FMC Chapter 3004

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3004 fights to the moment of hope! Floating astronomy

Along with Li Yao’s low squat, the output power of “Arsonist” is once again raised, far beyond the load, and dozens of flames like wings are sprayed behind him. The red-red flames are claws and claws. It is like a giant behemoth that is close at hand. Giant Stars, declare war.

Iron Fist Ship’s constant momentum has actually been curbed by Li Yao’s one’s own strength. Even the new Arsenal Ship, driven by the “Arsonist”, is constantly rising, trying to get rid of the terrible gravitational trap!


Such incredible divine ability, naturally has to pay a terrible price, Li Yao only feels from the depths of the Ancient Giant Stars atmosphere, numerous high-energy particle flows and invisible arc lasing, penetrates Giant Divine Weapon and his chest So that his internal organs are in full swing, can not help but spurt a black blood.

But he still insisted on fighting the gravity of the giant planet and raising the Iron Fist Ship by one inch, one inch, and another inch!

“Li Yao…”


“Black Wind King…”

Everyone on the Iron Fist Ship knows the news that Li Yao came to the rescue alone. Even by monitoring the Crystal Eye, I clearly saw the “Arsonist” overbearing figure, all of which was stunned for a while.

Especially the basic subject researchers from the Empire of True Humanity, those astronomers and Spiritual Energy scientists.

In the expert respect of Empire, they are non-Combat Type Immortal Cultivator, even if they can cultivate to Nascent Origin realm, have a certain social status and fame, but it is really critical, never dare to expect a Combat Type Immortal Cultivator Life is forgotten to save them.


Many Immortal Cultivators don’t understand, “Why should you abandon your “important” life to save them of these insignificant people?”

In any case, before the doubts were solved, there was already a stream of heat that surged from the deepest part of their hearts, circulated throughout the body, activated each of their cells, and released the transpiration heat from the hundreds of thousands of pores. .

“Even Li Yao is putting everything into battle, and we must not admit defeat! Ancient Giant Stars is so strong, at least this moment, we are still alive, living is a constant battle, friends, let us In their respective positions, fight to the last moment!”

Fist King’s iron-like roar, also blew the depth of the Iron Fist Ship, the horn of the charge.

An amazing scene was staged.

In the face of the huge planet that will tear them up and squash them, everyone is not afraid. After taking a deep breath, Dao Heart releases the most brilliance and gives them endless courage and strength.

Astronomers dragged the injured body and rushed to the front of Crystal Computer, releasing a probe ball into the methane atmosphere of Ancient Giant Stars, grabbing the last time, collecting and analyzing the data inside the gaseous planet, inferring Whether it has a liquid layer or even a dense solid core.

Spiritual Energy scientists capture the super-radiative and high-energy particle streams released from Ancient Giant Stars, analyze the lightning flashes and thunder rolls in the methane atmosphere, and try to find out how the violent magnetic field works, using this method to “conquer” Ancient Giant Stars.

All of the Human Race’s top medical Specialists are focused on treating patients and even inserting a sharp test wafer directly into their body.

As the radiation gets stronger and the gravity gets higher and higher, they record a series of detailed data on their own slow exhaustion and death. For the future Human Race to survive and fight in high gravity and super environment, sure There are great benefits.

The soldiers wore the Crystal Armor, picked up the repair and reinforcement materials, saved the cabin, and reinforced the Iron Fist Ship’s fragmented outer shell. In front of the Death God swing down chain saw, they got more time and Next, there are more “external auxiliary power units” to prepare for the connection.

“Li Yao, let’s help you!”

Many fighters rushed to Li Yao’s side. Like him, with his arms wide open and embedded in the outer shell of Iron Fist Ship, the power output of the Crystal Armor was stirred to the limit, providing a small, weak for the Iron Fist Ship. , upward, bright power.

“Li Yao, we have all done this, and then we will see… will there be more people to help us!”

Fist King murmured.

“Yes, will come, believe me, believe in Human Race, believe in the future, believe in hope!”

Li Yao’s teeth were rubbed again, and the smile on her face was so bright that she was burning fiercely. “We, our duty, is fighting, fighting to the moment of hope!”


Such a crazy overload output finally caused the evil. A power unit behind the “Arsonist” suddenly burst and turned into a ball of fire that was smashed by an arc. One of the wings of the flame was suddenly broken.

The imbalance of the driving force caused the Iron Fist Ship to tilt to the right, and the metal fatigue of the “吱吱吱吱” instantly became sharp. The starship outer shell showed a gap visible to the naked eye, and the pressure inside and outside was extremely unbalanced. Under pressure, a lot of materials and fuels spewed out like blood.

Such gaps, if not handled in time, are likely to continue to expand until the entire Starship is cut off.

