FMC Chapter 3015

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3015 Super Plasma Torrent! Floating astronomy
“Block it!”

The screams of Li Yao and Li Linghai echoed the bridge of every Starship.

Although I don’t understand why Lu Qingchen sacrificed the dead wood war, pushing a huge meteorite to the Ancient Giant Stars instead of the more fragile and smaller quality of the ancient thirteen, but Li Yao, Li Linghai and all the Nascent Origin peaks. In the mind of the Spirit Transformation expert, the sharpest alarm sounds at the same time.

Lu Qingchen will never be targeted, and what they see is definitely his most aggressive killing move.

That’s too late.

Lu Qingchen counts every detail and even captures their subtle mentality. The Expeditions fleet will focus on the two battlefields of “Magic Sea” and “Ruijin”, as well as “The Ancient Thirteen”. On the top, there is no noticeable vacuum near the side of the Ancient Giant Stars.

Think of it too, Ancient Giant Stars is the king of the planetary family. Although it suffered a lot of losses in two supernova explosions, it is in an active period of extremely unstable structure, but it is not a small dusty Human Race. .

Therefore, there is no fast attack ship at all, deployed near the gravitational circle of the Ancient Giant Stars, capable of intercepting the madness of the dead wood battle.

In an instant, thousands of colorful spears were released from hundreds of fast-attack ships, and they rushed toward the dead woods, but the distance between them was too far. When the violent energy exceeded the effective range, The control of the magnetic field quickly disappeared, and the deadly light became scattered and blurred.

That is, you can hit the dead wood battle, but Supreme War Fort has always been known for its hard skin and strong flesh, and it is known that Ding Lingdang led dozens of Giant Divine Weapons into the interior, and it took several hours to destroy the defense system. The armor layer of the iron wall has not yet been completely removed, not to mention that at such a long distance, the Spiritual Energy weapon is simply scratching the armor of the dead wood war.

As for the weapons of the Spiritual Energy and the torpedo, there is no need to say that the distance is too far and the speed is too slow to catch up with the dead wood.

What’s more, even if you catch up, what?

Even if the dead wood warfare was smashed by the beam and the Explosive Bomb pill, what about the fragmentation, even if it collapsed completely? Its acceleration has reached its limit, and it has a strong resonance with the gravitational field of Ancient Giant Stars. It is like an unstoppable wave, returning to the ocean, without any power to stop.

Li Yao, Li Linghai, Li Jialing, Boss Bai, Long Yangjun, Ding Lingdang… All the experts can only watch the thousands of light spears blasting behind the ass of the dead wood, and smashing a gorgeous fireworks, as if It adds a bit of acceleration, making it faster and faster, and finally, it turns into a small red spot, deeply penetrated into the atmosphere of Ancient Giant Stars filled with hydrogen, antimony and methane!

The fall of the dead wood war castle is just one of the very prominent “big red spots” on the Ancient Giant Stars.

The so-called Great Red Spot is the largest storm cyclone in the Ancient Giant Stars atmosphere. It can exceed 10,000 kilometers in diameter. It is the most powerful and most powerful meteorological change in all the planets with the atmosphere.

Because the Giant Giant Stars’ atmosphere contains a lot of red phosphorus and methane, the burning fiercely red awns are released in the ultra-high speed friction of the storm cyclone, so it looks like it is spread over the ancient Giant Stars. Around the body, a scarlet bloody mouth.

The dead wood warfare pushed the meteorite into such a “blood pot”, like a flying insect fell into the swamp. At first, even the water splash did not splash.

“that’s it?”

Li Yao and many experts look at each other in dismay in the light curtain and don’t understand what tactics are.

If we say that pushing Supreme War Fort to “the ancient thirteen”, it is possible to completely change the structure of the “Traditional Thirteen” in a fierce impact, activate the violent energy contained in the core of the “Thirteenth” and create a The new “Heaven and Earth Collision”, then the attack on the Ancient Giant Stars Great Red Spot is like using a dog’s tail grass to tickle the dinosaur, there will be no reaction at all.

However, after just ten seconds, they knew that they were wrong.

Devouring the big red spot of the dead wood battle, suddenly spread hundreds of new cantilevers at the speed visible to the naked eye, as if it had been broken for centuries, some kind of dynamic balance was broken, so that its rotation speed suddenly It has increased by three or five times.

Then, in the depths of the Great Red Spot, hundreds of deep purple “filaments” emerged, intertwined, entangled, torn and blended, like blood red eyes, full of twisted blood.

When these bloodshots gather to the limit, they are volcanic eruptions, turning into the turbulent waves of lightning flashes and thunder rolls, skyrocketing, tearing the atmosphere and gravitational circles, unbiased, lasing in the direction of the battlefield. And to!

“this is”

Including Li Yao and Ding Lingdang, all the experts feel scalp numbness and sudden cardiac arrest.

