FMC Chapter 3009

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, can the 3009 chapter be a bit of a quest? Floating astronomy
The problem with Li Yao silences everyone.

Can cultivation to Nascent Origin and Spirit Transformation realm, no one will be a mediocrity without any pursuit, how many have a little change of the day, but only in the face of Era and the rapids of society, often involuntarily Involved in it, gradually anesthetized and degraded, forgetting the sincere heart of a long time ago.

Even the most selfish Immortal Cultivator, in the face of Li Yao’s question, was ashamed to bow down and look back. They couldn’t say with conscience that they were really happy, understanding, open and transparent in this life.

“I don’t know how you are, at least for me, not enough, unhappy, not irritating, not satisfied. I feel that I am still far from the most exciting, strongest and most happy, but everything in the world has already I can’t satisfy me.”

Li Yao’s voice is deeper and farther, like forgetting everyone, but talking to his own soul, he muttered to himself, “I have seen neutron pulsars emit tens of thousands of colors of radiation, composed A gorgeous painting that is more magnificent than Aurora. This picture is like a soft jellyfish, wrapping me tightly; I have also seen the high-energy particles of Star Ocean Storm flow to me, like a glistening rain of gravel. I have seen the ancient bacteria in the dying planet, the tenacious survival, constantly changing my genes, looking for one hundred millionth, breaking the fate; I also met hundreds of thousands of years ago in the Kunlun Secret Territory. The throne of Pangu Clan disappeared in the wind.

“Hundreds of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years, in the scale of the universe, but in a short moment, the tall, magnificent, indestructible throne, and what expert, overlord, general sitting on the throne And the tyrants, all scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, along with their great achievements and sinful crimes, disappeared, completely annihilated, One Star half-point information has never been left.

“I saw the most incredible scenes in the universe, experienced the most thrilling adventures, my divine soul even experienced the reincarnation of the world, and then I went back to the crowd, but I found some of the world’s everything… too Not enough, too irritating, too much to satisfy my appetite.

“I have eaten more dragon liver phoenix, but it is just like chewing wax; I drink the most mellow wine, the hot taste is not as deadly cosmic radiation; I hear the cheers of the crowd and the horror of the enemy. Screaming, I remembered that I was alone in the deepest part of the cave of the wild planet, the dripping of the ‘dī dī’, and the slang of myself and myself; after experiencing the planets, stars, supernovae, nebulae After the Great Dao Dispute of the Starfish Storm and the Star Ocean Storm, even the most beautiful and beautiful, the beauty of the country has become boring, but it is a red powder.

“I can’t go back. At this time, I suddenly realized that I have gone too far and can’t go back completely. Money is really a dung for me, and what the overlord and the king are fighting for, and fighting for power is nothing but Kindergarten children play games, I am not without desire, I also have my own ambitions, even more arrogant than all of you ambitions, but the little Pangu Universe is not enough to achieve my ambitions. My ambition is at the end of the Multiverse!

“So, I don’t understand, I really don’t understand how you can be so addicted to such a boring, boring game for so long? You are Nascent Origin and Spirit Transformation, you are hundreds of millions of Human Race. The luckiest products of the best genes after numerous mutations, and your unremitting efforts and crazy cultivation are also worthy of luck. You have already gone so far in your Great Dao, why should you stop even? Back down, why waste your precious talent and more precious life, in these boring things like power, profit, and money?

“What you are pursuing is money, good status, the fear of others, and the prosperity of the family… Even a poor landlord can do it with a little bit of means. A little bit of Spiritual Energy can claim to be king in his own independent kingdom, to be a blessing, and to let his servants and servants see him as a god!

“But you are not a rich man, you are a fucking Nascent Origin and Spirit Transformation. You used to kill[ed] through the storm, bombarded the Thunder, and watched the star burning fiercely at close range, squatting in the glittering cosmic dust. In the face of the vast sea of ​​stars, swing down your fists! How do you, such as self-anesthesia and death, completely abandon all pursuits and ambitions, trample your noble heads to the mud In the dust?

“Really, everyone is a few hundred years old, how much has suffered, how much effort has been spent on cultivation to Nascent Origin and Spirit Transformation realm, can’t you have a higher level of spiritual pursuit? You can’t find something. Before the children, there was no excitement from the ancients. Did you go to the squats and distant places to make a big fight? We have to compete for things that have long been contending for more than one thousand and eight thousand times, then like those of Pangu Clan, or simply like nothing. Like a shit that tastes no smell, it goes away with the wind, completely annihilated?”

