FMC Chapter 2993

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the 2993 chapter is out of the sheath! Floating astronomy
The former Federation Speaker is on the opposite side of the Empire Sovereign Emperor and Empress Dowager. There are also some “non-humans” on the side, driving the crystal 钢筋 of the reinforced iron bones and calmly confronting each other.

Xiaoming from Saint League, Wenwen and Fist King, stared at two other Spirit Transformations from Federation, Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun.

The reason is simple, because Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun are very rare Spirit Transformation Ghost Cultivators, they have no flesh and blood, but the Battle Puppet that is armed to the teeth, at first glance, and Xiaoming, Wenwen and Fist King Life forms are not much different.

The same is true.

What is the difference between the so-called “Organization, scalable database” and “divine soul”? No one can say it clearly.

Perhaps the human brain was originally Crystal Computer, a special Crystal Computer with cells rather than a chip as a computing node, Ghost Cultivator or Information Lifeform, both of which are different landscapes on the evolution path of Human Race.

“I didn’t expect that Fellow Daoist Wu and I can still wait until today.”

Ghost Cultivator Meng Chixin is standing on the top of the halo. Looking at the infinite scenery of the distant stars, I feel a lot of emotions. “We are from a dark and obscured Era. In our original Civilization, the evolution of Human Race seems to be the end. No one can escape the desperate fall and decay in the fratricidal killing. In order to pursue the hope of a glimmer of hope, we venture into the remains, but our flesh and blood are destroyed.

“At that time, we thought that all hopes were extinct, and we and our entire Ancient Saint Sector’s 100,000 years of Civilization will slowly wither, but I did not expect that the world will be alive, the universe is so vast, the world is like this. Wonderful, Human Race Civilization has such a splendid change.

“From ‘ancient’ to ‘modern’, from the Ancient Saint Sector to the center of Star Ocean, and met… ‘Xiaoming’ and ‘Wenwen’, you represent the future and listen to the ‘Fist King’ mouth Going to the news of Multiverse, knowing the small size of Pangu Universe and the vastness of the outer domain, I and Fellow Daoist Wu are really…eye-opener, heart-warming!

“So, Xiaoming, Wenwen and Fist King, please tell us now, from the future and beyond the world!”

“shuā! shuā! shuā! shuā! shuā! shuā! ”

Inside and outside halo, hundreds of Spiritual Energy Puppets that collapsed into a meteorite form suddenly survived.

That’s the unique advantage of Spirit Transformation Ghost Cultivator and Information Lifeform – they may not be rivals to top-tier experts like Ding Lingdang, but whether they are Xiaoming, Wenwen, Fist King or Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun. You can control three or five units and even a dozen twenty Spiritual Energy Puppets as you like. One person is a small army!

The “body” of Xiaoming and Wenwen comes from the essence of Saint League’s millennium accumulation and research and development, and its combat power is far above the high-end Crystal Armor.

Fist King’s “body” comes from Li Yao’s own refining and tuning, and the fighting power is strong, not to mention.

The “body” of Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun comes from the underground of Kunlun Secret Territory and Ancient Saint Sector, full of antique taste, and also lingering with arrogance.

Even the vacuum that the sound waves can’t transmit is swayed by their strong momentum, and almost bursts of “噼pī pā 啪”.

In an instant, hundreds of experts have locked their targets, the atmosphere is dignified and hot to the extreme, even the vacuum is almost detonated.

“That – fight!”

Ding Lingdang sneaked into a special material, with ultra-high strength and toughness. The Mustard Seed Battle Suit, which can not be cut by a single-crystal flying blade, tears all parts of the limbs, revealing scarlet skin.” Scarlet Flame Dragon King “first scooped up the cavities, trampled a piece of meteorite under the foot into a powder, and with the power of recoil, flew toward Li Jialing and Li Linghai.


She is fast, but someone is faster than her!

A small and light figure, like light, like a ghost, like a ghost, after the first arrival, actually jumped to her left front between the trampling of the stone, and sneaked out to her in a hidden way. A Sword Qi.

Ding Lingdang’s eyelashes, pupils and heart have not changed at all. It is like breathing naturally. Reflexively boxing out and smashing this Sword Qi directly is like driving an annoying fly.

Unexpectedly, this is the purpose of the other party.

The other party had never thought about it. This Sword Qi could hurt Ding Lingdang, just to lure Ding Lingdang into a punch and send him a ride with a wave of ripples.

The smashed Sword Qi did not annihilate in the vacuum, but under the amazing control of the other side, “weaving” became a soft “net bag”, which robbed Ding Lingdang topple the mountains and overturn the seas. It was like Ding Lingdang’s fist as the engine under his feet, which made his speed mad to the limit, all the way to crush a about a dozen pieces of gravel, plunging to the top of Li Jialing and Li Linghai.

And all the gravel that was crushed by him was turned into countless powders. Under his violent arc, he condensed into a sword that was several tens of meters long and soft and soft. drop.

