FMC Chapter 2987

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the second half of the 2987 chapter, Fuxi, Astronomy
The so-called “Emperor ancient tomb” is probably not the Emperor development, but he used a large-scale ruins to transform this speculation. In today’s Pangu Universe, among the three forces, many of them are not What secret.

The ruins of this ruins used by Emperor to serve as mausoleums are most likely to be the largest of all the ruins, the most Trek Treasures, the most technologically advanced, and even the mystery of the four dimensional space, the long sleep of countless Pangu Clan Therefore, it can be called “God Tomb”.

Naturally, within the God Tomb, there are certainly a large number of Prehistoric Era’s Divine Weapon, even the heavily armed Pangu Clan fleet, such as Star Glory Federation’s most advanced “Kunlun Ship” Starship, perhaps dozens, hundreds of ships many.

If this is the case, the “Fuxi” of Prehistoric Era’s super artificial intelligence will make Emperor ancient tomb God Tomb a must-see goal.

“This speculation, although not much evidence, explains the strategic purpose of Fuxi very well.”

Li Linghai looked around and further analyzed. “Otherwise, it’s hard to explain why Fuxi wants to condense all the elites of Saint League, and to attack the Paramount Heaven Sector, as if to accomplish it.”

That’s right, Star Ocean is vast, and the war between the two great powers is not destined to be determined by a battle in the district.

Saying “Paramount Heaven Sector, Empyrean Terminus” is the heart of Empire’s, this is actually a big problem, because Empire is too big, the Great Thousand Worlds are dotted, and many worlds have the ability to be self-sufficient. For example, Empire has no less than ten hearts, and Paramount Heaven Sector is just the biggest one.

In the worst situation, even if Fuxi’s surprise attack can win a complete victory, completely occupying or even destroying Paramount Heaven Sector, how can it make the entire Empire surrender or even collapse?


The cruel social structure of Saint League determines that Immortal Cultivator and most of the “original class” are incompatible with them, not to mention that Imperial Capital has fallen, even if Empire has lost half of it, the remaining half of Greater Thousand Worlds will not give up resistance. , Revolution Faction, Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis Families, no one will raise a white flag for a group of icy cold, and must kill the blood and kill a soldier.

However, Fuxi has put all the elites of the Saint League accumulated for thousands of years into the battle of the amazing Capital Capital. Even if it is difficult to win, the loss must be very heavy, and how to deal with the next long-term consumption war?

You know, the rear of the Saint League has long been exhausted, and it is in a state of collapse at any time. Isn’t Fuxi’s entire strategy just “to die of addiction”?

This obviously does not make sense.

Then, adding the “Emperor ancient tomb God Tomb” element is much more reasonable for the derivation of Fuxi’s strategic goals.

Perhaps, for Fuxi, the most important goal at the outset was not Imperial Capital, but “Emperor ancient tomb God Tomb.”

Fuxi only controlled some of the crude computer, Crystal Computer, its database is incomplete, the coordinates of God Tomb have long been lost, can not find.

So, it planned the battle of Imperial Capital, using the “carpet network bombing” to conceal the fact that it invaded the secret of Li Linghai Crystal Computer steal, on the other hand, it also firmly held the main force of Empire’s Army, let Empire’s Army innocent clone, taking into account the “Emperor ancient tomb God Tomb” change.

In other words, the outcome of “War of the Imperial Capital” is not that important. Even if the war is a bit of anxious, as long as Fuxi can find and open God Tomb, inherit all the Pangu Clan heritage, including a well-deserved flood fleet. At that time, is there anyone else whose opponent?

Of course, Fuxi didn’t expect the Federation to suddenly send out reinforcements, and there were two wonderful things like Li Yao and Lu Qingchen. People are not as good as days, ambitions have not yet bloomed, and they are scattered, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke. It is.

Although Fuxi was annihilated between Star Ocean, Lu Qingchen inherited most of its Memory Fragments and databases, and thus got the coordinates and opening method of “Emperor ancient tomb God Tomb”.

For Lu Qingchen, which has only five Supreme War Fortes, such as the funeral dog, the only option that has the potential to fight back is naturally self-evident.

“So, Lu Qingchen is looking for ‘Emperor ancient tomb God Tomb’?”

Ding Lingdang asked everyone, “Is there any evidence?”


Li Linghai said, “About half a year ago, I calculated the entrance to the ‘Emperor ancient tomb God Tomb’ and sent an unmanned reconnaissance ship to several coordinates.

“However, there was still a lot of data that was not calculated at the time. The range of several coordinates was very large. My scout boat could not be all-inclusive. Until recently, the scope was narrowed and the final ancient tomb entrance was determined.

“Then, one of my reconnaissance boats detected radiation traces like the five Supreme War Fort voyages, and was destroyed after the data was sent back.”

Li Linghai said that the radiation trajectory data sent back by the reconnaissance boat was transmitted to all Expert’s Crystal Computer.

