FMC Chapter 3031

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3031 is self-destructive, astronomical
Li Yao suddenly felt that there was a shadowless and invisible chisel that ran through his own Brain and turned his brain neural network into a criss-crossing magma torrent.

He was discovered and locked by Pangu Clan!

The indifference on the face of Pangu Clan instantly disintegrated, showing vigilant, exhilarating and ferocious expressions one by one, like a humanoid Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Li Yao’s heart moved, and faintly captured subtle changes.

Pangu Clan should not have such a clear and strong expression on his face. Are they not sealed with emotions?

Just like the Pangu Clan who fought with him at Kunlun Secret Territory, even in the most intense battles, the “anger” on his face just disappeared, seemingly afraid that he would give birth to emotions.

But in front of this Pangu Clan is unscrupulous, free to release the original, wild, wild-like emotions.

His seal was unlocked? Has he regained his emotions?

Li Yao still didn’t want to understand this problem, and felt a fierce and stinking wind whistling. God, this powerful Pangu Clan squatted on the hind legs of Tyrannosaurus Rex, putting a few tens of tons of giant The beast lifted up and slammed two laps in midair and smashed towards Li Yao!

Li Yao’s pupil suddenly shrank into a needle tip, and the figure turned into a stream of light, which instantly smashed out a hundred meters.


The body of Tyrannosaurus Rex was smashed by Pangu Clan in the place where he had just stood. It was like a meteorite smashing, and there was a realistic qualitative shock wave. The splashed soil had about a dozen meters high.

“Ao Ao Ao Ao !”

Pangu Clan missed a shot and made an angry roar. He even learned the gorilla, jumped up and down, and hammered his chest angrily.

“Doing it, doing something, so brutal?”

Li Yao’s brain is a mess.

Since the other side clearly unlocks the shackles that bind emotion and will, Li Yao naturally does not want to kill it simply and rudely.

He is not malicious to Panfu Civilization as a whole, is a continuation of his father’s Son Civilization, or even a different stage of Civilization. In the lonely universe and the ruined Hong Chao, there is no chance to work side by side, at least Can’t you calm down and talk about it?

“I don’t want to fight you!”

Li Yao gritted his teeth and opened his hands and gestured to Pangu Clan. “Can you understand me? At least I can see my posture. I am not malicious. Let’s talk, talk!”

For a moment, Panmu Clan’s face showed a trace of confusion.

But his eyes were quickly filled with the red, killing red, and he took a boulder and threw it at Li Yao.


Li Yao cursed in the bottom of her heart, I don’t know if it was Pangu Clan who couldn’t communicate, or was it naive, he turned into a phantom, and escaped the boulder in a light and incomparable way. He thought about it and passed it on to him. The new energy structure encapsulates a bundle of “brain waves” and transports them to Pangu Clan.

“Let’s talk about it. Even if we really want to fight, it doesn’t prevent us from talking for a minute. At least, we can talk and talk!”

Li Yao encapsulates this idea in brain waves.

Pangu Clan is best at telepathy. If Human Race is their creation and their slave, they must have the ability to give orders and receive feedback to Human Race. The two sides can definitely communicate.

But Li Yao’s brain waves are like mud cows entering the sea, and there is no response.

No, it’s not unresponsive. After a while, there is a shadowless invisible lightning, such as the burning red Aussie, the Li Yao’s Heaven Spirit Shell, which almost splits his Brain into two.

Pangu Clan actually launched Spiritual Attack on Li Yao!

Li Yao is unhappy, angry, and deeply lost.

Why, what is the deep hatred of the two sides, so that this Pangu Clan will put him to death?


The Pangu Clan was infected by the kind of “virus” that Long Yangjun said. The price of unlocking emotions and wills is to release the instinct to kill and destroy. He is not directed at Li Yao, but against all creatures within the horizon. ?

I can’t think about it, the other side attacked it again, like a flexible dragon.

If it is still in the Kunlun Secret Territory, Li Yao of Nascent Origin Stage, without the Giant Divine Weapon, can’t fight such a double attack of spirit and brute force.

But now, Li Yao, who is cultivating to Divided Spirit realm, can manipulate the body to dodge Pangu Clan’s offense, while using the energy structure that lightning life has just taught, build a “brainwave protective Shield” in the mind and sea to defend against each other’s Spiritual. Attack can even separate a portion of the computational ability, free from the battlefield, and analyze everything with extreme calmness.

The fighting power of this Pangu Clan is far weaker than that of the Pangu Clan in the Kunlun Secret Territory.

