FMC Chapter 3037

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3037 blames your wife, Astronomy
Li Yao flew toward Lu Qingchen’s picture, as if it had penetrated a film of shadowless and invisible space. The ubiquitous heavy pressure gradually dissipated, and once again felt the gravitational force, gradually changing from “flight” to “falling.”

The surrounding world is clear, and one tower of silver towers rises from the ground, covering the sky, sloping, like a virgin forest burning with a silver flame, and he is just a small ant in the forest.

Li Yao is in the city of silver.

His surroundings are still swaying with ambiguous ripples. The explosions and roars are still somewhat distant and dull. They reach out to touch the wreckage of the wreckage or the beast of the beast. After sensing the weak resistance, they can penetrate directly, just like the penetrating. The black gap is the same.

This shows that his integration with the city of silver is not very close, and the space where he is located and the space where the silver city is located have not yet been completely integrated.

Taking advantage of this effort, Li Yao continued to observe Lu Qingchen’s movements.

Lu Qingchen fled sneaking between the ruins and broken walls, avoiding the sweeping of most flames and the trampling of the beasts, but with the increasing number of defenders who were transformed into beasts, the intensity of the beasts It also suddenly increased, he finally could not hide, was discovered by a beast that swinged down hundreds of fluorescent tentacles.

The fluorescent tentacles of this beast, like a crystal-clear electric eel, arbitrarily swing between the down, releasing thousands of sharp arcs, wrapped around Lu Qingchen’s Giant Divine Weapon “Savior”, simply to put The metal skeleton of the “Savior” was broken up.

Lu Qingchen was so painful that even if Li Yao had not fully integrated into this space, he could hear the collision and explosion of the “Savior” Magical Artifact unit – as if Lu Qingchen was screaming.

“hōng hōng hōng hōng bang!”

The shell of the bombardment of the “Savior” chest spread out spirally around, and if the supernova’s explosion-like light rushed out, the torrent of destruction spurted into the chest and abdomen of the beast, after a brief stalemate, directly attacked The beast blew a heart, and the internal organs were all gasified, leaving only a shocking hole.

The fierce beast sighed and fell on the “savior”.

However, the arc between the tentacles not only did not weaken, but the invention became brighter and stronger, and the electric “savior” was seven and eight, and could not climb for a long time.

Lu Qingchen has no entity, but a series of illusory ghosts, a very complicated database, one or 100 million intricate information, he is not afraid of attacking the sword and guns of Giant Divine Weapon, but for high-voltage arc, Attacks such as magnetic confrontation and information interference are naturally immune.

When he was so hard to kick the body of a fierce beast that was violently discharged, a beast that was more than a hundred meters tall, like a giant crab, had appeared in front of him, from the bulging face that looked like a head, cracking seven or eight folds, revealing a few Ten shiny “eyes” stared at him.

The “savior”, who is more than 30 meters high, is like a shrimp that has been stripped of the outer shell in front of such a giant, and can only tremble.

In the previous stage of the battle, Lu Qingchen killed nearly a hundred beasts. The price paid was to make the best of the food. The metal fatigue of the “savior” reached its limit, and the divine soul burned to the precarious level. The entity of him, even if he wants to sip a sip, he can’t find it.

“giant crab” lifted a bone hammer with a diameter of more than ten meters. The seams of each shell and every gap in the body spurted out the white smoke of “chī chī chī chī”, which turned into a huge driving force, even The air is distorted by its potential energy, and a layer of scarlet flame is shrouded outside the bone hammer.

at this time–


Li Yao is completely integrated into the Silver City. The first action is to summon the Giant Divine Weapon “Arsonist” from the Universe Ring. With the help of Little Black, the water flows through the water. If the lightning is completed, the Giant Divine Weapon will squirt out. The thunder-like flame helped him to linger behind the “giant crab” like a meteorite. The twenty-thir-thousand-meter-long sword was lifted up high, and the carapace between the skull and the torso was pinched. Go on!

The violent Spiritual Energy instantly infused into every attacking Glyph Array on the knives, allowing the knives to release thousands of streams of light in the ultra-high speed friction with the air, all with the blade’s long drive straight into the “giant crab” body. Until the handle.

Li Yao clasped the handle, and every joint of the “Arsonist” sprayed a glaring flame in the opposite direction, which gave a strong driving force. It also turned the sword into a “crowbar”, which was very stunned by the “giant” Crab “All organs in the body.

Rao is not aware of the internal organs, so the nerve transmission of a giant is also very slow, “giant crab” still perceives the pain of torn body and crushed bones, swing down the bone hammer and giant tongs, want to take Li Yao from After sweeping away, Li Yao took a look at the situation and pulled the sword together with the half-shell crust behind the “giant crab”, but revealed a hole that was straight to the core of the body and bloody.

