FMC Chapter 3014

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the last Supreme War Fort in Chapter 3014! Floating astronomy
With the invasion and destruction of the Giant Divine Weapon, especially their destruction of the enemy’s defense against the Great Array, the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield on the surface of the two Supreme War Fortes instantly dimmed, and there was a shocking hole, like a rotten black. spot.

The original blast attack also became sparse, and one after another was destroyed by Giant Divine Weapon mercilessly.

Lu Qingchen took away the Giant Divine Weapon and did not appear in this battle. Within the two Supreme War Fort, there was almost no power to stop the explosion of experts such as Ding Lingdang. They broke through heavy armor and bulkheads. It’s like tearing apart one piece of rice paper.

“The two Supreme War Fortes have been completely suppressed by us!”

Ding Lingdang made an unspeakable scream in the communication channel. “The enemy’s combat power is much weaker than we think. As of now, we have not found that even one enemy’s Giant Divine Weapon, including the Crystal Armor, is seriously under-represented, just like Lu. Qingchen took the two Supreme War Fort 50% battles in the same way!”

“Be careful.”

Li Yao reminded, “I feel that something is wrong. Lu Qingchen has no reason to lose two Supreme War Fortes in the big collision. Then I will release the remaining two Supreme War Fort in vain… Be careful that he will be’ Both the Magic Sea Battle Fort and the Sharp Gold War Fort have become powerful bombs, launching the self-destruct system of Supreme War Fort, and trying to get along with you!”

“I know, won’t let him succeed.”

Ding Lingdang smiled heartily. “Supreme War Fort is not a real bomb after all. The so-called self-destruct system is not set up for mass killing of enemies, even though Lu Qingchen really detonated all the fuel and ammunition of the two Supreme War Fort. It is also impossible for the shock wave to pass too far in the vacuum. It is impossible to cause damage to the Giant Divine Weapon due to the radiation and the flow of high-energy particles.

“Sacred to the two Supreme War Fort in vain, just to create the “skin trauma” of dozens of Giant Divine Weapon, is Lu Qingchen so stupid?

“Reassured, we will not enter the core activities of the two Supreme War Fort, especially their ammunition depot and fuel tank, which will definitely keep a safe distance. No matter what tricks Lu Qingchen has, we will swim on the surface of Supreme War Fort. Go, knock out its fire point and defend the Great Array.

“When all the fire points, turrets, defense Arrays, and power units on the surface are knocked out by us, so that it can’t be hit, can’t hide, and can’t escape, we will immediately retreat, let Warship attack from a distance, slowly It consumes its defensiveness, and even if its armor is thicker, it will not last long.

“The only problem now is that the battle between our two sides has disrupted the magnetic balance in the space. It seems that the torrents of the meteorites and the magnetic field disturbances have become more violent and disorderly. It is like… There is an unprecedented thunderstorm being brewed. Among them, is this the purpose of Lu Qingchen, not to rely on two Supreme War Fort, but to use the power of heaven and earth to destroy us, let us repeat the mistakes of ‘thick battlefield’ and ‘firefire battle’?”

Li Yao has a heart.

This is the only possibility.

Otherwise, the two combat systems are not complete, and even the Supreme War Fort that the Giant Divine Weapon does not carry is never an opponent of the hundreds of Giant Divine Weapons of the Expeditions fleet.

At this point, Lu Qingchen knows it.

So, with the help of the power of the ancient thirteen? For example, in the “Traditional Thirteenth”, another big collision was created, and the “Traditional Thirteen”, which was originally very fragile, was completely shattered, thus setting off a storm of material, magnetic field, radiation and high-energy particle flow.

In theory, it is indeed possible to sweep the entire Expeditions fleet along with all the Giant Divine Weapons.

The question is, what can Lu Qingchen do to completely blast the “Traditional Thirteen”, which is a satellite with a diameter of more than 5,000 kilometers!

Unless Lu Qingchen has the ability to drill through the earth, you can drill holes in the crust of the Ancient Thirteen and drill a cave with a depth of more than 2,000 kilometers. Fill the astronomical Crystal Bomb into it, and it is possible to explode. In the middle, the “Traditional Thirteen” was blown up.

Impossible, Lu Qingchen came here seven or ten days ago. He didn’t have so much time and didn’t have so many Crystal Bombs to perform such ridiculous tactics.

Nevertheless, under the reminder of Li Yao, Li Linghai strengthened the monitoring between the battlefield and the “Thirteenth” to ensure that no changes were allowed.

The astronomical parameters of the gravel star belt, the speed of the meteorite, the density of the cosmic dust, the intensity of the magnetic interference, and so on, are all highly monitored.

Up to now, although the intensity of the magnetic interference and the density of the cosmic dust have been increasing, it has caused a lot of trauma to Starship’s Spiritual Energy Protective Shield and power unit, but it is still within the acceptable range.

Lu Qingchen’s two Supreme War Fortes are gradually slowing down, and the twists and turns have made an irregular rotation. It is apparent that the main working power units of the Dian Lingdang et al.’s Giant Divine Weapon have exploded. Uniform problem.

