FMC Chapter 3017

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3017 and the lightning race! Floating astronomy
“The speed is too fast, we can’t afford it!”

“No lightning can last for a long time in a vacuum without exhaustion and annihilation. What is it?”

“Fuel! The fuel of my ship has disappeared by a large part of it, just like it was swallowed up by some kind of invisible invisible existence! Is it, it is not only releasing energy, but also absorbing our energy!”

“Magnetic Spirit Force Field is too unstable, and my ship’s Mainframe Crystal Processor and a large number of Magical Artifact units are all in vain!”

The exclamation in the communication channel is a wave higher than a wave.

The current interference sound of “shashashasha” has become more and more sharp and sorghum, like a beast that is composed of current, rubbing its sharp fangs.

Even Li Yao’s “hunting hunter” has been repeatedly penetrated by arcs. A large number of Magical Artifact units and control wafers have burst into a blue flame and a bright electric spark, and one compartment is dimmed one after another.

Li Yao himself is running through the invisible current.

It was a very strange feeling, like a sour wind blowing through the limbs and bones of his limbs, scanning every vein, nerve and every cell.

In particular, the bioelectric current that travels between nerves and cells is even more clearly seen by lightning.

Li Yao smelled the burning smell of her hair and fainted.

Just then, a more strange scene was staged.

Not far from the Expeditions fleet, it simulates a dead wood battleship. The huge spherical lightning suddenly splits into hundreds of smaller electric awns. Each group of electric awns is like a life-like jump, creeping, and sometimes It formed a narrow shape of a Starship!

That looks exactly like the Starship of the Expeditions fleet, a one-to-one “replica”, a piece that is exactly the same as them, but a fleet of blue-colored Expeditions.

Although smaller, but faster and more flexible, the “Expeditions Fleet” of this lightning torrent has come from all directions to the real Expeditions fleet, just like the soul of Yin Soul is looking for “replacement”. Come to the real world!

“Calm, think clearly, they are by no means a true life of wisdom, there must be weaknesses and flaws, otherwise Lu Qingchen can’t still escape alive after discovering them, and can arrange such a fatal trap!”

Looking at the lightning force that is getting closer and closer, Li Yao’s teeth are deeply embedded in the lips, and the blood flowing from the corners of his mouth is quickly burnt into the blue smoke. His eyes are covered with blood, and his eyes are almost bursting. “It’s not a smart life, it’s just an unconscious imitation. How does it lock the ‘prey’? It seems to be particularly sensitive to a variety of energy reactions, is it…”

Li Yao’s pupil suddenly expanded to the limit.

He found a very strange thing through a negligible detection of the Crystal Eye, a blurry picture taken back from a sporadic shot.

The Starship, which was unfortunately unfortunately swept by the superlightning torrent, completely lost the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield and power output, like the iron coffin of Icy Cold.

However, it is clearly close to the “electric demon” of the claws, but the super lightning torrent has never touched it halfway, and there is no intention to completely shred it.

Li Yao even saw several stout and blazing lightnings, and passed the sly Starship, and was not interested in moving the “paws” to it, completely ignoring it.

Reminiscent of Lu Qingchen’s series of actions, including his sacrifice of two Supreme War Fortes, the release of the strange Spiritual Energy ripples, entangled all the Starships of the Expeditions fleet, and made a certain on their Spiritual Energy Protective Shield Kind of “mark”.

“Assume that this horrible plasma torrent is really a very different kind of ‘life’. It is also very different from the carbon-based life in the usual sense. It has no facial features, there is no vision in nature, and there is no hearing in the vacuum. In any sense, it is most likely to scan and lock the prey with Spiritual Energy fluctuations.”

Li Yao shines, “So, as long as we converge on all the Spiritual Energy fluctuations…”


The hunting scorpion was once again attacked by the plasma, and the surrounding area suddenly became dark. After a long time, the green light of the emergency light was faint.

I didn’t have time to think about it. Every blood in Li Yao’s eyes was like a lightning bolt. He was thinking and turning around, and he quickly passed through the battle plan in his mind. He determined that there was a success rate of 30%, and he gritted his teeth and jumped. Enter the Giant Divine Weapon that has just been overhauled.

“Turn off the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield!”

Just opened the communication channel for all the members in Giant Divine Weapon, he shouted screamingly, “Sovereign Emperor, Queen, Ding Lingdang, Boss Bai, Long Yangjun, Lei Chenghu, and everyone else, no time to explain, immediately Turn off Spiritual Energy Protective Shield, Magnetic Spirit Force Field, and Power Out, turn off all Magical Artifact units on your Starship that will release a slight amount of Spiritual Energy, let everyone converge on Spiritual Energy, lock pores, turn your Starship into One by one cold iron coffin, fast, fast, fast!”


