FMC Chapter 3025

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the entrance to Chapter 3025 Super Civilization, Astronomy
Li Yao’s nose and chest are again blocked by something sour and inexplicable.

He used all his last strength, twitched and reached out, manipulating the arm of the steel giant, and bidding farewell to the fading lightning life.

“Goodbye, my friend, although not even one in a hundred million, may still hope that part of you, at least a plasma cell, can return to the Ancient Giant Stars, which will be our wonderful encounter. Everything is spread and passed down.

“I should probably save you, maybe it should destroy you, but I am also struggling for my own survival and destruction. I have to go to a more mysterious and dangerous place to find my origin, my destiny, mine. answer.

“So, let’s not do this, look forward to meeting again in the future.

“Today’s encounter is too hasty and embarrassing. I really look forward to the day when we or our descendants can reach out in a more decent, calm and wise way, or, huh, huh, can stage a more hōng hōng, fierce and brilliant The war!

“In short… goodbye… goodbye…”

Lightning life has become smaller and smaller in Li Yao’s horizons, and gradually integrated into the giant Giant Stars’s huge figure, and can no longer be seen.

Li Yao was also in this informational exchange and the subsequent information exchange, the thief went to the building, the oil was exhausted, and all the Spiritual Energy was consumed.

He has no strength to tremble his little finger now.

Tiredness and drowsiness, like black and sticky tides, gradually flooded him and swallowed every brain cell.

Before falling into a coma, he only had time to use eyeball rotation and brainwave release to open Giant Divine Weapon’s automatic navigation system, allowing Arsonist to search for Li Linghai and Ding Lingdang’s road signs to catch up with the big forces. Arrive at the entrance to the Emperor ancient tomb.

Li Yao doesn’t know if the fragmented, almost awkward Giant Divine Weapon can complete this mission.

He is just like lightning life, facing despair, embracing hope, moving forward, moving forward, moving forward!

Li Yao slept for a long time, dreaming of lightning flashes and thunder rolls and almost endless energy models.

When he woke up, the situation was not much better than before the coma. It was still tired and sleepy and hungry. Every cell in the body was screaming at Ao Ao.

Giant Divine Weapon originally stored a large amount of high-energy nutrient, and Little Black should promptly inject and treat him.

However, these high-energy nutrients are electrolyzed and vaporized in the penetration of lightning life, and the nutrients are almost gone.

Li Yao looked at the navigation log of the Mainframe Crystal Processor and was surprised to find that he had slept for seven days!

Such long periods of loss of control and coma are rare things in his entire cultivation career.

Fortunately, according to the logbook, during his coma, Giant Divine Weapon performed his instructions very faithfully, and Li Linghai and Ding Lingdang left the track clearly enough to make him on the right route. The entrance to Emperor ancient tomb is getting closer and closer.

Considering the damage of Giant Divine Weapon and the amount of fuel left by him, this is a miracle of a hundred percent.

“is it you?”

Li Yao rubbed his own painful Brain and felt the lightning still in the depths of his mind.

He didn’t know if Lightning Life had drilled into the fuel tank of Giant Divine Weapon, changing the structure and composition of crystal fuel, and squeezing out more energy in a way that…the carbon-based wisdom couldn’t understand.

As he did not know, at this moment, the radiance of the nerve current in the depth of his neural field, also brought a few points of lightning life characteristics.

No matter how cruel the universe is, life will always find a way out, isn’t it?

Li Yao laughed.

Looking at the seven days and seven nights behind him, still feeling the “near-footed” Ancient Giant Stars, the brilliant planet like the sun, Li Yao suddenly felt that the ridiculous and lonely universe has become lively and lively.

Who said that Human Race is lonely, perhaps different levels of the universe, there are countless wonderful and splendid life, Human Race just needs to polish their eyes and find them out.

It is like a lush forest. On different levels, there are towering trees, shrubs and grasses, wolf tigers and leopards, antelopes and deer, reptiles and insects, and even fungi and bacteria.

The wolf and tiger leopard may never realize that there may be countless structures in the soil under their feet. The strict ant colonies and ant colonies of the organization, the war between the ants, are solemn and magnificent in no way inferior to the beasts. .

They just blindly hunt and kill.

But Human Race is not a wolf or a tiger leopard.

It should not be, never should.

Li Yao suddenly felt that the word “Dark Forest” is contradictory, how…what is worrying!

“The vast majority of plants need sunlight to achieve photosynthesis. Therefore, the existence of forest itself means the existence of light. No matter how dark the forest looks, the forest must be bright!”

