FMC Chapter 3029

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, 3029 Long Yangjun’s message, Astronomy
It fell to the ground, like a hill that collapsed in an earthquake. The ups and downs between the chest and abdomen have not subsided. The reddish eyeballs have been covered with a gray-brown haze, and the life is like a broken hourglass. Constantly pouring out.

Li Yao slowly stood up from the shelter and walked quietly to the front to observe the unpredictable prehistoric beast. I am afraid that it will not understand what happened after death, why the world around it will become so terrible. “Oh?

Before it was completely dead, there were many vines and blankets that made a sound of “snap, slippery, slippery”, and climbed over it like a hungry insect.

The sarcoma covering the surface of the body also trembled in a strange way, like an overly full fruit. The “pā pā pā 啪” burst and flew out, and even a group of lavender and dark gold butterflies flew out!

A large butterfly flies in the air, like a golden and purple cloud of smoke, rising from the corpse of prehistoric beasts.

This scene made Li Yao stunned and could not be calm for a long time.

He subconsciously stretched a move to find a butterfly that flew out of the dinosaur’s corpse, but the fingertips gave birth to a crispy feeling. Every cell was eager to move, as if the gene chain deep in the cell was Interrupted, minced and recombined, the fragment embed becomes a distinct form.

Li Yao feels that there are countless butterflies in his fingers, and he wants to burst from his fingertips and fly in the air.

Even his whole body of flesh and blood, like the composition of hundreds of millions of butterflies, will fall apart at any time, and the smoke will disappear.

Li Yao was shocked and rushed to run Spiritual Energy, and it was hard to stop the feeling of being around.

“Is this a…some kind of virus?

“No, not a virus. It should be said to be a special kind of radiation. Radiation, which is very rare in nature and even in the whole universe, can cause the division, collapse, recombination and mutation of genes, so that most cells can break through the limits, in just a few Days, within hours or even minutes, become unrecognizable, and even combine the genes of different species to create a variety of new species.

“No wonder, this life between the heavens and the earth, breeding and changing so crazy, like losing brakes, arrogant, continually evolving, evolving, evolving toward the destruction of Abyss!

“What do you call this special radiation – the light of life? Perhaps it is the intense radiation that accelerates the growth of the creature, making the Emperor ancient tomb become a mountain forest in just a few days, but this ‘Acceleration’ is too fast.”

Li Yao is thinking hard, and her eyes suddenly sweep into a reflection, not like natural generation, but like the refraction of mirror armor.

A little glimpse, Li Yao was ecstatic, crossed the corpse of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and looked at him as a place of great mountain rock. Sure enough, under the cover of moss, vines and fungus blankets, he found one. Large armor of Starship.

It turned out that standing on his left is not “mountain rock” at all, but the wreckage of a Starship.

The Starship crashed here and soon, it has been covered with a variety of plants and fungi, and there are no gaps in the tip size, and the magnetic field interference here is too strong, even metal detectors can not be used. No wonder Li Yao just didn’t find it.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex rushed over and slammed into the wreck of the Starship, smashing the broken outer shell and wiping off a large piece of fungus blanket and moss to make it come back to life.

Li Yao harnesses the Crystal Armor, swing down, the high-war battle axe and the flame sword, three to five and two, will cover the Weeds of the Starship wreck, vines and blankets burned out, finally revealing it into a group, terrible look.

Judging from the ship’s number and emblem on both sides of the Starship, this fast assault ship is called the “Speed ​​of Light” and is the car of Long Yangjun.

Its surface is covered with shocking and huge tears, the turret is evenly smashed, and there are traces of shock waves that sag inward, and the trauma is serious, like the shackles of Ancient Giant Stars.

Li Yao collected the composition of meteorite fragments at some of the huge gaps, but in other cracks, it collected the residue of stains and biological organisms.

This shows that the “Speed ​​of Light” is not only in the process of escaping from the lightning life attack, but also suffered from meteorite rain. After entering the Emperor ancient tomb, it also fought with the enemy.

Moreover, the next battle is the main reason why it crashed here.

Is it a huge reptile like Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Li Yao shook his head and joked. If the most powerful Star Ocean Warship of Human Race Civilization can’t even deal with dinosaurs, what kind of universe does Expeditions come out?

So, is Lu Qingchen?

Nor is it that the tearing and smashing of the Starship outer shell is not like the attack of Giant Divine Weapon, but it is like some more… primitive, ferocious, violent existence.

“shuā shuā shuā shuā !”

