FMC Chapter 3001

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3001 I am coming, I see, I conquer! Floating astronomy
This is an extremely dangerous approach.

Because Li Yao must absorb all the cosmic dust around him, but can’t invade himself.

If a cosmic dust invades the body and is closely integrated with the atoms that make up his flesh and blood, it is equivalent to a nuclear fusion explosion in his body. The consequences are unimaginable.

Only Li Yao, the big expert of Divided Spirit Stage, is crazy to the extreme gambler, dare to do so.

โ€œๅ’ปๅ’ปๅ’ปwhoosh! โ€

Numerous cosmic dust has entered the Starship, which has just emerged from the four dimensional space and is still in the “expanded” state.

Or, it is the fragments and shackles of Starship that have gotten into the cosmic dust.

The strong magnetic field collided and knocked out countless invisible coils. The cosmic dust of the universe accelerated, and the dazzling electric awns appeared, as if they had bursting bullets.

At the attraction of Li Yao’s life magnetic field, these shining bullets have drawn a graceful curve and shot at his body, surrounded by him to make a thrilling and beautiful circular motion, which will make him shine crystal clear. If the demon comes.


The density of cosmic dust is too high, and the trajectory is too complicated. When Starship is about to break away from the shackles of four dimensional space, two cosmic dusts suddenly collide, and one of the orbital offsets is actually shot into Li Yao’s chest!

boom! Hลng hลng hลng hลng Boom!

Li Yao suddenly felt that his heart seemed to have a explosion of 100,000 Crystal Bombs at the same time, and even activated the chain reaction, causing all the cells that make up the body to burst.

For a time, my heart hurts like a twist, biting a big tooth, and snoring.

Spiritual Energy is constantly flowing into the wound, directly smashing the rotten meat and pus blood of the wound with the cosmic dust, and activates the powerful vitality, splits the cells, grows the granulation, and heals the shocking wounds.

Look at the spurted pus and blood, but it has not yet landed, but it is annihilated in midair and turned into a blue smoke.

so close!

Li Yao can’t help but sweat the sweat of the back. If the diameter of this cosmic dust is a little bigger, even if it is 20% or 30%, maybe he will not be able to force it out of the body, and he will live and explode. It is.

Thinking of this, Li Yao was condensed and did not dare to care. He continued to carefully collect the cosmic dust inside Starship, and no accidents occurred.

About a minute later, the Starship’s explosion and bumps subsided, and at the foot of Li Yao, there was a colorful circle of sand-like powder.


Li Yao relieved, kneeling on one knee, licking the heart that had just healed, and finally the shock was a little bit.

โ€œIs there any casualties on the Starship, how is the power situation, can it be connected to the tactical network, locate nearby friendly forces, how are the casualties and location of the friendly?โ€

Three seconds later, Li Yao jumped up and called up the monitoring and communication interface of Starship. The three-dimensional 3D light curtain suspended in midair, massive data falling like a rainstorm, sharpened by lightning. The eyes were scanned into the brain.

Fortunately, because he absorbed a lot of cosmic dust, his Starship “Hunting” did not have any casualties. The main structure of Starship was also intact. Only two sets of power units failed, and they were urgently repaired. in.

The Starship, which participated in the arrest and Expeditions, has undergone special intensive modification. Each Starship has about 50% of power units installed. The power is more than enough. If it is not too bad, it will be extremely bad. The situation, even if it loses half of the power, can maintain the state of combat.

Knowing that the crew and the Starship are safe, Li Yao is relieved, focusing on Starship by monitoring the Crystal Eye and scanning the Magical Artifact.

“The tactical network is unfolding and scanning, automatically searching for nearby friendly forces!”

Li Yao’s telepathic thoughts, along with the expansion of Spiritual Nexus, can’t spread, Expeditions… Magnificent, majestic, speculative and violent world.

“Beauty, it’s beautiful, and watching this ‘cosmic butterfly’ from the inside is 10,000 times more beautiful than watching it from the outside!”

When Li Yao’s telepathic thoughts are closely intertwined with the surrounding universe, they are involuntarily trapped in ten seconds of sorrow and loss.

There is no language, even the language of Pangu Clan, which can describe the beauty of the world around you and his shock.

The torrent of two supernova explosions is still raging and smashing the universe, leaving behind the turbulent energy.

However, the “Ancient Giant Stars”, the leading brother of all the planets, is not easy to share with the generations. It also releases the smog-like radiation and high-energy particle flow, which impacts the energy of the supernova explosion.

It seems like two stocks, no, it is the three streams that meet at the same place, colliding with the huge waves and the thundering thunder.

The cosmic dust, which is scattered within the gravity circle of the Ancient Giant Stars, is ten thousand times denser than the atmospheric vacuum of the ordinary. These small particles, which are almost invisible to the naked eye, are infused by three distinct energies of energy, and are rubbed and excited at ultra-high speed. In the process of shooting, it constantly burns itself, releasing the naked eye, red orange, red, green, blue, purple, and multiplied by a million times of ray of light, as if, like many rainbow-colored giant pythons are tightly entangled, Swallowing each other, lingering, blending and splitting.

