FMC Chapter 3042

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the only choice in Chapter 3042, Astronomy
“make it clear.”

Li Yao said, “How is a resurrection?”

“It’s like something thawed from the air, and it seems like some kind of indestructible existence is instantly broken. In short, my divine soul ripples are ten times stronger, and all my Saint League people follow me, their heartbeat and The pulse is also a hundred times stronger. Some of them are not enough people, and even blood is mad, dancing and falling into confusion.”

Lu Qingchen said, “Although I have no flesh and blood, I still have a very strange feeling, just like the cells in all people are awakened, have their own thoughts and will, and should be broken down from the body. Come the same.”

Li Yao didn’t come to think of the dinosaur that crashed to the ground.

After the dinosaur fell, a large butterfly flew out of its corpse and danced in the air.

This scene is like a sign of horror, hovering in Li Yao’s mind, and it has been lingering for a long time.

“My people and Ding Lingdang, when those Expeditions are arrogant, they hear the explosion and shock of the ‘rumbling’ coming from outside, just like… the snow-covered mountains of hundreds of thousands of years have suddenly encountered rare The high temperature, the snow that is several tens of meters thick, melts and floods, and it is out of control.”

Lu Qingchen continued. “When we noticed that it was not good, it was too late. The silver and the fog of the beasts and the guards were scattered. They regained the ability to breathe and kill, and they occupied the silver. The streets and ruins of the city are broken, and even the mid-air is firmly locked by Flying Sword and acid. Anyone or beast will fly into midair for no more than three seconds, and will be at least thirty or fifty kinds of Magical Artifact and divine ability. Set fire attack.

“This is really ‘a fire in the city gates, brings disaster to the fish in the moat’, although the primary target of both sides is not us, but their Magical Artifact and divine ability are so powerful that they can destroy a tall building. It’s impossible to completely evade the invasion of artillery.

“The fierce beasts have completely lost their senses and only retain the most primitive killing instinct. They don’t care about the difference between us and the guards. For the guards, they have long lost their eyes when they have no way to go, as long as ‘ The targets that do not exist on the enemy and the enemy identification system are all targets of their attacks.

“I must have seen it. Most of the beasts are converted from guards. In other words, this is not only a fierce beast attack, but also a massive terrorist plague. In the last one. Before the guard is transformed into a beast, the killing will never stop.

“In this case, Ding Lingdang and I did not care about attacking each other, but it was suddenly smashed by sudden fire. Our first thought was to take the road and escape, first escape the damn ghost. Let me talk about the place.

“But, as I said earlier, here is a very unstable space discontinuity, perhaps what kind of mechanism we unintentionally triggered, the whole silver city is like a mountain that gradually drifts away from the Arctic, even if it looks The exits that are close at hand are blocked by shadowless invisible barriers. With the change of an array core, the streets will become high walls, and the high walls will become tunnels. We are completely lost in mysterious and unfathomable, ever-changing. In the maze, you can no longer find the way to come.

“I even suspect that the time flow here is different from the outside. The magnetic interference here is very serious. I have completely damaged all my timing Magical Artifact, and I have no day and night, so I don’t know how long I have stayed.”

“In the long runaway and strangled, my men are all killed by the beasts, I also play the grain, Giant Divine Weapon reaches the limit of fatigue, Spiritual Energy is exhausted, otherwise it will not be easily smashed by you. .”

“so that’s how it is.”

Li Yao turned his mind and turned every word that Lu Qingchen said and everything he saw.

Perhaps Lu Qingchen is ill-conceived, but the credibility of this statement is still very high. He may have concealed something, but he should not lie deliberately.

Even so, Li Yao still has a lot of joints that can’t figure out. “Wait, do you know the cause and effect of this war? At least, do you know who the two sides are? I think most of the offensive players are beasts, and defense Fang is the coalition of Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan, unlike the civil war.”

“It’s really not like.”

Lu Qingchen said, “When these guys were just resurrected, there were still many people on the offensive side who did not lose their senses, and did not become infected with viruses. They still retain the appearance of Pangu Clan or Nüwa Clan. In other words, this is a Pangu Clan joins Nüwa Clan against the war between Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan.

“It’s amazing, a bunch of Pangu Clan gangs with Nüwa Clan, killing another Pangu Clan and another Nüwa Clan. At the end of the Prehistoric War, it’s incredible.

