FMC Chapter 3032

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3032, the construction of Pangu Clan, Astronomy
This Pangu Clan is still struggling.

From him, he couldn’t find the “Civilization Man”, which was full of enthusiasm and wisdom. It was full of primitive, savage and barbaric. He did not fear the death, but he was squandering his last. A little bit of vitality, trying to stand up and down again and again, and again and again failed.

In the end, he fell completely, his chest rushed and screamed, making a barking scream.

The voice gradually weakened, and he died. He no longer gave off a trace of brainwaves. His face was sloppy, arrogant and brutal, and he became a stunned and lost person.

Li Yao waited patiently for a long time, and let Little Black go forward to check that the physiological function of Pangu Clan was completely cut off, and this was carefully taken forward.

Standing in front of the hill-like body, Li Yao indulged in a moment and decided to conduct an “autopsy.”

Instead of really opening the belly and so bloody, just use the ultra-high frequency shock of both hands, simulate the principle of ultrasound, and probe the body of this Pangu Clan, whether it is implanted or not, let him Releasing Madness.

Li Yao turned around Pangu Clan and returned to his head.

Pangu Clan’s head has Li Yao’s tight weight, and Li Yao does his best to hold his palm against his temple.

The palms are instantly turned into two fogs, and the palms emit a faint bioelectric current, which enters the body along the temples of Pangu Clan, carefully perceiving the light of the Brain that is gradually extinguished, and every meridian in the body.

This is a very typical Pangu Clan, and the Star Glory Federation is no different from the corpses found in the Kunlun Secret Territory and the Pangu underground palace.

Compared with Human Race, their peculiarity is that between the left and right half of the Brain, there is also a “third drain”, similar to the “Pineal Gland” of Human Race, or it is born with the naked eye. Spirit Root.

This “Third Brain” is the material basis for Pangu Clan to release strong Brain waves for ultra-long-range telepathy and large-scale Spiritual Nexus.

It is also Pangu Clan who can communicate with various carbon-based intelligent life and become the talent divine ability of the “Pangu Civilization Alliance”.

It is a pity that everything is good and bad, and any evolutionary advantage must pay a heavy price.

Pangu Clan is going the wrong way in the evolutionary direction, or their evolution in Brain is too extreme.

“The third Brain” has the ability to release brain waves and achieve large-scale high-rate ECG, but its calorific value, oxygen consumption and energy consumption are astronomical figures.

Perhaps the original Pangu Clan inadvertently discovered the mystery of mind communication and Spiritual Attack. Pangu Clan, who is best at mind communication and Spiritual Attack, has achieved a first-mover advantage in the fierce competition for survival. Everyone is going this way. evolution.

In the long years, in order to carry the ever-larger “third Brain” and handle the massive data of telepathic input and output, you have to evolve more and more large left and right hemispheres and skulls, including a set of people. The “cooling system” that the brain does not have, also uses the special energy transmission and storage system that supplies Super Brain… In order to accommodate these systems, Pangu Clan is getting bigger and bigger, until the end, the average height is more than about a dozen The meter is comparable to the largest reptile.

In other words, Pangu Clan doesn’t really need such a huge body, just because they have a super huge head, they have to match such a huge and clumsy body.

Then, changing the evolutionary thinking, only a big head with no big friends, the body remains the same, or even completely degraded, is it feasible?

In many fantasy novels, such grotesque and wonderful creatures have appeared, including Lu Qingchen’s “Virtual Spirit Plan”, which is also the way to go.

But the body of carbon-based intelligent life is a very delicate and compact system. The so-called body can not only support the movement of the Brain, it is also responsible for engulfing and digesting the nutrients needed for the Brain. It is necessary to continuously supply the oxygen of the Brain burning fiercely, especially It is Pan of Cangu Clan. It often needs ultra-high-intensity operation to realize mental communication and Spiritual Attack. It is elevated to the high temperature of Baidu. In order to cool down, they also have a body fluid different from blood and similar to “coolant”. It needs to be circulated at high speed throughout the body, and the heat flow through the folds of the skin is used to cool down. It is necessary to have a large body and a large enough skin fold to restore the extremely low temperature of the coolant after a cycle, and to protect the hot heat again.

Brain, the emotional basis, the carrier of thinking, the residence of the divine soul, although less than one-twentieth of the body’s weight, consumes more than one-third of oxygen and nutrients. Like the cultivator like Li Yao, Brain is more likely It consumes ten or eighty of oxygen and no nutrients. How can it be done without a strong body?

Therefore, the “Brain, no body” freak, unless there is a full mechanical and biochemical circulation system to support, it is impossible to evolve in nature.

Just like life in nature, it is impossible to evolve the seemingly efficient organ of “wheels.”

