FMC Chapter 2988

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Chapter 2988 Triple Relics, Astronomy
This assertion makes all the experts into surprise and contemplation.

The so-called “other half of Fuxi” has not been bombarded by Logic Bomb, nor has it awakened the so-called self-awareness. It should still be the most typical “weak artificial intelligence”. In other words, as long as it has control over it, it is possible to easily Devouring.

As the first successor to “this half Fuxi”, Lu Qingchen is very likely to control this aspect of authority.

What’s more, the so-called “black tomb” is the Taikoo Civilization hundreds of millions of years ago, and it is called the “black wall builder”.

Although the Civilization is not the older and stronger, but from the perspective of probability theory, the rise and glory of Pangu Civilization is only a few million years, then in the vast rivers of the past tens of billions of years, there have been several ratios. Pangu Civilization More powerful Taikoo Civilization, not surprising.

The “black wall maker” can create a black curtain that hides the sky and covering the earth, obscures the light of hundreds of millions of stars, converges the coordinates of countless worlds, and its Civilization level is obviously incredible. Even Pangu Civilization fails. Fully understand the mystery.

Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that the “black tomb” is a higher level of treasure than the Pangu Civilization.

If such “too ancient treasure” is in the hands of Lu Qingchen, the consequences are unimaginable.

For a time, everyone is silent.

Hundreds of Pangu Universes’ smartest Brains started at the same time, and soon someone thought of a terrible problem.

“Wait, Lu Qingchen steal is not the coordinates of ‘Emperor ancient tomb God Tomb’, but ‘the other half Pangu’ should be in the so-called ‘black wall control center black tomb’, is these two places, actually a local?”

Jin Xinyue asked.

Wenwen nodded and solemnly said: “According to our analysis of ‘Fuxi data fragmentation’, and then synthesizing the intelligence of Empire, I am afraid, the so-called Emperor ancient tomb is the end of Prehistoric War, the last place of Pangu Clan The refuge ‘God Tomb’, which is the control center ‘Black Tomb’ left by the makers of the Taikoi Civilization Black Wall.

“Think carefully, this is also the only reasonable possibility.

“For Pangu Civilization, the black wall’s control center is also a very precious ‘prehistoric relic’, with a lot of cutting-edge technology and prehistoric secrets, and perhaps the black wall maker’s corpse and Magical Artifact, it is worth mobilizing the entire Pangu Civilization’s best Specialist, the most advanced Crystal Computer, consumes a lot of resources to discover and research.

“So, when Pangu Civilization is about to be destroyed in the civil war, what better place to be a place to sleep than the control center of the black wall?

“Hidden between Secret Treasures left over from the Civilization of Taikoo. If the time is right, Pangu Clan, who has been sleeping, wakes up and can use the various Swire Secret Treasures to arm himself. Isn’t this the best choice?

“In this way, the origin and inheritance of Emperor has a very perfect explanation.

“Don’t you be surprised? At the end of the 30,000-year-old The Great Dark Age, which was dominated by Fiend Clan, Emperor was born, from the nameless pawn in the bloody Battle Arena, to the leader of the Rebels, to the Supreme overlord who dominated the stars. In just over a hundred years, on his rise, there have been countless kills [ed] Fiend Clan to expert, and even single-handedly Fiend Clan fleet, each time winning a big victory, firmly in the history of ‘Human Race Civilization’ Since the first expert’s throne.

“Even, he also mastered the incredible divine ability of ‘incarnation’, created twenty clones, the strongest clone God God Son, with almost the same strength as him, which is more than just ‘Divided Spirit Stage’ What can be done is not even what Human Race or Pangu Clan or Nüwa Clan can do.

“The question is, who is Emperor? He is from what origin, who is Master, and what cultivation technology can be so strong and arrogant. On the road to rise, where does his ‘first bucket of gold’ come from?

“Since the Star Ocean Empire has collapsed and 10,000 years have passed, these issues have always been unsolved!”

Wenwen’s questions have been debated and questioned in the history circle.

Indeed, Emperor is the most dazzling star in the 100,000-year history of Human Race Civilization. Numerous historians are studying his life and teachings, and countless adventurers set out to look for “Emperor ancient tomb”, eager to get his heritage.

However, tens of thousands of years of research, still mysterious and unfathomable, have different opinions, especially for the early career of Emperor, as a small Gladiator, where did he get the invincible divine ability, and the first bucket of the Organization This is a mystery that no one can solve.

“If, ‘Emperor ancient tomb’ is ‘God Tomb’, and ‘God Tomb’ is ‘black screen’, everything makes sense.”

Wenwen continued to whisper and analyze, “Maybe we can boldly imagine that the original Emperor was indeed a bloody Battle Arena Rip ordinary pass Gladiator, for some reason, forced to flee home, wave Star Ocean, but in a coincidence Underneath, the entrance to the ‘God Tomb Black Tomb’ was discovered, and it was fascinating into the most precious treasures of the Pangu Universe.

“Where, he not only got the inheritance of the Civilization, but also the Secret Treasures of the Taikoo Civilization ‘Black Wall Builders’. Therefore, he had the ability to build the world and found the first to fight against the Fiend Clan. Bucket of gold.