Such terrible thunderstorms and plasma torrents are somewhat similar to the extreme meteorological environment they encountered when they rescued the Iron Fist Ship, but the energy released this time is far more than a hundred times higher.

Think about the lightning of thousands of teeth and claws. Each beam of lightning has a length of at least tens of thousands of kilometers and a diameter of hundreds of kilometers. The range of raging is uncountable, but it is all together, and it bursts out with a string of dazzling EDM or ball lightning!

Its brightness and released radiation, magnetic field interference, and high-energy particle flow are comparable to the star’s flames that steer into the entire galaxy.

This is the scene of the incredible Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth in the Li Yao and Expeditions fleet.

“This is impossible. Such a strong magnetic field disturbance and energy release will only occur when the super giant type meteorite bombards the planet. The dead wood warfare plus the large type meteorite, the quality and kinetic energy are still far from enough, inspiring this. Destructive thunderstorm!”

“There is no reason, the magnetic field released by this energy is too strange. It is like a direct impulse to us. The atmosphere is the most suitable environment for lightning, why these lightnings will condense together and turn into a plasma torrent. Soars Toward Sky in a Leap, entering the vacuum of the universe? This is unreasonable!”

“Eight thousand kilometers! Ten thousand kilometers! 30,000 kilometers! 50,000 kilometers! God, this beam of torrents is really high, completely calculated beyond all our lightning models. Is it really lightning?”

All astronomers, meteorologists, and Spiritual Energy scientists screamed in horror.

If we say that in the rescue of the “Iron Fist Ship”, the torrent of electricity has already faltered their building of faith, which is far more powerful and completely out of the super plasma torrent of the Ancient Giant Stars atmosphere. However, they have completely smashed the ‘unbreakable truths’ they have created in the past 100 years of research, observation, and calculation!

“Be careful, that’s not lightning!”

Several meteorologists also screamed at the same time.

Not lightning, what is it?

No one knows, no one has time to calculate and deduct.

Because, when everyone was attracted by this … “super plasma torrent” attracted all the attention, the only remaining “Fantasy Sea Battle Fortress” and “Rui Jin Battle Fort” did not unexpectedly explode from the core.

Ding Lingdang and Boss Bai have been prepared, and all the weaker defenses of the Crystal Armor and the Universe Battle Shuttle have long since shunned Starship’s Spiritual Energy Protective Shield or giant type meteorites, while the Giant Divine Weapon drivers also sensed in advance. The high-energy reaction at the core of the Supreme War Fort escaped before the explosion hit.

The two self-destructs of Supreme War Fort did not cause a heavy blow to the Expeditions fleet. It can even be said that the two self-destructs directed by Lu Qingchen were not intended to be “the most powerful killing output”.

Under the raging energy torrent, the two Supreme War Fort’s outer shells were first deeply sunken, followed by violent bulging. After repeated several times, there were tens of thousands of twisted gaps, a lot of purple-red flames from the gap. The spewing out of the room, not only wrapped the two Supreme War Fort airtight, but also released a purple-red scorpion that spread to the entire battlefield and was smeared on all Starship’s Spiritual Energy Protective Shield of the Expeditions fleet. A layer of faint purple.

“Reporting, my ship’s defensive magnetic field was seriously disturbed by the enemy’s self-destruct. The Spiritual Energy Protective Shield was very disordered. For the time being, no reduction in the defensive power was found. It was impossible to judge the form and model of the disturbance, and it was in urgent calculation!”

“My ship is also, our Spiritual Energy Protective Shield has also been disturbed, but this interference does not destroy our defenses at all, it’s weird!”

β€œIt’s not just us, but the entire battlefield is full of strange Spiritual Energy 梟ζΌͺ, just like Lu Qingchen’s sacrifice of ‘Magic Sea Battle Fort’ and ‘Thunder Gold Battle Fort,’ releasing all the energy, the whole Star Field is ‘stained purple’, but this Spiritual Energy ζ²‘ζœ‰ has not been offensive, and the neutral frequency cannot be found for a while, and it is completely removed!”

All Starships have sent reports.

A kind of Spiritual Energy that is not offensive is like the eternal star radiation between Star Ocean. Since it is not particularly sharp, it is difficult to find a way to completely neutralize and dissipate it.

Although this Spiritual Energy 梟ζΌͺ itself is not offensive, it has a fatal appeal to the super plasma torrent that erupted on Ancient Giant Stars. When the super plasma torrent senses the existence of Spiritual Energy, it is like smelling blood. The taste of the shark, the speed becomes faster, the direction is also locked more accurately, unbiased, and rushed to the battlefield.


Until now, Li Yao finally knew all the plans of Lu Qingchen.

He sacrificed the last three Supreme War Fortes, which is to introduce the Expeditions fleet into the “hunting range” of this “super plasma torrent”, and the “blood” sputtered with the Supreme War Fort self-destruct will crouch in Ancient The demons on Giant Stars are released, attracted, and swallowed the entire Expeditions fleet in one go!

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