FMC Chapter 3021

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3021 Life Poem! Floating astronomy
No one knows how lightning life actually appears, just as no one knows how organic molecules such as the original amino acids are in a frenzied collision and intense reaction from inorganic matter. In short, in the atmosphere of the ancient Giant Stars in the past hundreds of millions of years, Energy fluctuations are released and exploding in the form of lightning, relying on incredible coincidences, lightning captures some unusual particles – rare elements from the depths of Ancient Giant Stars or outer space, such as argon, etc. Wait.

When a strong lightning strikes through the core of the argon element, it is immediately vaporized into a crystal clear, flawless plasma ball with extremely high temperatures. The negative electrons with negative charge form its outer layer, with a positive charge. Ions make up its inner layer, and the inner and outer layers form a clear boundary, but let the energy circulate and transform freely, just like the membrane and wall of biological cells, a big yin and yang that can communicate with the heavens and the earth.

In other words, the coincidence of numerous lightning strikes has created a miracle of life, a gaseous, Pure Energy, plasma “cell.”

Of course, this “plasma cell” is not the same as the cell in the carbon-based life. It has no so-called “genetic material.”

But the form of life is smashed and colorful, genetic information does not have to rely on genes to pass, defining the five definitions of cells – self-replication, ability to transmit information, metabolic mechanisms, self-growth, and distinct boundaries separate from the outside world. Conditions, “plasma cells” are all satisfied.

Although in the beginning, “life” can only last for a few microseconds, but in a short and brilliant life, it can continue to draw energy from the outside world, constantly expanding or even splitting. It can extend the tentacles of lightning and surround it. Neutral elements, such as argon, antimony, or even methane, ethane, etc., are absorbed, adding their own energy response, glowing with colorful light, and even splitting themselves into two different plasma cells. Each plasma cell carries the same electromagnetic characteristics.

It can even transmit information by radiating electromagnetic energy into other plasma cells, keeping the atoms in each plasma cell at the same oscillating frequency.

If this is not a “cell”, this is not a “life”. What is the meaning of the definition of life?

Li Yao notes that this wonderful lightning elf has not been around for a long time, far less than the 100,000-year history of Human Race Civilization, and even less than the Civilization of Pangu Civilization or even the “black wall maker” hundreds of millions of years ago. More than that.

Their “history” is only about two or three thousand years.

Two or three thousand years ago, it was the two high-quality stars near Ancient Giant Stars that entered the end of life and began to bloom violently, at the point of the “supernova explosion”.

Perhaps it was the violent material and energy jets that dying before the stellar dying, injecting a new vitality into the atmosphere of the Ancient Giant Stars that led to the lightning of these lightnings.

They are a hundred percent, “the child of the sun.”

Although only two or three thousand years old, they have crossed the journey of carbon-based intellectual life with billions of years.

Their lives are short-lived and extremely fierce. Every lightning strikes the ancient Giant Stars’s scorpio. It can only last for a few seconds to about a dozen seconds. In this a few seconds of the lightning fire, billion Million plasma cells are in the lightning, the lightning is their River of Life, and they are the eternal destination. They need to absorb the various elements in the atmosphere within about a few seconds, try new discharge structures and electromagnetic constraints. Force field, trying to keep yourself and lightning for a long time, even for a microsecond, if you can’t do this, they will split and multiply, and try to “jump” to another before the lightning strikes out. Just on the lightning of the birth.

“Survival, survival, survival!”

Li Yao seems to be able to hear, just the plasma cells of birth, in the “beeping” arc, issued a cry of infinite desire.

Yes, the meaning of life is more than just survival, but if you can’t do it in the first place, then no more meaning can be found.

At the source of any life just birth, especially at such a bad and cruel source, survival itself is the only meaning.

Every brain cell of Li Yao is surrounded by lightning.

With full respect, he “appreciated” the poem that lasted for thousands of years and hundreds of millions of years of life.

He “sees”, countless plasma cells grasp the life of just a few microseconds, constantly adsorbing and engulfing the surrounding elements, trying to use various elements and atomic oscillation frequency to form the cornerstone of their lives.

Among them, 99.99%’s attempts ended in failure. Those who swallowed the wrong elements, the plasma cells using the wrong oscillating frequency instantly annihilated, and even a scorpion did not stay. In exchange, 0.001% lucky, they can The life continues with 0.001 microseconds.

