FMC Chapter 3024

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Chapter 3024 Saving or Destroying, Astronomy
Looking at the silent struggle of lightning life, Li Yao faintly gave birth to a feeling of being almost shy.

He once thought that the universe was so unfair to Human Race. If there is a “Heavenly Dao”, Human Race is just a slave and plaything of Heavenly Dao. The world of Human Race is so cruel that the resources of Pangu Universe are always scarce, making Human Race Have to embark on the road of destruction that kills each other or kills moths.

Now, from the lightning life of Ancient Giant Stars, he realizes what is truly โ€œcruelโ€.

Human Race, or most carbon-based intelligent life, is fortunate.

They live on structurally stable solid-liquid two-state planets. Such planets are โ€œcan be seen everywhereโ€ on the scale of the Great Universe. The natural advantages of carbon-based life give each of them a relatively long life. It is possible to catch the storm of four dimensional space and to withstand the pain of disintegration and cohesion once and again, making Star Ocean navigation possible.

These advantages combine to make the carbon-based wisdom of life spread throughout the universe, and burning fiercely, the carbon-based intelligent life of each Star Field and even different universes can be easily communicated, and the exchange is even the most cruel. The way war, slavery and massacres will promote a Civilization explosion.

Like today’s Human Race Civilization, they used to have many brothers and sisters, and they continued to advance with their brothers and sisters; they also found their own “father”, also the carbon-based life of Pangu Clan and Nรผwa Clan. Even the black wall makers, they are beginning to create the next generation of Information Lifeform that can be carefully and steadily removed from the carbon-based shell.

How happy and lucky is this civilization with parents, brothers, and children, and how generous and extravagant the way the universe treats carbon-based life!

But what about lightning civilization?

Their birth giant planets were originally the rarest of the planet family, and not every giant planet has an atmosphere, not even the lightning flashes and thunder rolls in every giant planet’s atmosphere. .

That requires two adjacent supernovas to explode at almost the same point in time, sweeping countless substances and radiation into the atmosphere of the giant planet, and the radiation intensity cannot be as large as swallowing giant planets, which can bring about one billion Miracle.

Such harsh conditions, let alone the Pangu Universe, even in countless Multiverses, Li Yao believes that the lightning life from Ancient Giant Stars is unique.

This is doomed to be lonely. They are born orphans. They can’t get any kind of help and enlightenment from their ancestors. They have almost no possibility of communicating with the outside world. They can only stumble in the darkness until they are planted. Just enter Abyss.

Moreover, the time that “Heavenly Dao” left them was too short, too short. They were like children who were infected with a deadly virus in their womb. They were sentenced to death after birth, just two or three thousand years, even if they The speed of development and variability is far beyond the limits of carbon-based intelligent life imagination, and it is not enough for these weak little lives to defeat a giant planet, two supernovas, and a whole lonely and barren universe!

Therefore, the struggle of lightning life is destined to be more difficult than the struggle of Human Race Civilization, a hundred times more sorrowful and more than a hundred times.

It is still struggling.

In just a few minutes, the lightning that made up the human form dimmed a bit, and the circle narrowed and withered.

They still linger and swim around Li Yao, trying to break the secrets of Li Yao’s life magnetic field and brain waves.

But this secret Human Race has been studied for 100,000 years and has not been fully realized. How can lightning life be completely cracked in just a few minutes?

Perceived by a current flowing through his brain cells, Li Yao was inextricably tangled.

Recognizing the magnificent Civilization of Lightning’s life and their magnificence against fate, Li Yao’s first reaction is of course to help them.

But reason also tells Li Yao that in contact with an unknown Civilization, it is an essential procedure to assume that the other party is hostile.

Whether it is intentional or unintentional, the super plasma torrent smashed many Starships of the Human Race Expeditions fleet in two attacks before and after, and even killed and killed many crew members.

Just now, this lightning life condensate also released undisguised hostility towards him. He was very clumsy and wanted possession. His lightning life is like an innocent child, without concealing his purpose, it is the purest. , the most “pink” of pinnacle.

Li Yao has no doubt that if you destroy Human Race and save your Civilization, the Warriors of these Lightning Civilizations will certainly not hesitate to do it.

He should destroy them completely, right?

However, in the depths of the Pangu Universe, how many wonderful and magnificent life forms like lightning life are in the Multiverse with infinite possibilities? Is Human Race Civilization going to use the phrase “non-family, whose heart is different” to sweep across the universe and turn the whole universe into a desert that is not in the grass, as Hong Chao did?

