FMC Chapter 3002

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3002 falls into Ancient Giant Stars! Floating astronomy
“Yes… Fist King!”

From the unique identity ripple identification of the distress signal, it is the “Iron Fist Ship” that Fist King controls.

Li Yao’s pupil suddenly shrank, and the “Hunter” firmly locked the “Iron Fist Ship”. A series of telepathic thoughts rippled through and read more detailed information.

As data and information sources continue to be used, the embarrassing situation of the “Iron Fist Ship” and the fragmented Starship structure parameters appear on the “Hunting” Mainframe Crystal Processor.

Fist King’s luck is too good.

His Starship did not jump to the rainbow dust belt outside the Ancient Giant Stars like other Starships, but as Li Yao just worried, jumped directly into the halo that was just created, the gravel star belt.

Only the grit-sized cosmic dust is enough to cause a Starship that has just jumped out of the four dimensional space to fall apart, let alone nails and fist-sized meteorites. It is 10,000 shells and bombards the interior of the “Iron Fist Ship”. Every corner.

Switching to any of the Human Race captains, it is impossible to cope with such intensive rain, perhaps at the moment of jumping out of the four dimensional space, Starship will disintegrate in the air.

Fortunately, Fist King, the Information Lifeform, plans the defense of the route and Spiritual Energy Protective Shield with his superior computational ability, and personally manipulates the Mustard Seed Grade number of adhesive repair agents for ultra-efficient tube loss treatment. The power of the “Iron Fist Ship” 30% was saved and a thrilling “landing” was completed.

But just crossed the gravel star belt, new problems have emerged.

Their “landing point” is too close to the Ancient Giant Stars, which has been captured by the mighty gravitational force of this giant planet, falling towards the surface of the planet.

If they have 100% power, or even 50% or more, it is possible to escape alive.

But now only 30% of power is left, and the Starship structure is seriously damaged. I don’t dare to overload the power unit. It’s like a swampy drowning person. The more you struggle, the faster you will sink. You can only watch yourself. The deeper the depression, eventually, was swallowed up by the darkness.

Through the remote monitoring system, Li Yao can see that all the parameters of the power units on the “Iron Fist Ship” turn into orange, red, deep red and black, and finally pale gray.

He seems to be able to hear the sounds of these power units “hōng hōng hōng hōng” bursting and smashing, as well as the twisting and breaking sound of the Starship main structure in the “flickering” metal fatigue.

There is no power to stop the fall of the “Iron Fist Ship”. Their ending is not to drop the ancient giant Stars’ sea of ​​methane and hydrogen. It has been extruded from a few kilometers long into a shovel of less than 100 meters in diameter; it is swallowed by lightning. The fragile structure was completely shredded with the human flesh and blood of Human Race – the latter method of death is still a little bit more fun.

“Fist King !”

The magnetic interference is too serious. Even if Li Yao’s “Hunting” is closest to Fist King’s “Iron Fist Ship”, it is a waste of Nine Ox Two Tiger Strength. It uses peer-to-peer communication to barely contact each other. “What is the situation on your side, there is no hope of escape, launch the escape cabin quickly, I will meet you on the periphery of the gravel star belt!”

“It’s useless.”

The opposite side of the communication channel was silent for a long time. Only the sound of “Shasha Shasha” seemed to be experiencing a super-sand storm. Fist King’s voice was intermittent. “Starship… seriously damaged… Many people were injured and could not escape. Cabin… The escape area was also worn by meteorite rain, and most of the escape cabins were destroyed, not enough for all crew members to escape… Even if they boarded the escape cabin, the power and armor of the escape cabin were not enough to get rid of the gravity of Ancient Giant Stars, and The blast in the halo… can’t escape.”

“……how about you?”

Li Yao’s nose and apex both overflowed with sourness, clenched his teeth, hardened his heart, and whispered. “You can escape, wait for something, launch yourself, it’s too late to be late!”

Unlike the ordinary Human Race, the essence of Fist King can be said to be an ultra-large type database. It does not have a real body. Even if the database is running efficiently, Super Crystal Computer is required. However, such a Crystal Computer is not only On the “Iron Fist Ship”, there are also a lot of “backups” on other Starships.

In other words, Fist King has several clones stored on different Starships, even if Iron Fist Ship is smashed, but as long as he launches large amounts of data in time, he can still be “reborn” for a short period of time. The ability to think logically is reduced a bit, losing part of the memory data.

However, Information Lifeform is said to be strong and strong, saying that the weak is also weak. The launch of the data depends on the rhythm of the magnetic ripples, but the closer to the atmosphere of the Ancient Giant Stars, the stronger the magnetic interference, and the more susceptible to the horrible ionizing magnetic storm. If Fist King’s core database is launched, it will be swallowed up by the ionization magnetic storm, that is, “divine soul is gone, it will never be recovered.”

