FMC Chapter 3035

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3035 The Fall of the Silver City, Astronomy
“So-called ‘entity’ is non-existent, even though indivisible atom inside 99.99% of the space is empty and the force field of energy, and to explore the nature of the nucleus and electrons that 0.001% of nothing but countless’ energy the string ‘collection only.

“Matter is energy, the stars of the heavens, brilliant universe, in addition to the endless string of corrugated energy, nothing.

“The black gap is ripples, the Crystal Armor is ripples, my flesh and blood and the divine soul are ripples, then just adjust the ripple to a special frequency…”

Li Yao gritted his teeth, and there were countless subtle curves in his mind. Every cell and every gene chain of his brain swayed and spread on the curve, gradually blending into the black gap.

This is a taste that cannot be described by pen and ink.

Every atom that makes up his body is forced into the dense material that makes up the black gap.

As the head did not enter, the outer world suddenly disappeared, and in front of him was an absolutely dark world.

Visual and auditory are swallowed up by the darkness. Only the sense of touch and perception become extraordinarily sensitive. Li Yao feels like a four-legged snake that has penetrated into the crack of the mountain rock. The more he drills, the narrower the crack and the more distorted, forcing him. Have to change the shape of the limbs, almost twist the bone bone, twist the limbs into seventeen eight segments, in order to adapt to the folds deep in the gap.

For a moment, Li Yao gave birth to hesitation and hesitation, not sure if this was the gateway to the ruins of Taikoo, or the deadly trap, even the throat of the behemoth.

I want to go backwards, but it is too late.

As the whole person completely dies, there is a soft but firm driving force behind his back. The surrounding “rock wall” is also covered with invisible barbs, so that he can only move forward and cannot look back.

Besides, Ding Lingdang, Li Jialing, Long Yangjun, Boss Bai, Li Linghai, and most of the experts are caught in it. What is the significance of his retreat?

Taking a deep breath, Li Yao gritted his teeth and continued to squeeze into the darker darkness.

“噼pī pā 啪,噼pī pā 啪”, Crystal Computer has a variety of noise and fault sounds, as if it is suffering from millions of tons of pressure from all sides, the lighting system has long been scrapped, heat insulation and oxygen circulation The system is also struggling, twisting the extreme readings on the mottled light curtain, making Li Yao hallucinating, not sure if he is walking deep in the earth or on the surface of the neutron star.


The heavy pressure Yin Soul does not scatter, and it destroys his limbs, first the hands and feet, then the torso, and finally the head. Li Yao feels that he has been squeezed into a hand and foot with tens of meters and hundreds of meters, and his head is also A deformed monster that becomes an elliptical shape can’t help but scream.

And this is far from over. The pressure is like infusion of black venom into his flesh and blood, directly squeezing and reshaping his cells. Every cell is like a full grape being smashed and smashed out. The burst of the wave, first turned into a pool of mud, and like cancer cells grow wildly and unrestrained.

“I, what did I become?”

Rao is Li Yao. After a hundred battles, how can he speculate that the Longtan Tiger Cave has broken through countless times, and still produces an unstoppable chill.

If he is given a mirror at this time, he certainly can’t look at what he is.

This ubiquitous, irresistible “squeezing sensation” lasted for about ten minutes, or a full ten hours or even ten days and ten nights. Li Yao finally couldn’t stand it, and there were colorful fountains in front of him. The curtain of the rainbow slowly unfolds, and all kinds of hallucinations and auditory hallucinations come to their own lives, the laughter of their loved ones and friends, and the appearance of their homes, naturally the mysterious and unfathomable earth.

This is a very clear and deadly experience.

Then, everything is like a roller coaster that slowly drives to the ground, suddenly falling, and the limit is accelerating.

Li Yao feels that she has reached the speed of light.

All the illusions and gorgeous rainbows have been towed into an infinite stretch of light. The light is criss-crossed and spirally entangled, forming an endless maze without entrances and exits.

“shuā! shuā! shuā! shuā! ”

On each side of the maze, the “wall” first shines with dazzling white light, then ripples a circle of black ripples, and finally forms a pair of vivid three-dimensional 3D images, which also become gorgeous from black and white.

All the pictures reflect a splendid city, like a city that was minted with silver and mirrors.

The shape and architectural style of the city is similar to that of the Pangu Clan city that Li Yao found in the Kunlun Secret Territory. The tall buildings are lined with square geometric structures, with no extra lines and unnecessary decorations. .

However, the Pangu Clan city in the Kunlun Secret Territory is a dead black, and it is very repressive except for solemnity.

