FMC Chapter 2990

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2990 Remains Nebula, Astronomy
Li Linghai is very passionate and his voice is full of vigour.

Even though many of the three major forces have long passed the heart of the blood boiling, and know that Li Linghai has hidden his own purpose, she is still frustrated and ups and downs.

Yes, break mountains and topple temples, the sword in your hand for the tribe to open up a broader living space – whether it is the cultivator or Immortal Cultivator or any intelligent life, is the most sacred mission and most Brilliant glory.

What’s more, Li Linghai speaks directly and there is no room for rebuttal.

The current three forces of Empire, Federation and Saint League, because of a series of coincidences, are in a special stage of exhaustion and recuperation to maintain a fragile peace.

But even Li Yao, no one can take a chest to ensure that this peace can last for a thousand years or a hundred years.

The hostility between the cultivator and the Immortal Cultivator, the carbon-based wisdom of life is wary of the Information Lifeform… Too many contradictions, like a sparkling sizzle, will ignite the raging fire at any time.

I want to resolve the contradictions between each other and completely solve the problem of “limited resources”. Only by entering the foreign domain and cracking the mystery of the black wall, and using the blood and courage to deepen understanding and strengthen each other’s friendship in the long-term expedition, can we Human Race Civilization is completely condensed together.

This is destined to be a difficult and hopeful path.

But it’s better than sitting still, watching all the resources diminishing, and then making a make a move.

“how is it?”

Li Linghai’s eyes sparkled with lightning-like sparks, and his eyes swept through Li Yao and Ding Lingdang. They smashed the railroad. “There is a head debt and Fuxi Fleet’s serious damage to Imperial Capital. This account is not The reason is a write-off. Although Fuxi has been fragmented, Lu Qingchen has swallowed up the largest part of its data fragments. It is its inheritor. Then, Empire will surely seize this culprit and let him pay a painful price!

“In addition, the secret of ‘Emperor ancient tomb – God Tomb – shady’, we will certainly unravel, we believe that this is the way to ensure permanent peace within Human Race Civilization, let us all anger, cold , cruel … all applied to the outside of the black wall, Star Ocean foreign race in the Multiverse, for our common glory, the glory of Pangu Universe!

“Emperor ancient tomb has many mysteries and dangers. It is not necessarily 100%Expeditions that the strength of the Empire family is clear, so I am open and honest, and I invite the Federation, Saint League and all Star Ocean to participate in this event with the sincerity of 120%. action.

“But even if you think carefully, think that the risk is too great, and refuse to take risks with Immortal Cultivator, it will not interfere with our determination. Immortal Cultivator will carry out the pursuit and Expeditions alone, no matter what the consequences, we… only have nowhere to go!”

Li Linghai gave the choice to the hands of Federation and Saint League.

But in fact, including Li Linghai, no one has chosen.

Leave it alone, let the Empire enter the Emperor ancient tomb alone to hunt down and Expeditions, which is the same as leaving Lu Qingchen.

If the action is successful, the Empire people seized Lu Qingchen and figured out the secrets of the black wall. It was unfortunate to find a complete fleet from the depths of the ruins. The Federation and Saint League had a little bit of strategy. The advantage will be turned into nothing, and it will be re-incarcerated as fish on the cutting board, and will be slaughtered by the Empire.

If the action didn’t go well, the Empire people awakened the raging Pangu Clan and the mysterious and unfathomable Hong Chao Regiment, and the consequences were even more unimaginable.

Therefore, both the Federation and the Saint League have only one choice, that is, to join the Empire to participate in this, unprecedented, nine-life arrest and Expeditions.

β€œLu Qingchen is our Federation, and he seriously broke the law before leaving the Federation, owing a blood debt, and the Federation never stopped his wanted and hunt.”

Ding Lingdang squinted. “Star Glory Federation won’t allow such a most dangerous all-nighter to fall into the hands of others. The Federation will assemble the most elite team and participate in Expeditions.”

β€œLu Qingchen steals a lot of secrets from Saint League, including the five Supreme War Fort and flees to the depths of Star Ocean.”

Xiaoming and Wenwen are also in the same voice. “Of course we have to participate in the hunt and Expeditions, and take back the things that belong to Saint League!”


The response of the two forces has long been expected by Li Linghai. She did not waste even a second of time and immediately entered the detailed consultation.

First of all, this is the entrance coordinates of this “Emperor ancient tomb – God Tomb – Black Tomb”.

The so-called “Emperor ancient tomb”, known as “Golden Saint Throne, High Heaven Sector”, is theoretically a very special fragment space called “Small Thousand Worlds”.

It is special because it is not closely integrated with the three-dimensional universe. It is like a ghost island in a stormy sea. It needs to be extremely precise calculations or excellent luck to find.