Will it be, the so-called “Hong Chao”, is such a group of adhering to the “non-family class, its heart must be different, first to be strong, all unknown Civilization is malicious Civilization, only the Civilization of destruction is the goodwill Civilization” and so on And so on, trying to kill all the life forms and the vitality of Civilization, to ensure their own “safe” super Civilization?

The ultimate goal of Human Race to enter the Star Ocean is to become the second “Hong Chao”, or to stand on the opposite side of Hong Chao, to fight against Hong Chao with countless races and countless races.

Save, or not?

If you want to save, how can you save it? If you don’t save it, how can you destroy them?

The ripples of Li Yao’s fundus trembled violently.

At this time, he suddenly felt a few thin lightning bolts, and even drilled into the depths of his neural field, gently wrapped around the divine soul, and integrated with his divine soul.

There were also some plasma cells that got into the “Arsonist” fuel tank and Reactor Core, and then disappeared, as if completely annihilated.

Li Yao’s pupil suddenly shrank.

He really didn’t know, this is another attempt of lightning life failure, or these little things are really in the “exceedings of the dozens of generations” in the arduous Expeditions, mastered some secrets that he did not even master, put his flesh and blood The body, the divine soul and even the Giant Divine Weapon have become the new “Starship”.

Li Yao lingered for a long time, then laughed, the muscles that had been smashed by the arc and violently squirmed, he was relieved and said to himself: “Yes, I am too arrogant, I am arrogant enough to think that I can be you.” ‘Savior’ or ‘Destroyer’.

“Compared with the destruction of your supernova explosion and the collapse of the galaxy, my power is worthy. I can fight this cruel universe and such a cruel fate for so long. You have long been the most powerful fighter. You don’t need it at all. You can save yourself by the salvation of others.

“Again, what can I do to destroy you? Even the explosion of two supernovas, the Giant Giant Stars’ super storm, super high gravity, or even the laws of the universe itself can’t destroy you. What can I do? Can you ruin you?

“Come on, let’s just release all the means and continue fighting. Just this is the most efficient way of communication and mutual rescue between two different Civilizations. Perhaps this is a struggle on the road to survival and struggle. The warrior, to the other warrior, can express the highest respect!”

At this moment, Li Yao closes his eyes, burns his life, releases the most powerful magnetic field of life, and tries to expel the lightning life that invades his body.

But it is also possible that he is not expelling, but is releasing all the information about the carbon-based intelligent life of Human Race, Pangu Clan, black wall makers, etc., and sending his precious energy to the body of lightning life. The life of the latter.

His arsenic, my honey, destruction or salvation, is difficult to define between different life forms.

By the same token, lightning life is also violently swayed in Li Yao’s mind, engraved, branded.

It may be malicious, trying to erase all the memories and consciousness in Li Yao’s mind in this way, but “migrate” its entire Civilization.

It is also possible to be kind, to perceive that his life is about to wither, and to teach the delicate secret skill of how to manipulate energy to Li Yao, the โ€œpasserโ€.

It is more likely that at this moment it still does not recognize the whole picture of carbon-based intelligent life. It also has no concept of good and evil at all. It is just a matter of doing everything possible between Li Yao’s brain cells and nerve currents. , build a grave and a monument.

Li Yao doesn’t know how long this process lasted.

In the face of Civilization, where the two time scales are so different, โ€œtimeโ€ itself loses its meaning.

In short, when he gradually woke up from countless unprecedented, exquisite, and ingenious lightning energy models, the first picture he saw was that the humanoid lightning life condensate gradually drifted away from Giant Divine Weapon. Spirit Mansion, sinking into the depths of the Star Ocean.

It seems to have completed its mission, and can be greeted with annihilation. The original arc of the jump is faint, rippling and dissipating. The most violent lightning should be quiet and clear like a stream.

It opened the “arms”, the more you drifted farther and farther, the smaller and smaller, it really seemed to spread long hair, quietly sinking into the sea.

No, not the “undersea”, nor the depth of the Star Ocean, but the direction of the Ancient Giant Stars!

Even if it is so far away from home, even if its tiny energy is not enough to support even a plasma cell back to the Ancient Giant Stars, it is still deeply attracted by the magnetic field of the home, not falling, not drifting, not falling and sinking. Instead, they are moving towards their homes and returning.

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