“Boom! Hey!”

The vacuum can’t transmit sound waves, but it can’t stop the fighting intent and Sword Qi, which is a hundred times bigger than the body. I saw the giant sword formed by the thunder and the meteorite, the deep field of Li Jialing and Li Linghai, and the sound of the sky. Rao is the firm Dao Heart of Spirit Transformation realm, and it swayed slightly.

This is a sword that even Starship can break!

The sword-bearer not only did not control the Giant Divine Weapon, even the Crystal Armor did not wear it. Even the Divine Weapon that he used to use was not sheathed. He only used Spiritual Energy to smash, crush the meteorite, and use it locally to make such a handle. The sword, you have such power!

“‘Sword Mad ‘Yan Liren !”

Li Jialing’s pupil suddenly shrank, and the golden eye of the eye was strong.

Li Yao once talked with him about the heroes in Star Ocean and praised the strength of “Sword Mad” Yan Liren. He said that Yan Liren is one of the few, and he can ignore the gap of realm and kill it. The real Sword Immortal to expert.

“As long as Yan Liren has a sword in his hand, how many Crystal Armor and Giant Divine Weapon are trying to stop him, even the gods may be killed [ed]!”

This is Li Yao’s evaluation of Yan Liren.

Li Jialing was young and angry, and originally did not believe that there was such a Sword Immortal in the world.

The so-called “thickness and thinness”, the common cause of human disease, he thought that even Li Yao can not be excused, really closed the ignorant Ancient Saint Sector, a small Nascent Origin swordsman, what Sword Immortal.

Until now, Yan Liren’s swordsman shines in front of his eyes, and he knows what a “breakthrough level, beyond realm” sword.

The sword is the life of Yan Liren, the universe of Yan Liren, the demon in the heart of Yan Liren.

“Small Sovereign Emperor, the things inside the ancient tomb, the inheritance of Emperor, the Warship of Pangu, the precious treasure of Taikoo, all belong to you, I don’t want anything!”

Li Jialing felt the will of Yan Liren, who came from the unforgettable swordsmanship. “I just need Emperor, Pangu Clan, black wall maker, Hong Chao Regiment, even the real Hong Chao.” One by one fell under my sword!”

Such a heroic, such crazy, such a Sword Immortal!

Li Jialing was shocked and inexplicable, but also excited. While admiring Yan Liren, she even slammed her fighting intent to the limit. Instead of hesitating, retreating and dodging, she greeted Yan Liren’s swordsman. .

“I am… the son of the universe, without any power, can make me back down and block me!”


Li Jialing, the Purple Flame, like a volcanic eruption, among the Purple Flame, a golden lion screaming, Soars Toward Sky in a Leap, rushing to Yan Liren’s Sword Qi.

“Purple Dragon, Dior”, two terrible forces collided with each other, bursting with ninety-nine bright dazzling ripples, all the meteorites within the radius were crushed, and the dust burned and turned into A colorful fireball, like a Golden Lion and countless currents in the fireball, the two top-tier expert’s Mustard Seed Battle Suit instantly riddled with holes.

Both of them retreated at the same time.

Instead of being shocked by ripples, it accumulates strength and prepares for a stronger collision.

Just as they retreated, Ding Lingdang and Li Linghai also plucked up. Empire Epress Dowager and the former Speaker of Federation did not hesitate to break into the undestroyed fireball.

The fireball was instantly broken and shattered by the two fists and the fighting intent, turning into a sword and shadow between the two.

Scarlet Flame Dragon King against the Purple Dragon, Red Dragon vs. True Dragon, in the perception of countless experts around, as if there are two prestige, the dragon that swallowed the world, the halo of the 7th planet must be completely shredded, one Time, the two have not yet been divided, the countless experts around have been secretly scared, sweating.

“Isn’t it said that Ding Lingdang had just made a breakthrough in the battlefield not long ago and advanced to Spirit Transformation? She should be the Beginner in the Spirit Transformation circle. The experience and the level of Spiritual Energy are lacking. How, how could it have such a horrible destructive power? Simply, even those senior Spirit Transformations can be beaten by her and beat ten or eight consecutively?”

“And, what happened to His Highness Empress Dowager, not that she was overdrafted in the ‘Gold Crystal Tower’ battle, and that she fell to Nascent Origin realm, and that this life is not expected to return to Spirit Transformation? How long has it been? Her strength has all recovered, even higher!”

Countless expert, shocked and inexplicable.

This is also the effect of the so-called “run-in training”.

In a word, let the unruly generation know who is the real boss, obediently obey the command, so as not to go to the remains, act rashly and harm others.

On the combat power, Li Linghai, who has just recovered the Spirit Transformation realm, is naturally not the opponent of Ding Lingdang.

But from the faint Abyss back to the peak of Supreme, rich experience and perseverance, Li Linghai and Ding Lingdang can barely reconcile, insisting that Li Jialing breathe a sigh of relief, once again!

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