β€œEven if there is an environment of ‘absolute darkness’, the life naturally born in this ‘absolute darkness’ will not evolve from the beginning of the photosensitive organs such as ‘eyes’, then whether it is dark around them, What is the point and what is the problem?

“Even if they have not evolved ‘eyes’, they certainly have a way to perceive the information around them, communicate with their peers and even heterogeneous exchanges, whether they are willing or not, is the first and even the only motivation for continuous evolution!

“As long as they can touch and communicate with each other, no matter how dark the eyes are, the light is destined to be birth in the dark. Our Human Race Civilization can go to today, it was originally a product of light. Now, we only need to spread this light and continue to spread. Come and pass on!”

Li Yao held out a finger.

“ε™ΌpΔ« pā ε•ͺ”, fingertip birth A negligible spherical lightning, no more than five millimeters in diameter, but constantly changing a variety of exquisite forms, into hundreds of intricate 3D structures, even like a A flower-like bloom, dancing like a butterfly, inadvertently shows the energy structure and manipulation of all carbon-based intelligent life such as Li Yao beyond Human Race and even Pangu Clan.

This is the gift of lightning life, just as he gave the lightning life to smelt the metal, the qualitative ability of the manipulator.

“If the history is only two thousand years, the life of the individual does not exceed ten seconds of lightning life, in the face of the supernova explosion and the collapse of the galaxy, never give up hope, our Human Race, the biggest miracle in the Multiverse, facing the district Hong Chao, Is there any reason to give up hope?”

Li Yao smiled and pulled the lightning back into the palm of his hand, driving the Giant Divine Weapon for the final sprint.

An hour later, at the entrance of the Emperor ancient tomb, the pearl that was quietly suspended in the Star Ocean reappeared within his horizons.

He also received a message from Ding Lingdang to him from a Crystal Computer that was not far from the entrance to the Emperor ancient tomb.

“Li Yao, if you can see this message, that would be great!”

Ding Lingdang in the light curtain was exhausted, and the bridge behind him was smoked. “The meteor storm and electromagnetic interference are too serious. Our fleet suffered heavy losses. Many Starships lost their ability to sail and fight.

β€œWhat’s not good is that many Starship’s navigation and communication have been completely destroyed, drifting to somewhere, now we only found about a dozen ships, and the remaining Starship will wait for them to fix it themselves, and then continue Will come soon.

“Time is tight, can’t wait any longer. We will now enter the Emperor ancient tomb to arrest Lu Qingchen, so set up an information node here. If there is any abnormal change in the Emperor ancient tomb, we will send the information in time.

“If there are no abnormal changes, it means that we are still in the process of arresting, Li Yao, or everyone who read this message, please immediately enter the Emperor ancient tomb to support us!”

This information was sent five days ago.

After that, there are some fragmented, messy messages, like the noise of β€œε±ε±ε±ε±β€ and β€œε˜Άε˜Άε˜Άε˜Άβ€, it seems that Ding Lingdang suffered serious interference in the Emperor ancient tomb, and sent the information. They are all destroyed.

Five days ago, Ding Lingdang entered the Emperor ancient tomb. It hasn’t come out yet. Didn’t catch Lu Qingchen, or…

Li Yao didn’t dare to think about it anymore, speeding up, near the entrance to the Emperor ancient tomb.

This group of mercury and pearl-like spheres exhibits distinct characteristics from the Ancient Giant Stars.

If Ancient Giant Stars symbolizes primitiveness, nature, wildness and rudeness, it is a symbol of absolute precision and control, and is a man-made product of Super Civilization.

“Arsonist” is less than a hundred meters away from the entrance of the Emperor ancient tomb, but at such a close distance, Li Yao still can’t detect the slightest flaws and irregularities on the surface, on a surface more than a few kilometers in diameter. Even if the 0.001 micron has no ups and downs.

With Li Yao’s knowledge of materials science and metal processing, even the processing of solid metal materials into such precise spheres is impossible.

What’s more, it is not a solid at all, but an unknown material similar to Liquid Metal, but far more amazing. It is an “entrance” that can walk freely.

It is so quiet, faint, uncontested, blooming its own light, showing its own power, so that all the latecomers have the feeling of mountain elevation.

Calling it “Emperor ancient tomb entry” is no longer appropriate.

Because Li Yao can be sure, even the Human Race Civilization to the Expert Emperor has no such ability to make such an entry.

Even from the ruins of Pangu Clan and the Warship of NΓΌwa Clan, their metal smelting and processing capabilities are far from this.

Li Linghai is right. This ruin is not from Emperor’s hand, nor from Pangu Civilization. It can only be the product of “black wall maker”. It is from the cover of hundreds of millions of stars and the Pangu Universe is completely sealed. The hand of Super Civilization!

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