FMC Chapter 3003

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3003 This is my enemy! Floating astronomy
“…you are crazy!”

Fist King’s Crystal Computer seems to be “pī pā” in the communication channel, and instantly understands Li Yao’s plan. “You have to harness Giant Divine Weapon, break through the gravel star belt, and invade the ancient Giant Stars’ gravitational circle to save us. Impossible, the quality of the Iron Fist Ship is too big. It is not something that you can drive with a Giant Divine Weapon. Even if you are driving the Pandi Universe’s most formidable Giant Divine Weapon ‘Arsonist’, you will only run out of Giant Divine. Weapon’s fuel, damaging the structure of the Giant Divine Weapon, was swallowed up with us by Ancient Giant Stars.

“Moreover, the structure of the Iron Fist Ship is too fragile. Just because your ‘Arsonist’ exerts a driving force in one direction, it is impossible to push us out of the gravitational circle, but it will further destroy the structure of the Iron Fist Ship and let us disintegrate in advance!

“So, your kindness, all of our Specialist scholars are here, but there is no need to do such a meaningless thing, to bury the Iron Fist Ship, no need!”

“Why is it so pessimistic, in every battle against the universe, every bit of our efforts will not be meaningless!”

Li Yao smiled, his hands pressed on the armrests, the whole person fell to the backrest of the seat, and started the mechanism hidden in the seat. Suddenly, the whole seat shook slightly and became a floating platform. All the way down to Giant Divine Weapon’s workshop, he went directly to the “Arsonist” Spirit Mansion.

Driving the liquid crystal “Little Black” for Giant Divine Weapon, he wrapped his body around as natural as the fish breathed in the water. Li Yao completed the transition from Starship to Giant Divine Weapon and reconnected to Fist King. On the channel, continue, “It is certainly not enough to save the Iron Fist Ship by an ‘Arsonist’, but if there are dozens of hundreds of Giant Divine Weapons, some of them are based on my subtle calculations, They appear in some locations in the Iron Fist Ship outer shell, acting as auxiliary power units, while others are responsible for intercepting the whistling meteorites in the gravel belt, temporarily creating an undisturbed vacuum zone, there is a possibility , I will return Iron Fist Ship!”

“The possibility is too embarrassing. How many Giant Divine Weapon drivers will agree with your crazy move?”

Fist King’s voice contains a lot of suspicion and opposition. “Moreover, now that the magnetic interference is so strong, have you got all the Starship connections and built an unimpeded battle net? You can get hundreds of Giant Divine Weapon. The consent of those experts, especially the Immortal Cultivator of Empire of True Humanity, will they agree with your crazy move?”

“Oh, should you?”

Li Yao touched her nose. “In short, I have sent the distress signal and the situation description. The magnetic interference is slightly stronger, so the battle network will definitely be a little delayed. I believe that after a few minutes, these Giant Divine Weapon drivers, whether they are cultivators or Immortal Cultivators, will come to help?”


Fist King is incredible. “That is, you haven’t got anyone’s consent and tacit understanding at all. I don’t know if there will be even one person fighting with you. Are you going to betray? You are a Madman, downright. Madman!”

“To each other.”

Li Yao murmured, “Like you said, Fist King, ‘just kill the gentleman’, anyway, I just can’t watch these… Human Race Civilization The real elite, so annihilate the gravity of Ancient Giant Stars In vortex!”

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The triple airtight doors were opened one after another. Before that, the Giant Divine Weapon “Arsonist” had already burned fiercely and jumped into the raging Star Ocean!

“Don’t come, Li Yao!”

Fist King roared, “You can’t save us, it’s not worth it!”

“I do things, never value is not worth it, just cool and unhappy! I have come over!”

“Arsonist” turned into a stream of dark gold and reddish cross, instantly passing tens of thousands of kilometers into the extremely unstable gravel belt.

Tens of thousands of meteorite fragments roared, but they were directly crushed and annihilated by Li Yao’s flaming flames. Just like the “Arsonist”, a tens of thousands of kilometers of scarlet cloaks were towed, and the domineering to the extreme.

This time, without his active communication, the far-reaching friendly Starship can scan the extremely abnormal energy response in the gravel star belt and notice his intention.

“Knowing why I have always been lazy and don’t want to talk to you. In the face of the challenges of Nascent Origin and even Spirit Transformation, can you hide and hide?”

Within the “Arsonist”, Li Yao laughed arrogantly.

Every smile on the corner of the mouth seems to have become a blade glow from Giant Divine Weapon.

Everything that was in front of him, whether it was tens of meters of meteorites and strontium iron, high-energy particle flow and super-radiation, and even an electric arc erupted from the atmosphere of the Ancient Giant Stars, was crushed by him. Scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

“I am not a hero in the world, but I am not confident that I can deal with hundreds of Nascent Origin and Spirit Transformation. Instead, I am on the road to cultivation. Today, I am playing against my fellow countryman, Human Race. No interest! Even if you defeated the full Human Race, what about the expert in the Human Race? In front of the universe, I am still a dust, the biggest, meaningless dust!