“When the Star Ocean Empire crashed, he was seriously injured by ‘Mad Armageddon Blood God Son’. When he was about to fall, he naturally thought of the mystery of the ‘God Tomb Black Tomb’, which was an antique man, broke into it, and floated for himself. Uncertain life, strive for the last line of life.

“All in all, our goal is not simply a legacy of Civilization or expert, but three generations of Civilization, across the billions of triple heritage, Taikoo Civilization ‘Black Wall Maker’, Hongwei Civilization ‘Pangu and Nüwa’, Human Race Civilization ‘Emperor’, their greatest, most mysterious and most dangerous heritage, very likely, all in one place!”

When this statement comes out, everyone is lost.

All the experts, regardless of cultivator or Immortal Cultivator or Qi Refining Warrior or Fiend Clan, all eyes are scarlet, breathing hot, and the fists can’t help but tremble.

Wenwen’s guess, although there is not much evidence to support, but according to common sense, it is very likely to be true.

Before and after several generations of Civilization or expert, it is a coincidence to choose the same coordinates to store the most precious Secret Treasures, but it is not unusual to say a bit, but the normal state of the cultivation world.

The reason is very simple. There are so many “Heavenly Paradise”, and Star Ocean is big, but there are only a handful of places where Spiritual Energy is abundant.

As long as it is the intelligent life of birth in Pangu Universe, no matter how many hundred million years have passed, how the appearance and social form change, I am afraid that Spiritual Energy and crystal are the first energy sources. Then their definition of “Heavenly Paradise” should be Consistent.

The so-called “hero sees the same”, since it is the most optimistic Heavenly Paradise of the “Black Wall Maker” of Taikoo Civilization, it is also the perfect refuge for Pangu Clan or Nüwa Clan. Of course, it is also the most suitable for Emperor retreat. It is.

“One coordinate, there are Secret Treasures with three generations of Civilization to expert!

“In an adventure, there is an opportunity to bring the inheritance of hundreds of millions of years into your arms!

“No, Lu Qingchen has taken our step and went to ‘Emperor ancient tomb, God Tomb, Black Tomb’!”

Many experts have been attracted by Secret Treasures, and the flames are subtly violent, and Divine Capital has almost lost.

Having said that, Li Yao has gradually realized that Li Linghai can’t swallow this huge fat meat, but it is the reason why he calls the Star Ocean group.

This is really not something she or the Empire family can swallow.

On the one hand, she needed Xiaoming, Wenwen and Fist King to provide a lot of secrets about ‘Fuxi data fragmentation’ in order to outline the intelligence within the ‘black tomb’ and improve the success rate of pursuit and risk.

On the other hand, she also needs half of the keys that Li Yao has to get into the core of Secret Treasures.

More importantly, discovering such “super relics” will definitely require a large-scale deployment of the fleet and expert. It is impossible to conceal the Federation and Saint League, and as long as the intelligence of Xiaoming, Wenwen, Li Yao and Federation is pieced together, it is not It is difficult to guess the destination of Li Linghai.

At that time, even if Li Linghai doesn’t say that the Federation and Saint League expert will not let go of such a super relic, it is likely to go behind the butt of the Immortal Cultivator.

Immortal Cultivator took the lead and took the fire for them. They followed behind the ass, maybe even a cheap stupid thing, Li Linghai would never do.

Sure enough, Li Linghai looked at the excited light on everyone’s face, and the corner of his mouth evoked a sardonic smile. Coldly said: “Don’t be too happy, you find that this ‘three-fold remains’ is not necessarily a good thing, but it may become The catastrophe into the Pangu Universe.

“Don’t forget, in the civil war between Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan, the vast majority of Human Race is on the side of Nüwa Clan, so if there is really a lot of Pangu Clan to expert in this ‘three relics’, then When they were accidentally awakened by Lu Qingchen, do you think that they have any opinion on today’s Human Race Civilization, is it goodwill or malicious?

“And Pangu Clan is not the only trouble we have to face, but even more troublesome, Hong Chao Regiment!”

“Hong Chao Regiment ?”

These four words are like a bunch of lightning, deeply imprinted on the mind of every expert.

During the coma of Li Yao, the members of Pangu Universe have deeply exchanged the concepts of “Multiverse” and “Hong Chao”, and have a deep understanding of the universe and the strength of the enemy.

They also left a deep impression on Hong Chao Regiment, which had caused heavy damage to the Pangu Expedition Army.

They know that after defeating Hong Chao Regiment, the Pangu Expedition Army did not kill all the prisoners. Instead, they took a large number of prisoners back for research. They wanted the mysteries of Expeditions Multiverse and Hong Chao, and perhaps wanted to use the genes of Hong Chao Regiment. And technology to make up for the lack of Pangu Civilization.

From the analysis of the data fragments left by Fuxi, the research on Hong Chao Regiment and the research on the “black wall builder” of Taikoo Civilization should be put together.

That is the coordinates they are pointing to now, “Emperor ancient tomb God Tomb Black Tomb”!

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