One second later, there is more risk. Li Yao doesn’t know what Fist King is waiting for – time rush, he can’t fix “Iron Fist Ship”, just waste his precious computing ability and survival hope!

“I can’t go.”

The strong interference of “Shasha Shasha” came from the low voice of Fist King. “I am trying to stabilize the ‘Iron Fist Ship’ as much as possible. Before the fuel is exhausted, I can resist the gravity of Ancient Giant Stars and let ‘Iron Fist Ship’ Above the atmosphere of the Ancient Giant Stars, stay… for a while.”


Li Yao is puzzled and worried. “From the damage data of ‘Iron Fist Ship’, you can’t fix it, use its own power to escape, deadlock above the methane atmosphere of Ancient Giant Stars, what’s there? significance!”


Fist King said calmly, “Our situation is not good. Many Specialist scholars on the ship are dead. People who are still alive understand that their lives are not long, but they don’t want to die without meaning. These people, especially astronomers. I beg you to try to maintain the stability of the ‘Iron Fist Ship’ and give them more time to scan and research the data inside the Ancient Giant Stars.

“You know, this super-large, extremely unstable giant planet has rarely had a chance to approach it like this in the past, let alone a series of data to observe and study it.

“Astronomers on the Iron Fist Ship want to take this precious opportunity to collect more data and launch it towards your ‘Hunting’, which will fill the gaps in the Human Race research giant planet and The Expeditions action, the hope of a little more success – at least, the more you know about Ancient Giant Stars, the more likely you are to deal with the accident, escape alive, isn’t it?

“I think these scholars are very reasonable, so if you use Human Race, what should you say? ‘Take your life with the gentleman’, yes, that’s it.

“Li Yao, don’t worry about me, I will seize the last opportunity to launch my core database. Now you only need to make sure that the receiving unit of the ‘Hunting’ is working properly, accepting the ‘Iron Fist Ship’ All the data that was launched, all the Specialist scholars here are sticking their teeth, ensuring that the Dao Heart is firm and the divine soul is clear, and collect as much data as possible before they are completely shredded by the giant planet!”

Li Yao is moving.

I didn’t expect the answer to be like this.

In a moment, the data about Ancient Giant Stars—the composition of the atmosphere, the frequency and intensity of ionizing thunderstorms, the density and gravity of the planets, and the flooding of various data, such as flooding, through the gravel belt, are constantly flowing in. “Hunting number.”

Li Yao’s eyes are a little red.

He seems to be able to see the sights on the “Iron Fist Ship”, the Specialist scholars, the unarmed and seriously injured astronomers, Spiritual Energy scientists, meteorologists and the authority of the basic disciplines, already know I can’t escape alive, I am about to usher in the worst fall, but I don’t waste even a second of time to sigh and grieve. They open their eyes, bite their lips, and firm their will, in the most terrible enemy – Ancient Giant Stars In front of them, they reveal their only remaining weapons, determination and pride.

Human Race can be eliminated, but it can never be defeated.

Even if life only has the last second, they have to figure out more about the mystery of the universe.

This is the scholar’s Dao Heart.

Regardless of Federation or Empire, regardless of cultivator or Immortal Cultivator, scholars, especially cutting-edge scholars in basic subjects, are often the most special and pure group of people.

The reason is very simple. Even if cultivation proceeds to Nascent Origin Stage, an Immortal Cultivator who is obsessed with astronomy can’t be as intriguing as the Combat Type Immortal Cultivator, fighting for power and killing each other.

I used to see the vast expanse of the galaxy, the evolution of the universe with billions of years as a time scale, and let these astronomers look back, sinking in the small head between the hairless monkeys, it is too naive, too stupid, too boring It is.

At the last moment of life, both the Federation and the Empire’s scholars have released the most magnificent fire of life and turned into the eyes of the entire Human Race, striving to see more of the beauty and mystery of the universe. This is their survival. The meaning.

The “Iron Fist Ship” released a dazzling light, and the momentum of the fall finally stopped.

However, the thrust of Ancient Giant Stars and the thrust of Starship itself has caused the metal fatigue of Starship’s main structure to suddenly increase. Anyone can see that Fist King can’t last long.

The tears in the eyes of Li Yao almost turned into magma.

The parameters of the Ancient Giant Stars collided with the parameters of the “Iron Fist Ship”, and the only possibility was found from the inability to escape.

“Fist King !”

Li Yao yelled, “hold on, I will save you, save you!”

“……do not come.”

Fist King’s always calm voice finally broke the ice, and there was a strange mood. “The meteorites and ionizing magnetic storms here are too strong. If you are not careful, you will fall into the gravity vortex of Ancient Giant Stars. You can’t take the ‘hunting horn’. Everyone’s life is a joke. We have had a plan. In this case, we can only give up the Starship that is in a desperate situation!”

“I know.”

Li Yao grinned, revealing white teeth. “So, it’s not a hunting squad, it’s just me to save you!”

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