“Human Race is no longer my goal.

“The universe is my enemy.

“The battle is endless, the fun is endless, I can not only come to rescue you, but also fight with this stupid behemoth, this ‘Ancient Giant Stars’.

“Come on, Ancient Giant Stars, take out all your skills, release your most powerful gravitation, see if you can withstand me, or can I put ‘Iron Fist Ship’ under your eyes Grab it back!”

Li Yao laughed, and the “cloak” behind him seemed to become a red dragonfly for shooting. He was not afraid, and the Iron Fist Ship, which is supported by hardship, was also the gravitational circle of the Ancient Giant Stars and even the atmosphere.

Chī chī chī chī !



The closer to Ancient Giant Stars, the more turbulent the magnetic field is, the more intense the Spiritual Energy interference is, and even a large number of high-energy particle streams that are invisible to the naked eye penetrate the “Arsonist” Spiritual Energy Protective Shield and composite armor, even penetrating “Little Black” , 狠狠 pierced Li Yao’s skin, muscles and bones.

Li Yao’s ear, full of disturbing noise and the metal fatigue of Giant Divine Weapon, many of his cells were burned by high-energy particles, and the vitality of the life was a stagnation.

But he still insisted on his teeth, just like a super hurricane.

Finally, above the sea of ​​lightning that is almost boiling, he saw the “Iron Fist Ship”!

The Iron Fist Ship at the moment is like a shark that has been smashed.

But at least, its main structure is barely intact, and there is no large-scale material and fuel spray. Several working fluid nozzles in the abdomen and tail are still spurting with faint flames.

Not far below the Iron Fist Ship, in the methane cloud of Surges, a thick bunch of lightning bolts out like Devil’s arm, like the Iron Fist Ship’s Spiritual Energy Protective Shield and Spiritual Jet, towards Iron Fist Ship Grabbing, rubbing the abdomen of the Iron Fist Ship at a close distance.

“Fist King !”

Li Yao cheered, driving the “Arsonist” in the head of the Iron Fist Ship, and shot dozens of Crystal Railguns in the atmosphere of the Ancient Giant Stars, delaying the new thunderstorm birth.

Not waiting for Fist King to answer, “Arsonist” stuck to the head of Iron Fist Ship’s falling down, the power unit’s output power surged to the limit, squirting 10,000 stream of light, trying to “catch” Iron Fist Ship, And put it to life!

The Iron Fist Ship is a very cutting-edge Arsenal Ship, one of the largest and highest quality fleets of the largest Expeditions fleet, with a body length of more than three kilometers.

The “Arsonist” is full and the height is no more than forty meters. The contrast between the two is like an ant trying to lift a huge bone.

In just a few seconds, the “Arsonist” joints were unexplained, and the tail flame became the white of excessive consumption of crystal fuel, and the arms were deeply embedded in the ship’s head armor of the Iron Fist Ship.

“What are you doing!”

Fist King can’t wait to get a hammer from the robotic arm and reach the “Arsonist” Spirit Mansion to knock Li Yao’s head. “It’s not a fight, it’s a suicide, no one will go crazy with you, you Do you really understand?”

“I… of course I understand!”

Li Yao within “Arsonist” relies on one’s own strength to counter the extreme gravity of the Giant Giant Stars and the thunderstorm. The nostrils and mouth are overflowing with blood, but the strong blood can’t erase the confidence in his smile. “It’s you, you don’t understand, Fist King.

“This Expeditions ‘Emperor ancient tomb God Tomb Black Tomb’ action will surely encounter countless more dangerous situations than before, and the temptation that any upright person can’t resist, but our team has three more shares. Different forces are formed, although they have undergone running-in training, but they are far from being united and tacit.

“If you just jumped over and encountered the first difficulty, we will see you die and give up a whole Starship comrade. After that, the hearts of the people are gone, no matter whoever encounters any danger, no one will be there. To save, everyone will only think about how to save themselves, and keep the ‘useful body’ to capture the most valuable wealth of Emperor, Pangu Clan and black wall makers!

“I understand, an adventure team composed entirely of smart people is not far away. Someone must first play the role of Madman and the idiot, and go without regrets, rewards, or even sacrifices. Yours, The Specialist scholars on your ship first became ‘stupid’, but not enough. The number of ‘stupid’ is not enough for the whole team to complete the qualitative change. Let me come and add a fire!

“I’m not just to save this boatman. I want to save those experts, some of the ruthless Immortal Cultivator’s heart, some… never wake up, but there must be something, and these Something, this is the key to our mission!”

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