FMC Chapter 3000

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3000 goes deep into the “Butterfly”, Astronomy
“Space jump, countdown, last ten seconds.”

Li Yao didn’t know how many times he had heard such a cold and calm voice, but he was still as nervous as the first Star Ocean jump, full of tension and excitement.

Even if the cultivation reaches the Divided Spirit realm, it will still give birth to a feeling of incomparableness in the face of the vast and unpredictable universe!

“Countdown, the last five seconds, five, four, three…”

The nearly transparent buffer gel protects every inch of the gap in his body, trying not to let him suffer from time and space, and then again, if you encounter a frenzy of four dimensional space, even the thickness of the buffer gel is ten times stronger. It is also useless, such a buffer gel, at most to eliminate the discomfort after the safe jump in the past, and bring some illusory comfort.

The universe has never been a gentle haven, a warrior who dares to challenge it, and a fateful destiny.

Based on this consideration, Li Yao and Ding Lingdang and all the experts are on different Starships. On almost every Starship, there is a complete commander, firepower, fighting Specialist, doctors and archaeologists Expeditions. The team can start the work independently.

In this way, even if 90% of Starship is in the Star Ocean Storm, the mission has the hope of completion.

“Two, one… launch!”

The calm countdown suddenly became high, and Li Yao felt that her soft brain was smashed from the inside, and then the surrounding deck and cabin became crystal clear and turned into Star Glow, Star Glow extremely fast The arrogance, dragging into a spiral of light, he likes to rotate tens of thousands of laps in a second, the bedding was launched.

This feeling lasts for a minute or a million years.

He tried his best to release the “thinking”, wanting to stabilize his divine soul in the four dimensional space, and even the mystery of the Expeditions four dimensional space, but it was in vain, how could not concentrate, only the one or one hundred in the eye Thousands of shiny stars.

Without waiting for him to count the number of stars, the brains that flew to the clouds outside the clouds were returned to the skull, the internal organs, the nerve vessels and every cell were returned. He and Starship returned to the three-dimensional universe again, once clean. “landing”.

“here is……”

Li Yao first connected Starship’s Mainframe Crystal Processor and the tactical network of the entire Expeditions fleet, and determined its position through the scanning of hundreds of Starships.

They are only less than 0.1Lightyears from the Gemini Nebula.

This is a very exciting long-range jump, measured by the vastness of the Star Ocean, they almost jumped to the Gemini Nebula, and even penetrated the edge of the Gemini Nebula.

Less than 0.1Lightyears’ distance is already within the reach of regular sailing. If they have enough time and patience, they can start the working power unit. It takes a year or two to fly in slowly depending on the injection of crystal fuel. The benefits are safe enough to scan and analyze the astronomical environment of the Gemini Nebula.

“Really… beautiful!”

Li Yao looked at the virtual porthole and presented the view of the Gemini Nebula.

The two neighboring stars almost simultaneously exploded with a supernova, leaving a thick and colorful stroke on the dark side of the universe. It was like a butterfly that hid the sky and covering the earth, stretching its beautiful wings. The infinite colors and spiral patterns on the wings are the most insane artists ever painted in the deepest nightmare. Looking at it, Li Yao even has a strange feeling, it is like having life – not carbon The life defined by the wisdom of life is another higher level of life.

Who said impossible?

Who said that stars, planets and nebulae can’t be a living body, and carbon-based intelligent life is just a kind of cosmic life, small fleas and dust?

But even if it is just fleas and dust, since there is a day, they will have the meaning of Expeditions. It is necessary to see the whole world of their existence, how spectacular and beautiful!

“Stainless Steel Mouse Ship, safely arrived at the scheduled coordinates!”

“Fist King, safely arrived at the scheduled coordinates!”

“Kunlun Ship, safely arrived at the scheduled coordinates!”

“Glorious Wings, safely arrived at the scheduled coordinates!”

“Hunting, safely arrived at the scheduled coordinates!”

All Starships of the Expeditions team completed the first long-range jump, safe and sound, and all the staff were harmless.

But the next Precise jump is not that simple.

That’s right, if time is enough, they can use a safer conventional navigation method and slowly approach the Star Field where “Gemini” is located.

But now Lu Qingchen has ventured into it. After a delay of one day, he added a point to him to be exposed to Emperor ancient tomb, wake up Pangu Clan and even Hong Chao Regiment, putting the situation at risk.