On the retina of Li Yao, all the offensive Magical Artifacts in Crystal Armor and Universe Ring roll in a moment, ensuring that each Magical Artifact can be extracted within 0.01 seconds and activated to a “destructive state”.

“Long Yangjun ? Long Yangjun ?”

Li Yao activated the communication system again and there was still no reaction.

He walked into the Starship carefully, following a huge tear that cut off the waist of the Lightspeed Crystal.

The interior of the Starship is also filled with a variety of vines, mosses and carpets, as well as a large number of bizarre, colorful snake worms. One of the rodents is like a mixture of mice and sandworms. A rock-crusher-like mouthpiece can also eject a very corrosive acid. Any metal can’t escape its phlegm. This kind of animal makes the Starship wrecked soft, and when you step on a hole, what is valuable? Nothing left.

Fortunately, Li Yao did not find the Crystal Armor and the body of the crew, especially the Crystal Armor and the body of important figures such as Long Yangjun.

It seems that they escaped in time before Starship crashed.

I hope Ding Lingdang’s Starship is the same.

Although he didn’t have much hope, Li Yao grabbed his nose and explored the bridge.

Sure enough, the Mainframe Crystal Processor was also unrecognizable, crawling over a nest of super mice, and Li Yao licked his butt for a long time before he pulled out several surface-burning storage chips.

Holding the attitude of a dead horse as a living horse doctor, Li Yao held his breath and used Nine Ox Two Tiger Strength to re-sharp the lines of these memory chips with ultra-fine grinding and engraving technology.

I connected them to my portable Crystal Computer and searched through countless garbage data for a long time. Li Yao relieved finally found a message from Long Yangjun.

Fortunately, that is the message for him.

Unfortunately, the memory chips are being eroded too much, two-thirds of the information is unrecoverable, and the remaining one-third is streaking and intermittent.

“The legend… the legend is true, the Emperor ancient tomb is deep, really has some way to make time solidify!”

In the picture, Long Yangjun screamed and shouted. “Time and space are like a long river of ice. It has been frozen for too long in the long years. Now, ‘upstream’ is gradually thawed, and ‘downstream’ is still Blocking, it’s like flooding, it’s out of control!”

Li Yao doesn’t understand what the words mean, time freezes, time thaws? What everything in disorder.

The next crucial explanation was swallowed up by unrecoverable spam. When the picture was re-cleared, Long Yangjun’s expression was even more grotesque, and the camera shook violently, far from gunfire and shouting.

“It is alive.”

Long Yangjun’s look can’t tell whether it is “crazy” or “excited”. She repeats it with sorrow. “It lives. It has been awakened from hundreds of thousands of years, no, from the long sleep of millions of years!”

What does this mean?

Li Yao can’t wait to punch the light curtain.

Next, as the picture turned, it became more blurred and darker. Long Yangjun’s tone became more and more urgent: “Listen, Li Yao, we are all wrong, we are all very wrong!”

“About my hometown, Ancient Saint Sector, I have been entangled in my lifelong Nüwa Warship and Pangu underground palace – we have always believed that there is a cutting-edge biochemical research institute hidden in the Pangu underground palace, which is the place where Pangu Clan studies how to pass the Civilization, right? Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun Two Spirit Transformation experts were attacked by monsters in the underground palace during the Expeditions Pangu underground palace. Their flesh and blood were constantly expanding and almost became the new Pangu Clan, right?

“Oh, no, it’s totally wrong. We completely mistaken the purpose of this cutting-edge biochemical research institute!”

“Remember how Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun describe how they are being injected into biochemical drugs by monsters? They feel that their thinking is gradually melting and disintegrating, emotions are being deprived one by one, and finally, almost become a killing machine!

“If this is the way Pangu Clan uses to save its own Civilization, then biochemical drugs can create countless killing machines that look like Pangu Clan after hundreds of thousands of years. What is the use? Pangu Clan is not a natural killer. They are highly intelligent and social ‘Civilization people’! Their purpose is to inherit their own spirit, will, wisdom and way of thinking, and not to create a large number of ghosts with empty skins but no souls.

“No, the Pangu underground palace in the Yongye Icefield is not a ‘transmission test’, but a ‘destruction test’. It is something that is enough to destroy the Civilization. It is too dangerous and must be put in the The Ancient Saint Sector, enveloped by the Dark Nebula, can be tested!

“Unfortunately, or fortunately, Pangu Clan’s experiment was finally successful. The terrible biochemical drugs or genetic viruses destroyed Pangu Clan, Nüwa Clan and all the wild races. Only Human Race survived and opened a whole new one. One page.

“But now, huh, now…”

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