Before the annihilation, these lucky people immediately used electromagnetic radiation to transmit new elements and vibration frequencies and other information to all the “sibs” in the same lightning.

And these “sibs”, or crazy splits, increase the number of plasma balls in lightning by geometric progression, or try to jump out of lightning like a moth, and find waves in the sea of ​​methane and strontium. The nascent lightning strikes for the entire community for a few seconds or about a dozen seconds.

It’s such a crazy attempt, about a dozen seconds of tens of thousands of “people” struggle and sacrifice, gradually, the survival time of the plasma ball has increased from a few microseconds to nearly one second, and the lightning they inhabited, they were also transformed Unlike ordinary lightning, which can last for a few minutes, tens of minutes, or even longer, they even consciously seduce a few lightnings together, in an incredible way, “weaving” into an exquisite 3D geometry, everything, Only to enhance the survival time of lightning in the atmosphere, and the ability to transmit over long distances.

They are building their own “Star Ocean Warship, spaceship”, they are turning lightning into their own ship!

Li Yao “sees” and upgrades the lightning into “Warship” plasma cells. On the fierce battlefield, he gradually has a high degree of self-Organization ability. Their Expeditions for the whole planet will also be expanded. In the most intense part of the lightning, it is driving lightning, surrounding the magnetic field, and spreading to all sides of the Ancient Giant Stars.

Then they discovered the place where life could leap further and evolve into “Civilization”, the most obvious big red spot on Ancient Giant Stars.

The Great Red Spot is a super cyclone with a diameter of more than a thousand kilometers and lasts for more than one hundred years.

Within the super cyclone, the drastic changes in air pressure can make the discharge reaction of lightning become more violent and quicker, changing more possibilities.

The super cyclone constantly stirs the surrounding matter, even from the depths of the Ancient Giant Stars, adsorbing a large amount of material spewing out, and like the volcanic eruption deep in the original ocean, bringing the rich energy and matter of the earth into the beginning of life. The cradle can also bring more abundant elements to plasma cells.

The special substance “red phosphorus”, which constitutes the big red spot, can release a magnificent and unpredictable flame in the ultra-high speed friction of lightning, becoming the carrier carrying the “Civilization”.

That’s right, every bunch of “Red Phosphorus Fire” can last only a few minutes up to a few hours, measured on the Human Race’s time scale as “ephemeral”, but for a few subtle, a few seconds can pass on a generation For plasma cells, the burning of a flame is long enough, like the paper that can last for decades, can be used to make “books” and inherit “wisdom.”

In this way, the plasma cells control lightning, look for one big red spot after another, thrive, and develop a real “lightning civilization”.

Their Civilization, of course, is completely different from the Civilization established by carbon-based intelligent life. At least, Li Yao’s reading of 99% information is incomprehensible—he doesn’t know what these plasma cells are doing and what they are building. What is in pursuit.

Conversely, if “Civilization” can observe the world of the Human Race, the love and hate, the rise and fall of the country, the heroic epic, etc., they must not understand, these have highly organic carbon elements. Condensed, what are you doing?

However, there are some things that are common to all “Civilization”.

Li Yao “sees” that the plasma cells are in the depths of the big red spot, actively igniting a bunch of red-phosphorus fires, and use the jump flame to record specific information.

Perhaps, that is their major research finding, their understanding of the heavens and the earth, the secret skill of their inheritance, and the way to construct a more powerful “Lightship Warship.”

It is also possible that they sigh the poems of “belief” and “love”, are gorgeous and useless to show off, even based on their origins, the superstition of the religious spell of the sun.

Similarly, just as they have tried to transform their own lightning in the past, they are now reinventing their own super cyclones, which precisely manipulate current, charge and voltage, manipulate the clouds of helium and methane, manipulate the speed of storms and Angle, just to make your big red spot bigger and more stable, can last longer, and can draw more elements from the depths of Ancient Giant Stars, can carry a more magnificent red phosphorus fire.

Naturally generated large red spots can only last for hundreds of years, and after their transformation, they last for three or five hundred years – on the scale of lightning civilization, this is almost eternal.

Then, it is war.

— War, especially civil war, is an integral part of the growth of all Civilization.

Two big red spots, hundreds of millions of lightning, and the incomparable war between plasma cells began!

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