FMC Chapter 3010

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3010 Chapter 13
Li Yao’s newly opened pores were closed again.

“No, no one, isn’t that an analogy? Isn’t there a specific ‘red powder’ at all?”

Li Yao stuttered.

“That is to say, there is no specific, real red powder, but you have experienced thousands of women, extracting their commonalities and creating an abstract concept of red powder.”

Ding Lingdang is thoughtful.

“Yes, no, hey, no, how come ‘millions of thousands’, no one, only you, my dear wife!”

Li Yao is pale.

“Since there is none, who are you “uninteresting”?”

Ding Lingdang’s watery eyes are full of curiosity and curiosity.

“Oh… they.”

Li Yao said.

“You just said that there is none, and now there are ‘they’?”

Ding Lingdang smiled.

“They are not real, they are in the abstract sense, they are in fantasy!”

Li Yao is in a bad mood.

“So, in the abstract sense, in the fantasy, you still tasted their taste, or how do you know ‘unwanted’?”

Ding Lingdang a sword seals the throat.


Li Yao has nothing to say.

“And, what about the Great Dao Dispute between you and the planets, comets, and supernovas? After the fight, even the fanatical pinks are uninteresting?”

Ding Lingdang continues to attack.


Li Yao is speechless and gives up struggling.

“Husband, you should know that I am not a woman who is unreasonable, likes to be jealous and unreasonable, and has always supported your Expeditions Star Ocean to conquer the cause of the universe, right?”

Ding Lingdang is a secluded road.

“Of course, you have a broad chest and noble sentiments. It is a wonderful woman who takes the world and the universe as my own responsibility. This is what I appreciate you the most!”

Li Yao once again saw a glimmer of hope and was too busy.

“Yes, so I decided to give you another chance to answer the last question. As long as you say the answer in my heart, then I will believe in everything!”

Ding Lingdang smiled and threw a question. “Excuse me, if I fall into a black hole with a planet at the same speed, your first reaction is to save me first, or save the planet first?”

Li Yao’s Brain issued the “wēng wēng” sound of ultra-high speed operation. After 0.1 seconds, he did not hesitate to say the answer: “Of course it is to save the planet first, because your wife is such a tyrannical woman, a district How can a black hole trap you? You don’t need me to save, you punch a black hole, and you whistle and come out! Speaking of it, this black hole is really bad for you, so it’s called heaven. It does not go, hell has no way to sneak in, devour any cosmic celestial body, but wants to devour you, the consequences must be extremely miserable, miserable, terrible, terrible!”

“Congratulations, you got it right, and you still know me the best!”

Ding Lingdang turned to hi and helped Li Yao to press a few times. This was not a light shot of his chest. “Get up, Empress Dowager Li has already discovered it.”

“So fast?”

Li Yao’s spirit rose and jumped up. “They found the entrance to the Emperor ancient tomb?”


Perhaps it was a great time. After the death of the Ancient Giant Stars gravitation circle, the Specialist team’s scanning and Expeditions progressed very smoothly. Soon, a large number of astronomical parameters inside and outside the Ancient Giant Stars were collected, especially the running orbit parameters of most satellites. .

Looking through the satellite orbit to find the Emperor ancient tomb entrance, the principle is quite simple.

Because the “Golden Saint Throne, High Heaven Sector” where the Emperor ancient tomb is located is itself a very large World Fragment, and it is judged from the “God Tomb” and the “Black Tomb” hidden deeper. The space and quality of World Fragment far exceeds people’s expectations.

Then, when such an ultra-high-quality World Fragment, because of the discontinuity and instability of space, the three-dimensional universe is drilled from the huge Wormhole and temporarily merged with the space around the Ancient Giant Stars, it means Ancient Giant. Stars’ originally unstable satellite rotation system is getting worse and worse.

Ancient Giant Stars itself has a huge gravitational force, and there are gravitational checks and balances between the satellites. Interference and involvement. The “tidal forces” of dozens of satellites interact with each other. It takes hundreds of millions of years to form dozens of stable orbits. .

“Golden Saint Throne, High Heaven Sector” itself is as heavy and tidal as any satellite.

It can also be easily understood that, outside the gravitational circle of Ancient Giant Stars, a brand new satellite has emerged.

Such a sudden, it is bound to set off an uproar, interfere with the orbit of one or several satellites, so that these satellites deflect, collide and even fall into the depths of Ancient Giant Stars, an unimaginable collision of the world, releasing endless energy.

Then, as long as the satellite orbit changes are calculated, and the residual space and the recent high-energy response are detected, the “uninvited guest” can be initially found.