Li Linghai once gave a more powerful example, it would be like smashing a piece of white paper into a paper ball, drawing a circle on the paper ball, and then opening the paper ball, the circle has long been fragmented and turned into irregular The black spots and ink spots – these black spots and ink dots, is the trajectory of “Golden Saint Throne, High Heaven Sector”, how should we grasp the law of its appearance?

Therefore, even Li Linghai himself has not found its entrance since the last time he left “Golden Saint Throne, High Heaven Sector” about a dozen years ago, until Li Linghai became the leader of Revolution Faction. Imperial Capital, using Imperial Capital’s Super Crystal Computer to perform the calculations, the most mysterious relic of the legend, once again “surfaced.”

However, this time it is “out of the sea” position, it is not very good.

That is between two nebulae.

The so-called nebula is one of the most common celestial bodies in the universe except for dense objects such as stars and planets.

The ordinary nebula consists of hydrogen, dust, and radiation. It has a very low density. It is often a nebula with dozens of Lightyears. The total mass is not as good as ten or eight stars. In many places inside the nebula, it is almost “vacuum.”

Such a nebula cannot be said to be dangerous. Even if Starship inadvertently breaks into the nebula, it can cause some interference to the Expeditions range and communication with each other. Always pay attention to the loss of Spiritual Energy Protective Shield and power unit.

However, the shape and cause of the nebula are ever-changing, and some nebulae are extremely dangerous.

The “Remains Nebula” is one of them.

This kind of nebula is formed by a supernova explosion that violently ejects a large amount of matter and radiation. The supernova explosion is almost the most spectacular in the universe, and the astronomical phenomenon with the strongest energy output. Even if the explosion is only a short moment, the consequences are hundreds of millions of years. It also appeared later, that is, “the relic nebula.”

Such a nebula is like a flood of floods, a rushing vortex, filled with high-energy particle streams ejected by supernova explosions, super-radiative radiation and even gravel belts. What’s more, if the supernova of the explosion is of sufficient quality, At the heart of the “Remains Nebula”, there will be a neutron star.

The neutron star with extremely high gravitation and density is one of the most terrible traps in the universe except for black holes. If you accidentally jump into the gravitational circle of the neutron star, it is extremely troublesome.

However, in other words, the rich energy and material contained in the nebula have become the source of nourishment. Many galaxies near the nebula have been given a selfless gift, becoming a hotbed of birth wisdom, and wisdom life is mastering the Star. After Ocean’s ability, it also likes to find the relic nebula to become a new foothold, at least to use the energy of the relic nebula and neutron stars to build important bases, Munitions Factory, laboratories and the like.

Star Glory Federation’s first bucket of gold “Kunlun Secret Territory” is built within a crab-like relic nebula, relying on a pulsed neutron star to provide constant energy.

The “Martial Hero Sector”, the origin of the Empire of True Humanity, and the “Sand Barbarian Sector”, and many other Greater Thousand Worlds, are located near the very dazzling Poisonous Scorpion Nebula, the radiation and matter of the Poisonous Scorpion Nebula. It not only nourishes the life of several Greater Thousand Worlds, but also becomes an important opportunity for Li Yao to break through Nascent Origin and achieve Spirit Transformation.

Then, on the trajectory of the “Golden Saint Throne, High Heaven Sector”, there is a trace of the nebula, which is not surprising.

What’s amazing is that it’s not just a remnant nebula, but two!

Two large stars that are close at hand, while spending their youth and prime years, have no choice but to enter the Jubilee Year, gradually decaying inside, and after stopping the most violent reaction, their volume is expanding and the light is coming. The brighter, in the end, in one of the most brilliant explosions, a lot of light and heat and matter were ejected. In the dark and innocent universe, there was a thick ink and a gorgeous color. No, it was two strokes and became two. The film is brightly-coloured, the new cloud of the fangs of the claws, and two neutron stars.

This is a very rare astronomical phenomenon, called the wonder of the universe.

However, the Star Ocean is vast, the number of stars is a true “astronomical number”, even if the probability of one in a million is within the eternal time and infinite space, it will certainly happen.

The distance between the two stars, originally at around 7.5 Lightyears, belongs to two stellar systems that do not interfere with each other.

However, when they became two nebula nebulae after the supernova explosion, the diameter of the nebula suddenly expanded to dozens of Lightyears, inevitably smashing, entanglement, conflict, convection, engulfing, annihilation and secondary explosion.

It would be like throwing two Crystal Bombs embedded in a murderous piece into a room. The two bombs explode at the same time. The destruction and the shock wave collide, and the horrible destructive power that can be stirred up is almost impossible to estimate.

Even worse, when Empire’s astronomers observed the “Gemini Nebula”, they found that the chaotic turbulence between the two “remaining nebulae” had signs of gradual convergence, and it seemed like a new one. The star, will be in the collision of two nebulae in the birth!

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