“huā lā !”

The entire right arm of the “Arsonist” suddenly disintegrates, revealing the exquisite mechanical structure and the crystal essences of the fire. The horror energy that destroys a city is controlled by the numerous attacks Glyph Array. At this moment, the attack Glyph Array is in the Rotation, decomposition, and recombination, the boiling energy reveals bloodthirsty cavities.

Li Yao broke the right arm of “Arsonist” deep into the wound behind the “giant crab” and the entire right arm was completely immersed until the shoulder.

“hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng bang!”

Ten thousand Thunder burst directly in the “giant crab” body, and there was an arc between all the shell gaps and folds around the body. The original blue-black outer shell turned into a reddish-brown moment and was completely destroyed by Li Yao’s smashing flame. Steamed.

“giant crab” crashed into the ground and the whole street was shocked.

Li Yao pedaled the “giant crab” red-hot head, and coldly looked at the “savior” not far away.

Lu Qingchen manipulated the “savior” and sat up hard, as if a few “hē hē” laughter was heard from the metal chest.

But the next second, his laughter was interrupted by the Thunder.

Li Yao manipulated the “Arsonist” and pulled back the right arm from the “giant crab”. The arc and the bright light that lingered on the right arm did not go out. Instead, it became more violent and horrible, and a group of spherical lightning and flame balls. Of light blasted from the palm of your hand and knocked the “savior” to the ground again.

boom! boom! boom! boom!

Every step of Li Yao blasted a torrent of destruction. When the “Arsonist” stepped on the “Savior”, the entire head of the “Savior” was almost smashed.

“What did you do?”

Li Yao narrowed her eyes, and the sound was so cold that it was extremely hot. On the right arm of Lei Ji, the arc and flame condensed together to form a light blade of four or five meters long, which could pierce the chest of the “savior” at any time. Breaking its head and limbs, “What is the ghost place here, what are these monsters and the wild jungle outside, what are your traps, what are your plans, how do you put them on Ding Lingdang, say, I still dare to play tricks. I won’t kill you. I will throw you directly into the beastly violent tide. See if your cans are completely shredded by the beasts, where can your remnants escape?”

“…hehe, hey, hahahaha!”

Lu Qingchen was stepped on by Li Yao. After a moment of silence, she laughed wildly and laughed out of breath. The Giant Divine Weapon twitched, and this was half-distinct and half desperate. You finally appeared, Li Yao, I know you won’t miss such a big scene.

“Don’t look at me like this, it’s like I am the chief culprit of all this. To be precise, it’s not ‘what I did,’ but ‘what did Ding Lingdang do?’, yes, everything is in front of you. It’s all caused by your wife.”


Li Yao sneered, “What other tricks do you want to play?”

“is it necessary?”

Lu Qingchen used his hands to make a round of it. “In this case, do you think I still need to make any intrigues? Believe it or not, this confusion is not in my plan. I have already firmly controlled everything.” The whole thing was very calm, very organized, and implemented step by step very accurately. I entered the Emperor ancient tomb very smoothly and arrived at the ancient tomb core very smoothly. It was very smoothly activated and connected to the ‘other half Fuxi’. The main database, using my ‘new generation Fuxi’ identity and control permissions, and the ‘other half Fuxi’ integration.

“As long as the integration is complete, I will be able to receive the entire Archaic remains, from Emperor to Pangu Civilization to all the inheritance of the black wall makers, all of which can be owned by the Federation, and even the entire Human Race Civilization, I can save myself, Save the Federation and save the Human Race Civilization!

“Results, huh, haha, hey, at the most critical moment when I merged with ‘the other half of Fuxi’, when my and the other half of Fuxi’s database were completely open, your wife took it out, indiscriminately. The ground blasted me a shot, interrupted my integration, and caused the ‘other half of Fuxi’ database to completely collapse.

“You should know, ‘What does the other half of Fuxi’ mean? Yes, Prehistoric Era, hundreds of thousands of years ago, Pangu Civilization once built a super-scale, sophisticated laboratory here to study the black wall makers. The remains and the captives of Hong Chao Regiment, and Pangu Civilization’s state-of-the-art Super Crystal Computer ‘Fuxi’ is also divided into two. The so-called ‘other half Fuxi’ is the mainframe Crystal Processor of this cutting-edge laboratory.

“Ding Lingdang broke the fusion of me and the other half of Fuxi, which led to the complete loss of control of the entire lab. All kinds of odd-shaped Ominous Nightmare Beast were released. What can I do? If it causes uncontrollable The consequences, for example, Human Race Civilization, are completely destroyed by the beasts, huh, huh, can only be said… God?”

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