Li Yao’s voice is getting louder and louder, his expression is getting more and more sturdy, and he has a bit of gnashing his teeth and angering his taste.

Everyone, whether cultivator or Immortal Cultivator, is struck by lightning and is on the spot.

Their expressions are awkward, their eyes are a little uncertain, and the confused thoughts don’t know where to fly.

Yes, in the face of such a huge giant planet, especially after a thrilling, “death of a superstar” in a lifetime of death, everyone’s mind is baptized to some extent, and everything in the world has indeed become… No smell.

“I don’t want to target anyone, I don’t want to label everyone ‘cultivator’ or ‘Immortal Cultivator’.”

Li Yao smiled and continued. “I used to care about my ‘cultivator’ status, but now I want to understand that people are human beings, human nature is the same, there is no need to divide cultivator and Immortal Cultivator, Federation warrior Therefore, we have stronger willpower because we know from the beginning that there is a broader world outside of Federation. Our mission is to march into Great Universe. Our world is open and the road is clear, so we have internal More united, all ambitions and strength have turned into a knife for external expedition.

“But for the soldiers of ‘Old Empire’, they thought they occupied the entire universe, and there was no possibility of external Expeditions and conquests. Therefore, as the whole universe is closed, their hearts are gradually closed, except for the ambiguity. How can they hide their frustration and despair beyond their own compatriots?

“The same person, in the context of Federation, may become a motivated, motivated cultivator; and in the closed and fratricidal environment of ‘Old Empire’, it has to become selfish. Immortal Cultivator, who is timid, otherwise he can’t live up to grow up!

“And everything we have to do today, including what we have just done, is to drill a hole in the dark endless ‘outer shell’ of Pangu Universe, find a bright road and find Human Race Civilization in the next hundred. In the past ten thousand years, the direction of triumphant triumphant! Only in this way, we can also drill a golden Great Dao in our gradually closed mind, so that each of us can figure out why we are alive, what we want to pursue, what to achieve. What to leave, what to do in order to thoroughly survive!

“These are my heartfelt words. Really, I really don’t want to be with you for some…power, strength, inheritance, Taikoo precious treasure, these boring things, and see each other’s dog brain, It’s boring, it’s too boring! I don’t care if this God Tomb Expeditions trip can find a few pieces of Taikoo precious treasure. In my opinion, if my words can make some friends’ touches touch, you can make you Think of the purest initial heart, can have a higher level of pursuit and ideal, that is the real ‘precious treasure’, if most of our friends here can touch, can carry hundreds of such ‘ Precious treasure ‘Go back, our Civilization is the real hope!”

Li Yao finished, holding his eyes and staring at all the Nascent Origin and Spirit Transformation in the picture.

His gaze is so hot, and there is such a strong expectation that most people, including Li Linghai, dare not look straight, and they bow their heads, but their chests are involuntarily swelled, but they are full of surges. Bloody.

At first heart, when they broke through the atmosphere for the first time, they stood between the brilliant stars and looked at the beginning of the universe!


Li Yao’s words made everyone think for a long time.

As if the entire Expeditions fleet, they slowly tempered themselves in the cosmic oven.

Li Yao also fell asleep and spent an hour repairing his damaged cells and body.

When you wake up, every pore in your body is as happy and comfortable as sing a song.

The familiar and warm feeling of the two temples was that Ding Lingdang stood behind him and gently massaged him.

Li Yao smiled.


He held Ding Lingdang’s wrist and groaned comfortably, closing his eyes and not wanting to get up.

“Husband, you just said it very well.”

Ding Lingdang’s voice is more gentle than ever. “I am optimistic that many friends are thinking and being touched.”

“Yes, that’s a must. I played a lot of drafts and always wanted to find a chance to ‘inadvertently’ say it. I have never had a chance. It seems too deliberate.”

Li Yao grinned. “I am caught by me today!”

“So, my husband is awesome.”

Ding Lingdang continued to help Li Yao massage. “There is one. I didn’t understand it too much. Can you help me to talk about it? You said, ‘I have experienced planets, stars, supernovas, nebulae, gravel stars. After the Great Dao Dispute of Star Ocean Storm, even the most beautiful and beautiful, the beauty of the country has become boring, but it is a red powder. It’s your original words, no words for you. Explain and explain, what is ‘red powder 骷髅’, who is red powder, how can it be boring, explain and explain? Also, how do you do Great Dao Dispute with a supernova, come and tell others Speaking?”

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