It took a year to slowly advance, perhaps the Pangu army and even the Hong Chao Regiment will be smashed from the entrance to the ancient tomb.

So, there is no choice, they must carry out the second, and more accurate, ultra-short-jump, and jump to the fifth planet of the “Gemini One”, outside the gravitational circle of Ancient Giant Stars!

This is a very risky gamble.

Star Ocean jump is the most afraid of two things. The first is that the astronomical environment of the destination is unknown or too complicated, full of radiation, magnetic interference and high-energy particle flow, and the second is too close to giant planets, stars, neutron stars and even black holes. A large mass, high gravitational celestial body.

The former will interfere with Starship’s “reorganization” after crossing the four dimensional space. Even a small dust, if accidentally “embed” in the reconstituted material, triggers a nuclear-level collision reaction, which can lead to catastrophic as a result of.

Not to mention the latter, if the jump has only found itself jumping into the gravitational circle of a star or giant planet, and the power unit is completely destroyed, it can only be seen that Starship is dragged into the ultra-high quality and density vortex, it is simply The most tragic death method.

In general, the safety of the Star Ocean jump is quite guaranteed, because the distribution of matter in the universe is 10,000 times thinner than that imagined by the ordinary people. In a vacuum of hundreds of kilometers, the number of floating particles is less than three or five. It is a very normal thing, the probability that a random jump directly jumps inside the star is less than one in a billion.

Directly aligning with the core of a violent nebula to expand the jump is another matter.

It’s like being a heavy machine gun with an ultra-high speed shot, launching a hundred-meter sprint, just as risky, stupid, crazy.

But this is their mission.

This arrest and Expeditions action is also a war, a war more sacred than the Imperial Capital Defence War, the Federation Defence Warfare and the Empire Civil War. This is the first time that the entire Human Race elite has joined hands for nearly 10,000 years. For the benefit of the entire Human Race, fight for the future!

“The second jump, launch!”

Li Yao had a spiral of light again in front of him, like a narrow tunnel, and his flesh and blood and the divine soul were towed into an endless thin line that stalked the tunnel.

But it only lasted for 0.1 seconds, and it was shattered by violent waves, chaotic storms and sharp stings.

Li Yao seems to see that the tunnel of light is fragmented, and various colors, ripples and ripples invade it, invading the internal structure of Starship, even his internal organs, like a group of bloodthirsty Devil, making a harsh smirk, 啃I ate his flesh and blood.

It seems that the intensity of the magnetic interference of the destination and the amount of cosmic dust far exceed their expectations, causing great interference to their safe landing and reorganization.

boom! boom! boom!

Li Yao seems to hear a deafening explosion everywhere inside Starship. Because it is still between 3D and 4D, he can even “see” the state of some sealed units inside Starship. These Magical Artifact units are embedded in one. In such a highly unstable state, even a sand-grained substance may completely destroy the Magical Artifact unit.

Li Yao has no other way, he can only stir the magnetic field of life, and absorb a lot of cosmic dust to his side, to avoid the cosmic dust to the crew and the Starship main structure, causing further damage.


Three thousand chapters are reached!

For a time, I was so emotional that I couldn’t figure out how to write.

I remember very clearly that three years ago, the 2015 3 of 1 was officially written with the words “Rust Lake”. At that time, I didn’t even think of the name “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”.

About 3 month 15 day upload, it is just a glimpse of it, entertaining people to entertain themselves, where to think, will span a long three years, to today, so far away.

For three years, more than a thousand days and nights, on average, nearly three chapters a day, at least two chapters, all year round, regardless of the annual enmity or the child and my own sick hospital, have not asked for a vacation, really I poured all my love and hard work into it.

Tired? Of course, looking back over the past thousand or so days and nights, it is hard to imagine how to persist, or that sentence, I knew so bitter and tired, maybe 2015 3 month 1 gave up on that day.

But then again, if people live alive, if you don’t suffer from bitterness, burn your life, and squeeze your own limits, what else do you mean?

At least, with these immature but full of sincerity and enthusiasm, with the support of so many brothers and sisters, with a world that belongs to us all, it’s worth it to be tired and tired. “This person has also been perfected through the world of “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation” and has obtained a “real”.

Three years of painstaking cultivation, both physical and mental fatigue, but at the end of the stage, more and more can not be discouraged and careless, I hope that brothers and sisters continue to support the old cows, we together to play God Tomb and the two worlds, ushered in – brand new future!

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