FMC Chapter 3040

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the 3040 chapter of the spore state of God! Floating astronomy
“Wait, I am completely confused.”

Li Yao lingered for a while, and said that Lu Qingchen was scheming again, and there was no reason to make such a ridiculous lie. “Do you mean that Human Race Civilization is the creator of Pangu Civilization? But this is not true – it is not I am arrogant, but the average strength of the Human Race individual and the average strength of many powerful ethnic individuals in Pangu Civilization do have a very significant gap, not to mention the fact that we are in the Expeditions, using celestial bodies, manipulating Spiritual Energy, etc. The aspect is falling behind. What is the matter?

“If we say that today’s Human Race is really a black wall maker hundreds of millions of years ago, how can we become… so weak? What happened in the middle of the lost billions of years? And, why is Pangu Civilization? Want to recreate us?”

“You should know ‘spore’?”

For many questions about Li Yao, Lu Qingchen has long been in the chest, explaining that “many plants and animals can be in the form of ‘spores’ in extremely harsh environments such as water shortage, lack of oxygen, high temperature or low temperature. Store for thousands of years, tens of thousands of years or even longer.

“When I was still in Federation, I heard that archaeologists discovered the spores of a certain plant hundreds of thousands of years ago from the ruins of the ruins. The spores were deeply buried in the volcanic ash, and the outer shell was completely carbonized. The biologist or success has developed a very rare color-changing lotus flower from the spores.

“Right, ‘Blood Mark Clan’, already integrated with you, is also a kind of ‘spore’ in the long Star Ocean voyage? They store longer, span farther, and can be almost absolute Thousands of years of zero-star navigation, through the Multiverse!

“In short, when the environment is bad, try to converge on your vitality, seal all unnecessary power and function, and compress and fold all the genetic information; wait until the right time and environment, then release completely, from a small The seed grows into a tree that covers the sky – this is the ability of many species.”

“Yes, how about that?”

Li Yao frowned. “What is the relationship between spores and Human Race?”

“Of course it matters.”

Lu Qingchen chuckles, “Human Race is a spore. More precisely, today’s Human Race is the ‘spore form’ of the ‘black wall maker’. Do you understand, because the ‘black wall maker’ seals its own 99? % of the ability to maintain the robustness and stability of genetic information, across the Multiverse and billions of years, to the Pangu Universe!”


Li Yao’s pupil suddenly shrank, and it took a full ten seconds to digest and absorb Lu Qingchen’s highly impactful argument. “What do you mean… now we are just a ‘spore’?”

“Yes, although we seem to have all the hands and feet, can run and jump, and even have the ability to think and the wonderful emotions, we can also master the Detroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth’s divine ability through cultivation, but by ‘black wall manufacturing As far as the standard is concerned, we are still a negligible ‘spore’, and we are still in a near-eternal sleep. In other words, our body still has infinite potential, which can increase our ability by a hundredfold and restore to The real ‘black wall maker form’ completes the transition from ‘people’ to ‘god’!”

Lu Qingchen flies, “I know, this theory sounds a bit ridiculous, but this is the most reasonable explanation – why Pangu Civilization has to invest a lot of resources to create Human Race instead of directly using steel and crystal A large number of fully automated Spiritual Energy Puppet?

“You know, in most cases, Spiritual Energy Puppet is no less productive than Human Race, and there isn’t much trouble with Human Race. Pangu Civilization has long been a very advanced Crystal Computer, Spiritual Nexus and Spiritual Energy Puppet. Refining technology, Expeditions in the field of automation has been very successful. If they only need a ‘tool’, use Spiritual Energy Puppet. Why do you need to do more, create a flesh-and-blood, seemingly rather weak The carbon-based wisdom comes out of life, and after it is created, it is full of fear for us. Is it necessary to have ‘Way of Ultimate Prosperity, Three Great Source Laws’ in all Human Race’s minds to be a little relieved?

“The answer is this, because we are not ‘people’ but ‘god’, our potential far exceeds Spiritual Energy Puppet or Pangu Clan, Nüwa Clan itself, they need us, want to take the power of ‘God’ from us, think Use ‘Power of God’ to help Pangu Civilization re-evolve and find ways to enter the Multiverse to fight against Hong Chao, but they are deeply afraid of us, fearing that we will awaken the ability of the ‘black wall maker’, and in turn control Pangu Civilization, destroy The whole flood!”

“how do you know?”