Li Yao estimates that the huge, heavy and clumsy body on Pangu Clan’s native planet is not a big problem.

Many biologists, cosmologists, and archaeologists believe that Pangu Clan’s native planet is likely to be a planet with lower density and mass, but higher oxygen content and lower temperatures.

The quality is low, the gravitation is low, and with the high oxygen content, the organism can grow unscrupulously. Even if it is tens of tons of weight, it can be as light as a swallow.

The low temperature is naturally conducive to the cooling of the Brain, so that Pangu Clan is not too worried about the overheating of the Brain. In this way, he thrives on the original planet, develops a brilliant Civilization, and flies out of his own Homeworld.

After they fly out of Homeworld and Expeditions countless inhabitable planets, they find that their Homeworld, the “low quality, low gravitational, high oxygen content, cold air” planet, is an extremely rare exception. The living planet is like the “standard planet” of Emperan Terminus, Heaven Origin Star and other Human Race angles, that is, high quality, high gravity, low oxygen content, relatively high temperature, it is too late.

They have come so far on the road to evolution. It can be said that the entire Civilization relies on telepathy and Spiritual Attack. How can it be possible to “cut off and reinforce” the most powerful divine ability? Life form?

Oh, maybe it’s possible, that’s why Pangu Clan wants to “manufacture Human Race.”

Compared to Pangu Clan’s body, Human Race’s flesh and blood may have a hundred shortcomings, but “low energy consumption, adaptability, and great potential”, these three advantages are enough to win millions of years. Survival competition.

Li Yao carefully perceives every organ of Pangu Clan, especially the exquisite “cooling system”.

This is a slimmer and more complex body fluid circulation system than blood vessels and neural networks, including the vents hidden in the skin folds. The heat dissipation efficiency is comparable to that of Starship’s power unit, which is an incredible evolutionary direction.

“Sure enough, the brain cells were completely burned, and the entire Brain was in a mess. The Great Principle Golden Immortal could not be saved.

“Tossing such a clumsy and redundant body, it is not easy to survive, build and fight on countless planets with harsh environments!”

Li Yao sighed and the deeper he knew about Pangu Clan, he felt more and more that Pangu Clan did not die in Nüwa Clan’s hand, and certainly not in the hands of Human Race, but in the defects of their own evolution. In other words, it is the “Heavenly Dao” that limits the carbon-based intellectual life beyond the limit and transcends the universe!

In the midst of sinking, Li Yao suddenly felt that the inside of the left-hand wrist of Pangu Clan had a rugged pattern.

This is a very beautiful Glyph Rune hidden between the folds, like a myriad of mysterious and complicated patterns overlapping, the standard Pangu Clan text, like the tattoo of Human Race.

This “3D tattoo” made Li Yao burst into tears.

Although he did not know the specific content of the tattoo, he saw similar tattoos in many research materials, including the inside of the wrists of many Pangu Clan elite fighters in the Kunlun Secret Territory and Pangu underground palaces, all with tattoo-like fragments.

This seems to be a sign of Pangu Clan’s particularly brave warfare. It was only after Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan launched an earth-shattering civil war.

In other words…

This Pangu Clan, indeed from the Era, is an elite warrior who has been strictly trained. Is it not a barbaric person who is bloody?

How can it be!

Pangu Clan’s elite warriors, mastering all kinds of mysterious and divine divine ability, will use Crystal Armor’s large type Battle Armor and various horrible Magical Artifacts. Their Spiritual Attack should be more organized and targeted, they can respond to Li. Yao’s mind transmission, at least, they should be highly aware of the state of their own Brain, knowing when to cool the Brain, instead of launching Spiritual Attack unrestrainedly, burning himself to death!

Looking at Panmu Clan’s murky eyes, Li Yao fell into deep confusion.

He originally thought that this Pangu Clan was a “wild man” who fought himself in the natural environment. Just like the Human Race, there is also a “wolf boy” who grew up in the jungle.

But the tattoo on the wrist is irrefutable. He used to be a member of the ethnic group and has a high degree of wisdom.

“Is it…”

Li Yao thoughtfully muttered to himself, “This Pangu Clan does restore emotion and will, but the price is the complete loss of reason and wisdom?

“It seems like it is…the emotions and the will are a river that is too violent. It was originally sealed and killed. When the seal was completely broken, the flood was out of control, and even the rationality and wisdom were washed away. ”

This is the only reasonable explanation.

But it is by no means the answer that Li Yao hopes.

This is certainly not the only one after the resurrection, Regeasing Madness’s Pangu Clan, Long Yangjun, Ding Lingdang. They are very likely to have fought with the mad Pangu Clan long ago – this is illustrated by Longyangjun’s crashed Starship.

So, all the remaining Pangu Clan, and Long Yangjun, Ding Lingdang, where are they?

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