FMC Chapter 2995

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the 2995 chapter is my only! Floating astronomy
In the depths of the rugged meteorite, the place covered by the shadows is still silent, as if it is empty, no one is there.

Long Yangjun gas knot, yelling: “Li Yao, don’t hide, I see you clearly, you sneak up there, like a watermelon worm that is huddled together! What are you? If you donโ€™t say a word, I will let you go? Donโ€™t dream, today, half of the running-in training is good for you. Everyone wants to know, the legendary Divided Spirit expert What is the strength!”

In the depths of the meteorite, there is still no sound. If it is not Long Yangjun, the gaze of the eye is firmly locked in every gully of the meteorite. Under the optical camouflage, the faint metallic light is almost rushed by Li Yao. The leak has passed.


Long Yangjun stared at it for a while and almost suspected that her eyes had problems. She saw that Li Yao was manipulating the super-heavy-type Crystal Armor, using both hands and feet, and slowly squirming, and even slipped away from his own eyes!


Long Yangjun really doesn’t know what kind of vocabulary to use to accurately describe Li Yao’s wretchedness.

With a light hook on his toes, Long Yangjun picked up a piece of gravel and shot it in the depths of the meteorite.

This time, Li Yao, who is crawling and crawling, can’t help but react.

Instead of dodging, he stretched out two fingers and underestimated the gravel that was hit by Long Yangjun. He smiled and said: “What do you do, why can’t you let me rest slowly?”

“Isn’t you hiding?”

Long Yangjun sneered in a sneer. “What are you resting, you don’t even have a good move!”

โ€œOh… Iโ€™ve been busy planning the Expeditions and Expeditions plan a few days ago, including building the entire team, archaeologists, artificers, adventurers, doctors, etc., non-combat careers, and Starshipโ€™s choices, backup options. Drafting, waiting, etc., is really a matter of course!”

Li Yao blinked and said, “I am so busy that my brain is almost broken. No, it is the waist that is almost exhausted. It is not that the brain is almost exhausted. I have a chance to take a breather. Why are you? Just don’t let me go?”

“I don’t want to let you go, but everyone is not willing to let you go.”

Long Yangjun said, “You are the main force of this arrest and Expeditions action. It is no exaggeration to say that the lives of countless people may be maintained on you alone. Don’t you think that it should be great, let us open Eyes?”

“Is this necessary?”

Li Yao said very sincerely, “Look, the purpose of this training is to enhance the understanding of each other, to understand each other’s strengths, and to determine who is the person who is authorized to issue orders during the arrest and Expeditions action. wrong?”


Long Yangjun nodded, “What about that?”

“Is that not finished?”

Li Yao is a handkerchief, “You, Ding Lingdang, Li Jialing, Li Linghai, Yan Liren, Boss Bai, Fist King, etc., etc., your strength is not high, naturally you need to compete to confirm the seat. But I am the one-of-a-kind Divided Spirit. I am the first Pantur Universe first expert. With so many times to save the world and save the world, I think everyone should be convinced of my invincible strength, and listen to my command. So, what else do I need to do more to participate in this melee?”

Long Yangjun: “…”

Li Yao: “How, if you have nothing to say, I think this logic is perfect!”

“Perhaps, your realm is a little higher than us, but I think that many of the friends present have the power and interest to ignore the realm, the more advanced killer, and even the strong ones. Type, fighting a Divided Spirit, may be the perfect opportunity to stimulate everyone to break through their limits.”

Long Yangjun smiled, “Like what you just said, Ding Lingdang, Li Jialing, Li Linghai, Yan Liren, Boss Bai, Fist King, and of course me, we are really curious and not reconciled, the so-called ‘Divided Spirit’ Is it really so powerful?”

Long Yangjunโ€™s voice has not fallen, and he has reached out and grabbed a fist. He has grabbed a fist-sized meteorite in his palm, smashed it into a powder, and in the ultra-high speed friction, he formed a shiny arrow. Pointing to Li Yao.

โ€œLi Yao is here!โ€

Long Yangjun’s telepathic thoughts, through the Spiritual Energy ripple, spread to a few tens of miles.

For a moment, the melee of the experts stopped short.

They are not life and death, they just understand each other’s strength and improve their cooperation.

What’s more, Li Yao is the target they are most interested in.

After being awakened by Long Yangjun, many experts were greatly embarrassed. Why was it that I just forgot the existence of Li Yao?

Now, a pair of sharp eyes like eagle eyes are staring at the meteorites pointed by the flashing arrows.

Hundreds of experts have come together to Li Yao.

Perceived the murderous aura, and saw the flames of the claws and claws, Li Yao grinned.