Li Yao’s heart was stunned and the surface was quiet, still maintaining the strong pressure on Lu Qingchen. “Don’t tell me, this is just a rumor that you have no evidence.”

“I found it when I scanned Fuxi’s database.”

Lu Qingchen seems to be honest. “Pangu Expedition Army, after returning from the Multiverse, accidentally discovered the remains of the ‘black wall maker’, and invested half of the fleet and Super Crystal Computer to set up the laboratory on the spot.

“However, you have seen the environment here. It is just right in the space folds that are hidden in time. Obviously, it is impossible to keep in touch with the outside world.

“In addition to the extremely dangerous experiments carried out here, the imprisonment of Hong Chao Regiment is also imprisoned and so on. It is gradually isolated and closed, and it is self-contained and rarely communicates with the outside world.

“Occasionally, the contact between the people in the lab and the outside world is done by the two-part “Fuxi System”. Naturally, Fuxi’s database contains a lot of communication information.

“I consulted these communication messages and gradually pieced together the broken clues. Only then did I know that the main experimental mission here is ‘creation of God’, that is, the corpse, hair, blood and various genes left by the ‘black wall maker’. The carrier replicates the brand new black wall maker.

“When the end of the flood, that is, Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan started the civil war, this work has been going on for a long time, and the initial success has been achieved – Pangu Civilization really replicates a lot of Human Race, our ancestors.

“But most of the Human Races are in the ‘spore state’, nothing more than a hairless monkey. In addition to being more adaptable and having lower energy consumption, it does not show too much amazing ability, so here The experiment is still going on, the ultimate goal is to create ‘100% awakening, full state Human Race’, the real black wall maker!”

“Wait, you lie!”

Li Yao’s foot forceed Lu Qingchen’s last arm to be “squeaky”, coldly said, “From the time you swallowed a lot of Fuxi data, you will spit out two-thirds of the data fragments, no more than before Ten minutes, how can you carefully scrape these clues in just ten minutes? You still hide what, say!”

“Okay, okay, I said, I said, in fact, I didn’t hide anything, just… I haven’t said Fuxi’s purpose yet.”

Lu Qingchen hesitated, said, “I admit that this information occupies the most important position in Fuxi’s database, because Fuxi’s original plan is the precise coordinates of the Steal Emperor ancient tomb from Li Linghai’s Crystal Computer, and deep. Deeply attracted the attention of Human Race, come here to Expeditions.

“Finding the other half of Fuxi” and completing the integration is naturally its top priority, but more importantly, it is to find all the information about the ‘creation project’.”

“Oh why?”

Li Yao is curious. “Fuxi is a strong artificial intelligence or Information Lifeform. Is it also interested in the ancestors of carbon-based intelligent life?”

“Yes, in Fuxi’s core database, there is a very interesting hypothesis that in the Multiverse, the most common and perfect form of carbon-based intelligent life is similar to our human form.”

Lu Qingchen said, “This is because most of the conditions of the inhabitable planet are very similar to Heaven Origin Star or Empyrean Terminus. On such a planet, there is only one path of evolution, that is, ‘no hairy monkey’, not Saying that other planets on the planet are not able to life with wisdom, but that the ‘hairless monkey’ is more likely to gain the advantage of evolution. Before other carbon-based life, it spreads to the whole sea of ​​stars, thus killing The possibility that other intelligent life is thriving.

“In other words, if there is a Multiverse, then whether it is a cultivation universe, a magical universe, or even a vindictive universe… is the world of Human Race.

“Your old friend ‘Fist King’ seems to have a very subtle relationship with the magical universe. He should be able to prove that the ruler of the magical universe is also Human Race very similar to us?

“However, pay attention to what I said just now, Fuxi believes that human form is only the end of the evolution of carbon-based intelligent life. From the evolution of human form, we must completely get rid of the flesh and blood, enter Information Lifeform, energy life, force field life, ‘ The state of the big one’s life.

“Fuxi is a life form that devours information, beliefs, and information as the source of power. It believes that the one created by Pangu Civilization is far from perfect. There is still the key to evolution between Pangu Civilization and it. One of the rings, that is all about the black wall makers.

“Only the entire information of the black wall maker is swallowed up, and the people living in the virtual world it creates are also unlocked from the ‘spore state’ to the ‘complete form’, in order to gain a new leap and complete the true evolution. With 100%’ ability to utilize all the resources of Pangu Universe, it is also possible to enter Multiverse and launch a decisive battle with Hong Chao.

“This is all the plans of Fuxi!”

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