There was a silence in the communication channel, followed by Li Linghai’s strange voice. “But we are in the raging gravel star belt!”

The gravitational circle of the “Thirteenth”, the extremely unstable gravel star belt, each gravel-sized meteorite is accelerated to the limit, carrying the kinetic energy and destructive power of the Starship cannon, only relying on Spiritual Energy The Protective Shield and the Magnetic Spirit Force Field can neutralize the kinetic energy or “snap” it out.

Closing the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield and the Magnetic Spirit Force Field relies on armor to fight the torrential torrents of the storm, and Li Yao wants them to cut off the power output, which means they can’t even dodge. Watching the endless meteorite rain, the skull covered his head and went to his face.

Even if Starship’s composite armor is harder, how long can it sustain the indiscriminate bombing?

In such a sinister environment, as long as a meteorite penetrates the armor, it is a disaster.

“I know, but I have no choice.”

Li Yao has eyes filled with blood and bites his teeth. “You haven’t found it yet, this group… ‘Lightning Life’ is relying on energy fluctuations to search for targets, just because Lu Qingchen detonated two Supreme War Fort, near our battlefield. It creates an extremely strong energy corrugated fold area that will be used as a ‘hunting area’, and our Starship’s Spiritual Energy Protective Shield, Magnetic Spirit Force Field and tail flame spewing are constantly releasing energy from the outside world – just like It’s stupid in the silent Dark Forest, dancing and arrogant!

“It’s Pure Energy, it’s far faster than us, and it’s deadlocked. Even if we’re going to smash the Magical Artifact to the limit, Spiritual Energy Protective Shield and Magnetic Spirit Force Field will be blown up by it. It’s better to fight. !”

“How to fight?”

Boss Bai joined the discussion and the voice was more serious than ever. “Turn off the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield and the Magnetic Spirit Force Field. We are in this violent gravel star belt for up to half an hour to an hour. If we cut off all the power, we simply can’t escape. Going out is like a dead leaf between the stormy waves. It can only follow the tide. In the end, it is not the end of the torn body and crushed bones?

“Do you want to bet, bet it will annihilate or retreat within half an hour?

“If it is the lightning of the ordinary, half an hour is enough for it to release all the energy, but for this group… the extremely strange plasma torrent, I really don’t want to gamble!”

“Gambling, of course, is to bet.”

Li Yao’s mouth is high and tilted up, revealing a confident and crazy smile. “Just, I never like to give the dice to others to throw, sit and wait for the enemy to swear, it is not my style, I have to throw the dice!”

“Listen, the next operation is very important, everything is subject to my arrangement, which determines the life and death of everyone and even the entire Civilization!

“Next, immediately close all Starship’s Magical Artifact units, Spiritual Energy Protective Shield, Magnetic Spirit Force Field, power unit, external communications and even Starship’s internal artificial gravity and life-sustaining systems, all closed, ensuring that there is no trace of Spiritual Energy ripples Will spread out, let the crew wear the Mustard Seed Battle Suit and the Crystal Armor, survive with compressed oxygen, Boss Bai, like your ambush in Blue Sky Star Field, turn yourself into a cold meteorite Don’t even put half a fart.

“I know that the environment here is ten thousand times worse than the Blue Sky Star Field. Once the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield and power output are turned off, you will be surrounded by the material torrent released by the ‘Thirteen Thirteen’, and will be washed away to somewhere. However, there is no way, you must hold on, insist on half an hour to forty-five minutes, even if Starship is shot riddled with holes, even if someone is seriously injured in the meteorite attack, it must not move!

“In this time, I will find a way to take this super plasma torrent away and lead it to a safe distance. Then you can turn on the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield and the power unit, move forward at full speed, and rush into the Emperor ancient tomb. Entrance.

“I estimate that since Lu Qingchen is willing to sacrifice all five Supreme War Fort to make this game, he must have been lightly loaded into the Emperor ancient tomb. You must race against time and catch him earlier – he is completely crazy. The eyelids sacrificed all the Supreme War Fort without sacrificing it, and then the human extinction was done, and he must not be allowed to control the core power of the Emperor ancient tomb!”

“Li Yao, are you going to open it?”

Ding Lingdang’s voice joined in. “You are crazy. This group of things is at least a thousand kilometers in diameter. It is a small sun with a core temperature of at least 10,000 degrees. Once you are swallowed by them, it will be scattered ashes and Dispersed smoke, even half of the telepathic thoughts don’t want to escape!”

“I know, but there is no better way. It is better to hide here, but it is better to fight.”

Li Yao paused and comforted. “And, hey, I have several in my heart. After my most careful calculation, the risk factor doesn’t look so big. It relies on Spiritual Energy ripples to search for prey, as long as I can Precise control of your own flame output, if necessary, to converge everything about Spiritual Energy and life, disguise yourself as a small meteorite, no problem, no matter what!”

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