“However, who knows, there is no eternal friend, only eternal interests, if for the sake of the great interests of the black wall makers, even if you do not share the enemy, you can become a good brother who works together and fights side by side. It’s like you and me.”

“Call, don’t put gold on your face. In the battle against Fuxi, I have already realized the consequences of fighting with you.”

Li Yao frowned. “There is a very important thing to put this question aside. Have you seen ‘Emperor’, even his corpse, or evidence of his existence?”


Lu Qingchen said with a smile, “Don’t you understand that the so-called ‘Emperor ancient tomb’ was originally absurd, and the story of the rumor, the Emperor did not establish any glorious mausoleum here, and did not leave a battle. The invincible army gave him the funeral to think about it. When the Star Ocean Empire crashed, even if it was as strong as Emperor, it was impossible for him to ‘live and bury,’ and he did carry a large number of engineering units and Expeditions. And built a very large forward base, but all this, as the years passed, eroded, eventually scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

“If the Emperor really enters the core of the ruins, the silver city under our feet, perhaps he and my men, have long been tragic between the minions, or the guarded Magical Artifact gasified. Even, he has become a fierce beast, the one you just killed[ed]?”


Li Yao really does not want to believe that the legendary Emperor, the first expert of the history of Human Race Civilization, will fall into such a terrible end.

Also, what is the relationship between Emperor and the ruins of Taikoo, and his divine ability, which is tyrannical, comes from!

“Don’t be nervous, just kidding.”

Lu Qingchen smiled and said, “The great news of the unfortunate, the only good news, we Human Race seems to be immune to this horrible virus, whether it is Pangu Clan, Nüwa Clan, Houyi Clan, Kuafu Clan, Zhurong Clan or Gonggong Clan. The carbon-based intelligent life of these Prehistoric Eras will be infected once they touch the blood of the infected person or the Bewildering Mist. In just a few minutes, the change from smart life to killing beasts will be completed.

“But our Human Race, even the weakest Expeditions, is even smashed by the blood of the beast, and there are very few incidents. Everything always exists, but 95% or more have absolute Immunity.

“If the Emperor is really alive, the immunity is definitely stronger than the average person. Presumably he should still be hiding in the depths of the Silver City, an unknown corner?”

“It seems like this.”

Li Yao was relieved a little.

Human Race has immunity to the “savage animal virus”, which is perhaps the first good news he has heard since he entered the Archaic ruins.

But being immune to viral infections does not mean that you can attack the violent beasts. They must find a way to stop the chaos here and escape with all the secrets!

“You just mentioned ‘cooperation’.”

Li Yao said, “So, do you have a way to escape?”

“very difficult.”

Lu Qingchen said, “Actually, my suggestion is that we simply find a place to hide. The city of silver is a super city built according to the body of Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan. What is the sewer, ventilation pipe and crystal cable? The size is also amazingly large. We can find a hidden sewer pipe and go in and hide for a while. Isn’t that what you are best at?

“These beasts seem huge, but they have achieved such great quality out of thin air, to drag tens of tons of body for high-intensity combat, and the energy consumption per second is astronomical, from my analysis and these days Observed, the lifespan of the beasts is not long, even calculated as ‘days’ or ‘hours’. They are like… one-time consumables, used to carry out suicide mission, and the enemy is the same.

“So, as long as we hide for another ten days and a half, maybe all the beasts and guards will die together, and we will become the masters of the Silver City with little effort.

“Of course, of course, there is a risk that we don’t know the depths of the Silver City. Does the black wall maker still have any more deadly Magical Artifact, not Planetary Grade, nor Star Grade, but ‘Cosmic Destruction?’ Level’s Magical Artifact, in case the beasts of the beasts are too severe, to reach the trigger condition of this doomsday Magical Artifact, the black wall makers will erase all the carbon-based wisdom life in the Pangu Universe, which is not good.”

Li Yao involuntarily sucks in a breath of cold air.

Although Lu Qingchen’s words are not without suspicion of alarm, but when you think about it, you can’t rule out this possibility.

“If you don’t want to sit still and manipulate yourself and the fate of the entire Human Race in the hands of others, there is only one way.”

Lu Qingchen smiled. “Let me go to find the other half of Fuxi, which is the body of the Silver City Mainframe Crystal Processor. Then, we will operate the Mainframe Crystal Processor together, play its former functions, suppress all riots, and restore. The order here.”

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