The two Supreme War Fortes are like hippo and rhinoceros that have been interrupted. Even though the leather armor is thicker, the impact is stronger, and the front teeth and the collision angle are sharper.

On both Supreme War Fort surfaces, bright fireballs were raised almost simultaneously, and even the last as thin as a cicada’s wing, the sly Spiritual Energy Protective Shield instantly dissipated, revealing their pale and distorted armor.

There was a burst of cheers in the communication channel, but the expert such as Ding Lingdang successfully completed the mission of breaking the enemy Primary Artillery, the main defense Great Array and the main power unit.

Next, the Expeditions fleet is small, but the figure is smart, and the fast-fired attack ship can swarm like a piranha, tearing up the two behemoths.

Only Li Yao’s brows became more and more tight, and Lu Qingchen’s ugly, hazy, deep and mad face appeared.

“loud thunder, but only tiny drops of rain, Lu Qingchen, Lu Qingchen, you have painstakingly laid out such a trap, sacrificing two Supreme War Fort and countless crickets, just to delay us for half a day?”

Li Yao intuition is impossible.

Lu Qingchen, but even a remnant of the soul was captured by “Fuxi”, and all the will and wisdom should be provoked to fight to the end. One of the one hundred millionth chance to seize the opportunity to survive, how could he use this near suicide? Stupid tactics, to declare abandon?

There is also a Supreme War Fort, and where is the “Dead War Castle” hidden?

If Lu Qingchen has already entered the Emperor ancient tomb, he obviously doesn’t have to bring in a big Supreme War Fort, so where is this Supreme War Fort hiding, ready to ambush them?

But a Supreme War Fort in the district, even if it joins the battlefield, it is impossible to reverse the overall situation.

So, so

Li Yao’s forehead oozes fine cold sweat.

“Between the battlefield and the ‘Thirteen Thirteen’, did you find abnormal high-energy reactions, I mean the trail of ‘The Dead Wood Wars’?”

He raised his voice and asked Li Linghai.

“No, we sent almost all of the Crystal Eyes out, and we monitored every inch of space between the battlefield and the ancient thirteen. Even if we hide a Starship, we will find it, let alone a big one. Starry Sky War Fort.”

Li Linghai’s voice is also full of doubts and uneasiness. “This is a very strange fight. Lu Qingchen’s trap is too simple and too fragile. It is his control over the five Supreme War Fort.” still is……”

At this moment, the two heard a shrill alarm at the same time.

Unexpectedly super-high-energy reactions were discovered, and the last Supreme War Fort appeared, but neither in the dense meteorite belt in front of them, nor in the dark vacuum between the meteorite belt and the ancient thirteen. It is between the “Traditional Thirteen” and the Ancient Giant Stars, closer to the Ancient Giant Stars gravitational circle.

In the fierce battles of the past few hours, everyone’s attention has been drawn to the “Magic Sea Battle Fort” and the “Thunder Gold Battle Fort”. Even if Li Yao and Li Linghai can smell the people on the battlefield, they will All the vigilance spread to the gravel star belt and the “old thirteen”, lest Lu Qingchen want to use “the ancient thirteen” what the hell, but no one pays attention to the side of the Ancient Giant Stars.

Until now, the “Desert Wood Fortress” released the most powerful Spiritual Energy, ejecting thousands of kilometers of majestic tail flames, and its high-energy response was detected by the Expeditions fleet.

“shuā shuā shuā shuā !”

Numerous monitors of Crystal Eye instantly turned to the direction of Ancient Giant Stars, shooting tens of thousands of images from various angles, and pieced together into a thrilling and incredible scene.

“The Dead Wood Battle Fort” was originally the most bizarre of Appearance in the five Supreme War Fort. It is not like a metal refining. It is like the Kuafu Clan of Prehistoric Era, which is made of some huge plant and has a superficial surface. The vines are thick and sturdy.

Now, however, these “vines” are deeply embedded in a huge meteorite, which binds the meteorites to the dead woods.

The distance is too far to analyze the diameter and quality of this meteorite, but from the comparison between it and the dead wood battle, the volume ratio of the two is at least ten to one. This meteorite is ten times larger than the dead wood war. It is just out of the scope of the meteorite, but an asteroid!

From the beginning, the dead wood warfare “bundled” the asteroid, floating quietly outside the gravitational circle of the Ancient Giant Stars, and even entered the gravity circle of the Ancient Giant Stars, slowly falling towards the Ancient Giant Stars. .

Because the surface of the dead wood warbed is covered with a large number of variant materials of gold or gold nor iron, it is difficult to be scanned by the metal detection Magical Artifact, and there is such a large meteorite as a cover, so that no one would have thought it would be hidden here.

Waiting until the “Thunder Gold Battle Fort” and “Fantasy Sea Battle Fort” jumped out of the darkness, attracted the Expeditions fleet 90% firepower, computational ability and the detection of Magical Artifact, the dead wood battleship launched the main power unit The most powerful tail flame is sprayed, pushing a rock ten times larger than itself, accelerating, accelerating, accelerating to the limit, and rushing to Ancient Giant Stars!

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