“Go to repair!”

Numerous Crystal Armor burst into tears, and all the crew rushed toward the cracks, as if they were using their own flesh and blood to form a binder to block the crack.

“I will come… I will come… I will come… I will come!”

Li Yao’s eyes are full of blood, almost leaving blood and tears. The lips are torn by the sharp teeth. The blood flows to the chest that is rushing and undulating. His brain cells almost explode, recalculating the new dynamic balance after losing a power output point. Posture, trying to continue to hold the Iron Fist Ship.

The gravity of the Ancient Giant Stars is too strong. He feels that the Iron Fist Ship on his shoulder is getting heavier and heavier, like a real planet, pressing on his shoulder.

“Even, even if the real planet is down, I will push you back!”

Li Yao is arrogant, once again, and the planet, and the world, and the universe!

At this moment, the whole universe seems to be cracked and annihilated, turning into a vain battlefield, leaving only his tug-of-war with Ancient Giant Stars.

Just as his consciousness became increasingly blurred, and the whole person gradually sank down, a sharp roar ran through his neural field.

“Li Yao, what are you doing, really risky, don’t you say it in advance?”

This, this is not the voice of Fist King, it seems to be, Ding Lingdang?

Is it auditory hallucination?

“Without my permission, I dare to make fun of my own life, you are getting more and more!”

No, it’s not an auditory hallucination. It’s really a voice coming from the communication channel. Giant Divine Weapon’s communication distance is limited. Since I can hear Ding Lingdang’s voice, it’s still so clear that she must be close at hand!

Li Yao is ecstatic, just dancing, screaming and desperately screaming:

“Wife, help!

“Wife, help!

“Wife, come help, ah, ah!”

Ding Lingdang is driving the “Scarlet Flame Dragon King”.

Boss Bai is driving the “Extreme Pirate”.

Long Yangjun is driving the “Heavenly Crystal”.

There are also many experts of Yan Liren and Ancient Saint Sector, and Li Yao’s Senior Brother “Peng Hai”, including Spirit Transformation Ghost Cultivator Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun, all appearing in the violent atmosphere of Ancient Giant Stars, with sharp eyes. Stinging into the depths of the giant planet, the thunder and erythema of the claws.

“A good violent magnetic field and ionosphere, it seems that the main elements that make up Ancient Giant Stars must contain several highly radioactive crystals, which can turn the atmosphere of this planet into a violent and chaotic vortex.”

Boss Bai Road.

“Iron Fist Ship has fallen into the deepest part of the atmosphere, and it will be entangled with lightning at any time. In this case, if you want to re-launch it, you must go through extremely accurate calculations, and everyone will work together. ”

Meng Chixin said.

“It seems that we are still slightly understaffed by our people. If Empire Immortal Cultivator stands by and even deliberately sees us die, so that we can fisherman catches both, then it is not good.”

Peng Hai said, “So, this matter has to be long…”

They haven’t had time to “learn from the long term”, Ding Lingdang has driven the “Scarlet Flame Dragon King” and rushed down: “Li Yao, don’t run, I am coming!”

Boss Bai: “…”

Meng Chixin: “…”

Peng Hai: “…”

The Federation Founding Father and the former Federation Speaker are rushing to save people. Do they have a second choice?

“Ancient Giant Stars? Interesting.”

Yan Liren smiled and looked at the lightning flashes and thunder rolls on the surface of the planet. The eyes showed a strong excitement and licked his lips. “I really want to know when a sword is fast enough, even if it has gravity. Can you cut it off?”

He rushed down.

“Amitabha, impulsive, it is too impulsive!”

Master Kuchan sighed and slammed his head while slamming his head.

“Li Yao, you are the first treasure of the first day of the history of the Federation!”

Li Yao’s Senior Brother “Fiend Blade” Peng Hai laughed and rushed.

Two Spirit Transformation Ghost Cultivators, Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun looked at each other and saw the tacit understanding of each other’s eyes, both of which rushed down.

These people take the lead, and the rest of the Giant Divine Weapon drivers are still looking forward to standing still? Also dive one by one.

For a while, only Boss Bai and Long Yangjun are left. These two subtle neutrals are out of the way to expert.

Boss Bai looks at Long Yangjun.

“See what I do?”

Long Yangjun wrinkled his nose. “I don’t think you thought that I was Li Yao’s big brainless fool. I would take a blood boiling to take this unnecessary risk. Don’t be kidding! The environment is so bad, even the whole Federation. Together, the experts may not be able to save the Iron Fist Ship unless the Empire expert comes to support. Is it possible? You think that the selfish Immortal Cultivator may abandon its great life and do nothing. Meaningful things? Stupid, stupid, really stupid!”

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