maintaining great pressure on Empyrean Terminus. It can be said that the whole game was a bit confusing, and many details were ignored at the time.

“Until after the war, we found out a lot of clues from the clues.

“We found that when Fuxi Fleet bombarded Empyrean Terminus with the strongest firepower, the Prehistoric Era super artificial intelligence known as ‘Fuxi’ also launched the most powerful Spiritual Nexus erosion and destructive power to Empyrean. Terminus’s war network implements ‘overlay bombing’.

“The two armies, the Spiritual Nexus and the information confrontation are indispensable. At the beginning, we did not doubt too much.

“But the more you look down, the more you find it. It seems that the ‘overlay network bombing’ is just a cover. Fuxi’s real goal is not the Mainframe Crystal Processor of Empire’s Army Command Unit, but the Mainframe Crystal Processor in one of my secret bases. .”

Hearing this, Li Yao was always confused and couldn’t help but ask: “What is the difference between Empress Dowager, Empire Command Unit’s Mainframe Crystal Processor and Mainframe Crystal Processor in your secret base?”

“There is a crucial difference. In my Mainframe Crystal Processor, there is a top secret message that the Command Unit has never mastered.”

Li Linghai hesitated for a long time, still a bite, said it, “That is the secret of ‘Emperor ancient tomb’!”

When this statement comes out, everyone is lost.

It is no secret that Li Linghai was the first bucket of gold to be mined from the Emperor ancient tomb to create the initial team of Revolution Faction.

But in the face of many experts, especially the Federation and Saint League expert, she turned out to be so generous, proving that the development of the situation far exceeded her control.

“In this case, I don’t have to hide everyone, yes, the legendary Emperor ancient tomb, ‘Golden Saint Throne High Heaven Sector’, who can find it, can find endless wealth and endless army, and Xeon The inheritance, it has indeed been discovered by me.”

Li Linghai sighed and said, “However, the legend may not be overstated. I did get a lot of Secret Treasures and inheritance in the Emperor ancient tomb, but there is no legend in the world, so I dare not exaggerate.” If the legend is true, the situation in the entire universe is certainly not what it is today.

“In fact, most of my discovery in the Emperor ancient tomb has become the capital of the rise of Revolution Faction, and it has already appeared in front of you.

“Of course, this is not to say that the Emperor ancient tomb is empty, but I am very skeptical that the Emperor ancient tomb is divided into two layers inside and outside. What I have explored is the outer secret Treasures, including the Emperor’s corpse, and a large number of Secrets. Treasures and the inheritance of things that really can ‘order the world’ are hidden inside.

“Only, the Emperor ancient tomb is like the ‘ghost island’ that is now hidden. With the tide of space, there is a movement that is difficult to find. The entrance may not open for a few years or even about a few years. Once, the ‘window period’ that is turned on each time is also very short.

“I have spent decades studying the rules of the entrance to the Emperor ancient tomb. I have been tempted by some valuable data and coordinates. I can roughly determine when the entrance to the Emperor ancient tomb will appear and where it will be important. The information, in the ‘Imperial Capital Defence War’, was invaded by Fuxi, copied and stalled.

“The problem is coming. In the fierce battle, Fuxi consumes valuable computing ability and invades my Mainframe Crystal Processor to steal the secret of the Emperor ancient tomb.

“Emperor is our expert from Human Race Civilization. For us, it is natural that the mountains are up, but Fuxi is the super artificial intelligence of Prehistoric Era hundreds of thousands of years ago. It has a lot of traces of the ruins. It is really necessary to cope with Emperor. Is it the legacy? Or is it that the Emperor ancient tomb hides something more ancient and precious, and even Fuxi can’t help it?”

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