Although the “City of Silver” has adopted the same construction and planning style, the building is generally taller, more slender and more slender, and with the silvery white light of the shiny, it creates a light, sophisticated, future. a feeling of.

Li Yao has never seen such a beautiful city.

I didn’t feel the strong “exploration, Expeditions, Decryption” in the sky above any city. This is really a Star Ocean, a city of the future!

It is a pity that this is just a few of the three-dimensional 3D images in the past.

In most 3D 3D images, the Silver City has become a battlefield, a burning fiercely, full of explosions, collapses and smashing battlefields.

In other three-dimensional 3D pictures, the city of silver has even become a ruined, deadly grave, and the bright future light of the city is polluted by blood and brain.

“this is……”

Li Yao didn’t understand why there were so many shocking and shocking images in front of her eyes. It seemed that there was some kind of power that directly interfered with his visual nerves and even brain cells, and transmitted valuable information to him so that he could From different perspectives, observe the fall and destruction of the city of silver.

However, regardless of the identity of the guard or the offensive, Li Yao was stunned and could not speak for a long time.

He originally thought that this was a battle between Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan.

But the silver city guards behind the walls are Pangu Clan, Nüwa Clan, Kuafu Clan and Houyi Clan… The thirteen races of the Pangu Civilization Alliance are all in place.

They are equipped with the most advanced Battle Armor. It is a powerful Magical Artifact platform that rivals the Giant Divine Weapon. The various Magical Artifacts held by Li Yao are invisible, standing behind and floating more than 100 meters in diameter. Floating War Fort, the surface of the arc, such as a lifelong dragon

But all this can’t make their enemies chill, because the attackers who are about to destroy the entire silver city are not rational intelligent life, but… the height is generally more than twenty or thirty meters, even Supreme is up to 100 meters. Beast.

It is like a product that combines hundreds of the most embarrassing and ugly reptiles and arthropods, and then magnifies the radiation variation hundreds of times.

The ugly skin, wrinkled, is born with a strong arc, disturbing force field and Spiritual Energy Protective Shield, making these hill-like beasts have a “invulnerable” divine ability.

And with a single impact, they can destroy a wall with high-voltage electricity, or completely destroy a skyscraper hundreds of meters high.

This may be the fiercest “beast wave” of the entire Pangu Universe. The former Blood Fiend Sector has only three or five such beasts, and it is enough to break through the capital of Star Glory Federation.

This is also an epic battle of a hundred percent. Although the beast is so large, aggressive and awkward, the defender still relies on various incredible Magical Artifacts and dazzling attacks to guard the final line of defense. Their swords can spur nearly 10,000 degrees. At high temperatures, the shoulder-mounted Crystal Railgun can bombard a stronger barrage than the Human Race’s Super Arsenal Ship, and even a special Thunder Palm instantly swallows up all the Spiritual Energy reactions within a few kilometers of a circle, allowing all behemoths to interfere. The force field and the anti-gravity field supporting the body completely collapsed. As a result, the giant beast of a hundred meters high crushed itself by the weight of the body, and the pressure of the atmosphere squeezed the internal organs along the throat.

According to this style of play, the beasts are huge, and then the violent can not break through the defense line of defense, Civilization will eventually defeat the barbarism.

But shortly after each beast crashed down, it seemed that there was an extremely violent reaction between the internal organs and the plasma of the brain, causing their chest and abdomen and carapace to rise high, and the “bang” burst open and burst out. A group of lavender, deep red or grayish Bewildering Mist.

The defensive side is extremely jealous of these strange Bewildering Mist, and dare not touch.

However, the two sides entered the white-bladed charge, the stage of flesh and blood, the defensive side of the Magical Artifact power is stronger, the body can not help but contaminate the brain and blood of the beast, the head can not help but be shrouded by Bewildering Mist.

So, not long after, the extremely horrible scene was presented in front of Li Yao.

One belongs to the defensive side, the top armor armor, every inch of skin is protected by the Battle Armor, and it is obvious that the Pangu Clan warrior with compressed oxygen behind the Battle Armor is soaked in the Bewildering Mist for too long, Battle Armor After being attacked by the beasts, he knocked out a small crack that could not be seen by the naked eye. Bewildering Mist was like a shadowless invisible bug, and he was drilled through the gap. He was holding a sword and slashing a beast, suddenly it was fierce. Twitching, throwing away the sword, dancing and dancing.

“kā chā kā chā ,kā chā kā chā !”

The indestructible Battle Armor, which is broken and exploding from the inside, reveals a gray skin that is covered with sarcoma and folds. At the moment, between the folds, numerous fresh red granules grow and expand into a root at a rate visible to the naked eye. The stout tentacles, in turn, entangled the Pangu Clan fighters themselves!

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