“No, even you are coming up to join in the fun?”

Li Yao looked at Li Jialing. “What evil do we have?”

“Of course not, but you are the first expert of Pangu Universe. The absolute main force of our arrest and Expeditions action is really a fierce battle for the hardships. It is up to you to support the dignity of Human Race Civilization.”

Li Jialing has an excited fire in the eye. “I really admire you, please show your invincible divine ability, give us more confidence!”

“And you!”

Li Yao glared at Xiaoming and Wenwen. “You two are not going to join the ranks of the coffers. This is to fight the thunder!”

“According to our calculations, if you can have a detailed understanding of Dad’s strength before starting the action, it can greatly improve the success rate of the action.”

Xiaoming looked at the board, “At least one to three percentage points!”

“What about you, wife?”

Li Yao stared at Ding Lingdang, and the voice was very resentful. “Do you even have to join the ranks of the cofferdam?”

“I am confident in you. I believe that my husband is the strongest man in the universe. Even if All Heaven’s Gods and Demons are resurrected, it is not your opponent!”

Ding Lingdang swing down his fist and shouted. “You are still far from reaching your limit. You have not exhausted your potential. You can, Li Yao, blast your strong destructive power and knock us all down. Let’s go!”

Li Yao: “…”

Long Yangjun: “That, I confess, I don’t have any good intentions. I don’t expect anything from you. I just have a very malicious attitude and want to beat you up.”

Li Yao: “I didn’t ask you again!”

Long Yangjun: “It doesn’t matter, are you ready, give you three seconds, we have to go!”

“Okay, since that…”

Li Yao muttered, and the tone was still cynical, but the expression on her face gradually became bloodthirsty. The bottom of her eyes also swayed a circle of fighting intent. “Let you see, I am in the world of three thousand, rolling red dust. Refined into the fruit!”


For a moment, the indestructible ultra-heavy-type Crystal Armor inside, as if not wrapped in Li Yao’s flesh and blood, wrapped a whole ton of Crystal Bomb, and the Crystal Bomb was detonated.

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!

Li Yao made a deafening arrogance, screaming around the Spiritual Energy ripples, ignoring the vacuum barrier and stinging the eardrum of every expert present.

Kฤ chฤ ๅ’” rub! Kฤ chฤ kฤ chฤ !

The ultra-heavy-type Crystal Armor suddenly expands, and the joints of all the active parts can’t withstand the explosive power of the inside and outside, and spurt out.

Then, even the composite armor of the whole body was like a piece of paper and a tear of tears, turning into a scrapped copper, and a splash of Heavenly Daughter.

Just 0.1 seconds, the ultra-heavy-type Crystal Armor was actually smashed by Li Yao’s arrogant flames.

It seems that this super-heavy-type Crystal Armor, which is enough to resist the frontal bombardment of Starship Primary Artillery, not only does not enhance Li Yao’s defense, but is his bondage and cumbersomeness. It is a religious seal that seals his monster power!

At this moment, the restrictive seal is broken, the seal is untied, and the horror strength of Li Yao Divided Spirit Stage is like a volcanic eruption, flooding, stormy waves, unstoppable!

The original and sluggish figure has skyrocketed and reached a height of nearly two meters. Each muscle, blood vessel and nerves are united in the most perfect way. It is obviously a flesh and blood, but it faintly emits a sword. The feeling of integration, as if each muscle fiber is like the Flying Sword, can break the enemy Crystal Armor.

“Do you know why I have been forbearing all the time?”

Li Yao’s eyes, the red-colored mans with blood, the sound becomes extremely majestic and tyrannical. “It’s not because I have a sore back, weak body, weak heart, shortness of breath, neurasthenia and night sweats.”


“The war is coming soon, I really don’t want to hurt some of you at this time, so that everyone can’t go to God Tomb Expeditions, then it’s not good, right!”

The voice is not falling, and all the meteorites in the circle about a dozen are covered by Li Yao’s magnetic field and spiritual flame, as if the Crystal Bomb was installed inside.

The torn apart meteorite was directly pressed into powder by Li Yao’s powerful pressure, and burned fiercely in the ultra-high speed friction. It turned into countless flame torrents and gathered behind him to form a fluttering wing that swallowed the world. Vulture.

Vulture’s wings continued to expand, and quickly turned into two fire walls about a dozen, covering the brain with many expert tips, and locked everyone in it!

Under the stellar light, above the planet halo, between the burning fiercely stars, the bloodthirsty Vulture rises, and hundreds of experts fall into the field of Li Yao. This small small universe is Li Yao. Only the world I am alone!

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