FMC Chapter 3011

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, Chapter 3011 found Supreme War Fort ! Floating astronomy
According to the action plan, the entire Expeditions team was divided into two teams, the first team first entered the Star Field Expeditions near the “Thirteenth”, this team assembled the most powerful elite, Li Yao and Ding Lingdang naturally listed And be willing to be a pioneer.

The closer to the 13th satellite of Ancient Giant Stars, the higher the density of the stardust in the space, the larger the average diameter and mass of the dust, gradually changing from the size of the gravel to the size of the nail, and then to the size of the fist and even the size of the skull. .

In the end, the first team of dozens of Starships was covered with huge meteorites ranging in diameter from a dozen meters to hundreds of meters, and the meteorites flew at an extremely fast speed and the direction was irregular. It was like 100,000. Thousands of headless flies have turned around.

“There must be a very high quality unknown celestial body in the vicinity. Under the pull of gravity, the flight of the meteorite will be so disordered.”

Li Yao muttered to herself.

For the Star Ocean voyage, especially the shuttle of the gravel star belt, he is considered to be a master of the house, and he is familiar with it. He has never seen such a similar adventure in the past, but rarely sees such a dangerous meteorite belt, except for the meteorite. There are also countless dusts and Spiritual Energy ็œ‹ไธ in the space, which are extremely disturbing to the human body’s cells and even the divine soul. In Li Yao’s thinking, it is like a colorful and viscous body. Huge vortex.

“่ฝฐ!hลng hลng hลng hลng !”

A meteorite smashed on Starship’s Spiritual Energy Protective Shield and smashed it, and the colorful flames flickered like a sly face.

“The ancient thirteen” must contain a large number of ultra-high radiation and extremely interfering elements. They are thrown out in the collision between the two satellites, scattered in the vacuum, so that the exposed cultivator is full of ups and downs, blood Surges, the body of Spiritual Energy has become extremely eccentric.

In the terminology of Ancient Cultivation Era, this is a typical โ€œfierce landโ€. The human magnetic field of Human Race is disturbed and suppressed to the extreme. It is not suitable for combat. It must maintain a highly concentrated meditation state and leave quickly.

Li Yao also wants to leave near the “Thirteenth”, but


There was a very high-density, extremely hard-faced meteorite that broke through the Starship’s Spiritual Energy Protective Shield and hit the hull.

And to monitor the images taken by Crystal Eye, this “Meteorite” has all the hands and feet, and it is a human figure!

“Someone is outside!”

Li Yao’s pupils suddenly shrank, and the whole body was erected like a javelin.

In the fierce and incomprehensible place of the “Traditional Thirteenth”, between the meteorites and the interstellar dust, there was a person floating in it, and they also ran into their Starship?

Li Yao jumped up and his feet were still off the ground, and the Crystal Armor covered the toes.

The rest of the Starships also ran into or scanned humanoid objects. For a time, the harsh alarm sounded through the entire Expeditions fleet.

However, these humanoid objects did not move further. After being knocked out by Starship, they drifted away into the distance. Some were even crushed by the intensive armor and Spiritual Energy Protective Shield, and did not show the slightest offensive.

Li Yao had a quick eye and manipulated the Spirit Artifact prosthesis on the Starship outer shell before the other side was bounced, copying a humanoid object.

He personally went to the “disinfection and recovery cabin” to test this mysterious humanoid object.


The atomized disinfectant is lasing after applying about a dozen times of pressure, scouring any viruses and bacteria that may be carried on mysterious humanoid objects.

Li Yao approached carefully, first releasing telepathic thoughts and several remote controls to find out that it was a Crystal Armor, but the people in the Crystal Armor had already died.

Crystal Armor is made of ultra-high-strength alloys and special ceramics. Its density and hardness far exceed the average meteorite. Naturally, Spiritual Energy Protective Shield can be easily crushed, and it is not a stone that can be broken down easily.

However, the texture of the Crystal Armor is harder, and the durability and energy absorption of the Mustard Seed Battle Suit are no longer strong enough to completely absorb the impact of the meteorite impact.

If a tens of tons of meteorites collide with the Crystal Armor with a thunderous look, even if the Crystal Armor is not broken, it will only be distorted, and the powerful impact will break the Armor Master bones inside, the internal organs. Turn into a pus and blood.

This is the case with this Armor Master.

Li Yao Shi Zhan’s method of solving the cows, carefully peeling Crystal Armor from the Armor Master, he is like a snail that lost the outer shell, and suddenly softened.

Make sure he is so mad that he can’t die anymore. Li Yao asks a professional doctor to dissect, confirming that his Brain and internal organs have been completely crushed, and after the annihilation of Crystal Armor’s Spiritual Energy Protective Shield, he suffered deadly radiation. The erosion is the cause of death.

According to the corruption of the body and the rate of wilting of the cells, the time of death is about seven to ten days ago.