And Li Yao’s “Hunting”, Human Race Civilization, is the most sophisticated Starship of wisdom, courage and sweat refining, but it is a small reptile on the rainbow giant python, up and down in the giants’ surges. Follow the tide.

Li Yao knows that it was just these cosmic dusts that made up the rainbow giant, which almost killed his life.

Even so, in the face of such a brilliant universe, he couldn’t help but deeply sway, from the depths of every cell, the most primitive and wild nature screams: “The universe, such a brilliant universe, so magnificent And the thrilling universe, I, Human Race, we are here, we witness, we conquer!”

Li Yao is more hot than the stellar detonation, penetrating the rainbow dust belt and looking deeper into the Ancient Giant Stars.

It is a gravel star belt, countless fingers and fist-sized meteorites whistling, forming a shining halo, just like a planet warrior swinging down the knife that blows hair.

Li Yao knows that in the ancient astronomical database of Empire of True Humanity, Ancient Giant Stars originally had no planetary halo. This halo should be formed not long ago when several satellites collided with each other.

The halo that has just formed, regardless of its shape, structure, speed or orbit, is the most dangerous gravel belt.

Fortunately, they didn’t jump directly into the ancient Giant Stars’ halo. Otherwise, hundreds of experts went into the Great Principle Golden Immortal and they were not saved.

Looking through the rainbow dust belt and the planet halo, Li Yao saw… “it.”

One of the largest planets in the universe, the reserve of stars, the giant giant planets that surpass the solid planets of ten million times!

Ancient Giant Stars occupies almost the entire vision of Li Yao, giving him an eccentric illusion, as if this giant planet is expanding and has swallowed up most of the universe.

Its surface has red, brown, white and blue and other colorful parallel stripes, which proves that it has a very strong hurricane in the ethane atmosphere, and a piece of huge erythema, which should be the high temperature jet at the core, and As a result of the violent reaction of substances such as red phosphorus on the surface, these erythema are in the range of thousands to tens of thousands of kilometers. It is like a bloody mouth, and the Starship of the Human Race is swallowed up.

Li Yao used to have an experience close to the neutron pulsar cultivation, but never approached a giant planet.

Although the density of the former is extremely high, the latter is much more thrilling in terms of visual effects.

Because the neutron star is the product of the stellar explosion, equivalent to the corpse of the star, almost cut off the vitality, is going to the end.

While Ancient Giant Stars is still in the most magnificent life of life, it is still doing its best and fighting for it, trying to break free from all the shackles that bind you.

From the Giant Giant Stars, Li Yao perceives the vitality of the unrestrained, really like a warrior looking at a Jedi for survival.


Li Yao noticed that the shape of Ancient Giant Stars is not a regular sphere, but an ellipse close to olives, and a large number of irregular depressions and bulges appear on the surface, just like a lot of deep valleys and dangerous peaks.

This is an internal reaction that is too intense and sustains the signs that the intrinsic form of the billions of years has been broken. If the Giant Giant Stars cannot ignite the fire of the stars and upgrade to a true star, Li Yao estimates that it will lose a lot of time in a certain astronomical time. The quality of the stray planet becomes smaller and even falls apart.

Fortunately, “certain astronomical time” is likely to be thousands of years for Human Race. As long as it is not artificially stimulating, for a moment and a half, they should not worry about the problem of Ancient Giant Stars crashing.

Li Yao expanded the telepathic thoughts, and with the increase of the Spiritual Nexus, it expanded to the limit and quickly locked in dozens of nearby friendly Starships.

Because they jumped in from the 0.1Lightyears and the ultra-short-range Star Ocean jump, the jump accuracy was extremely high and the formation remained fairly complete. Most Starships were accurately jumped outside the gravity circle of Ancient Giant Stars. nearby.

Rainbow dust did cause a lot of trouble for Starship. Many Starship’s Spiritual Energy Protective Shields were broken down. Many Starship lost 20% to 30% of the power. Even some of the Expeditions on Starship did not die. When jumping here, it directly “collided” on the cosmic dust and fell on the spot.

This is the battlefield. This is the battle between Human Race and the universe. It shoulders the mission of the future. Li Yao can only force himself to clench his teeth, and he is the heart of the heart. In the bottom of his heart, he will pay the highest salute to these sacrificial warriors and take them. Without completing the mission, continue Expeditions.

Fortunately, as of now, all Starship’s damage is within acceptable limits, and there is no Starship’s loss of combat capability. The magnetic storms around it are too strong and the interference is too serious. The Spiritual Nexus communication is intermittent and it is difficult to communicate effectively with friendly forces.

Just as Li Yao ordered the crew to increase the output power and build a more stable battle net, the “Hunting” received a signal for help.

The signal comes from the depths of halo, within the gravitational circle of Ancient Giant Stars!

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