FMC Chapter 3005

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the 3005 chapter expert sword, to the more expert! Floating astronomy
“Stupid? Yeah, this is probably the first impression many people have seen Li Yao, including the original me.”

Boss Bai smiled and said, “But think about it, so many heroes who are smarter and formidable than him are falling. Only his stupid Hot Blooded high school student has gone all the way to today… Go to… Pangu Universe Above the peak of the expert, it’s really ‘lucky’ and ‘coincidence’!”

Long Yangjun was in the heart and said: “Boss Bai, what do you want to say?”

“What I want to say is that Li Yao is a smart and arrogant person. It looks like a reckless adventure. In fact, all the factors have been counted. He knows that not only the Federation cultivator but also the Empire Immortal Cultivator can give up. his.”

Boss Bai lightly said, “The reason is simple. He controls half of the keys to open the core door of the Emperor ancient tomb, and a large number of information fragments from the Fuxi database. Also, the two Information Lifeforms, Xiaoming and Wenwen, are standing here. On the other hand, it is impossible to ignore his life and death. It can be said that his ‘utility value’ is extremely high. If he falls here, the Expeditions have not really started yet, and they have failed.

“The Expeditions team can withstand the loss of an ‘Iron Fist Ship’, but it can’t bear the consequences of Li Yao’s early fall. It is precisely this that he took his own life as a bargaining chip, which is to force Immortal Cultivator make a move Save people.

“Why do you have to do this?

“I think, he may have to force Immortal Cultivator to taste the taste of ‘forgetting to die, to give up being a human being’. There is a saying called ‘the taste of the marrow’. After many things have been tried, they will become addicted, killing, burning. Grab will be addictive. When a good person saves someone else’s life, it may also be addictive.”

Long Yangjun is deeply pondered.

“How do you want to make a move with me to save people?”

Boss Bai asked.

“Do you really want to make a move?”

Long Yangjun looked incredibly at Boss Bai, the fierce Star Pirate’s King.

“Don’t misunderstand, I certainly didn’t think of being a good person with good intentions and no regrets. However, in most cases, the unity and sacrifice of Human Race has nothing to do with moral good or bad, just because of common interests. Only.”

Boss Bai said, “The simplest truth, when you go deep into the hub of the Emperor ancient tomb or even the black wall, you find an unparalleled treasure of the precious treasure, which allows one to instantly have the magical power of the gods, but also 闯When the last one is extremely dangerous, and you may be seriously injured, when do you want to stand behind you? Li Yao, Ding Lingdang, etc. cultivator, or my notorious Star Pirate, or those Empire Immortal What about Cultivator?”

Long Yangjun narrowed his eyes and turned his eyes. After a while, he had a cold war.


She has to admit, “Don’t talk about Li Yao, even if I am standing behind Ding Lingdang, it seems to be safer than you or Empire Immortal Cultivator. At least, if Ding Lingdang wants to do it, he will only kick his fists. I won’t insert a knife behind me.”


Boss Bai said calmly, “I also hope that when I found the Taikoo precious treasure in the deepest part of my Expeditions Emperor ancient tomb, I stood behind Li Yao or Ding Lingdang instead of you and Empire Immortal Cultivator. That’s me. The reason that Li Yao is alive, perhaps, is also the reason why he can fight all the way to today, still alive and kicking.

“Come on, try Li Yao’s method, maybe you will… taste the marrow?”

After Boss Bai finished, he smiled and drove the “Extreme Pirate”, chasing the tail flames of many cultivators and rushing toward the Iron Fist Ship.

Long Yangjun has been stunned for a long time and laughed at himself.


She muttered, “It seems that your idiots from the Federation are more cute than the imaginary Immortal Cultivator of the Empire of True Humanity. If you guys fall on the Ancient Giant Stars, I don’t dare Go with Expeditions Emperor ancient tomb with those smart people.

“Then let me try it too, be a stupid taste!”

Long Yangjun’s “Heavenly Crystal” is like building a crystal bridge in the universe vacuum, and it is like a crystal clear arrow pointing directly to the direction of Iron Fist Ship!

Not far away, countless shining spots have also broken through the raging gravel star belt.

That was coming from all directions, Empire of True Humanity to expert and Giant Divine Weapon.

The Immortal Cultivators’ faces were faint and unpredictable, and they stared at the Iron Fist Ship not far away and the numerous Federation Giant Divine Weapons.

From this point of view, the red flares of the ancient Giant Stars are like a sea of ​​turbulent waves, and the Iron Fist Ship is just a dead leaf between the waves, including Li Yao. The Federation Giant Divine Weapon is as small as a plankton, struggling in front of thunderstorms and arrogance, and any wave of 10% can swallow them.

“They… are you crazy?”

This is the first reaction of all Immortal Cultivators.