Judging from the Crystal Armor’s system and the armbands and emblems on the Mustard Seed Battle Suit, the Armor Master, who died in a vacuum, is also in his position. He is an old Saint League’s “Bing Bee”. One of the five Warship soldiers on the Supreme War Fort, in other words, Lu Qingchen’s men.

Such corpses are far more than one. The Starships where Li Linghai, Boss Bai and Long Yangjun are located have also recovered a lot of bodies. The results of autopsy are almost the same. They are the five Supreme War Fort Warship soldiers, in seven to ten. Before the day, fall is here.

That is to say, Lu Qingchen has been driving the five Supreme War Forts seven to ten days ago, and is precisely positioned at the entrance of the Emperor ancient tomb.

However, he seems to have experienced any changes, and the loss is not small.

As they sailed deeper into the “Thirteenth”, the more they encountered the Warship corps from the five Supreme War Fort, not only covered with the Crystal Armor, the intact body, but also the Crystal Armor was too late to wear, just wearing Mustard Seed Battle Suit Even the ordinary uniform is frozen into ice corpses. The latter corpse is extremely fragile. It is often swept away by the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield. It is scattered, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke. Only Li Yao gave birth to a dead fox. Sigh.

In addition to the corpse, there are a large number of ruins of the Universe Battle Shuttle and the escape cabin, even huge pieces of more than 100 meters in diameter. According to Xiaoming and Wenwen, they are the vital part of the five Supreme War Fort. The increasing number of these fragments is really shocking.

“We are getting close to the destination, and Lu Qingchen’s team is always ready to be ready for the first level!”

Li Linghai did not dare to make a decision.

At this time, almost all Starships scanned the dense area of โ€‹โ€‹the front meteorites, and there was a lot of metal reaction. It is very likely that there are one or several human celestial bodies.

All Starship’s Spiritual Energy Protective Shield instantly brightened a series, and the auxiliary working power units protruded from the depressions around the hull. A large number of Universe Battle Shuttle, Crystal Armor and even Giant Divine Weapon jumped out of the hangar, Primary Artillery They are all filled with the ultimate Spiritual Energy, which can release a thunderous attack at any time. Not long ago, people who experienced the “Ancient Giant Stars tug-of-war” were unprecedentedly united and fighting intent.

Under the cover of hundreds of Primary Artillery, Li Yao and Ding Lingdang led, about a dozen Giant Divine Weapon.

Deep in the fragmented meteorite belt, Starry Sky War Fort gradually reveals its face, like a huge head with a face that blends with the special features of Human Race and the wild race. It is impossible to tell whether it is a human being, a god or a demon. It really is one of the five Supreme War Fort “thick castles”!

However, at this moment, the thick earth battle fort, but lost the inexhaustible power when attacking Empyrean Terminus, can no longer release a little light and fierce flame, like a dry hoe.

Li Yao and Ding Lingdang exchanged a look in the video and saw the shock at the bottom of each other.

This is unlikely to be Lu Qingchen’s suspicion, because they have not scanned the Spiritual Energy fluctuations from One Star at one point, which proves that one of the most aggressive Starry Sky War Fortes in the history of Human Race Civilization. It is completely embarrassing and even scrapped.

It is impossible to make such a super war castle restart and complete all the war preparation work.

Flying around the thick earth battle fort, they quickly found the “death cause” of the Starry Sky War Fort.

On the side of the thick earth warfare facing the “Traditional Thirteenth”, there is a mouth with a length of more than a few kilometers, and there are countless shock wave cracks that are outwardly lifted, which directly gives the battlefield a “opening and cracking belly”. Almost all the materials, including the fuel and the crew, spewed out of the crack. In the process, there may have been a series of explosions, which made the inside of the thick soil warfare completely burnt into the empty shell of the black scorpion.

“In the thick soil warfare, it seems that there is a huge metebrite, perhaps more than one.”

Li Yao released telepathic thoughts, sneaked into the inside of the castle, and scanned it for a while, and concluded that “it should be that this meteorite directly penetrates the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield and the outer shell of the Fortress, like cut tofu. Directly cut into the core power of the furnace cauldron, triggering an irreversible big bang.”

The corpses floating in the surrounding space, the wreckage and the scrap metal with the burning marks, also quietly told the tragic situation at that time.

And this is far from over.

Soon, they found the wreckage of the second Starry Sky War Fort nearby.

This time it was “The Battle of the Fire”.

The fire fierce of Burning fiercely, which was originally a star, could no longer release the light and heat of One Star. It didn’t even leave the whole body like the “thick castle”, but it was completely torn to more than one hundred. The huge wreckage, helplessly in the gravitational pull of the entrance of the Ancient Thirteen and the Emperor ancient tomb, the vast majority of the crew carried by it was not vaporized at the moment of the explosion, or was sprayed to the unknown. In the distance, in the form of an ice cube, break into the never-ending hell.

Despite being an enemy, the two Supreme War Fort, which represents the strongest technology of Human Race, have been trampled and embarrassed by the power of heaven and earth, and the Expeditions fleet has been in great silence.

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