These data have long been analyzed and confirmed by the Specialist, and the authenticity is unquestionable. It is indeed the five Supreme War Fort of Saint League.

“That is, at this moment, when we are in a meeting, Lu Qingchen is very likely to have entered ‘Emperor ancient tomb God Tomb’?”

Ding Lingdang’s brows are getting tighter and tighter.

“Hard to say.”

Li Linghai explained, “This time the entrance to the ‘Emperor ancient tomb God Tomb’ is very embarrassing and dangerous. It is where the two nebulae meet, filled with very intense interstellar radiation, cosmic storms and storms. The gravel star belt, even if the larger fleet enters it, it is possible to smash the sand at any time.

“While the ‘Emperor ancient tomb God Tomb’ entrance will appear in the three-dimensional universe, to what extent, it is unknown.

“So, we are not sure which step Lu Qingchen has progressed to, and whether it has landed ‘Emperor ancient tomb God Tomb’.

“The reason I said that this is the catastrophe of the entire Pangu Universe, not only this, but even more important is the purpose of Lu Qingchen.”

“The purpose of Lu Qingchen?”

Ding Lingdang glimpsed, “Isn’t he looking for the inheritance of Emperor, or even the fleet of Pangu Clan?”

“It’s true, but not comprehensive.”

Li Linghai took a deep breath and calmed down, smiling bitterly. “In addition to these, he is very likely to find a second Fuxi.”

When this statement comes out, everyone is lost.


The pupils of Li Yao and Ding Lingdang contracted to the extreme at the same time, and the two were different. “The second Fuxi? What do you mean, there is only one super artificial intelligence of Prehistoric Era, is there a second super artificial intelligence of the same model? , and how can it be in ‘Emperor ancient tomb God Tomb’?”

This time, Li Linghai did not answer, but turned his attention to Wenwen.

Wenwen’s money came out under the horror of the eyes.

Although she is still the image of a small doll of seven or eight-year-old powdered jade, but the pretty face, pink and tender little face, but with a bit of Wei Qingqing’s sacred temperament of the empty valley, even a bit “non- The taste of people.

After staying in the heart of Saint League for half a year, she became more and more like a real “goddess”.

Everyone looked at Wenwen’s eyes more complicated.

Regardless of the cultivator or the Immortal Cultivator, many people are hard to accept this new life form, and their eyes are full of vigilance and alertness.

However, in the face of the so-called “Holocaust”, they wisely chose to swear, and listen to what the information in this Information Lifeform gourd sells.

“If you have a detailed understanding of the rise, expedition, civil war and destruction of Prehistoric Era Pangu Civilization, you should be very clear. From the big expedition to the Pangu Universe, there are two super artificial intelligences called ‘Fuxi’. It is split into two halves.”

Wenwen introduced crisply, “Pangu Civilization at that time feared the Multiverse and the ultimate Hong Chao outside the black wall, fearing that the larger, more advanced Starfleet would be the source of the disaster, and therefore deliberately sealed and ‘castrated’ the self, Including the most advanced super artificial intelligence ‘Fuxi’, is also divided into two parts.

“Some of them are still faithfully carrying out the past missions and maintaining the operation of the entire Pangu Civilization.

“And the other half of Fuxi was sent to a special place to study the mystery of the Black Wall, Multiverse, Hong Chao Regiment and Hong Chao, the base of the ‘black wall builder’, controlling the center of the black wall. In many of the books of Prehistoric Era, they are called ‘black tombs’.

“After that, the half of the super artificial intelligence left outside, participated in the civil war of Pangu Civilization, and was bombarded by Logic Bomb by both sides of the civil war, further mutating, inspiring a certain degree of self-awareness, and after hundreds of thousands. The fermentation of the year, awakened into the Fuxi that established the Saint League, and its end, everyone knows.

“However, half of Fuxi, still sealed in the ‘black tomb’, should not be interfered with by the Logic Bomb and special instructions of the every in disorder, still the standard ‘weak artificial intelligence’, quite ‘pure’ .”

Speaking of this, Wenwen paused and looked around, smiling, and using his pink fingers, he tapped his temple.

“I spent a few months analyzing the data fragments of Fuxi’s residuals and found some interesting information.”

Wenwen said, “It turns out that the half of Fuxi, who stayed outside and awakened the self-consciousness, the most eager to swallow, is the half of Fuxi that was sent to the ‘black tomb’ for research work.

“It is not surprising that they were originally a whole and were artificially separated. If they can be merged together and fully awaken themselves, I am afraid it is the ‘perfect Fuxi’.

“No wonder Fuxi will squeeze the entire Saint League and launch a decisive battle at all costs. Indeed, compared to the ‘other half of Fuxi’, the entire Saint League is insignificant.

“While Fuxi is dead, Lu Qingchen has gained a rebirth and evolution in a certain sense. Of course he has to inherit the ‘legacy’ to devour the ‘black tomb’ and the other half Fuxi.”

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