They really don’t know what Li Yao’s cultivators are doing, why they are stubborn, and they have to sneak into the gravitational circles and atmosphere of the Ancient Giant Stars to compete with the enemies they can’t beat.

However, before their rational thinking has yet to clear their minds, this singularity of life and battle, has already touched the deepest part of their Dao Heart, the original, wild and barbaric instinct.

The images of the Federation cultivator and the Ancient Giant Stars contend with the original Human Race, the hammering axe and the stone spear, the slash-and-burn, the blue-and-white scene, not the same.

The so-called expert, is not to fight against the tyranny of the world, Expeditions natural law, beyond their own limits, for the tribe to fight for a broader living space, open up a variety of roads?

I only know the bullying people all day long, and I will be a good man in front of the same kind, and I will be the king, but when I meet the thunder, I will tremble and beg for mercy. What a hero!

At the moment, the communication network between Immortal Cultivator and the cultivator is initially completed.

But at the other end of the communication channel, only the whistles of the cultivators “hū chī hū chī” and the screams of ridiculous animals are heard. There is no cultivator begging for the help of Immortal Cultivator, and there is no cultivator to blame Immortal Cultivator for selfishness and seeing. They can’t save, they just focus on their actions, as if they had expected that Immortal Cultivator would not make a move, and even without Immortal Cultivator, they could beat Ancient Giant Stars!

This kind of wheezing and roaring is like a shadowless invisible whip, slap on the Damo Heart of every Immortal Cultivator.

They are ignored!

Disgrace, ignoring is a more than a hundred times more shame than anger!

As early as in the Empire Civil War, the achievements of the Federation Expedition Army brought great shame to all Immortal Cultivators. Every Immortal Cultivator with a little bit of self-respect and pride is thinking hard, why is this, Empire and Why is the glory of Immortal Cultivator falling to the point of today?

In front of us, the cultivator’s almost crazy adventure, and their disregard of Immortal Cultivator, even beat each Immortal Cultivator a slap in the face, so that their cheeks and heart are hot and painful, vaguely know the answer.

“Damn, are these cultivators crazy? They, the courage and courage they came from!”

“What are they doing, do you want to rely on one’s own strength to compete against the giant gravity of Ancient Giant Stars? It’s impossible to succeed, never!”

“I know that there are tigers in the mountains, and I am leaning toward Hushan. This kind of stupidity, such madness, such a… this way…”

Immortal Cultivators continue to warn themselves that they must not follow the footsteps of the cultivator.

Some people even sneered and barely ridiculed the cultivator’s ignorance.

But the cells of their fingertips, as well as the most primitive energy that stirs in the deepest part of the cell, are not obeying the call of rational thinking, eager to try, and Bub jumps.

“With Human Race’s small flesh and blood, declare war on a huge cosmic celestial body, such a painful battle is the taste of expert!”

Some Immortal Cultivators couldn’t help but whisper, and admitted with great pain, deep inside, even faintly admired the cultivator, envy them so happy, so crazy, so stupid, so desperate, no taboo!

Cultivator Yes, why can’t they?

No, they are different. They also have the glorious wealth and status in the red world. They also want to pursue the hegemony of the hegemony of one party. They must also make their family always strong and rich, and still…

But, but!

In front of such a spectacular, majestic, magnificent and ferocious universe, what glorious wealth and status, what money beauty, what is the power of the heavens, what the family is strong and the respect of the people… these things that they have paid great attention to in the past, these red dust What is the meaning of what is innocent in the imaginary, what is it, is it really worth their struggle for life?

If the “original people” are all ants, do they pursue their lifelong pursuits, that is, trampling ants, ants, squeezing ants, and cultivating ants and fears, and becoming the “king of ants”?

Just then, within the atmosphere of the Ancient Giant Stars, a huge beam of lightning was suddenly found, coming straight to the Iron Fist Ship.

All Immortal Cultivators exclaimed, almost seeing the Iron Fist Ship being traversed by arcs and magnetic storms, all Magical Artifacts, and the complete loss of power.

However, a tens of kilometers long and unpredictable swordsman appeared in front of the Iron Fist Ship, drawing a perfect arc, smashing the ball lightning, and smashing the lightning at once.

The power of a sword, and even this, not only the ball lightning, but the entire Ancient Giant Stars seems to be split in two.

Sword Mad, Yan Liren!

This sword deeply hurts the eyes of many Immortal Cultivators. In an instant, their Dao Heart is deep, and lightning-like enlightenment bursts.

“Compared with this mighty, unparalleled sword, what is famous, glorious wealth and status, and 滔天权焰, are all over the eyes, and instantly disappear!

“Even the barbarian from the edge of Star Ocean, the backcountry, dare to challenge the giant planet with a palm blade. We are self-proclaimed as the Immortal Cultivator at the peak of evolution and the Human Race elite. I am afraid of what!”

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