It is not a question of realm and absolute power, but rather that the Pangu Clan in the Kunlun Secret Territory is obviously a rational Civilization person, and has an incredible divine ability, such as “empty character”, “speaking method “The ability to use the hand seal can give you a powerful nirvana.”

In front of this Pangu Clan, from the beginning to the end, with an amazing strange force in the savage, even if his Spiritual Attack, there is no rules, his brainwaves to the limit, to Li Yao, it is too simple Rude.

Barbarian, he is a barbarian with Pangu Clan skin!


Li Yao noticed that the battle was still only three minutes. The Pangu Clan’s chest began to violently undulate, and the skin gradually changed from taupe to deep purple, and the skin’s folds spewed a hot white mist.

On the slick head, a few obvious erythema floated up, like there are countless high-heat flames, which have to be pulled out from the depths of Brain.

He continued to sway to Li Yao’s “spiritual axe” and became scattered. Many attacks did not aim at the direction, and let the precious Spiritual Force annihilate the air.

Li Yao is thinking and turning, and understands instantly.

Although the conclusion is ridiculous, the reason should be the same as the death of the dinosaur. The Pangu Clan does not adapt to the surrounding environment. The gravity here is very comfortable for the Human Race about two meters, and the oxygen content in the air is just right. On the other hand, for the giant type carbon-based life of about a dozen meters high, it is too heavy, and the oxygen is too thin, and perhaps the air contains various components that are highly toxic to Pangu Clan.

Pangu Clan was originally a very picky and relatively “sweet” race.

Otherwise, there is no need to create the “all-weather all-terrain universal utility tool” of Human Race, instead of colonizing the world of 3,000.

When Pangu Clan was chasing dinosaurs, he did not know how many different ecological environments he had crossed and how many “fatal impurities” he inhaled. He was as exhausted and crumbling as the dinosaurs.

After seeing Li Yao, he did not hesitate to launch the ultra-high-strength Spiritual Attack. However, he was arrogant and did not master the divine ability to control brain waves and heart energy. In the process of over-exciting brain cells, I have to burn myself!

“Hey, hello, you, you are kidding!”

Li Yao didn’t know what to say. He jumped between the branches, evading the opponent’s increasingly angry and increasingly chaotic attacks, and constantly releasing the encapsulated brainwaves. “You are really awake, know yourself. What are you doing? This is not your battlefield, and you don’t even have the spirits to stir up, even the protective exoskeleton that protects you is not worn. You are hard to use the flesh and blood to resist the ultra-high gravity! Stop your hand and stop!

“If you go on like this, you will kill yourself. Don’t stir up the brainwaves and the amount of energy.” You are completely overdrafting your life and burning your entire Brain at the fastest speed. You are committing suicide, you really don’t understand!”

Obviously, the other party does not understand at all.

The giant turned a deaf ear to Li Yao’s advice and continued to attack in vain, knowing that the skin turned into deep purple, and the white mist that spurted between the folds was intermittent. The whole skull was burnt red to crystal clear, and the degree of the faintness could be seen as if it were blurred. His skull was turned into a piece of transparent glass.

Li Yao has nothing to do, but in the most intuitive way, I learned that the seemingly small Human Race in the Prehistoric War can be the ultimate winner.

The competition for survival never distinguishes between winners and losers by size and strength.

Even though Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan are the giants in the sky, the divine ability of call the wind and summon the rain , move mountains and drain seas still follows the law of conservation of energy.

The larger the body size, the higher the quality, the more severe the gravitational binding, the more precise the metabolism and energy circulation system, the easier it is to damage, the more energy it consumes, and the more waste it is.

To release a strong spiritual lightning, it is necessary to burn your own Brain. If you are not careful, it will burn the entire Brain.

If you have a too complicated divine ability in an environment with high quality, high gravitation, low oxygen content in the air and relatively scarce resources, or on a high-intensity battlefield, the result is likely to be like this. I beat myself.


After releasing an earth-shattering, authentic Spiritual Attack, but passing Li Yao, the Pangu Clan finally fell.

From the beginning to the end, Li Yao did not take the initiative to send him an attack. He was excessively overdrafting his brain and physical strength in an extremely harsh environment. He dried himself up, burned out, and died.

“What is this called? This guy has no trace of intelligence. He doesn’t have the power to control himself. It’s literally ‘idiots’ and ‘barbarians’.”

Li Yao observes in the distance and calmly thinks, “But it is analyzed from the organs of his lower body, and it is clear that from the highly developed post of Pangu Civilization, you should not even know how to control the body and the basic common sense of Brain!”

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