In just 12 hours, the Specialist team initially locked in three more suspicious Star Fields.

Li Linghai has left a special Spiritual Energy feedback Magical Artifact in the Emperor ancient tomb in the previous Expeditions. As long as the special frequency ripple is transmitted to the suspicious area, a weak response can be obtained.

In this way, the goal is further narrowed down, almost certainly, just in


In the video conference, Li Linghai summoned a three-dimensional three-dimensional image, including a large number of charts and figures, which is a deformed satellite, and extremely rare has its own halo, no, not halo, but a cloud-like shatter The stone star belt, wrapped it tightly, and even stretched its teeth, as if it had built a “material bridge” between it and the Ancient Giant Stars.

“This is the 13th satellite of Ancient Giant Stars, an unpredictable solid planet. Everyone sees its irregular appearance, just like being shit by dogs, especially the huge crater here. Almost eroded to its core.”

Li Linghai pointed to the “Old Thirteen” road. “Generally speaking, this kind of satellite with higher density and slower rotation is unable to resist its own gravitation. Appearance is quite accurate. It is rare in appearance of olive or even straw hat. The change, let alone such a serious defect.

“The only explanation is that its appearance is not naturally generated in the past hundreds of millions of years, but has recently suffered a serious impact, with a smaller satellite or satellite debris that hits it and hits it. Miserable appearance.

“Do you see the cotton-like halo around you? This is another strong evidence. This is not the halo formed by the ‘Traditional Thirteen’, but the debris of the satellite and its own material in the last impact. The massive spewing out of it, it will not take long, these broken debris will get rid of its gravitational constraints, either fall into the Ancient Giant Stars, or fly into the distance, become interstellar dust.

“But, look at here, what is the “material bridge” of these claws? Is it the material that Ancient Giant Stars escaped after competing with their own “little brothers”? No, not too much. Like, here is the gravitational range of the ‘Thirteen Thirteen’, the gravity of the Ancient Giant Stars is not so strong, and the ‘Material Bridge’ is not directly facing the Ancient Giant Stars.

“The Specialist team speculated that there is a high-density, high-quality mysterious celestial body in the vicinity of the ‘Truth Thirteen’, and the ‘古十三’ compete for these substances, the gravitational pull of the two is almost the same, deadlock Only then did such a strange ‘material bridge’ phenomenon.

“Now, you can make a conclusion.

“The entrance to the Emperor ancient tomb should be in the vicinity of the ‘Thirteen Thirteen’. Its sudden appearance first changed the running track of the ‘Turteen Thirteen’ and several satellites around it, causing one of the smaller satellites to crash. To the ‘Traditional Thirteen’, it led to an earth-shattering explosion, which caused the ‘Traditional Thirteen’ to lose a lot of material and formed a chaotic gravel and dust belt around it. Then, the quality of the ancient tomb itself, Produce a strong gravitational force, and ‘the ancient thirteen’ form a temporary ‘dual satellite system’, and compete with the ‘古十三’ for the escaped gravel and dust, so that it is very clear to expose itself, At least, ‘The Ancient Thirteen’ became the brightest lighthouse we were looking for at the entrance to the Emperor ancient tomb!”

This is the opinion of the Specialist team, and with the recognition of the Li Linghai, Combat Type Cultivator and Immortal Cultivator have not refuted.

“The environment is really bad enough.”

Li Yao looked at the astronomical parameters around the 13th satellite of Ancient Giant Stars and sighed, “Why is this Secret Treasures entrance hidden in the most extreme environment every time, can’t it appear in a beautiful, calm place? ”

“A place where the mountains and rivers are clear and beautiful, and the hard-boiled stuff into a super-high-quality space will cause great changes in the world.”

Li Linghai coldly said, “And those where the calm is, do not release any violent radiation and particle flow, how do we look for, how to lock it?

“However, your feelings are not totally unreasonable. Although the entrances of the Emperor ancient tomb have appeared in a very bad environment, but not as bad as today, we do not know the specific composition and composition of ‘古十三’. The elements, do not know the collision of the two satellites, how violent the energy response, whether there is deadly radiation and the flow of particles into turbulence and vortex, let alone the ‘古十三’ will be in the process of collapse Even completely split and fall into the Ancient Giant Stars. If such a large satellite hits the Ancient Giant Stars, the consequences don’t need me to say more?

“The road ahead is dangerous, but we have no choice. Since we have already reached this step, you and your friends, don’t say anything more. The narrow road meets the brave and wins, to conquer everything in front of you!”

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